Aunt Teresa

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Returning home from university for the summer is one of the most depressing things imaginable.

Here I was, 19 years old, now accustomed to taking care of myself under my own roof back in my parent’s house being treated like a kid again.

So, when my mother peered her head into my bedroom to say my aunt Teresa had just bought a shitload of flat-pack furniture for her new house and wanted help building it all, I leapt at the opportunity for three reasons; One for the aforementioned desire to get out of this house, Two, I love building that stuff, and Three, I had a bit of a thing for my aunt.

A couple of years back her husband had left her for basically a 25-year old version of the same woman. In another decade or so, he’d probably do it again.

He had always been an oppressive controlling dickhead to my aunt, who was a bad combination of eager to please and not immensely clever, though lovably dim rather than annoyingly so.

The type of woman that the wrong kind of guy finds easy to manipulate and dominate. He had always had her dress in a very dowdy fashion and she never really spoke much.

However, after he had left her, she had kind of gone off the rails and had utterly changed her image, turning into a man-hungry slutty cougar. Aware her looks had faded with lack of attention, she spent her large divorce settlement on plastic surgery. She went, in most of family’s prudish opinion, a little too far, opting for cartoon-sized breast implants, and a drastic diet, with surgery to tighten up her loose skin, so from her size 18 38D body, she was now a size 12 with 32KK breasts.

She had subsequently become something of a joke to my family, though like I said, they were prudish and didn’t approve of her new sexually-charged personality and image.

I rang her up straight away and she answered in her new voice. She affected a lower, sultry tone now.

“Hey sweetheart, your mother said you might be able to stay over a couple of days to help me build my new bedroom!” she said.

“Sure, when do you want me over?” I asked.

“Sooner the better.”

I was there within an hour.

She answered the door, and even in her downtime she dressed like an utter slut.

I had only seen her once or twice briefly since her surgeries and she looked like a cartoon; breasts the size of my head, narrow waist, broad hips and bright red hair tightly curled about her shoulders.

She was wearing a vest seemingly without a bra and the tiniest shorts, with her long bare legs supported by a pair of heels so high I didn’t realise women could walk in. My dick stiffened instantly and I was grateful my jeans held it in.

She might have been my mother’s sister but I was gonna be ogling the fuck out of this woman for the entire time I was there.

She stepped out into the street and threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and squeezing her enormous fake tits into my chest. They gave a little but were a lot firmer than natural tits.

She kissed me on the cheek and I could feel a wet mark remain where her lipstick marked my face.

“Thank you sooo much for coming.” she beamed as we went inside. “I haven’t seen you in ages, you’re so big now!” she exclaimed, squeezing my shoulders. I was no Dwayne Johnson at only 5’9, but I worked in a warehouse to pay for uni and did a bit of weight lifting at home, so I was quite broad.

She showed me to her bedroom, and there was a stack of boxes as tall as me filled with wardrobes, chests of drawers, a dressing table and a shelving unit.

All she had in her room was a king-size bed and a rail for her clothes.

“I managed to convince the guys who delivered it to build the bed for me.” she said, with a tone of voice that confirmed my suspicion. When I looked at her she shrugged knowingly and gazed back at the pile of boxes.

I looked at the bed, thinking “She fucked the delivery guys right there.”

“What do I get for building everything else?” I asked without thinking.

She burst out laughing and nudged me with her shoulder. “I doubt you could take the same payment young man!”

I just blushed and shrugged.

We built one of her wardrobes to begin with, a wide unit with mirrored doors. We laughed and joked and reminisced and talked about our new lives, me at uni and her free Gaziantep Escort and a little wild. Deep down she sounded lonely and rejected and after such a long loveless marriage was now over compensating, needing love from any man willing to give it to her. The surgery had made her more sexually attractive which gave more immediate but short-term results; she could find men to fuck her but none would stay.

Upon finishing the wardrobe, she showed me to the spare room, a box of a space with a camp bed rolled out. She apologised but I waved it off. Some of my best nights sleep have been on those old canvas steel-framed beds.

“I’m going out tonight, you are welcome to come and go as you please.” she told me. I was ready to call it a night so I just retired to my room to play my portable computer game.

She called into my room before she left, and some would say she looked ridiculous, though I say she looked amazing; perfectly curled hair, buckets of make-up, lips plumped up, tiny red dress on split up the side with cleavage more exposed than covered.

Her high red heels made her legs look amazing.

“Okay I’m off out now, I’ll see you in the morning.” she said, blowing me a kiss. She left and with that image burned into my mind I got under my duvet and masturbated furiously, climaxing in under a minute.

Much later that night I woke up to the sound of Teresa’s drunken giggle and the voices of three men. I listened to them come upstairs and heard her bedroom door slam. My aunt sounded utterly wasted and the men were all lecherously joking.

“Fucking hell look at them tits!” I heard one of the men say. She was undressing for them then. I couldn’t believe it but she had brought three men home, surely she wasn’t going to fuck them all, knowing I was here?

I sat up and crept nearer the wall, pressing my ear against it, wanting to hear.

I heard the bed creak as a delicate weight rolled onto it, and a hurried rustling of clothing, presumably the men undressing.

Another weight joined her on the bed and I heard sucking noises, either kissing or his mouth, presumably on my aunt Teresa’s mammoth tits.

I heard a male grunt, the telltale noise of that first satisfying penetration and the bed started creaking. My aunt started moaning, and I could tell from the feverish sounds of thrusting that he was fucking her hard. The other two voices cheered him on; “Go on lad, fuck her!” “Fuck me what a slag!”

The thrusts slowed down and I heard the guy groaning. Seconds later he sighed and rolled off.

“For fuck’s sake mate did you just jizz in her?” one of the voices asked.

Fuck me was she letting them fuck her without protection?

“You utter wanker what are we supposed to do now? I’m not sticking my dick in your jizz!”

“Doesn’t bother me.” said the other voice, and after a roll onto the bed, he was soon grunting as he fucked my aunt.

A few minutes later I heard his orgasm and another wad of semen presumably joined the first in my aunt.

I had been playing with my cock the whole time, and shot my load at the same time as the second guy. Now he rolled off and the third man rolled onto the bed. “Sick pervert, fucking a slag with another guy’s jizz still in her, you make me sick man!” the third man jeered. “Roll on your stomach bitch, I’m not fucking a hole with jizz in it.”

I heard a fumbling and a gasp as the third man shoved his cock inside my aunt. “Fucking hell what a slag!” I heard one of the guys exclaim as I heard them fumbling with their clothes.

“This slag has had a LOT of dick in this arsehole!” the third guy said. “Should I be wearing a rubber you dirty bitch what am I gonna catch?”

He soon grunted his orgasm and fired his cum up my aunt’s arsehole. They all got dressed and left her room, laughing between them. “Dirtiest bitch in town that one, Dave wasn’t lying!”

“Them tits look fucking stupid, daft bitch.” another said.

They left the house, and I listened to the wall. My aunt was still, breathing softly. Was she asleep?

Nervously I crept out of my room, and her bedroom door was wide open. I could see aunt Teresa there, on her bed still laid on her front fast asleep.

She was naked apart from her heels, legs spread slightly and arms splayed out, hair a mess. I crept Gaziantep Escort Bayan closer and gazed between her legs, seeing semen leaking from her pussy and arsehole. I subconsciously grabbed my dick and started rubbing it at this sight. I slowly reached out to touch her leg. I whispered her name. Nothing. Her breath stank of too much alcohol and she was utterly wasted. A hand grenade couldn’t wake her right then.

I stroked her bare leg, trailing my hand up to her thigh. I was shaking at this point, my hand trembling. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking.

Her massive tits were pressed against the bed, her body utterly designed for rough, cheap sex.

Forgoing all sense I hastily climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs.

I looked down at my throbbing cock and to her slimy, oozing vagina.

Fuck it.

I touched the head against her lips and my cock sank straight into her cunt, greased up by her own juices and the cum of the two other guys.

She didn’t make a sound. I started making short humps, taking care in case she stirred but she didn’t make a sound. I sped up, humping my aunt’s pussy with my hips bumping against her arse cheeks. Too soon I felt my limit come and grunted as my balls tensed up and a welt of cum pumped up my aunts cunt. Several more welts followed it, and I gasped as I rocked my hips, the insanity of fucking my unconscious aunt just dawning on me. I rolled off her and scurried back into my room.

She was surely too old to impregnate, or if not, a woman of her lifestyle used birth control, surely? I felt panicky, I had just ejaculated inside my own aunt as she lay unconscious on her bed. I couldn’t believe she had let the other guys bareback her. Despite my worries, I fell into a very satisfied sleep.

The next morning my aunt came into my room in a skimpy nighty.

“Morning sweetheart, hope I didn’t wake you last night. What time did I come in?” she asked.

“About 2 am, nothing a student can’t handle.” I smiled. Nothing about her said she even remembered last night.

“I think I might have had company last night, hope you didn’t mind. I’m a little wild after a few drinks.” she said bashfully.

She didn’t even remember bringing three guys home who fucked her one after the other? She probably only knew because of the cum on her and her sheets!

“Three of them.” I said playfully, not wanting to offend or embarrass her, just wanting to steer the conversation for my own voyeurism.

She cringed and said “Sorry honey.”

I waved my hand. “Lucky buggers is all I can say.” I said charmingly.

I gazed at her, her tiny nighty barely covering her behemoth plastic breasts, her nipples barely covered and her bare thighs thick and toned. I had fucked her last night, I though to myself. It felt like a dream.

“You really think they were lucky?” she asked bashfully.

I nodded earnestly.

“My family are prudish twats, you look amazing.” I said.

Teresa smiled coyly. She played with her hair and trailed a hand across her chest.

“It kills me that you’re my aunt, otherwise I might have joined those guys last night.” I said.

She laughed and gazed at me. “I was so wasted you probably could have anyway.” she giggled.

I laughed nervously, hoping not to give myself away.

“It would make me feel like I had got your mother back anyway, she hasn’t had a nice word to say about me since I got these.” she said, gesturing to her massive boobs.

“They are spectacular.” I said absent mindedly.

“Want to see them?” she asked.

My heart leaped into my mouth. “Really?”

“These things cost me a fortune, I wish I could be topless all the time!” she exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with that.” I said with a hard swallow due to my dry mouth.

She shouldered off her straps and let the front of her nightie fall.

I saw, for the first time her bare breasts. They were evidently stretched and the shape was very unnatural, but I loved them. They were colossal.

She moved closer and sat on my camp bed. “You really think I look amazing then?” she asked honestly. It was so obvious that male affirmation meant everything to her. Her ex had really damaged her.

I’m going to fuck her again I resolved to myself.

“Absolutely Escort Gaziantep amazing.” I said. “My mum has been a total bitch to you and if you want to get back at her, we’re in the right place.” I said bravely.

“You always were really nice to me.” she said. With that she lifted and took off her nightie. She was utterly naked on my camp bed.

“You can fuck me if you want to.”

I threw off my duvet, hastily grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. She put her legs either side of mine and I lifted, probing her cunt. To my joy she was dripping wet and once again my cock slid straight inside her. I pulled her down onto me, squashing her immense firm tits against my chest. She had turned herself into the perfect sexual fantasy, and I suspected her hunger for male affirmation had developed into some kind of nymphomania. I was her blood nephew yet with so little persuasion I had my cock inside her.

“I’m not wearing a condom.” I said as I started fucking her.

“You won’t get a woman my age pregnant babe.” was her answer.

It was too much. I shoved my cock up into her and groaned aloud as my balls were gripped by the invisible fist of orgasm and I shot volleys of cum into my sex-crazed aunt.

After my orgasm subsided, I put my arms around her and cuddled her, rolling my hips with my slackening cock still inside her.

She remained laid on top of me, gazing down at me. Her breasts were of such immense size she couldn’t lay her head on my shoulder. I gazed back at her.

“Sorry that was fast, like I said, you’re amazing.” I said.

“Now whenever I hear that sneer in your mum’s voice, I can just think to myself “Well I’m good enough for your son to fuck.” she said.

“I’m sure my dad would too, you’re the kind of woman every guy secretly wants to fuck, even though most wouldn’t dare admit it.” I said.

“Your dad has fucked me.” she announced. I looked at her in shock. “At your cousin’s wedding, he went to their room to get his wallet and I was just coming out of my room across the hall after getting changed. He came into my room and we chatted for a while. I could tell he sounded frustrated with your mother, so I gave him a hug. It turned into a kiss and suddenly I was on my back with his dick in me.

After, he pulled his dick out, zipped his pants up, said “Please don’t tell Tricia” and left.

I felt inwardly pleased for my dad, my mum was a bitter, cold woman and dad was quite fun and laid back. His sense of loyalty probably meant he felt guilty about fucking aunt Teresa, and I hoped it didn’t haunt him.

“This is nice.” she said, closing her eyes and smiling. “I haven’t been cuddled after sex in so long. Though it might be better on my king-size, what you think?”

“Hell yes.” I agreed.

She lifted and I watched her thick arse wiggle into her room, following close behind. My cock recovered as she lay herself across her huge bed, those ridiculous tits spreading as she lay back. Without a word I mounted her and shoved my cock back inside her. She gasped then wrapped her arms around me, rubbing my thighs with hers.

Her massive tits pressed against my chest as I began humping her.

I cursed myself as I felt my orgasm approaching again, Aunt Teresa was so fucking sexy I couldn’t fuck her at any speed other than glacial without cumming straight away.

I slowed my pace right down to enjoy her body more, slowly rocking my cock in and out of her.

“Mmmm, this is nice.” she moaned, enjoying the steady pace. I doubt she had had anything but the fast, hurried fucks she had received last night since her divorce.

“Last night I listened to those three guys fucking you.” I said to her as I rocked my hips.

“Sorry about that sugar.” she said, running a hand through my hair. I shook my head.

“Don’t be, I wanked myself silly to the sound.”

Aunt Teresa giggled. “Did you now?”

“And when they left… I came into your room. You had passed out.”

Aunt Teresa began moaning with excitement. “What did you do baby?”

“I…I got on top of you…” I gasped.

“You fucked me too?” she whimpered, nearing orgasm.

“I shoved my cock in you and came inside you, you woke up filled with the cum of four men.” I groaned.

“That’s a new record for me.” she whimpered as she began shuddering, her orgasm flushing through her.

I began humping frenziedly and soon felt my climax as I ejaculated in my aunt for a third time.

We lay together, gasping for breath as we recovered.

“I think you should stay here all summer.” Teresa said.

“Hell yes.” I agreed.

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