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Some people are just different. Jake’s Aunt Edna was beyond different, she was downright eccentric. Not in the scary freaky kind of way, more the fun to be around, living life to the fullest, free spirt, creating stories that would be forever told at family gatherings kind of way. After traveling the world for the first half of her life, she moved back to her small hometown on the coast. Strikingly beautiful, smart and self sufficient, she never married or even settled down with a partner, because she was afraid she’d get bored. She never seemed to have or need money, until one day, out of the blue, she bought a million dollar beach house from money she apparently got from aggressive day trading. With no spouse or children, Jake was the only person close to being family, so when she died at 65 years old, he was the only one left to deal with the estate. He was willed the house and all that was in it, with the only rule being that he had to enjoy it to the fullest.

While Jake was incredibly grateful to his aunt for leaving him a house on the beach, she also left quite a bit of stuff behind, notably many years of clothes that she had accumulated. She had so many clothes that Jake couldn’t ever remember seeing her wearing the same outfit twice. Jake and his wife Ashley were discussing what to do with all the clothes when their good friend and co-worker Kristin ducked her head into the office.

“Did I hear someone talking about getting rid of clothes?” she said. “Because it just so happens I am always in need of clothes!”

Jake and Ashley grinned at each other. Kristin was well known for being a fashionista, wearing outfits that could turn heads at a monks convention. Her tastes gravitated towards the sexy, but tasteful scale, with moderately revealing cuts, high heels and bright colors. She had the trim, athletic body that made everything she wore look fantastic, and Ashley frequently teased Jake about picking his eyes up off the floor when she sauntered down the hallway outside their office. The three of them had a fun, friendly relationship, with frequent jokes about sex that sometimes bordered on the risqué.

“Well we got clothes,” Jake said. “In fact, I think Aunt Edna was probably your size. If you’re really interested in some clothes, we’d love you to take some.”

Kristin’s eyes got big and before Jake knew what had happened she and Ashley got their heads together and planned an afternoon at the beach house to look at clothes. They set the date for Friday afternoon and Kristin promised to bring a bottle of wine or two for the event.

Like every male with a pulse, Jake had, from time to time, fantasized about having a threesome, and since Kristin had joined the company five years ago, he had to admit that his threesome fantasy frequently involved her. He had joked about having a threeway with Kristin some time ago to Ashley, but he felt like it got cold-shouldered and he didn’t want to push it. They had a great sex life, but Ashley wasn’t particularly adventurous and he didn’t imagine she would ever go for a threesome. Still, the idea of them being together at the beach house set his idle fantasies into overdrive.

The setting of the beach house made fantasies easy. It was modern and stylish, and had an overwhelmingly sexy tone to it. He and Ashley had spent a few nights there while working on cleaning it out, and every time they had enjoyed torrid sex from the hot tub on the back deck to the spacious master bedroom overlooking the marsh. Aunt Edna had always had the reputation of being sexually adventurous and enjoying numerous sex partners, and the house had several erotic sculptures of naked men and women, some of them together. They had also discovered a drawer full of sex toys, including several lifelike dildos, which led Jake to turn one of them on and chase a shrieking, laughing Ashley around the house. Jake was a little surprised that Ashley didn’t immediately have him throw them away, and he got the sense that maybe she was intrigued by them. This of course led him to even more fantasies, where she played with a few of the dildos while he watched. He had made the suggestion to Ashley that it might be fun to include a dildo or two to foreplay, but that hadn’t happened yet.

Now that Kristin was coming up to the house, his fantasy evolved into both of them kissing and licking a dildo while he watched. It was probably good he didn’t have more than a few days to fantasize, he would’ve been pretty worthless.

By the time Friday afternoon had rolled around the fantasy had gotten even more elaborate, but he had to remind himself that it was unlikely that his wife would make the fantasies a reality.

Kristin showed up promptly at 5, dressed in her usual sexy style, carrying two bottles of wine. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a tighter sweater, showing off her ample chest and sexy curves. As always, she had on high heels to make her long tone legs even longer. Jake greeted her in the usual way, with a warm hug and a lingering hand on her back. casino şirketleri To his glee, Ashley gave her a warmer hug than usual and they seemed to stay embraced for longer than the normal time. His mind couldn’t help but wander, imagining them in an embrace that led to a kiss, and a kiss that led to much more.

Jake took the bottles into the kitchen and poured the girls a glass while Ashley was showing Kristin around the house. The living room, porch and master bedroom all had breathtaking views of the marsh, and Kristin gave plenty of oohs and aahs as they showed her around. The girls also got the giggles looking at the many erotic art sculptures.

“This guy looks pretty happy,” Kristin said, pointing to a little statuette of a man with a giant erection. She patted his erection and grinned. “I bet his girlfriend is happy too.”

Jake laughed but Ashley laughed harder. “Aunt Edna seemed to have a real affinity toward sexy art,” she said waving around the room to the many works of erotic art. “Especially phallic symbols.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Kristin said. “My favorite subject.”

Jake gave an exaggerated gulping sound and they all had a good laugh at that and then Ashley showed her into the master bedroom. The room had a large, low bed that faced out to expansive windows overlooking the marsh. Naturally, any bedroom of Aunt Edna’s would be sexually charged. There were more naked fertility type statues spread around, and on each wall to the side of the bed there were large nude portraits. One wall had a stylish nude black and white photo of a woman, which may very well have been Aunt Edna. The other wall had a black and white photo of a nude man, his hands clasped behind his head, his torso partially turned and his cock in a semi aroused state. Kristin and Ashley had a brief humorous discussion of whether the man in the portrait might still be around somewhere and available, before their attention turned to the view. The sun was getting low in the sky and moving down towards the marsh, and Kristin was mesmerized by the vibrant colors rippling across the marsh.

“I bet the sunsets you see here are incredible,” she said.

“Beyond incredible,” Jake replied. “Sometimes we watch them on the porch, and sometimes we watch them in the bed!”

Ashley blushed at that and Kristin giggled. “I’ll bet you do. So where’s all my new clothes?” she asked.

Ashley pointed her back to the hallway that led to the walk in closet and the three of them walked in. Aunt Edna had a huge closet that ran back 20 feet into the wall, and it was full of hanging clothes and boxes. Her clothing tastes ranged from hippy to sexy and everything in between. Kristin’s mouth fell open as she walked down the length of the closet looking at all the clothes.

“These are amazing, and they look close to my size,” she gushed. “Are you guys sure you don’t want any of them?”

Ashley laughed. “I’ve already taken my 20 outfits out of here, they’re all yours.”

“None of them fit me,” Jake said with a grin.

“Well I’m going to need help making decisions,” Kristin said. “I want to narrow it down to 10 outfits, but I want your opinion to help pick the top 10.”

Jake couldn’t help but have several visions of Kristin parading around in front of him in an array of sexy outfits while he oogled her body. “I have nowhere else to be,” he declared.

“I bet you don’t,” said Ashley as she gave him a light punch on the arm. “Horndog.”

Jake rolled his eyes and laughed, “guilty as charged.”

“Well you and the horndog get out of here so I can find my first outfit,” Kristin said to Ashley.

Jake and Ashley bowed out of the closet and went back into the adjacent master bedroom. There was nowhere else to sit but on the bed, so they sat down side by side watching the sun slowing setting while Kristin rustled through the closet. Her first outfit generated hoots and whistles from both Jake and Ashley. She came out in a pair of cutoff jean shorts, a red and white checkered blouse tied with a knot at the waist, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. She sauntered out cowgirl style and did a few passes back and forth in front of them. The shorts and boots made her legs look fantastic.

“This must’ve been from Aunt Edna’s rodeo phase,” Jake laughed. “She lived on a dude ranch out west for a couple of years, rode horses and roped cattle and all.”

“I like it,” said Ashley, and Jake nodded his approval as well.

“I’m putting this in the keeper pile,” Kristin said, sauntering back into the closet.

When she got out of earshot, Ashely leaned over to Jake and whispered, “this is going to be interesting.”

Jake nodded and took a long swig of wine. It was already interesting.

A few minutes later Kristin emerged with outfit number two, this one was a bohemian, gypsy themed getup. She had on a colorful, tight, full length skirt, with a lacy tube top that kept both her toned abs and chest and shoulders exposed. She even had a turban scarf to round things out.

“I casino firmaları remember this phase, this was when Aunt Edna took a VW bus across country,” Jake said.

“I like it, but not sure its in my top ten yet, I’ll have to put it in the maybe pile,” Kristin replied. “I like feeling like a gypsy though.”

She slipped back into the closet and was in there for a while this time, before emerging in a dress that made Jake’s eyes pop out.

She had on a white silk strap dress with a slit up the legs that ended up near her hip, exposing a thin slice of her shapely ass. The neckline of the dress plunged in a v shape down near her navel, showing off the curves of her breasts on both sides. Adding even more sex appeal were the strappy high heels that came all the way up on her ankles.

“Wow, this must be from Aunt Edna’s, um, sexy clubbing days,” Jake stammered. “Though I don’t remember her ever looking that hot.”

The words came out of his mouth without his brain editing them, and he suddenly remembered his wife was sitting beside him and might not like him fawning over their hot friend. He held his breath waiting on a reaction from Ashley, as Kristin strode back and forth in front of them.

Finally she piped in. “That dress is fucking hot,” she said, taking a long sip of wine. “You look amazing in that, and you definitely need to keep it.”

“Yeah you need to keep that one,” Jake said.

“Thanks, I like it too,” Kristin grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want it, I bet it would look amazing on you too. Actually, I think she has this same dress in red.”

“Hmm, might have to try that one” said Ashley.

“Cmon, let’s try it on you right now,” said Kristin. Before Ashley had time to react, she had grabbed her hand, pulled her up off the bed down the hall to the master closet.

For the next glorious minutes, Jake sat alone on the bed straining to listen to his wife and friend down the hall in the master closet. He was bombarded with visions of the two of them back there getting naked in front of each other, probably making out, probably groping each other. He didn’t think it was actually happening, but it was sure fun to imagine it.

It was only a few minutes, but Jake got in a good hundred visions before the two of them emerged from the closet. To his surprise, his wife had donned the white dress that Kristin had just had on, and Kristin was wearing the red dress that was exactly the same except in color. Kristin and Ashley were very similar body types and looked like matching models in the two dresses. As impressive as the vision was in front of him, Jake couldn’t help but think of another vision, the one where the two girls had just changed clothes in front of each other in the closet.

Between that fantasy and the vision in front of him, all he could muster was a stunned “WOW,” but that was enough to set the girls off into a giggling frenzy. They laughingly began to strike exaggerated modeling poses in front of him. Ashley was blushing nervously but obviously having a good time, and Kristin was hamming it up, setting up poses where the two of them were standing close together and joking about how they could be JC Penney models. Jake was sitting on the bed with a silly grin on his face, unable to formulate any kind of response.

“C’mon, let’s go try on something else,” said Kristin, grabbing hold of Ashley’s hand. She pulled a semi reluctant Ashley back toward the closet. As she was pulled out of the room, she looked back at Jake and gave him an eyes wide open look that said “is this crazy or what?” Jake just gave her a grin and a thumbs up.

For the next 20 minutes, Jake was treated to the greatest fashion show he could ever have imagined. The outfits became a blur – most of them were at least somewhat revealing, some of them were sexy, and some of them were smoking hot. But the outfits were secondary to the increasingly sexy posing the girls were doing in front of him. They had finished out the first bottle of wine and had taken the second bottle with them into the closet, and Jake got the sense they were drinking straight out of the bottle. They were both definitely getting tipsy. Every time they went into the closet to change he could hear them laughing and chatting, which he imagined was being done while they were totally naked in between changes.

Aunt Edna had a lot more sexy clothes in the back of the closet than he had ever imagined. The girls trotted out two at a time with quite the variety – his favorites included a form fitting shiny silver dress, a leopard print full length, a lacy red number, some impossibly thin material designs and a collection of little black dresses that had his eyes bugging out. The best part about the show was he didn’t even have to pretend that he wasn’t just oogling every inch of the girl’s bodies. After all, he was supposed to be rating the clothes, so naturally he would be carefully and slowly looking at their curves. Why his mouth was hanging open was harder to explain, but at some point he gave güvenilir casino up trying to pretend he wasn’t totally turned on watching his wife and friend parade around in front of him.

Jake noticed that it seemed like every time they went back to change clothes they took a little longer, and he couldn’t help but wonder, and fantasize, what might be going on in the closet. He visualized them helping each other change clothes, a lingering hand, being naked together. And of course he couldn’t help imagining that they might be making out in the closet in between changes. A guy could only hope!

The latest clothes change had taken so long, and had gotten so quiet, that Jake was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Sure, he was sitting there on the bed thinking lurid thoughts, but he actually started thinking that they may have ended up making out in the back of the closet and just forgetting he was there. Which would be ok, except he wanted to watch. Finally, he decided to check in.

“Hey, you girls ok back there?” he said.

He heard some giggling before they responded. “Yes, almost ready,” Ashley said. “We found Aunt Edna’s lingerie section.”

Jake felt his heart stop and his blood go cold. Holy shit, he thought, are they really trying on lingerie? He immediately began to conjure up images of what the two of them would look like parading around in front of him in lingerie. And they were good images.

By the time he heard the footsteps coming down the hall he was just about in a tizzy of anticipation. But the reality was even better than the wait.

The two girls came out holding hands, both blushing slightly. His wife was wearing all white, an angel costume. White heels, white stockings, a frilly skirt and a corset tied with a lacy string. Kristin was dressed in a bright red silky one piece, with red high heels and a little pair of horns on her head. They were both stunning, and Jake could only look at both of them with amazement. He forgot to breathe for the next few moments. The girls weren’t moving around as much, they seemed pretty nervous about just how naked they were. Finally, Jake was able to formulate a verbal representation of all the thoughts going through his head.

“Wow,” he said. And if that wasn’t detailed enough, he said it again. “Wow.”

The girls couldn’t help but laugh, and that loosened them up some, leading to more exaggerated sexy poses in front of him. They had gone from being JC Penney models to Victoria Secret models. He hadn’t noticed initially, but Kristin had a plastic red poker in her hand and she pretended to fork Ashley in the ass as she bent over. Not to be outdone, Ashley whipped out a white magic wand. Kristin mimicked surprise and then turned slightly and bent at the waist, allowing Ashley a target to tap her ass with the wand.

“So what do you think of Aunt Edna’s angel and devil look?” Kristin said.

“I think in the battle for good and evil, I’d pull for a tie,” Jake laughed.

“I never would’ve imagined that Aunt Edna would have such an extensive lingerie collection,” Ashley said.

“Extensive?” said Jake, perking up even more. “How extensive?”

“Boxes and boxes,” said Kristin. “Some pretty wild stuff too,” she added with a grin.

“Well I can’t wait to see more,” said Jake with a big smile.

Ashley blushed slightly and then caught herself. “Say, we’ve been doing all the work here, maybe its time for you to do a little modeling.”

Kristin started a slow smile as the words sank in to Jake.

“Whaaa?” stammered Jake. “What am I supposed to try on?”

“There’s plenty of stuff you could try on for us,” said Kristin. “Get back there put something on and give US a show.”

Jake sat with his mouth hanging open on the edge of the bed. He was trying to imagine what Aunt Edna might have back there he could put on.

“Cmon, you’ve had enough fun, its time for us to objectify you for a while,” Ashley grinned. “Don’t make us unleash the power of good and evil on you.”

Ashley waved her wand menacingly at him and Kristin jabbed the pitchfork at him. He was not getting out of this. The girls had already poured another glass of wine and sat down beside each other on the bed to wait on him.

He grinned and shrugged. “Guess I’ll find something,” he said, walking back down the hall to the closet.

The closet was even more chaos than it was before, the girls had pulled out all kinds of outfits and had them spread out around the floor. He managed to find the lingerie collection, and they were quite interesting indeed. Everything from costumes to leather. Aunt Edna was a freak.

Finding something he could wear was a bit more challenging. Aside from the fact that he didn’t want to put on women’s clothes, he wasn’t even close to her size. He was trying to find something that wouldn’t look silly, but might also be a little sexy, because he was liking where the afternoon was going and he wanted to keep it up. Finally he found just the thing, a long, flowery silk robe. It was feminine, but being a robe it would at least fit, and it gave him the chance to undress down to his boxers. Just the thought of walking out in front of the lingerie clad girls in a silky robe had his heart pounding.

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