Auntie Maureen fucks her nephew

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I was 18 years old when my aunt and uncle moved next door to us. Auntie Maureen was in her early 40s and about 10 years younger than my uncle Arthur. It was his second marriage, he had a daughter Kerry aged 20 from his first marriage.

I was looking out of my bedroom window one morning when I saw auntie Maureen sunbathing topless. The sight of her large breasts and nipples gave me an instant hard on. I hid behind the curtain making sure she couldn’t see me and then played with myself and made myself cum. I did this whenever I saw her in the garden. I just hoped she didn’t see me watching her. I had never thought of her in a sexy way until now.

When they were about to go on holiday, auntie Maureen asked if I would go round to their house each day and feed their cat. Of course I didn’t mind.

The first day I quickly fed the cat and went upstairs to their bedroom. I saw the washing basket and found several pairs of aunties dirty knickers inside. I held them to my nose and took in the wonderful aroma of aunties pussy. I soon got hard and stripped off and lay on the bed. With one pair wrapped around my cock and the other held to my nose it wasn’t long before I was cumming into aunties knickers.

Next I looked through her bedside cabinet. In the top drawer was a selection of underwear and underneath them were a number of vibrators. The next drawer down had a box. I took it out and looked inside. I was shocked at what I saw. There were hundreds of photos and in each one was auntie Maureen. She was having sex with lots of different men – none of whom was uncle Arthur. In some of the photos she was playing with herself using vibrators, some in her pussy and some in her arse. There were several of her with women. One of these looked familiar and then I realised it was Kerry, auntie Maureen’s stepdaughter.

These images gave me a hard on again and I wrapped aunties stained knickers round my cock and started playing with myself again. This time I got one of her vibrators and put it my mouth and sucked on it as I looked at the photos of Maureen and Kerry together. I came into Maureen’s knickers again although this time some of it seeped onto the bedclothes. I made a mental note to make sure I cleaned it all up.

When I had satisfied myself yet again I looked in a wardrobe and found a box with several videos in it. I took them downstairs and put the first one on. Again Maureen was having sex with many men. Often 2 or 3 at a time. She would always end up covered in their cum. She was always wearing kinky underwear and a lot of pvc and high heel shoes or boots. Sometimes she had lipstick on her nipples. There was a scene with Kerry when they took it in turns to fuck each other with strap on cocks. Needless to say I was soon playing with myself again.

For the rest of the time they were on holiday I spent a lot of time nosing around their bedroom. I soon found all of aunties pvc underwear and even wore some of it while watching her perform on the videos. Not at one time did I see uncle in the videos, I wondered if it was him taking them.

After 2 weeks they arrived home. I made sure I tidied everything up and put everything away where I found it. They both came round and thanked me for looking after the cat. As they left, uncle walked down the path and auntie said to me, ‘If you come round about 10.30 in the morning, uncle will be at work, there’s a couple of things I want to talk to you about.’

I didn’t sleep very well, first of all thinking about auntie Maureen in the photos and the videos and then worrying about what she wanted to talk to me about.

At 10.30 I went next door to see auntie Maureen. I rang the door bell and waited nervously for her to open the door. I heard her footsteps inside and the door opened. Auntie Maureen looked stunning. Her face was well made up with a bright red lipstick and lipgloss. She wore a fairly low cut blouse that accentuated her cleavage and breasts. She wore a shortish black skirt with a split up the side. She smiled at me and let me in. I followed her down the hallway. I couldn’t take my eyes off her legs. She wore high heel black shoes that clicked noisily along the uncarpeted hallway. I also noticed she wore seemed stockings.

We went into the large lounge and we sat side by side on the sofa. Auntie Maureen said, ‘I’m so pleased you looked after the cat while we were away. Was everything OK.’ I smiled nervously and felt myself blushing and replied that everything was fine.

She asked me if I minded if she smoked a cigarette. I told her I didn’t. I watched as she put the extra long cigarette between her bright red lips and took a lighter and lit it. She looked very sexy as she inhaled and then pursed her lips and blew a long plume of blue smoke out.

She started telling me about her holiday and asked if I wanted to look at her photos. I felt myself getting hard as I recalled the other photos I had seen her in. Auntie Maureen crossed her legs and the split in the bursa otele gelen eskort skirt exposed her thighs. I could clearly see the tops of her stockings but she made no move to cover herself up. She took another deep inhale of her cigarette and turned her head towards me and blew the smoke directly at my face.

She reached onto a coffee table and picked up two packets of photos. She finished her cigarette and moved closer to me. She opened the packet and handed the photos to me one by one and described each one to me. They were mainly holiday scenes and then suddenly there was one of her topless. Auntie Maureen said, ‘Uncle Arthur likes me to go topless on holiday, he likes me to show off my boobs – they’re not bad for someone my age. What do you think?’

I felt myself blushing again and said, ‘I think they’re fine’.

‘Just fine’, she said. ‘Is that all, don’t you like them. The looks I was getting from the young boys out there I can assure you they thought they were more than fine’.

I said, ‘No, I don’t mean that. It’s embarrassing. I think they’re wonderful. It’s just that you’re my auntie and here we are talking about your breasts’.

She said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Here, lets look at some more photos’. All the next ones were of her again and then suddenly there was another couple – the wife was topless.

She said, ‘This is a couple we met on holiday, Jean and Tony. Jean’s got wonderful tits, hasn’t she, she adored having them sucked. She had a baby almost a year ago and still had milk in them. We all enjoyed sucking the milk out of them and it turned her on so much. I’ve got some more intimate photos in this pack, would you like to see them’. I simply nodded my approval and shifted in my seat slightly as my erect cock was getting slightly uncomfortable.

She said, ‘I think you’ve realised by now that uncle never appears in any of the photos – he just likes to take the photos’.

She handed me the first one. I was amazed. The other woman Jean was sitting on a bed and auntie Maureen and her husband Tony were kneeling either side of her and sucking her nipples. Milk was clearly squirting out of them. I could also clearly see that auntie Maureen had a hand in between Jean’s legs.

Auntie Maureen said, ‘Oh God, even now it turns me on just remembering how good it was’. She handed me the next one. Now it was aunties turn. Jean and Tony were sucking her tits and this time auntie was playing witth Tony’s erect cock. I was getting really horny now.

Auntie Maureen said, ‘This is turning me on too much, I feel so horny. Look I know what you got up to when you called in here everyday. I know you played with yourself and looked at my photos and videos. I know there are some of my knickers missing and I’m sure you wanked off into them. Now I’ve only seen you a little when you spied on me from your bedroom winddow and although I realised you were wanking yourself off I haven’t seen you do it properly. So get those trousers and underpants off and show me how hard I’ve made your cock’.

I blushed heavily and said, ‘Oh auntie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. I just happened to see your photos and couldn’t help myself’.

Auntie Maureen smiled and said, ‘Look, I really don’t mind, it turns me on thinking that a young boy finds me sexy. Uncle won’t mind either, it turns him on watching me with other men and women. He took all the photos and videos. He sits and photographs me and plays with himself at the same time. We’re both happy with what we do. Now come upstairs and let me watch you play with yourself’.

I followed auntie Maureen upstairs. As I followed closely I could see up her skirt. I saw the tops of her stockings and suspenders. She didn’t have any knickers on.

I followed her into her bedroom – the same room I had wanked myself off many times over the past two weeks. Auntie Maureen sat on the bed and opened the bedside cabinet and took out the photos I had already seen.

She said, ‘Show me which ones you wanked over’. I took them from her and flicked through them. There were so many off them that turned me on that I couldn’t choose. I told her this, so she just lay them all around her on the bed and said, ‘Right, now it’s aunties turn to look at you. Undress and let me watch you wank over aunties photos.’

I was very embarrassed, but also very turned on. I slowly undressed and as I slipped my underpants down, my erect cock sprung into view. Auntie, said, ‘Oh, I like the look of that. Now wank yourself off while you look at my photos, but don’t cum until auntie says you can’.

I slowly started stroking my erect cock as I looked at the photos. Then auntie undid her blouse and eased her breasts out of her bra and started playing with her nipples which were already hard and erect. I played with my cock and was watching auntie and was now more interested in looking at her instead of the bursa eve gelen escort bayan photos. She said, ‘You’d rather look at auntie in the flesh than the photos wouldn’t you’. I told her I would.

With that she stood up and slid her skirt off and sat down on the bed just wearing her suspenders, stocking and shoes.

She reached inside the bedside cabinet and pulled out a vibrator. Now one of her hands played with a nipple and the other used the vibrator inside her pussy as she fucked herself with it.

She then said, ‘Show auntie how much she turns you on, watch auntie finger fuck her cunt and play with her nipples. Wouldn’t you like to put that cock inside aunties cunt and shoot all your hot spunk inside. Look aunties nearly cumming. Aunties watching you wank yourself off. Are you nearly cumming. Do you want to shoot your hot cum over aunties, tits, or aunties face, or would you like to shoot it into aunties mouth.’

I watched auntie closely as she made herself cum. She shouted out with pleasure as she finger fucked herself to an enormous orgasm. She then said, ‘Come and stand next to auntie. Auntie wants to watch you closely as you cum. Auntie wants to watch as your spunk shoots out of your cock. Auntie might even want you to shoot that hot spunk into her mouth’.

I moved round to the side of the bed and stood about a foot away from her face and continued to rub myself. I knew I was getting very close to cumming and I told auntie. She said, ‘Cum over aunties face, wank faster and make yourself cum, shoot your hot spunk over aunties mouth. I positioned myself closer and a few more rubs and I was cumming. Auntie reached up for my cock and directed it at her lips as I shot my cum all over her lovely red lips. I opened my eyes and saw auntie licking her lips and tasting my cum on her tongue.

I had to sit on the bed to recover and sat next to auntie. She said, ‘Now I enjoyed that, I think you did too’. I nodded my agreement. We sat chatting and she explained how uncle couldn’t keep up with her sexual needs and was more than happy to let her do whatever she wanted as long as he could watch and photograph and video her in action. She promised to let me watch all her videos at some time but also said that when she told uncle what we had done he would want to video us together.

She said, ‘He really won’t mind, he’ll sit in the corner with his camcorder. He’ll probably be dressed in some off my red pvc underwear and high heel shoes and happily wank himself off while he watches us. He really won’t mind.’

I said I wasn’t really sure about it but she insisted it would be OK. She reached over to the bedside cabinet and lit a cigarette. Once again I was amazed how sexy she made it look. As she stubbed it out, she took another one, lit it and said, ‘Now I’m going to show you another use of smoking.’

She leaned over my cock which was now getting hard again. She took a large inhale and put her mouth over my cock. The heat from the smoke was wonderful. I watched as she exhaled through her nose over my balls. Then she put the cigarette between her lips while my cock was still in her mouth. As she sucked on the cigarette I felt her sucking on my cock also. This was the first time I had been sucked off and I thought I was going to cum straight away. Auntie continued to do this until her cigarette had finished.

She said, ‘Next time, I’ll suck you off while I’m smoking and make you cum in my mouth at the same time. Its the most sensational feeling ever’. But now auntie needs to be fucked by a nice young big cock’.

She sat over me and lowered herself down on my erection. I loved the feeling as she slowly fucked up and down. She said, ‘Play with aunties nipples, play with them really hard, squeeze them and pinch them, auntie likes it really rough’. I did as she said and squeezed and pinched them. Then she leant forward and said, ‘Now suck auntie’s nipples for her while auntie fucks her nephew.’

She rode up and down getting faster all the time, then she would slow right down and raise herself up so my cock was almost out of her and then she would plunge down as hard as she could. I sucked her nipples alternately and played with the other. I told her was about to cum, but she just carried on fucking. As I felt myself start to cum I felt auntie just beat me to it as her body trembled with her orgasm.

We lay down on the bed and recovered and auntie asked if I could stay for the rest of the day. She was really pleased when I said I could. She told me she had seen me looking out of my bedroom window and wanking myself off while looking at her and how much it turned her on. She said she even told uncle about it who found it a great turn on. After a short while she said, ‘What I really want now is to be fucked by a woman. How would you feel if I dressed you in some of my underwear and then you fucked me’. I thought for a moment and said, ‘Why not’.

She bayan eskort bursa went to her wardrobe and bought out several items of pvc wear. First she dressed herself in a black pvc basque with cut outs for her tits, then she put on some black fishnet seemed stockings and attached them to the suspenders on the basque and then she put on a pair of black high heel shoes. The sole was a couple of inches but the heel was six inches. She stood in front of me and towered over me.

Then she said it was my turn. First she got a red stocking and tied it over my cock and round my balls, pulling it tight and tying it in a knot. Then she put on a pair of red nylon open crotch panties with my erect cock poking out the hole in the centre. Then followed a bright red pvc basque with a zip up the front and suspenders attached. Immediately I loved the feel of the pvc against my skin. At that point I knew I was going to enjoy this.

I felt my cock harden even more. Then auntie found a pair of red fishnet stockings and I sat down as she pulled them up my legs. Then came a pair of high heel shoes that matched aunties in height except these were matching red. I loved the feel as auntie tightened the straps around the ankles. She helped me to my feet and I wondered if I could walk. She held my hand and helped me walk to her dressing table. It was turning me on more and more and my cock stood straight out in front of me.

I sat down and auntie said, ‘Now I going to turn you from Robert into Roberta. She got her lipstick pencil and outlined my lips, then she got her crimson red lipstick and covered my lips and then followed it with a liberal coating of lipgloss. Then she got her eyeshadow and covered my eyelids in bright blue eyeshadow. She stood back, and said, ‘Oh fuck, auntie really fancies you now. Auntie wants Roberta to fuck her stupid. Auntie wants to be fucked in the cunt. Auntie wants to be fucked in the arse. Auntie wants to be fucked in the mouth.’

She helped me stand and said, ‘Parade around for auntie like the slut you are while auntie freshens up her make up’.

I started walking around while auntie put more make up on. I was slowly rubbing my cock and I soon got into the part. I looked at auntie in amazement as she coated her nipples witth lipstick and lipgloss. I said, ‘Roberta is going to be a real slut for auntie. Auntie had better look out because Roberta is going to fuck auntie senseless. Roberta is going to fuck auntie in the cunt, arse and mouth and going to cum each time until auntie can stand it no more. Do you think you can manage that auntie’.

She replied, ‘Well it’ll be good fun trying’. She stood up and we faced each other. We were both very horny. Auntie was stroking my cock and I had a finger inside her pussy. I started walking to the bed when auntie said, ‘Wait a minute, I haven’t finished getting you ready yet. She walked over to the bedside cabinet and brought out a strap on dildo and said, ‘Auntie wants your cock in her arse and this imitation cock in her cunt. I first experienced this on holiday with that other couple we met. Jean had a double headed strap on dildo and fucked me in the cunt and arse while her husband Tony fucked my mouth. It was wonderful being fucked in all three holes at the same time.

Auntie stood in front of me and started strapping the dildo around me. I leaned down slightly and sucked her lipstick coated nipples. I felt them growing larger between my lips. I reached down and felt her pussy. It was so wet that my fingers slipped inside easily. I heard auntie sigh with pleasure. She was having trouble strapping the dildo to me as I pleasured her body. Eventually she had it strapped on me. I looked in the mirror and saw the strange sight of me dressed in pvc with my cock and the dildo sticking straight out in front of me.

Auntie walked over to the bed and lay down and put a pillow under her arse to raise it up. I lay down carefully and positioned my erect cock and dildo in front of her arse and pussy. I slowly eased forward. The dildo slipped inside easily but her arse was a bit tighter.

Auntie said, ‘Just push it in, I want it to hurt, I want to feel your cock in my arse’. I pushed forward a bit more and felt her arse lips beginning to open. She was so tight but as I eased inside her it began to feel lovely. I looked up and saw a look of absolute pleasure on aunties face as I started giving her the double fucking she so needed. I could understand how much she would have enjoyed the threesome on holiday when her mouth was being fucked as well.

I was doing it slowly but auntie wanted it harder. She called out, ‘Fuck auntie faster, fuck me harder, fuck me as hard as you can. Auntie wants to be fucked as hard as you can’.

Suddenly she couldn’t speak anymore as I fucked her arse and cunt as hard as I could. All I could hear was her groaning. She pulled me down to her chest and held a tit out for me to suck. I loved the taste of the lipstick. Although her nipple was already large it seemed to keep on growing.

Then she was there. I felt her body tremble. Auntie called out, ‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck, its heaven, FUCK ME, FUCK AUNTIE’S CUNT AND ARSE, OH FUCKKKKK’. Her body shook as her enormous orgasm careered through her body. I slowed down but she wasn’t finished yet. ‘Carry on, don’t stop’, she pleaded with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32