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*This is my first story with Literotica, so please do feel free to send over your compliments, queries, and constructive criticism. *

** All characters are over the age of 18 and are consenting adults. **


“Christ…,” my shorted mind sputtered. A dirty blonde tuft of hair was bobbing up and down in my peripheral vision as I stared at the ceiling. The pleasure… my God… the pleasure was like every nerve ending was aflame with sheer ecstasy The soft, manicured hands caressing my thighs, the cool air of the ceiling fan, the throbbing of my head as well as my rigid member below. Out of all of this lust and passion, it is mixed with fear, because what I’m doing is wrong; what SHE is doing to me is wrong. Notwithstanding, I am having my cock sucked by one person whom I’ve loved ever since she was born.

The morning before…

“Honey, I’ve got everything and I’m going to pick up Audrey from school. Don’t wait up, because we might just end up getting a hotel room.” I scooped up my keys and sunglasses from the end table in the hallway readying myself to go for a drive. My wife, popped out of the living room, to inspect me and wish me well before I left. She was wearing a white polo, and a tennis skirt and hat. She must have been getting ready for private tennis lessons.

“Hmm did you get your coffee? Medication? Wallet?” I nodded distractedly that I had done or consumed everything that she had mentioned. “Okay, well drive safely and tell Audrey I said hello and that I love her when you pick her up.” I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Alright Mrs. Pembroke, I’m pretty sure I can handle that.” She smiled at me and played with the dimple on my chin. I love my wife. She’s been an amazing mother and partner to me. Although we were only able to have 1 child, Audrey has been such a blessing to us. I didn’t think I could love anyone or anything as much as my daughter. Admittedly, I realized that I didn’t quite love my wife as much as I loved Audrey for some reason. She was my little princess after all.

As I settled into my Black Silverado I let my mind wander. There was always something about driving that relaxed me and simultaneously puts me into a contemplative place. I hadn’t seen my little girl since the summer when we first dropped her off at her new university dorm room. Audrey had shed a few tears, because she knew, metaphorically, she’d be leaving her protective nest, and me. Of course she was sad about leaving her mother, but Audrey and I had a relationship her mother and Audrey simply didn’t have.

Ever since Audrey was old enough to have interests and hobbies, she would accompany me and partook in my interests. There was plenty of memories of us together: practicing her first basketball shot, playing video games together, volunteering at various events and causes around town, and bonding over our love for movies. There was just so much that we enjoyed together that it felt right, and it was nice to be able to share them with her in some areas that I didn’t or couldn’t share with my wife. Mrs. Pembroke was a little more self-absorbed in her hobbies and interests, which helped push Audrey and I together. Maybe it’s just because my wife and I have sort of fallen into a rut, and what is essentially a sexless marriage, that I am excited to be with the girl who’s never bored of me. I just missed my little girl immensely and I jumped at the chance to pick her up from school on a weekend off.

As I pulled into the university, I grinned at how alive the campus was, and the boundless opportunities of youth. It was a beautiful time of year of Mid September on the East Coast. The mildly hot nature of the area meant that all the frisbee players as well as lads and lassies were running around in all the clothes they needed, which would mean barely socially appropriate. Short skirts, tight shirts, flip flops, and bikinis… to sun in of course. All the same I couldn’t help but steal a few peeks here and there at the girls in their summer wear. I suppose I had more than one reason to wipe off the sweat from my brow that day.

Finally, I pulled up to Audrey’s dorm room, and I spotted her there on the curb waiting my arrival. She was 5’7”, dirty blonde, gray eyes, C-cup, and a generally thin/athletic body type. The only imperfection on her was a crescent scar on her neck she received from taking a cleat to the her neck during a particularly heated soccer match. I pulled up quickly and hopped out of the truck to scoop up my little girl. Oh to have her in my arms again! I held her for a solid minute, and breathed and she had a scent of strawberry to her that she knew I loved… It was a fragrance from Nina something… I put her down and kissed her on the forehead, to which she responded by a successive kiss on the cheek and the lips, which I’m sure isn’t unusual for parents and their adult daughters.

“How are ya, kiddo?” I smiled broadly at the sunbeam I called my Audrey.

“Oh come on Dad,” she moved a band of hair out of her eyes and pushed Kars Escort it behind her ear,” You know I’m not a kid anymore. I’m an adult.”

“Alright then Ms. Audrey, will you be paying for dinner tonight?” I joked. I motioned for her to get into the truck’s cabin with me.

She laughed good naturedly,” Maybe not that old Dad.”

“Ha that’s what I thought sweetie.”

After deciding on where to go for dinner, we chatted for the whole ride to the restaurant. The feeling of having her back was like having a long lost friend return… or maybe a lover. I internally slapped myself and continued our conversation.

“So, tell me how are the classes that your daddy is paying for? Straight A’s I hope!”

“Hmm well I failed English Comp 111, and I practically had to sleep with my professor to pass trigonometry.” Shocked I looked over at her, and she had a devilish grin on her face.

“AUDREY!” I reached over and started to tickle her. She screamed and giggled trying to fight me off.

“Dad, DAD! Pay attention to the road!” she screamed, half laughing, because I had to overcorrect on a turn. Eventually she trapped my hand and wrist between her thighs. I mock attempted to yank it out, which made her squeeze tighter. Oddly enough… I felt something very warm coming from her… No, no it couldn’t be. It was just a hot day outside and we had been rough housing a bit. Although, my brain couldn’t deny where that warmth had come from and how it effected my body especially my nether region.

“Honey, I’m gonna need my arm back if I’m going to park the truck.” I said half-seriously. She puffed out her lips and gripped tighter as a precaution.

“Promise you won’t tickle me again!” There was that heat again… What’s going on?

“You can put me in chains if I do.” To which she released my arm.

As we exited the truck she laughed manically “Then you would be my prisoner and you’d be all mine!” And deep down a part of me wished that she would be all mine forever. To stay my little girl. We entered the restaurant and was shown to our seat by a handsome young waiter. He was obvious about his interest in my daughter as he was especially courteous and attentive to her. This annoyed me a bit as her father, and more subconsciously as a threat to my territory. I shooed him away as soon as we finished ordering, to which he sulked having to leave my daughter. I must have had a grimace on my face inadvertently, to which my daughter took notice of.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” she tilted her head just a bit, studying me.

“Oh nothing honey.” I said brushing off the question.

“You think that boy likes me don’t you!” she said coyly.

“No!” I protested.

“Well don’t worry, Daddy. I’m not interested in boys.” She said matter-of-factly.

Shocked I said,” You’re not into… girls are you?” I tried not to sound homophobic when I said it, but it just came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

She spit up her drink all over of my button down shirt, laughing. “Oh, Daddy no! It’s not that. And look at that now we’ve made a mess… Let me help you.” She took her napkin and dabbed at the drink stains on my shirt. “I’m into dating men and not little boys. You should see some of the boys that go to my school…” She flipped her hair as she finished cleaning. “They only have two modes: sex and party.” As she said this the waiter appeared with our tray of food, and he was visibly blushing. After he asked us if we needed anything, we declined, and he returned to the kitchen. We both laughed quite a bit at this. Audrey had always been precocious and somewhat of an old soul, which endeared her to me even more.

We enjoyed our food and chatted some more about her girlfriends at school, the drama, her classes, and all of the family news back home. The conversation just came so easily that we had easily finished all of our food and hadn’t even noticed. She looked so lovely that I almost felt as giddy with excitement as when I took her mother on our first date. I just stared into her eyes for a minute. I was lost in the moment.

“Dad?” she called seemingly to snap me out of my revelry. The waiter came back and laid down the check between the two of us face down.

“Uh can I get anything else for you?” clearly directing the question to my daughter and not to me.

Taking the cue my daughter responded to him “No, sir we’re fine.” She said in a business like tone.

“Oh, well you all come back any time you like, if you enjoyed the service.” He said with a wink. I tapped him on the shoulder and handed him my card.

“We’re from out of town, and I’m sure my daughter isn’t interested in any long distance relationships.” I pulled him back to whisper in his ear “Oh and you should probably avoid hitting on the man’s daughter who will be paying the tab.” He ran off as soon as I let him go and just as quickly slinked back to return the card with a ‘have a nice night’.

“Daddy that wasn’t nice! You scared him.” She laughed noting Kars Escort Bayan the absurdity of the situation. “Oh by the way, Mom texted to remind me to remind you to take your medication.”

“Oh right…” I had forgotten to take the medication before I left the house, and now I knew it would make me sleepy if I took it.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” She asked just a bit concerned placing her hand on my knee. She rubbed my knee and thigh a bit, to which I only paid a mild amount of attention to.

“Well, if I take it now it’s going to make me tired and I won’t be able to drive us back home tonight.”

“I can drive for you, so you can sleep, if you want.” She said trying to be helpful.

“Oh, no honey I couldn’t ask you to do that. Let’s get a hotel room for the night.” So, I had Audrey look up a nearby hotel and we made our way to it.

At the front counter Audrey, travel bag in tow, stood next to me while I talked to the night manager about room prices. The prices were a bit here, and it must be because of the proximity to the campus and its regular use for purposes just like ours. The manager, an older man with a busy mustache and heavy eyelids, gave us both wearied expressions. Knowing he wouldn’t budge on price, I turned to my daughter.

“Audrey, would it be alright for you if, since its only one night, I just get one room? Normally, I would get another one for you to do… whatever, but the prices just aren’t good here. Your mother is going to be upset enough about me taking the medication late…” I said the last part under my breath.

“Don’t worry about me, I want to be with you! I haven’t seen you for months, and I don’t want this awesome night to end so quickly.” I felt reassured by her comment and was flattered that my daughter would want to spend time with me. I know some fathers who have daughters who could give a fig if they existed or not, and thankfully I was not in that category.

We made it to the room, and by this time I was completely exhausted. The medication that I took at the restaurant had really done a number on me. Sleep was nigh. I ordered a room with two beds and let Audrey claim hers first. She excitedly threw her travel bag down and jumped on the bed to lay down. She spread out her limbs in a motion that reminded me of a cat stretching out after a nap. I knew that because of the hour I needed to call my wife and let her know what was happening.

“Daddy you look sleepy why don’t you take off your pants and relax. Its just you and me, so there’s really no need to be embarrassed.” Being as tired as I was, I wasn’t thinking normally.

“Yes, honey. I… I just need to call your mother.” I said wearily.

Audrey began undoing my belt and quickly had my jeans unzipped and down by my ankles. She smiled up at me, and I couldn’t help but remembering a porno I had watched with a buxom brunette that started out that way. To which I felt a little blood flow to my penis as a result. I stumbled back into the arm chair behind me, trying to put the thought out of mind. Audrey undid my shoes and socks as well. She then remarked “Oh, what about your shirt? I got that drink all over it. There’s a washing machine downstairs that I can clean it in, if you like.

“Do whatever you want, honey.” Too tired to care. I slowly dialed my wife’s number as Audrey put my clothes away in the closet. The phone dialed out to her number and I waited for her to pick up. It was late so I wasn’t expecting her to answer right away. Her voicemail message began to play. “Hey honey… its me. I took the medication too late, and I’m really sorry about that.. I had to get,” I yawned,” us a hotel. Too tired to drive. Love you. See you tomorrow.” By the time I was hanging up, Audrey was working on getting my shirt off me. Slowly she worked the buttons down to my waist. “Now, as for you young lady,” I stated while closing my eyes,” I need some shut eye.” I drifted off as I felt her kiss my abs, and I think pat my semi erect cock. I fell into what they refer to as le petit mort.

About an hour or so later I heard the shower stop and a little creak from the bathroom door opening. Groggy, my first reaction was to complain about the heat in the room and to ask Audrey to turn the ceiling fan on. My eyes still closed, I heard the click and slow whir of the ceiling fan starting up. Soon after, I felt Audrey’s hand on my thigh. “How are you feeling?” She said with more of a seductive voice than I had remembered earlier.

“Ugh I just want to relax and stay right here.” I said shifting around wearing just my boxer briefs.

“Let me help you relax.” I felt her hands start to move up and down my thighs in a gentle caress. Admittedly, it felt quite… sensual. Being as tired as I was, I decided to let my little girl rub my thighs for me. I almost drifted back to sleep when I felt her hands rub higher up my thigh, which causes my little man to stir. She even started to rub up to my belly and back down to my thighs, to which I started to grumble. Escort Kars She just made a shhh sound and continued her loving caresses. Before I know it, her hands are caressing the outside of my boxers and over my sensitive member. Since my wife and I discontinued our love making I have become quite sensitive to any touch that isn’t mine. My cock quickly started to engorge with what now felt like foreplay.

Feeling this was a dream I kept my eyes shut. My daughters soft hands went into my boxers and quickly found purchase with my growing manhood. Still not believing this pseudo reality, I refrained from speech and action. If this was a dream my attractive young daughter was pleasuring me at this moment, and a part of me had awakened for her that previously did not exist was stirring. She started to speak to me,” Daddy. I don’t want other boys. I want you.” For some reason her ‘I want you’ began to echo in me like a bell being struck within me, the vibrations of its meaning further stirring that newly awakened feeling. She gripped the base of my now fully hardened cock under my boxers and began stroking it. I groaned. “I’ve wanted you for a long time and I guess… now is the time I wanted to show you how much your love means to me.”

She pulled down my boxers and released my moderately-sized member. The moment that her tongue touched my cock was the moment my eyes flew open. I was staring at the ceiling and watching the fan as it proceeded around its base… just like my daughter was finding the base of my cock in her throat. “Christ…” I murmured.

The pleasure was intense, so much so that my words cannot do it justice. The possessed a skill of oral pleasure that I hitherto and henceforth don’t think can be recreated, in that moment. Her tongue swirled around my engorged bulbous head right before she dived down to the bottom of a very veiny shaft. She was going too far… She was sucking my cock, and I, her father, was letting it happen. But she had awoken a beast in me that had carnal lust for… his own daughter. The voice of this beast was fully awake and well aware of the pleasure to be had. Audrey started to suck my balls and pumped the shaft with her hand.

“Daddy…” I couldn’t help but look down at her reflexively as she said this. Now I had a perfect view of my daughter, shaft in hand and my scrotum in her mouth. Popping them out she said to me “I love you and I want to make love to you. Please say yes. I want you. I want your cock. And I want your cum. Please Daddy please.” I was paralyzed to speak and the tableau of seeing her sucking my cock and saying those words was more than I could bear. She felt me start to tense up in her hands, winked at me, and dived back down to the base of my cock. I could feel and hear her gag slightly as she held me inside her wet, warm, and tight throat.

“Audrey…” I breathed. And I came down her throat. It started from my balls I tingling and tensing and proceeded up to the shaft and erupted in hot jism in her throat. I felt her swallowing and gagging on me all the way until the last of my seed was spent. She released my cock from her throat and mouth and coughed aloud. I now fully realized that she was completely naked as well.

“Baby I… we… you shouldn’t have done that.” My cock slowly softened against my thigh as my daughter kneeled between my legs rubbing them softly.

“I wanted to… and I know you wanted to.” She said trying to justify what had happened.

“I have never looked at you lustfully ever before this moment, and as your father, I can’t… I just can’t ruin the relationship that I have between us, and between your mother…” As these words came out the panic began to set in that I would not have to explain ejaculating into my daughters throat to my wife.

“Dad,” she began,” there’s nothing wrong about my love for you, and the way I choose to show it. I know you and mom aren’t having sex, because I do look at the web browser history from time to time on the family computer.” I blushed slightly at this revealing information. “I know this is new to you, but I have genuine feelings for you. I want to be yours and you’re the man I want. I can’t explain it aside from this Electra complex I learned about in Psychology.”

The beast within me responded to her pleas for acceptance. The immense pleasure to be had, no matter how wrong it was, was kneeling before me. But still I resisted.

“Feel me and tell me you don’t want the same.” She stood and showed herself to me. Her body was amazing to me. Her firm young breasts topped with cherry areolas, her shapely and toned legs, the dirty blonde her that manifested itself in a tight triangle above her clitoral hood, her sex… After she had felt that I had seen her fully she grabbed my hand and flipped it palm side up and moved her crotch directly on top of it. The warmth I had felt from earlier was doubly intensified by the removal of all obstacles. I felt strangely proud that I could illicit these feelings in Audrey, and ashamed at the same time for finding this stimulation arousing. My fingers, hitherto paralyzed began to move of their own accord. They began to feel her folds and feel the dripping wetness inside. She moaned and moved to cup her breasts and squeeze them to further intensify her body’s stimulation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32