Aunt Debbie’s Weakness

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This story is about Debbie, a 48 year old woman who had for several years taken care of her kid sister Diane’s boy Billy for extended periods of time since Diane had been killed in an auto accident a few years ago.

Billy was a very timid boy who had just graduated from high school and would be heading to college in the fall, and this would likely be the 18 year old’s last long visit to her house. It would turn out to be the most fascinating of them all.


Behind the blinds…

Debbie Tower put the last clothes pin on the bedsheet and stood back as a gust of wind made the sheet billow toward her. Debbie wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand, a reflection of a warm morning that promised to be the start of an even hotter day, and as she did her eyes traveled to the guest bedroom, where a raised slat in the blinds suddenly dropped back down.

Billy. Her nephew certainly did like to keep an eye on her, Debbie thought as she went over to the picnic table to grab another sheet to hang on the line. Even though she had a perfectly good clothes dryer, there was nothing so fresh smelling as laundry hung outside to dry in the breeze, especially bedding.

Realizing she needed more clothes pins, Debbie went back into the house for some more. While she was at it, Debbie figured she might as well look in at Billy, and maybe get him out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather. He was such a meek and pale little guy, and always seemed to be studying. More to life than that, Debbie said to herself, as she headed down the hall to Billy’s room.

What you can see in a matter of seconds…

Debbie would ponder that afterward – that matter of seconds from the time her hand turned the doorknob, and it seemed like so much longer in retrospect. Her hand turned the doorknob and the door swung open, and Debbie was about to say something to the effect of, “Why don’t you come outside and get some fresh air, Billy?”, when she saw him.

They both said “OMIGOD!” a second later, but not before Debbie saw her nephew Billy at the window. His left hand was lifting a slat of the blinds, and Billy was peeking out – looking for something or someone. Billy still had his pajamas on, but the bottoms were down around his ankles. His little dimpled bottom was fully exposed, as were his skinny, almost hairless legs.

It was what his right hand was doing that commanded Debbie’s attention, and while she could not see what he was doing, by the way his hand was moving there was no doubt what Billy was doing.

“Omigod!” they had both said simultaneously, and while Billy scrambled to pull up his pajamas, sending the blinds flying wildly as he did, Debbie blurted out an apology and closed the door behind her.

Debbie fell back against the wall in the hallway as she struggled to keep from falling over from the shock of what she had seen. While Debbie never had children of her own, she was certainly aware that they had urges, just like she did.

Debbie had not expected Billy to be so… obvious about it, just standing there in broad daylight. And why was he looking out the window? There was no doubt about the answer to that – Billy had been looking at her while he had been masturbating!

Finally able to get to the kitchen, Debbie made herself another cup of coffee as she tried to sort things out in her mind, and it was almost an hour until she was able to go back outside to finish hanging up the laundry. This time, the blinds did not move, and the reason Debbie knew that was because she had one eye on Billy’s window every minute.

A afternoon spent alone…

Debbie did not have lunch that day, and Billy stayed in his room save for one brief visit to the bathroom. Debbie made dinner at the usual time, and finally worked up the courage to go down to Billy’s room to tell him that it was ready.

Debbie knocked this time, something she realized she should have done earlier, but when she announced cheerfully that dinner was ready, Billy said that he wasn’t hungry.

After Debbie ate without much gusto, washing down a pork chop with a couple of glasses of wine, she went in to take a shower before turning in.

The warm spray felt refreshing as Debbie stood and let it rinse off the day before reaching for the soap. Debbie’s thoughts turned to Billy, as they had virtually all day. How embarrassed he must feel, having been caught like that. The fact that he had been watching her while he was doing it – the thought that had been so troubling to Debbie earlier had turned into something altogether different as the day went on. Something troubling.

Even now as Debbie’s mind wandered, she realized that her hands had been busy scrubbing between her legs for an awfully long time, giving her a warm feeling that made her feel ashamed of herself.

How could an 18 year old boy find her still attractive? While she was certainly attractive enough for a woman of 48, her body had long since given away the fact that she was no teenager.

Debbie’s Kars Escort hands went to her breasts, soaping her large and still firm melons, and the fat pegs of her nipples came alive under her touch. How long had it been since a man had done this to her, Debbie thought before suddenly coming out of her daze and rinsing herself off.

“Must be the wine,” Debbie mumbled as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the cabinet.

A strange choice of clothing…

Back in her bedroom, Debbie slipped on a nightie that she hadn’t worn in years, a sleeveless frilly pink one that came down to her knees. Debbie was surprised that it still fit, although it was a trifle snug in the chest, and that made her nipples even more prominent.

Heading down the hall to the kitchen, Debbie caught a look at herself in the mirror and was shocked. Not about how she looked, which she admitted to herself was pretty good, but the rather provocative attire she was wearing. A rather strange choice of clothing considering what had gone on here today, Debbie thought.

What if Billy came out and saw her dressed like this? That thought also went through Debbie’s mind as she poured the remains of the bottle of wine into her glass and downed it.

This couldn’t be allowed to fester in Billy’s mind. That was the other thought that went through Debbie’s mind as she headed down the hall toward Billy’s room. She had to tell him that it was alright, and that she was wrong to have just walked in on him.

It was my fault…

“Billy, can I come in for a second?” Debbie asked through the door after knocking gently a couple times.

“Yes Aunt Debbie,” was the reply from Billy, in a quivering voice.

The light was on beside Billy’s bed, and he was under the sheet with a book beside him. Debbie put on a brave little smile as she walked over to the bed, and when she saw Billy’s eyes widen as she came closer, it hit her just how inappropriate this nightgown was to wear.

Debbie sat on the edge of the bed as Billy got up on his elbows, and Debbie wished she had put a robe on, because Billy’s eyes were fixed on her chest.

“I wasn’t doing anything – just reading,” Billy said, reaching up to brush her light brown hair from his eyes.

“I know honey,” Debbie said. “About today. I just wanted to apologize about coming in here like I did. It was very wrong.”

“I’m sorry too,” Billy said. “Did you – see what I was doing?”

“No, not really, but I have an idea,” Debbie admitted. “I have to remember that you aren’t a little boy any more. You’re eighteen, and you’re a man, and men have urges the same as women.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” Billy said, his face now a deep crimson. “Whenever I’m around you I always get – excited.”

“You do?” Debbie asked. “Why?”

“You’re so pretty, and you look a lot like Mom does – did,” Billy corrected himself. “I do that a lot. What I was doing, I mean. Even when I’m not here and I’m at home. I think about you and I look at pictures of you.”

“I never had children, but I know it’s a natural thing for boys to do,” Debbie said. “I’m sure that you have a lot of girlfriends too, because you’re such a handsome young boy.”

“Nobody wants to go out with a nurd. I mean, I had a girlfriend once, but she broke up with me,” Billy said.

“That’s too bad, but there’s plenty of other girls out there,” Debbie assured him.

“My friend Jeff said that I would have trouble finding girls because I’m so little,” Billy said abruptly.

“That’s silly,” Debbie said. “You must be what? 5’7″ or so? That’s not so small.”

“I don’t mean that,” Billy mumbled. “You know what I mean. You must have seen me this afternoon.”

“Oh,” Debbie said softly, suddenly realizing exactly what Billy was referring to. “No, I didn’t see your private parts,” neglecting to add that in the darkest recesses of her mind she had imagined them.

He can’t even get his hand around his…

“How does this Jeff know about this?” Debbie inquired.

“He told me that Kimmie broke up with me because my dick was so small,” Billy blurted out.

“Did this Kimmie say that to you?” Debbie said. “Did you two have – relations?”

“No, but one night she did – you know, to me.”

“What did she do honey?”

“She – masturbated me.”

“But she didn’t say anything bad to you, did she?” Debbie asked.

“No, but she broke up with me after that, and Jeff said it was probably because I have a little one. I really liked Kimmie, because she’s so cute and crazy. Other kids say that she likes girls too!”

“What makes this Jeff such an expert?” Debbie asked.

“He has lots of girlfriends because he plays football, and his – thing is so fat he can’t even get his hand around it.”

“Is that what he tells you?” Debbie asked. “Sometimes boys can exaggerate, you know.”

“No, I saw it,” Billy said. “One time we were hanging around with nothing to do and we decided to – you know, and I saw it.”

“Most girls Kars Escort Bayan don’t care about things like that,” Debbie said. “They just want to find a boy they like.”

“You mean that wouldn’t matter to you if a guy had a little one? Did Uncle Ted have…”

“No, your Uncle Ted was quite large,” Debbie admitted, recalling her ex with disgust. “He also wasn’t very nice either. He made me do very bad things, and when I refused he would hurt me.”

“Is that why we never see Uncle Ted anymore?” Billy asked innocently.

A shiver ran down Debbie’s spine as she nodded, remembering the times she was forced to subnit to other men – and women, while he eagerly watched from her side.

“Good. I hate him,” Billy said. “Anybody that would hurt you is a loser.”

Under the sheet…

Debbie was trying not to look anywhere but Billy’s eyes, but when she glanced down and saw the sheet tenting upward, Debbie felt her face flush. From embarrassment, she thought. Maybe.

Billy saw where his Aunt Debbie’s eyes went, and he blushed when their eyes met again.

“I’m sorry,” Billy said. “It’s just that I’ve never seen you dressed like this, and I can’t help myself. It’s sort of like my imagination coming to life in front of me. You usually dress so conservatively that I had no idea how big your breasts really are.”

“This was wrong to come in here like this,” Debbie said, and started to get up.

“Please don’t go!” Billy begged as he reached up and grabbed Debbie’s wrist, and Debbie eased back down, although certainly not from the force of Billy’s hold.

“Aunt Debbie, I don’t want to hate me, but I want to ask you a favor.”

“Billy, I could never hate you,” Debbie answered. “I love you with all my heart and always will no matter what. You’re like a son to me, and I would do anything for you.”

“Can I look at you while I – you know?”

Billy looked at his Aunt Debbie with such sadness and longing that she didn’t know what to do or say. She didn’t say no when she saw Billy’s hand slide under the sheet and work the way down his body.

“Never saw you without a bra before, Aunt Debbie,” Billy said. “Your breasts are even bigger than I had imagined. Your nipples look really big too.”

Debbie heard Billy talking but was hypnotized by the gentle movement of the sheet, as Billy had taken himself in hand and had begun stroking himself while he spoke.

“42DD,” Billy continued. “I’ve looked at your bras in the laundry hamper. That’s really big. Whole lot bigger than Kimmie’s.”

“Did – did you touch her breasts?” Debbie heard herself say.

“Yes. They were little – sorta like tennis balls,” Billy said. “Nothing like yours.”

“Girls… they’re like boys,” Debbie said softly. “All different sizes and shapes. Doesn’t really matter.”

“When you took a shower, did you shave under your arms, Aunt Debbie?” Billy asked. “I think you do it every week – on Saturday usually, right?”

“What?” Aunt Debbie replied. “How do you know that?”

“I know everything about you,” Billy said softly. “I like it when your armpits start to get really hairy by the end of the week, and I always wish you wouldn’t shave them. Kinda like that singer Paula Cole.”

“No, I didn’t,” Debbie said while lifting her arm and peeking over at the unkempt thicket of burnt orange stubble that coated her armpit.

“Uhhhh,” Billy groaned, grimacing while squeezing his eyes shut to avoid looking any longer until he regained his composure, sweat pouring down his face in streams. “That’s so sexy!”

“Do you think so?” Debbie asked.

“Yeah!” Billy grunted.

“Can I look?” Debbie’s voice said. “Watch while you do it to yourself?”

“You wouldn’t laugh at me, would you?” Billy said hopefully.

Debbie shook her head and grabbed the sheet, pulling it slowly down Billy’s slender torso. Down past his scrawny hairless chest, over his flat stomach with the little indented navel, and further down still.

Debbie was feling light-headed when the sheet slid down to reveal Billy’s pubic hair, a compact little tuft of brown fur, and suddenly there it was. Exposed and in full view, was Billy’s penis.

In a way Debbie was surprised at the size of Billy’s organ, but that was likely because she had expected – goodness knows what. There was no doubt Billy was not very well developed; as his pale member stood up straight and hard before Debbie, she figured it to be 4 or 5 inches long at best, and very slender as well. A bead of semen oozed out of the acorn shaped crown of his pink-hued penis, and Debbie saw how incredibly taut the skin was on the underside of his tool, the skin straining mightily below the glans.

“It’s not so small,” Debbie fibbed. “As a matter of fact, you have a very attractive penis.”

“Really?” Billy said.

“Yes indeed,” Debbie said, and she had to admit that was true. It was so pale and innocent looking that Debbie found it arousing despite herself. Years of looking at her ex-husbands mammoth Escort Kars tool; one she had groan to loathe even before it had ceased to function properly – her fault of course – and had been the reason why he claimed he finally left her, and made her jaded to the sight of the organ in general.

“Touch me,” Billy said – asked – begged, and when she did not make a move toward it, she felt Billy’s hand take her wrist and bring it over to it.

Warm was the first word Debbie thought of when her hand grasped Billy’s penis. Almost hot to the touch, it had practically disappeared in her grasp, with only the tip of his crown visible to the eye. Billy was pulsating in her hand as she gingerly held his stem.

“Billy – this is not right,” Debbie said.

“Please Aunt Debbie,” Billy whimpered while trying to thrust his hips up and down.

Debbie took her head off Billy’s staff for a second, and then took the acorn crown of his dick between her thumb and index finger. Debbie slowly rubbed the tender underside with her finger, from the cleft at the bottom of the crown and over the sensitive glans, watching the stringy rope of semen trickle out as Bily moaned.

Suddenly Billy let out an anguished cry, his face twisted in a grotesque look of horror. When Debbie looked back down at what she was holding, she was just in time to watch a thick milky jet of semen erupt out of his stem, landing across his smooth chest and stomach.

Again and again the little tool spasmed, and his seed continued to erupt with every shudder, until Billy’s orgasm finally ended, his dick becoming limp in Debbie’s grasp.

“Don’t stop Aunt Debbie – please!” Billy begged as he held her hand on his dick, and Debbie obliged, continuing to pull on his flaccid tube for a minute.

Billy had his hand on Debbie’s bare thigh, running his hand over the smooth flesh, and as Debbie kept pulling on Billy’s dick, she was startled to notice that Billy was becoming erect again. In another minute, his modest instrument was hard again, and Debbie looked at it in wide-eyed wonder.

“Amazing,” Debbie whispered to herself, feeling Billy’s hand move up to softly stroke her breast through the nightgown.

When Debbie looked up at Billy, his face was beet red and the veins were bulging in his neck. Billy took Debbie’s free hand and lifted it, gesturing to her.

“Like this?” Debbie asked, lifting her right hand up behind her head as Billy watched and nodded vigorously.

Billy cried out, and his hot little poker jerked once again, spewing a few squirts of seed onto his belly. This orgasm was milder than the earlier one, and the amount of semen much less as well, but when Billy stopped cumming, his entire upper torso was now drenched with his seed.

Debbie pulled her hand off Billy’s flaccid dick and got up from the bed, silently going to the door and saying good night to Billy before closing the door behind her.

In a daze Debbie walked to the bathroom and turned on the faucet, holding her semen-drenched hand under the flow as she tried to stop her heart from racing. What had she done to her precious little Billy? More importantly, what other thoughts had been going through her mind?

Back to the kitchen and the wine…

Debbie sat alone at her kitchen table, the room illuminated only by a night light, and slowly swirled the glass of wine she cradled in her hand. The wine. That was the reason everything had just happened. She was drunk.

Debbie felt reassured at that thought, even though it was far from the truth. She had a little buzz on, but it was not the reason for what she had just done to her nephew.

Debbie’s other hand was idly rubbing between her legs, raking the damp bush as she thought back to what had just happened. It was very wrong, but Debbie could not help herself. The way Billy looked at her with such lust in his eyes excited her so much.

Watching him cum just from looking at her – not just once but twice in such a short period of time. Seeing the incredible amount of seed that Billy’s penis spewed all over the place almost made Debbie cum herself. What was it they say about not judging a book by the cover? It would have taken her ex-husband half the night to get it up twice. Billy was so virile – so sexually charged, that it didn’t really matter how big it was.

Besides, Debbie recalled, it wasn’t all that small. What would it have felt like in her mouth? In her cunt?

The sound of a door creaking woke Debbie out of her fantasy, and she pulled her hand out from between her legs when she heard Billy’s footsteps approach the kitchen. Her back was to Billy when she hear him approach her, and Debbie felt Billy’s hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her.

“Can’t sleep Billy?” Debbie asked without turning around.


“Look Billy,” Debbie said as her voice cracked. “What I just did was very wrong. I’ve been drinking too much wine today, and I shouldn’t have done that, and I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sorry,” Billy answered. “That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

“Still, I’m very ashamed of myself,” Debbie said. “I just hope you forgive me, and please don’t tell your father.”

“I would never tell Dad, or anybody else,” Billy said. “I love you, Aunt Debbie.”

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