Aunt Sadie’s Secret

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It’s been some time, so…

Here’s a piece about Aaron and his aunt. I hope you enjoy it, regardless of any fuck-ups and/or typos in the text. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading.

GA – Cambridge, UK (Plague Island) – 30th of December 2020


“What is at about me?”

I felt awkward, embarrassed because I didn’t have an answer for her.

“I dunno, Aunt Sadie,” I said.

“Am I ugly or something?”

I shook my head.

“No, ‘course not,” I said.

She sighed and looked down as she assessed her own frontage.

Then she looked up and caught my eyes with her stare as she said, “I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I know I’m not a skinny young girl anymore, but they know that from my profile. I don’t lie,” she went on with a shrug. “I tell them I’m fifty-three, divorced, two grown-up children … There’s a photo…”

“I don’t know, Aunt Sadie,” I said.

We were in the living room. It was her house. I was staying there during the university term because she lived in the same town and it saved me money on a room in a student house. It was a good deal for me most of the time. I had my own room and my aunt often made dinner for me. It was a familiar space and she was family, the downsides being I missed out on a few parties and had to endure Aunt Sadie’s complaints about her love life — or lack of as it seemed to be most of the time. That night, a Wednesday, Aunt Sadie had arranged a date with someone off one of the dating sites she used. Blown out, left hanging in a pub, my aunt was lamenting about it to me at half-past-eight in the evening when I was looking through my notes for an upcoming test.

“Aaron, tell me, be honest,” she said. “Do you find me attractive? Like if I wasn’t your aunt, would you think about me in any sexual way?”

I felt my face start to burn as embarrassment washed over me in a hot wave. My scalp prickled and sweat beaded my forehead.

“Uh, well,” I started, caught well off guard. “I don’t know what to say, Aunt Sadie. It’s weird.”

“It’s important for me to know,” my aunt insister. “Don’t be embarrassed. Just tell me.”

She kept on staring, which made me more uncomfortable. It was a difficult conversation for me because the truth of it was I thought my aunt was a very attractive lady. So much so I wanked off while I thought about her big tits and fantasised about fucking what I imagined to be her loose hairy twat.

“I don’t know,” I said with a shrug.

Aunt Sadie wouldn’t let it lie. She was on one and kept on going to get an answer from me.

“No, Aaron, I want you to be totally honest.”

I couldn’t get away from her stare and knew my cheeks were bright red.

“I … I think you’re pretty.”

Aunt Sadie put her fists on her hips and gave me her old-fashioned schoolmarm stare.

“You mean it?” she asked.

I gulped, swallowing down on the desire which rose up inside me when I threw a quick glance at her chest. Aunt Sadie was wearing a burgundy dress scooped low in front to show off an expanse of décolletage. It was a dress of a design that meant it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Yeah,” I said as lust flared within.

“Why is such a struggle to find a nice man? I got stood-up this time. He didn’t show up.”

Aunt Sadie took her fists of her hips as she looked at me. Her hands fell loose at her sides and she sighed.

“I’m sorry,” I said because I didn’t know what else to say.

She asked, “Would you stand me up if you were my date?”


My aunt rolled her eyes as she scoffed.

“If you were my age. If you were my date. Would you stand me up?”

“I wouldn’t stand you up whatever,” I said, surprising myself with the force of feeling I put into the sentence.

“Perhaps I should go out with you,” Aunt Sadie said through a grin.

I knew it was a joke but looking at her big boobs had fired me up.

“”I would if you want to,” I said, emboldened by lust for her body.

She gave me a look like she couldn’t believe what I’d said and which made me think she was trying to make up her mind about how to react. There was a pause, a long one in which I started to worry and my face burned hotter.

Then my aunt smirked as she said, “Aaron, are you flirting with me?”

It was one of those awkward times where I wanted to tell her the truth but couldn’t because she was my mother’s sister and it would be inappropriate. Truth is I thought it would be fun to flirt with my aunt. I knew she was a broad-minded woman who was into sex and masturbation because she was open about looking on the internet for dates while I also knew she kept a suction-cup dildo in the same drawer she kept her bras. I’d snooped in her bedroom more than once when she was out. I’d been looking for anything dirty I could use to fuel my masturbatory fantasies over my aunt. I’d taken her knickers out of the laundry before. I’d sniffed them for her musk and even dabbed my tongue at where the cotton where her pussy had nestled. I wanked off into her underwear then bursa eskort bayan panicked because the knickers were soaked with spunk. I kept them for a couple of days to let them dry out before I shoved them under layers of dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, telling myself I’d never trespass against Aunt Sadie’s privacy again. But, a day later I was in her room again, sneaking around in her private things until I discovered the dildo laid between three rows of carefully folded bras. That was a shocker but the surprises weren’t over because I also found my aunt’s stash of erotic books and short stories. Hard because I’d been thinking about my aunt working the dildo in-and-out of her body I got reckless and borrowed one of the novels regardless of risk, excited to find my aunt seemed to like stories about dominant women seducing young men, a subject which was perfect for me as I imagined the principal characters as me and my aunt.

Then, after her question about me flirting with her, embarrassed by the heat in the situation between us, I looked away from my aunt and said, “I’m sorry, Aunt Sadie.”

To which she replied, “No need to be sorry; I think it’s sweet.”

“I … I’m sorry you got stood-up, too,” I said. “I … I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Then the atmosphere shifted between us and I felt the air crackle. I didn’t understand why I felt the pop and fizz between me and my aunt, but the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my cock thickened and grew. It was something to do with the way she was looking at me, some sly, clandestine shadow which crossed her face and the way she shifted her feet as she crossed her arms beneath her considerable bosom.

“I know,” Aunt Sadie said, her voice low and seductive. “You’d look after me, wouldn’t you, Aaron.”

Lust boiled over and my cock pulsed with need.

“Yeah, Aunt Sadie,” I said without really knowing why.

“Would you go out with me?”

I couldn’t stop myself looking at her cleavage before I managed to drag my focus back to her face.

“Well, yeah…”

“On a date?” Aunt Sadie said on a sigh. Her eyes sparkled with mischief when she said it, a smirk at the corner of her mouth.

Desire for my aunt was a heavy drag through my core despite me knowing she was probably teasing.

“So, let’s say we’ve been on a date…” continued my aunt in a soft drawl.

I was sitting on the sofa as she said it, the notes for the test on the seat next to me as my aunt moved closer.

She purred, “And now I’ve invited you in…”

“Uh … Okay,” I said, transfixed.

“I’d ask if you wanted a drink…”

Awed by what was going on inside me I just gawked at my aunt and saw her in a very different way to the way I’d known her as my mother’s sister. in that moment, while I recognised her as my Aunt Sadie with her straight, shoulder-length, Ash-blonde hair which she wore parted on the left side, I also realised how much sexual energy exuded from her. As I’d grown up I’d seen my aunt as a stereotype: an English lady of impeccable manners and immaculate grooming with a refined, elegant way of speaking which didn’t quite conceal the mischief inside her. She could be stern and severe, especially when she wore glasses and gave me a look over their rims. She had always been generous, funny, and kind, all of which had manifested in her offer of letting me stay at her house during my course, but on that Wednesday evening it occurred to me Aunt Sadie was a woman with strong sexual urges, an instinct proved right by what I’d found in her room..

A few seconds and an eye-roll later, my aunt gave me that stern, no nonsense look as she said, “Aaron, stand up.”

Conditioned to comply because my aunt was an authority figure I reacted straight away.

Then my aunt said, “If we’ve been on a date and I ask you in…”

She moved in close and grabbed my hands which she then placed on her waist.

“And if I ask you if you want a drink…”

My aunt came in closer still, her frontage brushing my tee-shirt as I felt the unfamiliar bulk of her body under my palms.

“I’m suggesting I’m interested in romance…”

I felt the arousal surge inside me because my aunt purred the words as she also put a hand right over the quick and urgent erection in my jeans.

“So, what would you do?” Aunt Sadie breathed. “Would you be a real man and take the initiative, Aaron? Would you try to kiss me?”

“Aunt Sadie,” I murmured because my mind was a blank and I had no real idea about what she was doing.

“We’ve been on a date,” she said in a low, hypnotic tone. “We’ve had a lovely time. We’ve clicked, we’ve flirted, there’s been a spark…”

My aunt let out a long low sigh as she smiled at me and squeezed my cock which was still in my jeans.

“Maybe I fancy you, Aaron,” she murmured. “And if you fancy me, you should do something to show me.”

“Cuh-can I kiss you?” I stammered.

“You shouldn’t ask, you should just act. If you want to kiss me you should take charge. I’ve been giving you bursa otele gelen eskort bayan signals, it’s up to you to act. A man needs to be brave sometimes, Aaron.”

The kiss was urgent. She moved in and moulded her body against me, her fingers squeezing my dick through my jeans as she pressed her lips against mine and she shoved her tongue past my lips and teeth. I groaned and gasped into my aunt’s open mouth while she squirmed her comfortable body against me.

“You’re hard,” Aunt Sadie breathed when she broke away from the kiss.

I saw her eyes shining as she smiled at me with devilment in her expression. My aunt tucked her lower lip between her teeth and she crinkled her nose at me.

Then she said, “I know I shouldn’t but I want to see your cock. I want to watch you wank.”

Shock hit me in a cold-water wave.

“You don’t mean it,” I gasped.

“I do,” Aunt Sadie said as she stepped back.

She moved fast and unzipped my flies before she unsnapped the button. Next, before I knew it, she had my jeans to my thighs, underwear down as well so my hard-on sprung up, the jib arcing towards the ceiling, her eyes set on the thing.

“Oh fuck,” I heard my aunt mutter.

She then slipped the straps of the dress over her shoulders and unveiled the true magnificence of her breasts.

“You’ve been looking,” she said. “So you might as well see them. Go on,” Aunt Sadie added as she hefted her boobs with both hands. “Wank it,” she said.”

I moaned in shock and delight when my aunt, holding my stare, lifted one breast so she could suck at the teat.

“I know you’ve been in my room,” Aunt Sadie told me with a gleam in her eyes. “You found that big rubber cock and my mucky books…”

I boggled but still worked a hand over my cock.

“Why are you doing this?” I said on a sigh.

My aunt shrugged and teased her nipples with her thumbs as the dress slipped down to the floor.

“I’m tired of men letting me down. And I really love fucking boys younger than my own sons. You’re here, you’re young, and you’ve got a hard cock. I went out on a date tonight because it’s been ages since I got a really good fucking. I got let down, but here you are…”

“But–” I started.

“No,” my aunt cut in. “Don’t start talking. Don’t say anything about it being wrong. I don’t give a shit about that. Besides,” Aunt Sadie said as she pulled a face, “it’s not like we’re fucking. It’s just fun I want to watch you wank while I play with myself. I might even let you watch me use that dildo.”

Too wound up to feel guilt at her knowing I’d been snooping, the sight of her breasts held me enthralled.

“You’re staring at my tits,” I heard my aunt say.

Inhibitions melted and I grabbed for my cock, my attention flicking up to her face for a second before I gazed at her boobs and I started to work at the length,

“They’re fantastic,” I gasped.

“34H,” my aunt informed me. “They’re a bit saggy now but I think you quite like them.”

Dark and carnal urges swelled inside me as desire opened up in a deep aching void and, overwhelmed with need and desperate for my aunt’s body I tugged at my cock with one hand while I reached for her breasts with the other.

“No touching,” Aunt Sadie said as she slapped at my hand. “Just look.”

“But I want to feel them,” I said though a moan.

“We can’t go too far. I know what’ll happen if I let you touch me, Aaron.”

I groaned as my aunt stepped out of the dress. She was wearing lilac knickers and high heel shoes, graceful as a dancer despite the heels.

“Please,” I groaned, hot for my aunt.

It was one of those moments in life where I was prepared to give everything up just to get my hands on those big tits. They talk about selling your soul to the Devil, there’s songs and stories and all of that stuff and, right in that moment as I looked at my aunt and saw her breasts sway and jiggle as she moved, I understood with absolute clarity just how desperation can make a person do seemingly crazy things. My head was in that place. I would have done anything at all, no question, for a few seconds with Aunt Sadie’s tit-flesh spilling over my palms and fingers.

“You’re being naughty,” Aunt Sadie said.

I tugged at my dick and felt the urgency while I stared at her body.

“I wanna fuck you,” I growled.

Her eyes went huge after I said it.

“Oh, God, Aaron, don’t say it that way.”

The look on her face and the glance she gave my cock told me I had to press on. Her expression was all about need and fear and how she might crumble if I put the hard word to her.

“Why not?” I asked through clenched teeth. “You took your dress off. You showed me your big-fucking-tits. You said you wanna watch me wank…”

“You’re getting worked up–“

I cut her off because I was wild with the urges rushing through me. It didn’t matter to me that she was my mother’s sister. I couldn’t have cared less about sin and impropriety. It didn’t bursa eve gelen escort bother me that she was so much older and her body showed that Aunt Sadie had lived a life. I recalled, in a vague but oddly urgent way, hat she’d made a comment about not being a skinny young thing, a true statement but also one about which I didn’t care. To me, her body was lovely, the feminine shape and her curves were fuel to the fire of my lust and I wanted to tear her scant lilac briefs from her body and lay her back on the sofa so I could spread her thighs and lick her from rectum to clit.

“I’m getting worked up because you’re so fucking sexy. You asked me if I thought you were attractive … Well, what do you think?” As I said it I cranked at my dick and then held it down near its root so I could wave it at her. “What does this tell you, Aunt Sadie?” I growled.

“You’re excited,” she sighed.

I saw her eyes flicker with uncertainty, a response I knew was my aunt’s resolve as it weakened.

“No wonder,” I said. “You’re standing right there with your boobs out. You said things to me…”

Her eyes came up to my face and we stared at each other.

“Oh,” Aunt Sadie moaned.

As I watched and wanked my dick with urgent strokes, my aunt moved a hand to slide her fingers into her knickers. At the same time, as she winced and gasped and went wall-eyed she mauled at one breast, teasing the button nipple with her fingers until her expression cleared and she looked at me.

“What have I started?” she muttered.

Then she moved in close and kissed me again.

“Here, let me do that,” breathed my aunt as she took control of my cock.

We kissed again as Aunt Sadie’s fist worked slowly over my hard-on. She squeezed the shaft and teased the bulb with one finger, smearing the gloopy pre-cum which seeped from the eye while she grinned at me during a break in the kissing.

“Bad, bad boy,” breathed my aunt through a smirk.

She chuckled and tutted when I moaned out, “Please let me fuck you.”

“Don’t be naughty, Aaron,” she murmured. “I’m your aunty, we can possibly fuck.”

“But I want to, Aunt Sadie.”

“That’s incest,” she said.

After she said it, my aunt looked at me like she was savouring the taste of the illicit word, her attention set on my face as though gauging my reaction.

“Putting this into me is something we couldn’t ever take back. Once it’s done it’s forever. It’s a secret that can’t ever, and I mean not ever, get out.”

“I won’t tell,” I said as her hand continued to work at my cock.

My aunt kissed me again, using her tongue to taunt me as she flicked it in an out of my mouth. I went for her breasts, squeezing those weighty orbs while I also fucked into Aunt Sadie’s fist.

“Aaron?” she said, a question in her eyes when she broke away to look a me. “Are you going to come?”

“I’m sorry,” I gasped.

By then I’d shoved her hand away and was jacking my cock, lust bubbling over from simmer to boil like milk on a stove.

“Not on the carpet,” Aunt Sadie said. “Not on the fucking furniture, Aaron!”

I grunted and moaned and ducked in to suck at her nipples before I slobbered a desperate kiss against her mouth.

“Aaron!” Aunt Sadie barked as she pushed at my chest.

Then she sat down, perching her rump on the edge of the sofa while she reached for me.

“Let me do it,” she said.

I resisted but she made me let go so she could grab at me in a backhand grip, fist pumping my length as Aunt Sadie shifted around and she offered her frontage, thrusting her chest out while also aiming the bulb at herself.

“On my tits,” she said while she focussed on my cock. “Please don’t get any horrible goo on the settee. Try to get it on my breasts.”

“I love your tits,” I gasped, crude with need.

I grabbed at my aunt with one hand, squeezing and mauling her breast while I shoved my fingers into her hair.

“You’re gorgeous, you’re sexy,” I moaned.

“Come on, come for me,” my aunt said while she kept on jacking my dick.

“I really wanna fuck you, Aunt Sadie.”

“Dirty, filthy boy,” she gasped.

I looked down past where she was working my dick and saw she had a hand inside her knickers, fingers squirming like kittens in a sack as she worked at herself.

“It’s you, you make me horny,” I said on a moan.

“Come on, come for me, Aaron. Show me the hot stuff.”

I sobbed in delight when my aunt looked up and I saw her eyes glazing with her own yearning.

“Plaster my tits,” she added, pausing mid-stroke to paint one nipple and the saucer of its areolae with the gloop seeping from my big swollen dome. “Come all over me, Aaron.”

It was too much for me to take. I grunted and fucked into her fist, moaning as the surge bubbled and rose.

“Aunt Sadie!” I yelped as the cum spat out of my dick.

“Yes!” she cried when the first flick of goo hit the upper slope of her left breast.

Then I grunted and moaned as more of the stuff sprayed over my aunt in an indiscriminate rain she struggled to cope with. She tried to keep my dick aimed at her boobs but still caught a burst of spunk over her chin, her lips, and her cheek. My aunt blurted in shock when semen hit her face, flinching away so the next spurt landed in her hair just above her ear, the snotty rope of it glistening there while she milked me dry of all I had left.

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