Aunt Peg

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My mother’s younger sister, Peg, was only about 10 years older than I was and she used to baby-sit when I was younger. About seven years ago she married a farmer and moved away. Three years later her husband died in a car crash and she decided to try and make a go of the farm by her self. At first it seemed that she would be able to keep the farm profitable, but after two bad seasons she had to sell off most of the farm to pay her debts. The one thing she held onto was the apple orchard and she concentrated her efforts on making it work.

The problem for her was labour. She could not afford to hire a full time worker and in the summer there was too much for her to look after by her self. I was nineteen at the time and she offered me a summer job helping her on the farm. I was eager to get away from home for the summer and jumped at the opportunity. As soon as my university classes were finished for the year I headed for the farm.

I hadn’t seen Peg for about five years but from what I remembered she was a very attractive woman. She stood about 5’7″ and had golden blond hair. As a young teen I often fantasised about fucking my ‘older Aunt’. She was well proportioned with firm breasts and a small waist. I laughed to myself and supposed that by now she had turned into a typical big ol’ farm mama. Boy was I wrong. When I arrived at the farm Peg greeted me at the door with a big hug and a kiss. I stood there dazed looking at this goddess who was my Aunt.

“What’s wrong Hal?” she asked.

“Nothing” I stammered. “I just forgot how beautiful you were.”

Peg blushed a little but I could tell that she liked the compliment. I unloaded my car and settled in for the summer. Over the next few days Peg showed me the ropes of tending an apple orchard. I was surprised at how much work was involved. I had just assumed that apples grew and you picked them in the fall. The days were long I was very tired come nightfall.

The farm was a good 30 minutes from the nearest town so in the evenings we just sat and talked or watched TV. She had a satellite dish so there was plenty to choose from. One night I couldn’t sleep and I was just channel surfing not really watching anything. I accidentally punched in a channel that had been edited out and there on the TV was a porno station. I had been working so hard that I hadn’t even thought about sex, but now my dick grew hard in a flash. On the screen two girls were sucking this guy’s huge hard cock. One had his dick in her mouth and the other was sucking on his balls. The camera would swing around and zoomed in on the girl’s asses and you would get a great view of their shaved pussies. The girls would reach between their legs and play with themselves as they continued to suck the guy’s cock.

I watched with envy and took out my dick and started to jack off. My balls were very tight and I realised that I hadn’t masturbated in a while. My girlfriend and I had a fairly regular sex life but since coming out to the farm I just thought about work and sleep. On the screen one of the girls had moved and was licking the other’s cunt while the first one continued to suck the guy off. I could feel my orgasm building and just as I was about to cum the guy on the screen took his dick out of the girl’s mouth and blew his load all over her face and tits. At the same time my dick shot a stream of cum straight up about a foot and it landed on my chest and all over my hand, which was still holding onto my dick.

I lay back exhausted as the cum ran down between my legs and around my balls. I cleaned myself up and went to bed but I made sure that I knew how to find that station again.

The next morning Peg asked me if I had a restful sleep to which I replied it was the best so far. She smiled and I wondered what Peg would do if she only knew what a good night it had been. It was difficult for me to keep my mind on my work. Every time I saw Peg I would remember the two girls sucking the guy’s dick. I tried to focus on my chores but Peg wasn’t making it easy. The day was a particularly hot one and Peg had changed into a pair of shorts and a halter-top. I could see her nipples poking through the material and occasionally I caught a glimpse of her lovely white breasts.

Finally the day ended and I went to take a shower before supper. As I stood under the hot water I closed my eyes and thought about Peg. I imagined what her naked body was like and in my mind her pussy was shaved bare. I started to rub my dick as I thought about Peg but I stopped and shook my head. This was not a good thing because I had to spend the summer Gaziantep Escort in the same house and I couldn’t go around dream fucking my aunt even if she was a total knockout.

I finished my shower, stepped out and dried off. I then took my dirty clothes and opened the hamper. Before I could dump them in I stopped cold. There was a pair of Peg’s panties lying on top of the clothes pile. My heart started to beat faster as I reached in and picked them up. They were not really sexy but they were bikini style and I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply to breathe in Peg’s scent. I dropped my clothes and started to masturbate as I held the panties to my face.

I immediately fantasised about Peg and, as I sniffed the crotch of her panties, I was licking her cunt in my mind. In my fantasy Peg responded by taking my dick in her mouth and greedily sucked my pole right down to my balls. I took the panties and wrapped them around my dick as I continued to jack off. I was beyond stopping now and I put the panties back to my face to get another whiff of Peg’s pussy juice. I was so absorbed in my fantasy that I didn’t hear the door open and Peg walk in. She let out a yell of surprise and closed the door stepping back into the hall. I was totally mortified. What could I do? Peg had caught me jerking off as I sniffed her panties. I just stood there trembling.

“Hal I want to come in, OK?” Peg said.

I didn’t even hear her I was too frozen with fear.

“Hal, did you hear me, are you alright, please let me come in.”

I still said nothing and Peg slowly opened the door and stepped into the bathroom.

“Hal, I am truly sorry. I had no idea that you were in here. Please don’t be angry.”

I was still naked, with my now soft dick, standing in front of Peg. “No Peg” I said, “Its me who should be sorry. I just lost control and wasn’t thinking. I should never have let that happen. If you want I will go back home and we can forget all about this”.

“Hal, do you like my panties?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Pardon?” I said.

“Do you like my panties? Those ones are just for everyday wear. I have much nicer ones for fun. Would you like to see them.”

All I could do was nod my head. Peg reached out and took my dick in her hand and led me to her bedroom.

“Help me get undressed.”

I started to remove her halter-top and she was undoing her shorts. Her breasts were full and firm and I took them in my hands. Meanwhile Peg was busy playing with my dick and balls.

“Take off my shorts. I want you to see my panties.”

I dropped to my knees and slowly pulled her shorts down her tanned legs. She was wearing a pair of white satin panties and there was a wet spot over her cunt. I tucked my hands inside her panties and grabbed hold of her ass. Then I leaned forward and began kissing her panty-covered snatch.

“Do you like my panties Hal?”

“I love your panties. I want to rub my face all over your panties. I want to rub my dick all over your panties. I want to cum in your panties.”

“Lick me. I’m so horny I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since you arrived. I have dreamt about you every night. Oh Hal suck my clit and make me cum.”

I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and drove my tongue deep into her wet snatch. Peg moaned with delight and I knew that she was very close to orgasm. I moved my hands to the crack of her ass and found her tight little bum hole. I used a finger and probed her rosebud, which added to her enjoyment.

“Ugh, I’m cumming don’t stop”. Peg’s orgasm was very intense and she sprayed my face with her juices. I kept my lips glued to her clit and only let go when she pulled my head away and looked into my eyes. “Hal, that was the best I ever had. You were wonderful. Now its my turn to make you happy.”

I stood up and Peg took me over to her bed and had me sit down on the edge. “Do you really like my panties?” she asked again.

“Peg, to be very honest I have a thing about panties. The sight of a girl in sexy panties turns me on big time. I like to rub my dick all over a panty-covered bum and when I jerk off I like to cum in a pair of panties. Panties are a passion.”

“Do you like to wear panties when you jerk off? God that would be sexy to watch. Would you do that for me? Jerk off while wearing a pair of my panties.”

“Yes Peg I would. But you would have to let me cum on your face.”

“Deal, stand up.” I stood up and Peg went to her dresser. “Let’s find a nice pair of panties. What about these?” she asked, Gaziantep Escort Bayan holding a pair of lace bikini panties.

“They look great,” I said. “Come and put them on me.”

Peg got down on her knees and I stepped into the panties. She then pulled them up but stopped at my dick and started to suck on my cock. Her wet mouth was a natural fit for my hard cock. After a couple of minutes of deep sucking she finished putting on the panties and sat back on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of her and started to rub myself through the lace panty.

Peg was entranced and I took my cock out through the side of the panties and started to jerk off about three inches from her face. She watched every stroke and I used my other hand to cup my balls and roll them around. Peg slipped a hand between her legs and started to play with her cunt but she never took her eyes off my dick. I would move close and bounce my dick on her lips and then move back and continue stroking myself. I could feel my cum starting to rise and told Peg to get ready. She opened her mouth with the first spurt and I let fly with my load. It went everywhere on her face and when I was done I used my dick to spread it around and scrape it into her mouth. Peg took my cum covered cock and sucked me clean, swallowing all she could.

“Hal that was wonderful. You have a beautiful cock and as soon as we have recovered a little I want to find out how it feels inside my pussy.” Peg stood up and we wrapped our arms around one another. I ran my hands over her ass and squeezed each cheek. Peg did the same to me. “Tell me about the first time you jerked off on a pair of panties.”

“Well do you remember my cousin Ann. She’s on my father’s side of the family. Anyway, they were visiting I guess when I was about 16. One day we were having fun in the pool and I got out to get changed. I went upstairs and spotted her panties laying on the bed in the spare room. I took them and hid them in my room and later that night I jerked off while playing with her panties. After that I was hooked.”

“Hal, we can have a lot of fun this summer if you want. I know that we are blood but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the next few weeks before you have to start school again. Ever since Bill died I have been a quiet widow but once I saw you standing in the door the day you arrived I decided to throw caution to the wind. I am very glad that you didn’t throw me out when I came back into the bathroom. As soon as I realized what was happening I knew that I had to act fast or you might not be willing to participate in my summer plans.”

“Peg, there is something that you can do for me right now. As a matter of fact we can both do it.”

“What is it. I won’t say no.”

“I want to shave your pussy and I want you to shave me. That’s another thing that really turns me on, a shaved slit.”

“God yes”, said Peg. “I did it for Bill before but he didn’t really like it. I loved having everything smooth and hair free. So who goes first?”

“I’ll shave you first and then you shave me. I’ll get my razor and shave cream and you get a pair of scissors, a small container with some warm water and a towel for the bed.”

We were back in a flash and I had Peg lay down at the edge of the bed with her legs spread as wide as she could.

“This is no good,” she said. “I want to watch. The counter in the bathroom is pretty wide and I can lean against the wall.”

We moved to the bathroom and she got set up on the counter. I knelt in front of her and started to trim her pubic hair with the scissors. When all that was left was stubble I took some warm water and wet down her snatch. Then I applied the shaving cream and started to remove the remaining hair. Occasionally I would stop and insert a finger into Peg’s wet hole. Peg loved it and she would hold my hand and pretend it was a dildo moving in and out of her sweet box. Soon all her hair was gone and Peg leaned over to get a close up view of her smooth pussy. She was very pleased and I took the opportunity to run my tongue up and down her slit to test its smoothness.

Peg moaned and grabbed the back of my head and held me against her pussy. I shoved my tongue as far as I could up her hairless hole and wrapped my lips around her erect clit. Peg screamed and rammed her snatch into my face as if she was fucking my tongue. I became more forceful and I pinched her clit with my lips. Peg screamed out loud and came so hard that I thought she would split my head as she clenched her thighs tightly around my ears.

Peg Escort Gaziantep turned out to be a squirter. She nearly flooded my mouth with her cum juice. I pulled back slightly and watched her go through her own ejaculation. I opened her cunt lips and her whole inside was convulsing. I then covered her entire cunt with my mouth and squeezed her outer lips together while she continued to throb and moan as her orgasm subsided.

“My oh my but you know how to use that tongue of yours,” Peg said weakly. “It should be registered with the police as a lethal weapon”

“Peg, you have the most perfect pussy. It demands to be licked. I can’t help myself under those conditions.” I then started to gently kiss her cunt and slip my tongue between her lips.

“Stop, stop, stop,” she pleaded. “It’s my turn to shave you.”

Peg jumped down and I took her place on the counter top. She took the scissors and cut as much of the hair as she could. She then spread the shaving cream around my crotch. Peg wanted a good size area cleaned off and she began to shave me at the waist. I watched fascinated with what she was doing. Sometimes Peg would kiss my dick as she shaved me. I was able to keep my dick soft so that it wouldn’t interfere with her work. But the more she kissed it the harder it got and soon it was a rigid pole. Since Peg needed both hands to do the shaving she used her mouth to keep my cock out of the way.

Soon she was removing the hair around my balls and I held my legs wide for her. She shaved my balls and the whole area between my thighs. She then stopped and started to lick my ass hole. No one had ever done that to me before. I closed my eyes and moaned with delight. Peg ran her tongue up to my sack and sucked on my balls then she would return to my butt and lick my ass some more.

I reached down and started to play with myself but Peg removed my hand and took my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t help it I started to move my hips up and down fucking Peg’s mouth. Peg shoved one of her fingers into my ass and I redoubled my fucking motion in her mouth. All of a sudden I exploded with a fountain of cum and Peg held my dick tightly as I pumped my load into her mouth. She didn’t move until my dick was soft and then she let it slip from between her lips.

“Peg, that was the best. I know that I am not worldly when it comes to blowjobs but that was the best.”

We decided to take a break and have supper but first Peg led me by the cock back to her room.

“We need to dress for supper,” she said. “What panties should I wear?”

“Show me something sheer and in a thong,” I replied. “I want to have an unrestricted view of your ass. I may even want to have it for dessert.”

Peg pulled out a pale blue see thru thong that was just what the doctor ordered.

“Perfect,” I said. “Give them to me and stand over here.” I sat on the edge of the bed and had Peg stand in front of me. Her shaved pussy was directly in front of my face and I gave her cunt a couple of quick kisses. I held the panties for her and she stepped into them. I then pulled them up and had her turn around so I could adjust the thong between the cheeks of her ass. I took a couple of minutes and just admired her behind. It was perfect. I leaned forward and took one of the globes and sucked on it like it was a breast. I licked up and down her ass crack and rubbed my face all over her behind. I spread her cheeks and licked her tight little hole. I probed it with my tongue as I opened her ass as wide as I could. I buried myself between the cheeks and then closed them around my face. The smell was a mix of cunt juice and musk and I didn’t want to stop breathing it in.

Peg slipped her hand inside her panties and put a finger in her cunt and rubbed her clit. I was rock hard and I wanted to fuck that sweet pussy. I stood up and eased Peg onto the bed. I got between her legs, pulled the crotch of the panties aside and slipped my cock into her swollen pussy. I started humping away lost in the bliss of Peg’s wet cunt.

We didn’t speak a word as we fucked. Our mouths were locked in a carnal kiss, our tongues exploring each other. Because we had already cum earlier it would be some time before we felt the tinges of another orgasm start to build. We were both covered in sweat and I buried my face in Peg’s neck. I sensed that Peg was about ready to cum and I started to ram my cock in and out of her cunt like a piston in an engine. Peg couldn’t control herself and she bit my shoulder and dug her nails in my ass as her orgasm consumed her.

There was no way that I was going to cum so we just lay there until we had enough strength to have a shower. We spent the rest of the night gently fondling each other and Peg made me cum one more time before we crawled to bed totally exhausted.

This was one summer job with great fringe benefits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32