Auntie Louise

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Kissing Lesbians

This is probably the first time I’ve ever shared this with anyone, but, hey, first time for everything. First off, I should probably tell you about my Aunt Louise. She is a buxom brunette from England, with an accent that could drive any man up the wall, and an absolutely perfect ass. Oh, I should probably tell you, Louise isn’t really my Aunt, just one of my Mom’s best friends. And because of that, I got to stay with her at least three times a month, having it been after school, or if my Mother had to go to a party and she needed me somewhere to stay.

It was great! Especially when she would wear those deliciously tight pants that showed off her firm ass, or bum, as she called it, which turned me on even more. One summer, when I was about 18, my Mom woke me up early. I sleepily ignored her and rolled over, but then she told me I was going to stay with Aunt Louise for the day while she was at work. My eyelids, and my cock, instantly rose, and I was dressed in an instant.

When we arrived, my Mom drove off and I began to head up the stairs to where her cozy little apartment was. I knocked on the door, and after a minute, Auntie Louise answered the door. My jaw practically hung open from just looking at her. She was dressed in a satin nightie which barely contained her perfect C-cup bust. As my eyes hungrily roamed over the rest of her, I noticed that she was not wearing any panties, the perfectly cut strip of pubic hair purely visible for me to see. She smiled as she watched me stare, and after a few seconds, she invited me in. She lead me to the kitchen, and I got to follow behind that beautiful ass, soaking it in with my eyes. I was in heaven, and it was only 9:00 in the morning! Imagine what the rest of the day could bring! She sat me down and said she had to go change. I sat there with her old-fart dog, Buddy, until she returned. Then, she appeared in the door-way.

“Ta-da!” she said, smiling. “Well? What do you think? Is it me?”

My mouth hung open for the second time in 15 minutes. There she was, standing there in a purple string-bikini. She started to walk over to me.

“C’mon, then. Don’t be shy. Tell me what you think. ” She pleaded, teasingly, turning around as to model Gaziantep Escort it for me. She stopped with her back to me, and wiggled that firm ass right in my face. I almost died, my rock-hard cock throbbing underneath my khaki shorts.

“Holy crap, Aunt Louise! You look great!” I exclaimed, almost a little too loudly.

“Oh, Markus, you’re sweet, you know that?”

“Heh. So, uhm. What’s the suit for?”

“Guess, silly. We’re going to go swimming today!”

“But, I didn’t bring my suit. “

“Just wear your boxer shorts, then. They’re about the same. “

“Well, uhm, okay. “

“Alright, then! Off we go!”

With that she took my hand, and dragged me down to the swimming pool area. Since Louise’s apartment building was mostly full of old people and businessmen, and the fact that it was only about 9:30 in the morning on a weekday, we had the whole pool to ourselves.

“Wow. ” She said, laughing “All ours. “

She walked to one of the pool chairs and laid our towels and sun tan lotion on it.

“Wow, the water looks great. Can’t wait to jump in!”

“Yeah,” I said “Bet it’s cold, though. “

“We’ll never know until we test it f’er ourselves, now will we?” With that, Louise reached around behind her back and untied her bikini top, letting the tiny thing fall to the ground. I almost choked on nothing but air. She looked over at me and smiled, giving me a playful little wink as she tugged down her string-bikini bottom, seductively down her firm ass cheeks. After about what seemed like hours, I finally mustered up the courage to say,

“What are you … what are you doing?!”

“I’m skinny-dipping, silly boy. Can’t you tell?” she said, modeling her perfect body for me.

I remained speechless, taking all of her in as she tip-toed in small circles for me to admire.

“And, I expect not to be alone in this, either, if you know what I mean. Now, shed those clothes!”

“But.. but … we could get caught!”

“Oh, come, now. No one ever comes over here. “

Well, I might in a minute if I keep staring at you, I added silently.

“… So stop worrying!”

I hesitated, mainly because I didn’t Gaziantep Escort Bayan want her to see what a huge hard-on she was giving me, and two, if she cared, I was only eight inches.

“C’mon Markus. Don’t be bashful. I’m sure you look fine. “

Hell, I knew I did. Three years of football, two seasons a year, had toned my body quite nicely. If she knew what a huge boner I had, which I wasn’t doing to good of a job hiding by the way, she’d shut her mouth. Then, the most unbelievable thing happened.

“Oh, Mark. If you’re worried about your cock showing while it’s hard doesn’t bother me at all. “

I almost came right then, but nervousness stopped that as she began to walk over to me. She leaned down without warning and grabbed my shirt, practically ripping it off me. Then she kneeled and smiled at the tent in my boxers that she told me to wear.

“My, my. No wonder we were so shy. ” She said, thumbing both sides of my shorts, and sliding them down over my now-rock hard dick. She finally slid them to the ground, and I stepped out of them. But, she didn’t stand up. She just kneeled there, hovering around my swollen cock. Then, I saw her hand reach up and try to touch it, but she jerked it back quickly and stood up.

“There, that’s better. Now, Markus? Could you come over here and rub some lotion on my back?”

“Uhm, ok. Sure. ” I followed her to the lawn chair as she handed me the bottle. I could only do my best to try and resist the urge to reach down and grab that ass that I loved so much. She took a seat on the lawn chair, and I got behind her, squirting some of the lotion into my palm. I applied it to her back, rubbing in small circles. She began to moan lightly, as I started to move further down, gaining confidence as I went. I then took her by surprise reaching down and grabbing two handfuls of her ass cheeks. She gasped and moaned at the same time, smiling back at me as I slowly kneaded the cheeks in my hands.

“Mmm. Be sure to get it all, now. I don’t want one part of meh bum to get crisper than the other. “

I smiled, nodding, and did what she asked, taking my sweet-ass time as I did so. After about ten minutes of Escort Gaziantep my rubbing and her soft, seductive coos, she turned around.

“Now, the front. ” She told me, a wicked grin spreading across those pink lips. The lips that would look so good wrapped around my cock, sucking until she made me cum. I broke out of my temporary fantasy and realized I was living one right here! I squirted a small amount, into my hand, not intending to apply the lotion at all. I don’t think she did, either. I reached forward and began rubbing her firm tits, thumbing her nipples in circles as I kneaded the rest of the mounds with my hands.

“Mmm. Oooh, yes, Mark. ” She exclaimed, reaching around me and running her hands up and down my back. I shifted to get closer to her, and heard a sharp gasp escape her lips. Then I felt a sudden warmth around the tip of my cock-head. I looked down and realized that my cock had slipped into my Aunt Louise’s bare pussy. She moaned even louder as I idly shifted, sending a shudder through my body as my cock penetrated deeper into her tight pussy.

“Oh, God, Markus! Fuck me!” she yelled, flipping over and slipping onto her hands and knees. “Fuck my bum! Come on! I know you want to!”

I didn’t waste a second. I shifted over to her and grabbed her firm hips, giving her ass a few good smacks.

“Mmm. You naughty boy. I love to have my ass spanked. C’mon! Smack my bum for me, Markus! Spank me!” I didn’t need any further encouragement. I gently, but firmly, began smacking her ass with my hand, smacking those wonderful cheeks until she begged for me to go faster.

“Oh, yes. Spank my bum, I’m a naughty little girl, oh, yes! Mmm. Oh, yeah. ” She edged on as I continued to smack her ass, sending small ripples over the cheeks each time my hand went down.

“C’mon! I’ve been thinking about this all last night, and all morning! I can’t wait another minute! Stick your big cock in me, Markus. Come on! Fuck my bum for me!”

This was almost too much for me to handle. First my hot Aunt strips for me, then she wants me to fuck her while she talks trash to me! I’d never been this horny, even when I fucked my girlfriend at parties. I smacked her ass once more, guiding my cock into her pussy.

“Mmm. Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Fuck my bum. ” She moaned loudly as I began to speed up, developing a smooth pace that would let me last a while.

Well, at least for about twenty more seconds, considering the hot situation I was in.

To Be Continued…

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