Aunty Unleashed

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Big Tits

After my first fuck session with my aunt, we had sex in numerous places in the mountain as we were the lone family staying there apart from an aunt who is a close relative. I and my aunt enjoyed fucking on the terrace, out in the garden. It was fourth day morning, my aunt woke me up and asked me to put on my shorts and follow me.

I asked where? She said “just follow me”. I put on my shorts and followed her. She was heading towards the mountain top. I enquired about my cousin. She said that she has left him with her brother who stays at the bottom of the mountain. It was around 6 AM and it was very cloudy. Climate was too cold. My aunt was wearing a nightie. We reached the top of the mountain and found a rock.

My aunt asked me to take rest. I asked “Why are we here”. She asked to wait and without any notice, removed her nightie. She had not worn anything inside and now she was standing in front of me naked. I was about to touch her, she stopped me and said “Just watch me until I tell you otherwise. She sat on a rock in front of me and started to insert her forefinger into her pussy and finger fucked herself.

She told that from her teens she wanted to masturbate in front of someone enjoying the show. After finger fucking her pussy, she took the finger to mouth and sucked it. She was pressing her boob as well. A minute later, she lied down on the rock and inserted her forefinger into her ass and started to fuck it. I was getting too horny and took my 6 inch cock and started to masturbate in front of her as well.

My dick was standing like a pole saluting her nudity. It was too cold but the scene was so erotic that I could find temperature soaring in me. She said “enough of watching me, come let’s fuck I asked her “what if someone sees us. She replied “The only person who could see us would be our relative aunt and I don’t expect her now”. I gave my cock to her mouth and her saliva started to mingle with my pre-cum.

I then inserted my cock in her pussy and fucked her. My aunt was particular about me not loading my cum in her pussy and she asked me to fill her ass instead. I inserted my dick inside her ass; she was in pain as it was dry. I spate my saliva on my dick and fucked her ass. As time passed, she started to moan and swear at me asking me to fuck her like a dog. We positioned again şişli escort in doggy style and I entered her ass.

Her scream filled the mountain and I could hear sounds of my dick fucking her ass which was making this more erotic. That’s when we noticed that there was someone else in the scene. It was my relative aunt grace standing behind us and watching me fuck my aunt. I turned around and didn’t know what to do. Grace was around 30. Fair but short, she is 34-26-34.

My aunt introduced me to her as Alex and apologized to her for the incident. She took my aunt aside and said something in her ears. I was afraid whether this would reach my ears of my parents. My aunt came to me and told me that grace would not tell anyone about this and don’t worry. I was happy.

My aunt also told that grace’s husband was in abroad for the past 2 years and she wants me to satisfy her needs else she would be forced to disclose our relationship to the family. I told my aunt “Ask grace how many others need my service and my dick is ready to satisfy them” my aunt laughed and said “you bastard first fill our ass I winked at aunt grace.

She removed her saree. It started to rain a little. I went next to her and smooch her. I started to press her boobs. I made her lie on the rock and raised her petticoat. I found a well shaven pussy which was wet as hell. I started to lick her. My aunt Stella was licking my asshole. I fucked both of them on the mountain top and filled their asses with my load.

We roamed around the mountain naked till noon and went out in the night again on the mountain top. Fucked each other till midnight and slept naked till next day morning on the mountain top. One fine day, I fucked and filled their pussies with my cum and now I am so happy to see them with my children something known only to the three of us, so girls, aunties please contact me for all fun, chat, massage and sex. Others please send in your comments and suggestions to me

It was during my internship period this incident also took place. This is true life incident which turns my life upside down. It also kindled my sexual desire up. Here, I start narrating that incident. As I was doing internship period I have to talk to more people. One day I went to collect blood from blood bank there I met a lady who seems to be some what familiar.

She immediately called me by name I was wonderstruck. I asked about her and then I realised that it was same lady on whom I was having lust from school days as she lived next to my home. From that day onwards I was frequently visiting blood bank to have chat with her. About her she is as tall as me that s about 5.6 feet tall with bright face normal color she is perfectly shaped with right amount of fat in right place.

She usually wears chudithar with dupatta on left side nd exposing her right boob it’s about 40D because she was a married. From that day we were chatting upon various topics whenever time permits. She was constantly praising me for reducing weight. We chatted on adult topic too. During this conversation I came to know that she got married very early in life nd now she s getting bored oftenly.

I understood what she means. Then one day she phoned me and called me for her daughter’s b’day party. I went there with gift, that day we had a bit longer session of gossiping that too in her home. During your gossiping she was continously touching my thigh. That day by 9pm she called me nd told that the gift was nice nd she had a very good time. That night I made a plan to seduce her so from that day onwards I started to avoid her.

She started to call me often but I’ve never attened the call. But after 2 days accidently I met her, she took me to her lab where she was posted for that month there she scolded me and asked me the reason of avoiding her. But I didn’t open my mouth. She told me that she is happy now a days because of me. I left that place after a brief talk. It was in the month of April, I was posted in periphery posting she called me at about 11 pm and talked to me nearly for an hour.

She asked me to come home when I went there I was surprised to see that she was only with her daughter as her husband gone to thrichy for business. It was about 10 in night when I reached her home. After 1hour of time passing I decided to leave that place to hostel. She pleaded me to stay there in night, after much asking I decided to stay there. She went inside nd came out with tea cup in her hand.

I was amazed to see her because she changed her dress to nighty, in which you can clearly make out margins of her boobs, She gave me a cup of tea nd lungi to change my dress. After having tea I changed my dress to lungi and I was wearing vests in top. She praised my broad shoulder then she kept her hand on my shoulder. At that moment an electrified wave passed to my brain. We seated in sofa and were watching TV. She leaned to my shoulder as though she was feeling sleepy then I suddenly placed my hand on her ass and

I was rolling my hand over ass I occasionally touched her stomach suddenly she got up and gave a stare suddenly she plucked my chest hair. Then she leaned to my chest and told to switch off TV. I read her mind then I switch off and followed her to bedroom. That time I had full erected penis but it was not visible, when we entered that room I hugged her from behaind but she did nothing nd told me that “I know you will do it. I told that I like you very much then she nodded her head nd replied as I too.

We had started smooching at that time I was massaging her boobs, suddenly she removed my lungi I was standing in boxers, I lift her in my arms nd carried her to cot, I throw her into cot. She told me to remove her nighty I did, she had no bra nd panty inside. She had a huge pair of boob’s cleanly shaved pussy, she removed my boxers and stared sucking my penis. It was pleasure that every man should have atleast once in life.

She suked like anything wow she is really a good sucker then I exploded in her mouth,she drank as much as possible nd spit out few drops. Then it was my turn to suck her. She told me to suck her at first, I did in same manner what she told. When I reached her pussy after sucking her both boobs, atmost she was nearing her climax, I sucked her g spot nd her vagina,she was moaning continously nd with huge sound she loaded her cum in my face. I entered my fully grown manhood in her vertical mouth, from the first stroke itself

I was doing very vigorously and very swiftly it’s really a great pleasure to fuck a woman and she was constantly moaning and using local language. I fucked nearly in all poses last one is doggy, I fucked her like how dogs usually fuck after 20 min of hard fucking I loaded my cum in her and we slept in each others arms. We got up 4 am in mornig and had a hot bath together and I left her home by 6. From that day onwards I was having sex atmost weekly with her. If the readers like my experience pls do write comment and can also mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32