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Names and places changed to protect identities

I spent about the next week just chilling out around the new apartment, buying new bits and pieces and making the place look really nice. I’d stuck to my word and completely left Fiona and Alice alone by not even once trying to stick my dick in any of their holes. I gave them money when they wanted it and shopped and went out spending time like normal mothers and daughters do. I’d acquired a new sexual plaything and I was feeling the urge to give her a little call as my balls were starting to feel somewhat heavy.

I can’t remember what day it was exactly I think maybe a Monday which I knew wasn’t a day when my uncle would be out the shop but I called Emma’s mobile anyway and listened to it ring seven or eight times before cutting to answering machine. Fucking bitch I thought I’d told her in no uncertain terms that she had to answer when I called, Emma being Emma probably thought id forgotten about her as it had been a week or more since the shop incident.

I dialled again

Fourth ring “Hello” it was Emma.

“I thought I told you to answer the phone when I called?”

“Yeah I’m sorry I was dealing with a customer and it’d gone off before I could make it to the phone”

“In future keep it on you”


“I’ll swing by the shop and pick you up from the corner about three”

“But he’s here I won’t be able to get out”

“Three o clock Emma so find a way out”

I hung up the phone before she started whinging down the phone and looked at the clock, only eleven in the morning so I had plenty of time to kick back and relax whilst Emma sweated it about how to get out the shop.

I jumped in the car a about half two and had a steady drive over to Emma’s shop arriving about five to three and by luck managed to arrive Justas a car pulled out of a space in the parking bay on the corner. I hadn’t even really thought about what or where I was going to take Emma today all I did know is that she’d be sucking my cock and taking my cock in her tight pussy again.

At three o clock I looked in my rear view mirror and smiled as I saw Emma tottering up the street towards my car. She’d put on her coat as it was cold out so I could only see the bottom of a blue skirt or dress; her beautiful tanned legs and black high heeled shoes. As she got closer I could see that her hair and makeup was freshly done and immaculate as usual.

“We can’t be long I’ve got about an hour”

“I don’t think it quite works like that Emma” I said , but she never responded only stared at me hard as I pulled out of the parking bay and headed off toward a secluded little car park I knew about around ten miles away.

The journey was completed in total silence until I swung from the small road into a little lane which led to a car park surround by trees that had access to a bridal way over in the far corner. I’d originally found this place on a dogging website I’d signed up too and had bought Fiona here a few times in the early days of her becoming my whore. It was never a very busy dogging place from what I could remember due to it being quite small so I was confident it would be deserted this afternoon even from dog walkers.

“What are we doing here?” she asked without sounding at all nervous.

“I can’t very well get you to suck my dick outside the shop now can I Emma?”

“And who said I was sucking your dick?”

“Don’t try and be smart Emma” I said pulling round and reversing in against the fence with my bonnet pointing towards the way I’d driven in. “Anyway what’s it like lying to Mark about where you’re going? What have you told him?”

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve told him that’s none of your business”

“It just intrigues me hear what wives tell their unsuspecting husbands when they sneak off to suck another man’s cock”

“Fuck you” Emma shot back “Let’s just get this over with” she said unclipping her belt and unbuttoning her coat to reveal her one piece blue dress that plunged as per usual at the neck to show off her beautiful cleavage.

“Take off your coat and throw it in the back” I slid my seat casino şirketleri right back using the lever under my seat and undid my belt and top button on my jeans leaving my zipper Emma. “You know what to do” I said leaning back and reaching back with both hands to hold onto the headrest.

Emma wriggled round on the seat so that her right knee was on the seat and her left leg in the footwell, she was now able to reach over with both hands and lower my fly and tug my jeans down to near my knees along with my boxer shorts.

At this point my cock was only semi erect but as soon as Emma’s petit slim fingers grasped it in her right hand and her left hand found my nutsack the blood rushed towards my penis and it grew quickly in her palm and spread her fingers and thumb with my girth. I was fully erect within a minute and my cock head seemed to swell even more as Emma lowered her head and opened her mouth wide to take me inside.

Still my hands remained on the headrest behind me as she began bobbing her head up and down my cock like a hungry whore out of her own freewill, the keen and enthusiastic ones always pleased me as it made my job a little easier in the long run. I was getting so lost in the pleasurable sensations her wet mouth was giving me that if she’d carried on for much longer I may of bust my nuts down her throat sooner than I’d wanted.

So I took my mind off her a little bit by lowering the zipper on her dress which ran down the middle of her back until it stopped just before her arse in the small of her back. I then lifted her up and watched her let it fall forward from her shoulders and down her arms. Her perfect pert breasts were being held by a simple white bra that I already knew would match her knickers. i pulled her head back down and bunched her dress in the arch of her back and just managed to reach over and pull her dress up from the bottom so that her whole dress was round her waist.

And there covering her arse were matching white French knickers and my god did they make her tanned buttocks look sexy as hell and even as I ogled it I’m sure I could feel my dick swell some more in her mouth as Emma let out a little gag as I raised my hips to force a bit more dick down her willing throat.

I used my left hand to massage her breasts and pull her little nipples until they became swollen between my finger tips and as they became more sensitive Emma’s noises coming from her indicated that she was loosening up and becoming increasingly aroused. I didn’t waste to much more time and again with my left hand as it was easier to reach I reached over and rubbed her pussy through the material of her knickers that was taught over her pussy lips.

“UMMMM” was the sound that came from her as my fingers traced the slit all the way down and back up again pushing the knicker material between her folds. She voluntarily lifted her left knee on to the seat and shuffled forward so that she was now more over my side and I had a lot easier access to her honeypot.

I was now easier for me to reach under and from years of experience I was able to pull her knickers aside and allow access to her rapidly moistening hole. My thumb found her clit straight away and using my first two fingers I pushed under parting her lips as I did until they found her entrance and easily disappeared inside each side of my fingers rubbing down the side of her entrance making Emma groan loudly, albeit muffled by my cock still lodged in her throat.

For the next five minutes we mutually stimulated each other at a frantic pace, me pleasuring her with my left hand; using my thumb to work her clit whilst my two fingers banged in and out of her cunt as her juices continually began to flow making it easier as my fingers became drenched. Emma pleasuring me with her mouth as she frantically bobbed her head swallowing three inches of my fat cock at a time whilst her right hand gripped the bottom of my cock and slowly rose upwards as her mouth came down.

Emma had been sucking me for a good fifteen minutes now and I knew that I was about to explode and I told her this and what she was expected to do with my come. casino firmaları

“OH FUCK HERE I COOOOMMMMEEE” I shouted gripping her head and filling her mouth as my dick twitched four times each time sending a huge load of come down her throat. And like a good whore she swallowed the lot and didn’t lift her head until she had done and then showed me her empty mouth.

Emma then moved away and swivelled into her seat properly as if she’d done what was necessary and checked her watch before starting to slip her arms back in her dress.

“What do you think you’re doing Emma?”

“I’ve really got to get back” she said almost with a hint of pleading in her voice.

I looked down at my hard cock and then back at her and said “I don’t think you’re going anywhere until my balls are empty and I’m sure there is enough in her for that tight little wet pussy of yours” and with that I opened my door and stepped out in to the cold air hoisting my jeans up and doing the button up; leaving my dick poking through the fly. I walked round to her side and opened her door and roughly pulled her out in to the coldness as well. She’d managed to get one arm in to her dress but her left breast still in the cup of her bra was exposed.

She fought against me but I was to strong and held her round the waist tightly as I opened the back door and pushed her forwards into the car so that she was on all fours on the backseat.

“What the fuck are you doing you bastard?” she screamed as I forced her arm back out of her dress and pushed it in to the same position round her waist like it was when she was sucking my dick.

“Just when I begin to think you’ll be an easy one to mould you start acting the bitch”

“Mould, what the fuck are you talking about?” she screamed at me

“Mould you in to my fucking whore like the rest of um” I said as I unclipped her white bra and watched it fall from her perfect tits. Her knickers were soon yanked from her arse and I pushed these to where her knees were bent on the seat, they could stay on for all I cared as long as I could get to her hole that’s all that mattered to me and that was now no longer a problem.

I moved forward until my shins were against the sill of the car and Emma was just a little to far away so I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back towards me and my cock instantly parted her moist lips and disappeared inside her as I pulled her back.

I held her there and then dug my mobile phone out of my pocket in the zip on the side and set it to record. I then went through the same speech that id made Fiona, Alice and Sian recite as I stood with my dick buried inside them.

“From now on Emma you are going to be my whore, and being my whore means that I or anybody I decide can fuck you whenever I feel fit do you understand?” I asked as I withdrew and slammed back inside her stretching her cunt open with my invading thick cock.

“Yes I understand” she whimpered now showing the signs of a submissive whore; so I smacked her arse cheeks hard three times each one harder than the last until her cheeks were red.

“Now Emma I going to fuck your pussy until I come and I want you to repeat over and over until I say stop these words as my dick fills your hole ok”

“Ok” she whimpered and recoiled as I slapped her sore bottom twice more.

“Repeat after me Emma, I’m your whore and my holes are yours when you want them”

I held her hips and began slowly fucking her making sure that with each thrust my pubic bone smashed into her body and then she began to speak, just as Fiona and the rest had and a smile came across my face.

“I’m your whore and my holes are yours when you want them”


“I’m your whore and my holes are yours when you want them”

“Now repeat that until I mark my territory”

Just like the rest she recited my words like it was a phrase from the holy bible and only once did she falter but I allowed her that as it was only because she had a huge orgasm which smeared my cock in her juices.

I picked up my phone and held it pointing down at my cock drilling her hole and told güvenilir casino her that I was about to mark her pussy as my own and like a good whore she didn’t once stop telling me that her holes were mine to use when I wanted. I pulled out and got a nice close up as my dick unloaded all over the outside of her pussy; her cunt was now mine.

That left just one more hole to lay claim upon

“Stay where you are” I told her and walked round the other side of the car and sat in front of her. “Keep my cock hard I think I’ve got just enough sperm left to finish you off” she didn’t need asking twice and didn’t question what I meant by finishing her off Emma just took my slick spunky cock and went to work at keeping it hard.

She sucked me for about five or ten minutes and I knew that I wasn’t going to get any harder so I had to be quick with taking her arse.

I went back around to the side where the door was open and her spunk covered pussy was waiting for me and I filled her cunt with my dick again.

“What are you?”

“I’m your whore and my holes are yours whenever you want them” she instantly reeled off so I drove my middle finger straight in to her arse to the first knuckle.

“Holy shit what the fuck are you doing?” she screamed and writhed in front of me trying to pull herself off my finger but with my cock buried in her and my arm underneath her round her waist she was going nowhere.

“You’ve just said your holes are mine whenever I want Emma and now I want your ass”

She was silent a moment as it dawned on her what I’d made her say, “No please not in there I’ve never done it there before”

“An anal virgin are you?”

“Yes, please don’t”

“It’s to late Emma as my whore I’ll have all of your holes it’s a nice bonus that your arsehole is still intact but don’t worry I’ll be gentle with you”

I began rotating the finger that was in her arse as I tried to loosen her up, now that she’d told me her anal cherry had not been taken yet I knew that no matter how gentle I was this was going to be a painful experience for Emma; one that I’d have to repeat on her soon though so that she got used to it.

It took me a while but eventually I’d been able to work two fingers in to her anus and with a lot of spit I’d managed to make her opening as wet and lose as possible.

I pulled out of her pussy and stood up on the frame of the door to give me a better angle and vantage point in which to enter her from, I let me helmet rest on her opening to her rear and Emma began to sob.

“Please don’t, please don’t , please not there please”

“It’s to late Emma” I eased forward holding my shaft and pushing in to her until the resistance to something so big entering her ass broke and the helmet popped inside and an ear splitting scream rand out and echoed in the quietness. “That’s the worst bit Emma the rest is easy”

I pushed forward stretching her buttocks as my shaft disappeared between her tanned cheeks and her anal cherry became mine. Once I’d fucked my cock in her a couple of times I stopped and said to Emma “What are you?”

Between sobs she eventually was able to say “I’m your whore and my holes are yours when you want them”

“No repeat until I come in your arse you stupid fucking whore”


She squealed after each blow but recited the speech as her anus was used for the first time and only when she felt my hot small stream of seamen drip in to her rectum did she stop speaking. She didn’t even bother to argue when I went and sat in front of her my cock drooping and in need of being cleaned.

She dressed and we travelled back in silence, she was an hour later than she’d told mark and she’d a seven missed calls and a voicemail telling her he’d see her at home so I had to drop her off at the end of her street. I watched as she staggered up the road trying to walk funny with a freshly fucked pussy and sore arse obviously wasn’t easy but she was doing her best.

Just before she got to her house I forwarded her the video and I watched as she stopped took the phone from her back and watched for a minute before putting the phone back in her bag before turning in to her big driveway to her big house.

It wouldn’t be too long before I was ringing her again for another go on her beautiful arse

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32