At Work

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Big Tits

“Beep … Beep… Beep… Beep … Bee-” The alarm stopped mid-seriously-annoying BEEP. Seven thirty am. Waaay too early to even be ALIVE let alone to get ready for work… Desperately wishing for an extra ten minutes sleep, she drags herself out of bed, shivering in the early morning cold… She stumbles, still half-asleep to the bathroom, stripping off her p.j’s on the way.

Standing under the hot water, she begins to wake up. She begins to think about work and all of a sudden she smiles. Today shouldn’t be too bad after all… HE’S going to be working too… The smile becomes a laugh, as she considers the possibilities… A shudder of anticipation runs through her body at the thought of him, his body, his arms, his hair, his eyes, oh man and his piercing… All of a sudden work doesn’t seem so bad…

She pulls on her standard black pants, and shocking work uniform shirt. Looks at her reflection in the mirror. Crap. Mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip-stick, looks again… Much better. She isn’t a morning person.

She gets dropped off near work, and she runs to the store, barely making it on time. He’s there already. Her knees go weak, and she blushes when he catches her looking at him. Fuck he’s hot.

“Ok,” her manager says, “you’re on register today. And you,” she turns to him “are relaying the shelves behind register. Have fun both of you.” With a sarcastic smirk, the manager leaves them to it.

“Ohh maaan,” she thinks “that means he’s gonna be working near me .. REALLY near me… like behind me. Oh man. Too close. Too close.” she can feel her insides spinning, and her pussy getting wet just thinking bout him and his proximity to Ordu Escort her…

He looks at her. “C’mon then. Better get to work, huh.” he winks.

Oh. My. God. He winked at her. She’s panicking.

Throughout the day, while working together, she notices him taking little opportunities to … well… touch her. And be near her. Even closer than normal. She is intrigued. Is it even remotely possible he’s even slightly interested? In HER? She knows he has a rep, she’s heard things about him, and well, although she’s not exactly an expert, its not like she’s never been touched before. And she definitely would not mind being touched by him. Touched anywhere. He is HOT. They go for their lunch breaks at the same time and they’re just sitting round in the back office, talking, well, flirting and all of a sudden he says to her, “I’m going for a smoke. Want to come?” Her eyes widen. Does she WANT to come? Deciding NOT to make the obvious joke, or some lame pun about “come” and “cum” she just nods. “Sure.”

They have 25 minutes left of their break.

Instead of heading to the loading dock, or the car park, he says to her, “Follow me”, so she does, curious as to what’s going on and where he might be leading her.

He leads her, in fact, to the disabled toilet down from their store.

“You’ve been watching me all day,” he says

“You’ve been watching me too,” she retorts.

“You’re right. And you know what?”


“I want to fuck you.”

He grabs her, and kisses her, pushing his tongue right into her mouth. She moans into his mouth, twisting her arms around his neck, not fully believing this is Ordu Escort Bayan happening, but not ready to argue. He picks her up, she wraps his legs around him, and he backs her up against the wall, kissing non-stop, hard, passionate kisses, hot and wet and full of lust and need for each other.

She untangles her legs and he puts her down, both trying to undo each others buttons and zippers as fast as possible, both aware of the time restrictions placed on them.

Rather than removing shoes and socks and pants, they just let their pants fall to their ankles and stay there. He picks her up again, and she re-wraps herself around him, as well as she can with her pants down round her ankles.

He’s hard now, and she’s already wet.

He shoves one finger inside her, and she gasps at the unexpected experience, then softly moans again. She removes one hand from round his neck, and reaches down to feel his long thick hard cock, she squeezes it softly and begins to stroke it, while he’s still rubbing her clit.

He pulls out his fingers from inside her, and uses that hand to move her hand away from his dick.

She looks into his eyes, and nods. Putting both hands tight around his neck, as he places both his hands on her ass, supporting her, he places the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy.

“Mmmm… Just DO it already!” she gasps.

He smiles the sexy wicked grin of his and nods … Then thrusts in, hard and fast.

She tenses as she feels him inside her, then leans her head forward and bites his shoulder to stop herself screaming from the feeling.

He pulls out, then in again and all of a Escort Ordu sudden she is moving with him, in and out, and up and down, riding him, faster and faster, they’re kissing and biting and trying to be silent; he moves one hand away from her tight, smooth ass to pinch her nipples.

She clenches a handful of his hair, pulling it, she’s biting his lip, he’s panting, and they’re both so full of sexual tension and lust that they’re like animals, all pure lust and sex and passion, no romance or love..

Biting and kissing and pulling and thrusting and in and out, his cock is going so deep, and rubbing her clit each time and he’s going insane feeling her tight pussy clenching around him every time, they’re both ready to explode with the pressure of it.

Faster and faster, harder and deeper, he moves his hand from her nipple to her mouth, covering her short sharp screams of almost agony, he slides one finger into her mouth and she’s sucking it, sliding her tongue up and down around it, he moans, and feels his cock seem to grow even harder, which he wouldn’t have thought possible a minute ago. She is turning out to be so much more than he thought…

He tenses, and she knows he is ready to cum, and the thought of him cumming inside her is the final straw for her and her muscles tense as well, as they grip each other harder, as he thrusts in for the final time.

They cum together, she lets out one sharp scream before clenching her teeth together, he leans his forward and kisses her as he feels her body tremble and shake, as he feels himself cum deep inside her …

Slowly they relax… he kisses he gently one more time then lets her go, they’re pulling up their clothing, avoiding eye contact, she’s slightly self-conscious now.

“You go back first. I’ll be there in a sec,” she says to him. He nods, and slips out. She stands there for a moment, looking in the mirror.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32