Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 08

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Peg moaned as she lay on her back. Tyler was between her legs, his tongue licking slowly along her pussy lips. His fingers parted the lips, exposing the hardened nub of her clitoris. His mouth fastened on it as he sucked lightly as he tongued it.

“Oh, fuck Tyler… you do that so well.” Peg cooed.

Tyler ran his fingers along her slit as he sucked her clit. One finger dipped inside, wiggling about. Then another. He raised himself up on his knees, getting better leverage and then speared another finger into her.

“Oh god… how many fingers have you got in me?” Peg asked as she raised her head trying to look down at the pussy.

Tyler lifted his head momentarily. “Three,” he announced. “Just lay back and relax.” He went back to licking and fingering his aunt’s pussy. His fingers moved in her slowly as his tongue applied long strokes along the length of her pussy lips, flicking at the clit and then moving back down again.

His fingers pressed against the upper vaginal walls, applying pressure and then pulling his fingers upward and toward him, raking across the g-spot. Peg shuddered. “Fuckk….whatever you’re doing don’t stop….it feels so good….aahhhhh…”

Tyler maintained the slow rhythm, coordinating the movements of his tongue and fingers. Peg began moving with his fingers and thrusting her hips up at his mouth.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck….faster….faster….” She moaned.

Tyler ignored her pleas and just kept up doing what he was doing. He began to feel her inner pussy walls starting to clamp on his fingers. Still, he kept up the slow rhythm. He applied a little more pressure with his tongue, using the flat of the tongue instead of the tip.

“unnnh…. Uuunnhhh… aaaah….Oh dear god” Peg screamed.

Tyler suddenly started thrusting his bunched-up fingers into Aunt Peg’s pussy. Her pussy walls clenched his fingers and started spasming. Tyler started to lick faster on her clit and then fastened his mouth on it as sucked hard as his fingers pumped furiously into her.

“Aaahhh… Fuck… Uuuuunnggnhhghghhgh” Peg screamed loudly and started thrashing about. She felt like she was going to pee and suddenly she felt as if she was. Her pussy started spraying liquid out that Tyler lapped at greedily. It coated his face even as he tried to capture every drop. He pulled his face away for a minute to watch as his fingers fucked her hard.

Juices were spraying out of her. It was like a small fountain erupting from inside her pussy. He lowered his face again to lap at the liquid squirting from her. Pegs body was arched, and she was moaning and screaming incoherently. Her pussy was clenched hard on his fingers, almost hurting him.

Tyler stopped pumping his fingers but kept it buried in her. Her thighs were trembling, and he could see her stomach muscles clenching as well. He started to move his fingers out of her, but Peg moaned louder. “No…no….stop.” Her thighs started convulsing again. Peg’s hand moved to his, urging him not to move. She was gasping for air and moaning softly now, her pussy still spasming hard on his finger.

Tyler waited till she had calmed down and tried to extricate his fingers from her. She moaned loudly started to tremble again. “Oh God…aahh…it’s so sensitive.”

Tyler had an idea. With his finger still in his aunt, he bent his head down and started lightly licking at the pussy.

“Fuck….stop.” Peg pleaded. “Ohhhh ahhhhhh….unnnnnnnh”

His teasing somehow relaxed her pussy a little and he quickly pulled his fingers out. Peg groaned, almost yelping as his fingers pulled out of her. He looked at his fingers, coated in her pussy cream. There were cloudy patches of thick globules on them while the rest of his fingers glistened with clear wetness. He lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them. They tasted musky and fruity, almost citrusy. His already hard cock lurched.

“If you’re gonna fuck me, fuck me now.” Peg said.

Tyler pulled his aunt to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs. He looked down at the spread thigs that were coated in juices while her pussy was oozing white cream. He pushed into her hard and fast, causing her to gasp and moan loudly. His thick cock speared into her in one thrust.

He started moving in her and she moaned back almost immediately. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in time with his thrusts. Tyler spread her legs wider, holding her by the ankles. He leaned forward a bit, his cock angling against her clit. “You’re so pretty Aunt Peg.” Tyler said softly, staring at his aunt’s face, awash with sexual pleasure. “You’re even prettier when my cock is in you…..”

Peg’s eyes opened at his words and she stared at him. She grunted as his cock moved inside of her. She stared up at him and saw his eyes lock into hers. There was something about the way he looked at her that she had never seen before. Not even with his father. It was gentle yet passionate. It bursa escort bayan was a look of adoration, of want, of need even. She had only ever seen lust in a man’s eyes as he ravaged her pussy with his cock.

“I love how you make me feel Aunt Peg…” Tyler went on. “I love how what I do to you makes you feel…”

The way he looked at her and the words he said somehow made Peg suddenly melt inside. Her pussy started to spasm and convulse on Taylors cock. “Aaaggghhh I..Im Cumming again….Ohhhhh”

“Yes.. Aunt Peg…Yes…” Tyler moaned as he felt her pussy spasming all over his cock. “I can feel you cumming…I can feel your pussy clamping…. Ohhhhh….Cum baby…”

Tyler stopped moving as Aunt Peg trembled and quivered. Her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock.

“OOhhhhh Tylerrrr…..yes baby…yes…you make me feel so good….” She moaned back. There eyes were locked together. Tyler started moving inside her again, a little faster.

“Baby….please baby…cum in me…” Peg moaned. “I can’t take this much longer…..please fuck me. Cum baby…cum in me…!” Peg felt another orgasm starting to build in her. Her toes were tingling, and she wanted to wrap her legs around Tyler’s body but there were still being held wide open by him.

Tyler grunted and started to fuck into her hard and fast. He had wanted to draw this fuck out for a long time but the way she was reacting and cumming over and over again was too much for him. He could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock again. Peg was breathing deeply, as if in a Lamaze class. “god Babyy…Cum… cum with me…..” Peg screamed.

She started to thrash on the bed as Tyler fucked her hard. Her pussy was spasming on his cock as he kept thrusting into her. “Aaagagghh……aggggh….Oh goddddd….Tyleeerr” Peg screamed. “Oh fuck…fuuuuuccckkkk”

Tyler kept pounding into her, feeling her pussy tighten like a vice around his pistoning cock. Her tight pussy grabbed his cock strongly, massaging it as he kept fucking the now tight channel. The pressure on his cock was intense, almost painful. He kept on thrusting hard and fast, feeling the pressure build in his balls. Peg kept on coming. Again and again and over and over on her nephew’s rigid cock ploughing into her.

Aaaahhhhh” Tyler yelled out as his body tensed and he felt his cock throb hotly. He thrust hard into his aunt as his cock started to convulse and empty its hot seed into his aunt’s pussy.

“Yes Oh god Yes….” Peg screamed as her body continued to shudder in one orgasm after another, this one by far the strongest. Her pussy milked Tyler’s cock as her head lolled from side to side. “Fuck……..God….Fuck…Aaaaoooooohhhh.” Peg continued screaming. “Oh my god… my pussy….. oh fuck yes….!…”

Tyler released her legs and collapsed on top of his aunt, holding her face in his. He leaned down to kiss her. Peg kissed him briefly and then turned her head to catch her breath. She was breathing heavily. “You okay?” She asked Tyler. “That was….god… so intense.”

Tyler nodded, smiling. “Are you okay Aunt Peg?”

“Yesss…Oh yesss…” Peg replied, smiling weakly

Tyler pulled out of her and then moved to lie beside her. He cuddled her and then cheekily said, “Wrong answer. If you’re okay means I didn’t fuck you good enough.”

Peg smiled weakly again at Tyler, taking a moment to answer. “I’m not okay if that’s what you meant….but I’m okay…I’m not going to pass out.” She smiled again, recovering a little from her many orgasms. “I’ve…I’ve never come like that before… so hard or so often….I don’t know…I don’t quite know how to handle that….”

Tyler smiled, once again proud that he had done something none of Peg’s other men had been able to do. He caressed his aunt’s hair, “Shhhh….it’s okay Aunt Peg… just enjoy it…”

“Oh Tyler… I did… I really did.” She cooed as she turned to her side to throw her arm around her nephew. “can I ask you something….”

“Sure Aunt Peg…” Tyler said, getting up on one elbow to look at her.

“When….when you were licking me….” She smiled at him, almost in embarrassment. “And fingering me…. It felt like I exploded…almost like I needed to pee. Did…did something come out?”

Tyler grinned and stroked her hair. “I think you squirted aunt peg. It wasn’t pee…..”

“Oh God…” Peg said, hiding her face in Tyler’s shoulder. She looked back up at him. “I’ve never squirted before… I’d heard about it but I never…. Until now….”

“I’m glad it was my that made you squirt then!” Tyler said, feeling very proud with himself. “Was it…was it good?”

“Yes… it was so intense…I felt like I had lost complete control….it was amazing, I guess.” Said Peg, not really sure how to describe the intense pleasure. She lay back down, cuddling closer to Tyler.

“Let’s rest a little? Then I need to go shopping… come with me?”

“I’ll come with you anywhere, anytime, Aunt gorukle escort Peg” Tyler smiled, thinking of the little word play about cumming anywhere and wondering if Aunt Peg had noticed it. He kissed her on the forehead and watched her as she slowly fell asleep.

*** **** ***

Tyler woke up and looked at the clock. It was just past two in the afternoon and they had slept through lunch. He glanced over at his aunt. She was on her back, her head turned toward him Her ample breasts still firm and pointing upward but slightly to the side. He felt his cock stirring and he smiled, relishing the thought of how much she turned him on. His eyes moved lower to the little bit of fuzz on her otherwise shaved cunt. His cock throbbed. His hands moved to her mound and lightly began stroking her slit. Peg stirred slightly and he pushed one finger into her, feeling how moist she was, a mixture of his cum and her juices, from the earlier fucking, just slightly more than two hours ago.

“Tyler…what are you doing? What time is it?” Peg woke as she felt his digit drawing circles inside her.

“Just past tow.” Tyler said, his fingers playing with her wet cunt.

“Ohhh…Tylerrrr…unnhh…stoop…w…we can’t…not now….” She moaned, enjoying the way her body was responding and not wanting to stop. “I need to go shopping. Raincheck for later?”

Tyler pulled his finger out of her. “Sorry Aunt Peg, I.. I just can’t keep my hands off you.”

“Nothing to be sorry about Ty… I love it. I love how much you want me. It’s just that sometimes….” Peg started.

“Sometimes what Aunt Peg?” Tyler asked, almost sheepishly.

“Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood. Like if I have to go somewhere. Like now” Peg said sitting up. “And sometimes I’m just not in the mood.”

“Although with you……” She went on. “That hardly seems to be the case. Come. We better get going. You are coming with me aren’t you?”

“Sure Aunt Peg. I’ll go with you.”

“I’m gonna have a quick shower.” Peg said. “Else I’ll be smelling of sex.” She climbed out of bed and paused at the bathroom door. “Wanna join me?” She giggled. “But just a shower, alright?”

Tyler grinned and followed her into the shower. She put on a shower cap over her hair and then turned on the water and adjusted temperature before taking the hand shower off the hook and spraying herself and then Tyler. She dispensed some liquid soap and started soaping herself then took more soap and rubbed it over Tyler’s chest. She looked at his cock that was almost erect. Her soap covered hands moved to his cock, fondling it. “What’s this?” She teased. “We’re just having a shower.”

“Aww Aunt Peg…” Tyler replied, enjoying the touch of her hands. “Weren’t the other men you showered with hard as well…..”

Peg laughed. “Actually no. And I didn’t shower with a lot of them. But when I did…. This wasn’t the reaction!” Her hands dropped from his cock and she washed the soap off of Tyler and then herself. “Turn around.” She said and then started to apply soap to his back before washing it off. Tyler reciprocated by washing her back and then he moved his soap covered hands to her front, soaping and washing her tits.

“I already washed there honey.” Peg laughed, yet leaning back into him as the water cascaded down over the both of them. Tyler pinched her nipples, causing Peg to moan a little. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass and she briefly considered letting him fuck her in the shower.

“Later baby….later….we need to go.”

Tyler half sighed and nodded as he removed his hands from her tits. They finished showering together and toweled off. Tyler put on a button down short sleeved shirt and jeans while Peg slipped on a light floral summer dress with thin straps. She looked in the mirror and realised the dress was a little low cut, showing off a bit of cleavage. “That might be a bit too much for shopping,” she said to no one in particular and threw on a loose, off the shoulder t-shirt on top of it, making her look a little younger than she already did. They headed out of the apartment and Peg passed him the car keys. “Can you drive?”

They both got into the car. Tyler on the driver side.

“Where we going?” Tyler asked as he started the engine and drove out.

“Just to the mall. I need to get a few things. And….” Peg smiled, turning to look at him. “I thought we could get new some panties, or some lingerie.”

“Do you need new panties?” Tyler asked. “I kind of like the ones you have…” he smiled cheekily. “And you’ve been sleeping naked the last few days anyway.”

Peg laughed. “That’s coz you never let me keep them on long enough….. But….seeing how you love panties anyway…and I also do need some new ones, I thought it would be fun to get some. And some lingerie for you…..!”

“That’s just a waste of time,” Tyler laughed. “Its gonna come off anyway.”

“Well, listen up buster.” Peg teased. “Lingerie makes bursa merkez escort bayan a woman feel sexy. And….not all lingerie needs to be taken off! There’s something really sexy about being fucked while wearing lingerie.”

“Really?” Tyler asked. “There’s lingerie that doesn’t need to be taken off?”

Peg laughed at her nephew’s inexperience. “Oh yeah….I used to have this purple lacy number that was crotchless and which hardly covered my tits too. James loved it and used to love fucking me in that.”

Tyler felt a knot in his stomach. He hated hearing stories about Aunt Pegs other men, her lovers. Yet at the same time he wanted to know. It was strange. The first time she had told him, it was kind of hot. But now, it bothered him, although he knew it shouldn’t. He also rationalized that she was comfortable talking about her past with him and that should mean something. Still, he hated the mental pictures that came to him mind when she mentioned her other lovers. So he wanted to know but he didn’t. He smiled ruefully to himself.

“James? Or Steve? ” Tyler pressed, kind of losing track of the men she had told him about. “Which one was James again?.

“James… he was the really kinky one… the one who wanted a threesome. Oh Tyler, it was a different time, a different place. At the time I liked him and I guess I would do whatever he wanted. But he started to change after a while and I knew he just wanted me for sex. But it was fun. You know, in retrospect there were a lot of things I didn’t like about him and a lot of things I didn’t like myself for doing…. But you know how it is… It is what it is.”

“Steve is the one I miss most” Peg went on. She looked at Tyler briefly. “You don’t mind me talking about them do you?”

Tyler wanted to say that he did, yet he wanted to know. So he just smiled at her and shook his head no.

“Steve was gentle and caring. We’d probably have ended up together if he hadn’t have gone oversees. But as I said, life is what it is…..” Peg said. “I’m no angel Tyler. Never have been. I mean, I fucked your father. I’m fucking my nephew. That kind of tells you a lot about me….Maybe I’m just a slut.”

“No you’re not Aunt Peg” Tyler responded quickly. “You…you’re just a woman who knows what she wants, and she takes it.”

Peg laughed. “I’ve never know what I want… I just kind of stumble into situations and then live with the consequences. Kind of like us… we stumbled in this….this whatever. But I’m enjoying it for what it is…for the here and now.”

Peg placed her hand on Tyler’s thigh. They drove on in silence for a little while.

“Can I ask something?” Tyler said, wanting to break the silence.

“Sure baby.” Peg replied. “Anything.”

“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

Peg paused for a moment. “Hmmm…Public sex probably. Well sex in a public area, not doing it in front of an audience….I’ve only done it once. It was kinda hot.”

“What happened?” Tyler asked, again not wanting to know but at the same time feeling the need to hear details.

“It was with James. We were at some seminar and were tired of the whole thing and there was this sexual tension and I guess we just wanted to get away for a bit. So we took a walk to the hotel ballroom and it was empty. He suddenly started kissing me and I hiked up my skirt, took off my panties and he fucked me there and then. It was really quick, and not really satisfying but it was just hot doing it in a public place. Just as we finished, we heard someone coming in and so I plugged my pussy with my panties and we ran off and went back to the seminar. I went to the toilet and cleaned up and ditched my panties in the bin”

“Wow. That is hot.” Tyler said, feeling a mix of horniness, kinkiness as well as jealousy.

“You okay hearing that? I know it’s probably hard for you hearing my stories.”

“No…I want to hear… and anyway, as you are so fond of saying….it is what it is right?”

Peg laughed. “It is what it is…yea, I do love saying that. yeah. It certainly is.”

“Is there anything that you like or wanna try that you haven’t?” Tyler ventured further.

“Well….I don’t know…. I guess maybe I’ve thought about watersports.”

“watersports? I meant sexually Aunt Peg… not sports like waterskiing.”

“… Watersports…as in pissing….” Peg laughed. “You’ve never heard the term?”

“Ummm not really.”

“Weeeelll.. Watersports is when you piss on each other or on either person.” Peg explained. “Either before or after sex, or maybe even during.. or maybe just whenever….”

“That turn you on?” Tyler asked, feeling his cock twitching.

“I dunno… it’s something I’ve thought about…. But something I’ve never dared bring up with any of my men. You’re the first one I’ve talked about it with…..” Peg paused momentarily. “You don’t think I’m sick do you?”

“No…not at all. Its nice to know what you want.” Tyler laughed. “Anything else?”

Peg laughed as well. “Anything else…hmmm let me see….I do love a dirty cock… you know, a cock that’s been leaking cum the whole day and has the smell of stale cum all over it? Or maybe after the gym, all sweaty and dirty? I don’t know, I just think the smell and taste would be awesome. I think I could get into that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32