Audrey’s Happy Birthday

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Just want to say hi to Lisa and all my Cream Pie friends; this story is about the exquisite treasure of cream pie, and the nectar of the gods. It was not meant to be a taboo story, just happened like that.


My wife Mary was just putting the finishing touches on the surprise birthday party for our daughter; she really went all out to make our little girls eighteenth birthday something very special, and I knew Audrey would never forget it. The candles were the kind that you can’t blow out, just for fun! The streamers and banners announced proudly that she was a woman now, but to us still our precious little kitten. Surveying the decorations, Mary happily chimed in, honey do you think she’ll have a fantastic birthday? I had to laugh and tell her that any kid would love this marvelous celebration.

Tommy, our oldest son, wheeled into the driveway and was lugging a huge box out of the trunk of our car; he was being especially careful with his little sister’s expensive and heavy gift. My wife Mary, and I, had saved our spare dollars for quite a while to get this gift for Audrey. It was something that we knew she would love and cherish, and the kind of present that would turn her girlfriends green with envy.

Tommy, easing the enormous box to the floor panted, the lady at the shop tested all the parts and guaranteed that it would be in perfect working order for the birthday bash. He seemed almost as excited about it as we were, unusual for a teenager who was normally sullen and typically uninterested with family matters. Mary asked Tommy to help her set it up in the family room where the party was to be held, and with a little shrug and a sly grin, Tommy complied.

Because this was that extraordinary moment when she would become a woman, we decided to invite a select few parents over to enjoy the festivities with us, and give it just a bit more of an adult atmosphere. We tried to choose the ones that were not stuffy or uptight. For the occasion we bought a few bottles of some medium priced wine, because Mary thought a toast seemed to be appropriate for a budding young woman and her celebrants. Most of the parents agreed that a glass of good wine with supervision would be fine and should give görükle escort bayan the kids a taste of adulthood.

Mary yelled out from the family room, honey would you give Tommy some money, its time to go pick Audrey up from ballet class. And Rich, give him that list of errands we made up so we can have time to get everyone in the house and hidden for the big surprise. I reached for my wallet, as I had done so many times since becoming a father, and peeled off some bills to give our son. Along with the cash, I gave him the shopping list that would keep them both busy for an hour or two.

I settled into my recliner and clicked on the game knowing that my part, funding family events, was done.

The merry guests had arrived and the colorful presents and covered dishes were stashed; she was going to be so thrilled. There must have been a dozen of those little designer bags with the string handles on the dinning room table, you know the kind that have replace wrapping paper and bows. Mary came out of the kitchen and said, Richard, don’t you think it’s taking a bit too long for Tommy and Audrey to get back from the store? I just shook my head and said, honey, you know kids, they could have been diverted by just about anything. What never crossed my mind was that Tommy had decided to give his little sister Audrey his gift a little early.

Out near the edge of our subdivision we have a ballpark and some aging playground equipment for the kids. It’s not used that much anymore and is especially empty on winter school nights like tonight. No one could see the tan Ford SUV rocking back and forth with the windows all fogged up. On the windows you could see the footprints where Audrey’s feet, all laced up in the ballet shoes, were bracing her arching, quivering young body while Tommy power stroked his hardon into her little hairless pussy. He was giving his little sister a load of cum for her birthday, and she was thrilled. Her tiny pink hole was leaking her fuck juice, now mixed with young Tommy’s seed on the seat. After her orgasms receded she said, Tommy we better get going, they’ll start wondering where we are. A breathless Tommy, still dripping cum on her belly ring said, baby you’re altıparmak eskort the best little sister a guy could have, and I’ve been waiting for this night for years. He then kissed her deep and suckled her sweet tongue, tasting that honey that only comes from a horny young girl in heat. Her breasts were soaked with sweat and her nipples large and red, still engorged with lovers blood; she was fingering her girlish pussy as it dribbled her and Tommy’s cum all over my new car. She grabbed my windbreaker from the cargo area and wiped the seat and her flat dancer’s belly making sure not to clean her swollen labia too much. My little girl Audrey, my kitten, had acquired a fondness for messy cum covered pussy.

Mary and I heard the car door slam; it was Tommy’s way of letting us know in advance that they would be popping trough the front door any moment. Hey mom! We’re home, he shouted. It was our cue that this birthday bash was on.

The lights flashed on and everyone shrieked, Surprise!

Audrey stood there speechless, her arms hung down and her hands clutched her thighs as she saw her friends and family greeting her on this most special day. Mary whispered in my ear, honey I think I see a tear in the corner of her eye, you don’t think she’s embarrassed do you? I pulled Mary close and told her, baby she is the happiest girl in town right now, you just wait until she sees the gift we got her. My lovely wife is like most women, when overcome with joy she sheds a little tear, its so comforting to have that female emotional display. As I slipped my hand up from her slender waist and brushed against her breast, I kissed Mary’s tearing eyes; I took pleasure in sampling her female fluids and said, baby I love you.

Tapping on my wine glass I ceremoniously announced, “let’s cut the cake and open the presents!”

After blowing out her candles and making a wish that only she would ever know, Audrey prepared to begin the age-old tradition of opening her gifts. She was positively stunning sitting there cross-legged, with just a hint of dampness where her outfit had crept up in her slit; a virginal princess with her first glass of wine. Her jet black hair, nilüfer escort with those searing green eyes played flawlessly with her pink ballet outfit and her perfect little feet wrapped up in white satin and laces; she was truly “disco lemonade”.

The birthday girl tore the bags open and found each special treat for her birthday. Her girlfriends had carefully chosen just the precise lipstick and makeup for her (she really loves the black nail polish and dark eye shadow). They even got her a cute little black choker with silver studs. She laughed and thanked them, but was obviously saving the present from her family for last, she had a feeling there was something very different and special about this year’s gift. Her gift from us was the only one actually wrapped in paper, and dressed up with a huge bow and a card that said “Happy Eighteenth Birthday”; she was visibly excited. Everyone was on edge while our little girl deliberately and carefully tore the colorful paper apart at the seams. As the box came into view she screamed for joy and leapt to her feet, she threw her arms around her mother, and kissed her. Audrey whispered, mommy, it’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten. She jumped around the room and hugged her friends and yelled over to Mrs. Evanson, her very best friend Lisa’s mom, it’s just like yours, and I can’t believe it. I knew then that Audrey felt all grown up and had become a brand new member of the adult community. Ellen, Mrs. Evanson, grabbed Audrey and told her to hurry and finish opening it up and give it a try! On her way over Audrey squealed and threw her arms around my neck and purred in my ear, you’re the best dad in the world and I have something special for you to.

Well, the party was a smashing success and the crowd was thinning out for the evening. Tommy was heading up to his room, Mary and Ellen were in the kitchen cleaning up the disaster that was left from all the fun, and I was sitting in front of the crackling fireplace with Audrey. I was helping her get her present ready to move to her bedroom when she looked at me and said, daddy, it’s your turn now; and with that she pulled her tutu away from that perfect, hairless pussy. She watched me stare at her unblemished heat and then slipped her fingers up her pearly slit and scooped out some of the nectar that she and Tommy had made. After placing it on my lips, and grinning like a Manx she said, I hope you like it daddy; it’s just my way of saying thank you.

Have a happy birthday, Audrey, and many more to cum.

Next, “The Gift”.

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