Auntie Fun after the Pool

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I was swimming in my pool one afternoon enjoying myself. School had just ended the week before so naturally I just wanted to swim during the hot summer days before I had to start college.

“Ethan! Mind if I join you?” I heard a voice say.

I look out of the water and standing by the pool is my aunt Danniel. She is wearing a red bikini that show off her large breasts and great butt. Danniel is the mild of my family always getting the guys, so her and my mom were always fighting back in the day but now my mom is married and Danniel was but got a divorce.

“Ethan!?!” Danniel says again.

“Oh sorry auntie, yeah you can come in.” I say still admiring the way her body moves.

“Nice to see that I can still get some attention from the men.” She says.

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to start but you look great auntie” I say back to her making sure she sees me admiring her body.

“You’re so sweet.” Danniel says and I can see her cheeks turn red. “how was your last year of high school? Are you glad to be out?”

School comes easy to me I was always good at learning so I finished with a 4.0 and plan to go to college and get my medical degree. My aunt hasn’t really been here the last few years since she was traveling the world, so she is staying with us for the next week or two to catch up with my mom.

“Yeah I glad to be out but all I want to do is relax now.” I say

“I bet.” She says laughingly, “I was the same way.”

“Anyway I have to get out I have to type up a résumé for a job interview I have coming up so I will see you later.”

“No problem I will see you tonight for dinner yeah?”

“Yeah see you tonight.”

I get out and go to my room which has an overlooking arap porno view of the pool so make sure to keep my blinds open, you know just for some looks. I sit there and look at my aunt swimming down below, her but jiggling as she kicks in the water. What am I thinking that is my aunt I shouldn’t look at here that way. So I get to work.

———30 min later———–

I am working on my computer when I start hearing some sounds coming down from the pool. I automatically think my aunt is drowning so I rush over to my window to see. Sitting on a lounge chair is my aunt with one hand in her vagina and another under her top rubbing her nipple.

I sit there and watch while my penis grows. I am hard looking at my aunt who is masturbating down by my pool. So I rush off to the bathroom to take care of my business.

That is when it starts, I start having dirty dreams of me fucking my aunt and loving it. I would go into her room and peep at here taking a shower but never getting a clear view of her 34 DD sizes breasts.

One day I was out swimming again when I start think of my aunt in dirty ways. I thought of here sucking my cock and doing things to me which I should not be thinking of because it is incest.

“You know you might want to take care of that.” I hear someone say.

I look over and standing there is my aunt and I have a tent in my trunks right now.

” Oh my god I am so sorry auntie, you should not be seeing this.”

“It’s alright boys will be boys, what are you thinking of a girlfriend or something?”

“Sort of”

“Sort of what is that supposed to mean”

“Nothing it means nothing, let me go take care of this.” bedava porno I say and rush off to my room

I sit on my bed stroking my cock think of Danniel doing it to me, when all of the sudden she bursts in the door.

A look of complete shocks comes over both of us as she sees my dick and I see her seeing my dick. I immediately cover up.

“What the hell auntie, what are you doing!”

“You were taking too long so I came to see what the problem was.” She says, “I am so sorry, but WOW.”

“What do you mean wow you should not have seen that.”

“It is so big though, you must pull so many girls.”

“I am your nephew you shouldn’t say that.”

“Listen I know you look at me in the shower so you must obviously want me so why don’t I help you out.”

I was so taken back about what she said I just sat there motionless. She knows how does she know I made sure to be secretive she can’t know. But as I look up I see here nipples are hard under here swimming suit and I just get harder under the blanket.

Danniel just calmly walks up and pulls the covers down. My 8 inch dick pops out and she just stares at it and I stare at her.

“Danniel this is so wrong we shouldn’t be doing this.

“On the contrary this is so right, I have wanted to do this for so long,” she says as she grabs my rock hard penis and starts to stroke it.

It feels wonderful you can tell she is experienced she takes nice even stroke knowing when to squeeze and when to not. Then she does something I wasn’t expecting she puts the whole thing right in her mouth.

I feel her young swirling around my dick it is the best feeling I have ever felt. Most girls I dated cüce porno weren’t up for oral sex so I never really had the chance and this was the best first time anyone could of had. Danniel takes the whole thing in and hold sit there then back out and repeats all while looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Oh this feels so wonderful” I say as I moan.

“But I am about to cum”

I can feel it coming and I don’t want to do it in her mouth so I start to pull out but grabbed me and held it there. I came and she took all of it.

“Wow that was great but know I want you to fuck me in the pussy and pleasure me, make me cum Ethan I want you to cum inside me.”

So I grabbed her and laid her down on the bed pulling her swim suit off. She spread her legs and had a look of great desire on her face wanting me inside her.

I slowly pushed my penis inside her taking in all the feelings of her wet pussy around me dick. She squeezed her vaginal muscles making it harder for me to go in. In felt so good so I started to faster and faster beating my dick inside her. Danniel moans and moans once in a while letting out a scream loving what we were doing.

“Oh Ethan you feel so good I love this don’t stop please go harder, harder , HARDER!!” As she screams

Then I feel her juices as she cums on me. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. It was the best sex I have ever had. She turns me over and rides me as we continue fucking.

“I am going to cum again auntie!”

“Do it do it in me I want to in me!” She yells.

As she is riding me I cum inside of her feeling in shoot out of me inside of her.

“Oh auntie that was the best sex I have ever had.”

“That was wonderful Ethan I can’t wait for what else we will do in these next few weeks.”

“You mean we can fuck again?”

“Honey you can fuck me as much as you like.”

Danniel leans over and we start to kiss our tongues dancing around each other’s mouths in a passionate embrace of love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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