Ava and/or Eva Pt. 04

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Author’s Note – This Part ties in with Part 1, so I recommend you review/read that part first. This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. To check on the status of the next part, please see my profile. Thank you.


It’s Hereditary


‘Actually, I know exactly where this is headed…I’ve been down this road before,’ I thought to myself and smiled…

The realization that Eva and I had just added another new sexual path, instantly sent my mind back to Ava. There were so many things that we had shared during our sexual explorations, it was nice to recall our early days and discoveries together…Soon I would be enjoying them with Eva, as well. My mind went back to that first time with Ava…

While we were laying on the bed relishing in the afterglow of our lovemaking that first time in Jenna’s apartment, Ava had started to open up about all that she had gone through to get to this point in time.

Ava’s Confessions

“So, you want to know about my sexual ‘education’, do you?” she began, her hand idly teasing her nipple. “Let me get something out of the way first and it will make it all a whole lot easier after that.” She rolled onto her side, looking up into my eyes like she seemed to do when she had something important to tell to me.

“Sure… I’m beginning to love how you directly cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of things.” I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

As she snuggled her head into the crock of my neck, she got to the point bluntly, “I’m bisexual, David. My first sexual experiences were with a woman…well… a girl, actually. But, I desire men just as much as women. Soooo…I’m definitely bi.” Her hand was playing with the small patch of hair on my chest. I loved how matter of fact she was about things.

“Go on,” I encouraged her, actually very tantalized by the possibilities her words were bringing up in my head.

“Mary was my first. She taught me all about sex, and my body and opened my eyes to all the sensual things life has to offer.”

“Mary?…Jim’s sister, Mary?” I inquired with a little surprise as she nodded in response. “I didn’t even think she was that into sex. I mean…she never seemed to have a boyfriend or was the least bit interested in that sort of stuff.”

“Well, looks can be deceiving, David,” Ava confessed. She reached out and grabbed my hand, guiding my arm behind her back, then placing my hand on her belly while she cuddled in tighter to me. I squeezed her as she continued, “You want to hear the big shocker?…I’m sure you don’t have a clue about this.”


“Mary has a ‘boyfriend’…but nobody knows about him except me.” She paused for effect before dropping the bomb on me. “She’s fucking Jim.” It didn’t register for a second then the light bulb lit up.

“You’re kidding me?!” I said, truly shocked. “Jim and Mary?… Holy shit!”

“They have been lovers, in one form or another, since their early teens, but didn’t have real sex until she turned 18. They did everything except fuck until then. He took her virginity the night of her birthday after her family party. To me… it was almost like something out of a romance novel. At first, I was a bit put off by all the incest stuff…but the more I was around them, the more I saw how much they were truly in love. Sooooo… I just accepted it.”

“Well, all I can say is that they were really good at hiding it. I never saw anything out of the ordinary. Although…” I paused for a second. “The more I think about it, what you are telling me kinda makes sense. Jim never did seem to date much, and never joined in on all the guy talk about girls.”

She got very quiet all of a sudden, and I could feel her tense up against me.”What is it, Ava?” I pried, knowing she had something serious to tell me.

She rose up from my shoulder and turned to look at me as she told me what she had to get off her chest, “Now, I don’t want you to get all bent out of shape, but what I need to tell you might make you upset. I just want to say first that there was no emotion involved… whatsoever. It was purely a physical thing that I wanted to do, so I could be ready when I finally seduced you.” Her eyes were searching mine for a clue as to whether or not she should go ahead. She must have decided it was okay.

“Okay…here it goes.” She took a deep breath then proceeded, “Shortly after I turned 18…it was Jim who took my virginity…Mary was there…it was almost a mechanical thing as he just broke my cherry…I had a lot of pain…then it was over. I’ve regretted it ever since, and wished I had just used a dildo instead, but for some reason I just wanted it to be a real cock that did it…silly, I know.”

I must admit that my emotions were a little mixed up right then. Here was this beautiful woman lying in my arms, that I was falling head-over-heels in love with, telling bursa eskort bayan me that my best friend in high school was the guy who had her first! She was studying me, obviously very worried about what I was thinking right now. While it only seemed like a few seconds to me, it must have seemed like forever to her as she waited for me to do…or say…something.

I needed to hurry up and settle my thoughts. Suddenly, I realized that it was really simple. We all make stupid decisions that we aren’t very proud of…I’ve made plenty of them myself, so I’m nowhere near perfect. There was no way I was going to let such an insignificant thing ruin what looked to be the most wonderful relationship I had ever had in my life.

“It doesn’t matter, Ava…It has no bearing on what we have going on now.” I saw the relief wash over her as I finished my thought, “If I were to let you slip away because of something like this, then I don’t deserve you, so let’s just move on, okay?” I pulled her up to me and we shared a long and joyous kiss until we both needed to come up for air. When we did, her smile was radiant. I could sense the weight lifting from her as we returned to a more normal plane of emotion.

Wanting to change the topic, I asked for more info, “Tell me more about Mary. What did she teach you?”

“It’s more like what she didn’t teach me.” She began to relate her sexual awakening to me. “Like all young girls, as my body woke up, I wanted to know more. I started by playing with myself and by the time I met Mary, I had more questions than answers about boys, and sex, and all the stuff they weren’t teaching us in sex ed.” She snuggled close as she went on.

“Mary seemed to know so much more than me, so I became her pupil. We would get naked when we had a sleepover and she would tell me how to masturbate, what my clit was and how to stimulate it. Then, she began to show me by playing with herself…before too much longer we were touching each other. I think it was somewhere around there that I discovered that I liked being told what to do, so we started to fall into a dom/sub thing.”

“Dom/sub thing?” I questioned, not really sure what she meant.

“Dominant and submissive…a master and slave sexual thing.” I nodded, now understanding what she was referring to. I would have to study up more about it since she implied she was enjoying it.

“Before I knew it, It became ‘Lick my clit, Ava…no, like this, Ava…now suck on it…put a finger inside me…now, two’, and so on. I would get so excited when she told me what to do, that I’d get wet just thinking about what was going to happen next. Since I was living Mary’s fantasy, it was almost electrifying to anticipate where she was leading me.” Ava moved her hand down to my flaccid cock and began to explore it lovingly with a fingertip. Her touch was enticingly light and sent little shivers through me as she played.

Giving me a soft kiss on my nipple followed by a tongue swipe, she went on, “We continued like this for a while, then, when I started to press her for more information about boys and cocks and fucking, she showed up with a couple of fuck magazines. When I asked her where she got them, she told me she had stolen them from Jim’s stash and had to get them back before he found out. I was blown away as I looked at all those cocks in pussies and women sucking on them with cum all over everything! It was quite the eye-opening experience. That’s when my cock obsession was born.”

Grasping mine firmly, she commenced to fondle it as if to emphasize her comment. “I later learned that Jim knew all about what Mary and I were doing, and was a willing ally in my education. He used to get off when Mary would tell him about what we were doing. I also found out that he actually watched us a few times without my knowledge.”

“So, how did he end up becoming the one who fucked you?” I asked curiously.

“Well, after Jim took her on her birthday, everything changed. They had set it up so that her party was just for the family and was late in the day. Jim was supposedly going to take her out to party afterwards with some of her friends. Their parents figured as long as she was with Jim, she’d be safe…little did they know what was really going to happen. Jim ended up parking on Little Park Road, where they took a blanket off into the woods and her fucked her under the stars. Mary said it was wonderful and very romantic.

“A few days later, Mary and I were together for one of our sleepovers and I could tell that she was different…something big had happened. After I grilled her, she finally spilled the beans about her and Jim. She also told me that he knew about us and was really turned on. Things moved really fast from there. She said that she had started the pill a month before her birthday so that she would be safe by then.

“Since my birthday was fast approaching, she convinced me I should get on the pill, too, and began convincing me to let Jim break my cherry. Just after my birthday…when they found out their parents were taking off for a weekend alone…Mary decided to set up a special carnal bursa merkez escort event for us all. She told me Jim really wanted to watch us together, and she wanted to have me watch them fucking. She also wanted to show me how to do a real blowjob. By the time the weekend arrived, I was so turned on with anticipation that I was constantly wet. I had to use pantie liners to keep from leaking all over the place.”


Ava, Mary, and Jim – Ava Tells Her Story

When I arrived at their house, Mary let me in. She was wrapped in a small robe, but Jim was nowhere to be seen. We talked for a few moments before proceeding. “Now, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Just follow me and watch for a bit if you want, until you feel comfortable. If you want to stop at any time just say ‘stop’, okay?”

I nodded my understanding of the safe word. Mary looked at my outfit for the first time. Every since my sexual awakening had begun, I had started to transform my appearance from my frumpy, geek persona to someone that David would drool over. I had become so focused about what he would like and so on, that I really didn’t care what other boys would think. No other males had any value to me as I was solely focused on David.

“That’s really cute, Ava!” she complimented me as she eyed me up and down. I had on a tight, pale-blue, spaghetti-strapped tank top which gave peeks of my finally maturing breasts. I had pretty much stopped wearing a bra as my confidence increased. Having just moved up to a c-cup, I enjoyed feeling like a real woman for the first time instead of that flat-chested tomboy I had always been. The top draped over the matching mid-thigh, dark-blue flare skirt. I had my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail that was now reaching just past my shoulder blades. As per Mary’s instructions, I wasn’t wearing panties and had to keep a few tissues in the waistband of my skirt to wipe up the occasional dribble of moisture leaking from me as I drove over to meet them.

“Let’s go…Jim’s probably ready to burst by now. I got him so worked up that he tried to fuck me in the shower just before you came over,” she confessed laughingly. She grabbed my hand and headed down the hallway, dragging me behind her. “We’re in my parents room so that we can have the big bed… just in case you want to join in later.” She hollered down the hall to Jim, “Here we come…ready or not!”

I could feel my nervousness increase, knowing that what was about to take place would be life changing for me. As she pulled me into the room, the first thing to greet me was the sight of Jim on the bed…totally naked and propped up by several pillows against the headboard. The covers had been stripped and there were several towels spread out around and beneath him. Noticing where my gaze was, Mary explained, “Just in case we make a mess!” She giggled, dragging me further into the room.

I felt my face flush when I turned my attention to Jim, lying with his legs spread apart and slowly stroking his cock. Mary released my hand which I promptly placed over my mouth to hide the quick gasp that escaped. “Oh my…” was what he heard before I was able to muffle the rest. I examined his body like a doctor, since it was the first adult male I had ever seen nude in person. He was definitely well built. All the years of playing defensive end beside David, who was a linebacker, had sculpted his body into some serious muscles. He was big at 6 ft. 2 or so, but not overly huge and was fairly cute with his full blue eyes and light-brown, close cropped hair. I was intrigued by his rippling muscles as he played with himself. He seemed a bit shy as he wasn’t staring at me directly but kept shifting his gaze between Mary and me nervously. I was curious to see what Mary would look like riding his cock as she was so small compared to him. I was also pleased to see that although his was not as huge as some of the ones I had seen in the magazines, it seemed to be of nice size and thickness.

Mary walked over beside the bed and looked back at me as she took off her robe. She was only 5′ 4″ tall, but voluptuous at 120 lbs. with an full, hourglass figure. She ran her fingers through her short, dirty blonde curls and crawled onto the bed, her D-cup, full tits swaying beneath her as she moved to kneel beside him.

“Come closer, Ava. He won’t bite…I promise.” He was staring at her body as she moved closer and was basically ignoring me, so I walked over and sat on a chair that was near the foot of the bed.

“Let me help you with that, baby,” Mary said, reaching out to take his cock in her hand. “He has a nice cock, don’t you think Ava?” Jim shot a glance over at me, remembering I was in the room. He seemed to be just as uncomfortable as I was, so I relaxed a little bit.

“Yes, he does,” I replied, nodding in agreement. Jim smiled as if relieved by my approval.

“Jim’s been anxious about you knowing about us, since I first told him, Ava. I said you would never do anything to cause us a problem, isn’t that right?” She looked at me seriously, wanting me to confirm bursa sınırsız escort bayan that they would be safe with me knowing.

“I would never hurt you. I love Mary too much…plus…I don’t want her to kill me!” I tried to make a joke and lighten the tension in the room.

“And I would, too!” she promised with false anger before laughing at me. Sensing that we were all relaxing a bit, Mary changed the tone of the conversation. ” Jim, I want to show you something real special to me. Ava…stand up and show him your special panties!” she commanded. Jim looked at me intently. When I hesitated, Mary spoke more firmly, “Don’t be shy now…they’re very pretty…show him!” I finally rose up, my legs feeling a little weak as I did. “Come closer so he can see all the beautiful detail.”

Grasping the bottom of my skirt, I walked slowly forward until I was at the edge of the bed. I blushed as it sunk in that I was about to expose myself for Jim to see. I looked at him as I lifted my skirt up slowly, his eyes opening with surprise when my pussy came fully into view. Mary was smiling with glee at my display.

“Do you like her panties, Jim?” her voice was low and lusty as she looked at him for his reaction. Mary had trimmed the hair on my vagina short so that everything would show easily. My pubic hair was never very thick anyway, so it almost looked like I was bare. I knew my outer lips were swollen with my excitement and was sure my inner labia were poking out. I also knew I was really wet…I just hoped I wasn’t leaking any out.

Jim’s mouth was hanging open, but he did manage to mumble an, “Uhuhh,” as he nodded in reply. Apparently, Mary was now satisfied that all the preliminaries were completed and it was time to get down to some serious sex.

“Time to show you a real blowjob, Ava.” She bent down and began to work on Jim’s cock, first running her tongue all around the tip then moving to the shaft where her hand was still stroking him. Jim turned his attention back to what she was doing, his hips lifting up in response to her ministrations. I was enthralled by the sight unfolding in front of me for the first time. Pictures in a magazine don’t do any justice to the real thing.

I sat down on the bed and scooted closer, leaning in to try and see every detail of what Mary was doing to him. I watched as she moved back up to the tip of his cock and parted her lips, her tongue stabbing out and trying to poke into the little slit on top. I noticed his body seemed to shiver as she pleasured him while he moved a hand to the top of her head, running his fingers gently through her hair. All his attention was focused on watching what his little sister was doing to him.

Mary lifted her head up and turned to look at me. “Come closer and take him in your hand…hold him still while I show you how to really suck on it.” I moved as close as I could without interfering with her and reached out, taking hold of him where she had. Jim seemed to be in a trance and was following every move we made. In the palm of my hand, I could feel that it was throbbing and very hot.

“Play with yourself so he can watch you, Ava.” I was totally involved in what was happening now as my reservations had completely disappeared. I turned and sat crossed legged facing him, hiking up my skirt up to give him a good view as I began to finger myself for his pleasure. As he watched me stroking my swollen clit, I was studying what Mary was doing.

She lowered her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head. I could see her tongue poking out from time to time as she licked all around him, then lowered her head down and began to take more and more of him inside before bobbing up and down. He grunted as his hips pushed up, trying to get her deeper.

“I’m gonna cum soon, babydoll,” he announced, his head laying back on the pillows as his chest pushed out. He put his other hand on the top of her head, and, as he aggressively started to fuck her mouth, I removed my hand…leaning back to view his orgasm.

She forced her head up off his cock so that she could say, “Let go of me, Jim, so Ava can see you shoot!” His hands fell down while she grasped his cock again and resumed her sucking. It was just a few more strokes before he was ready.

“Cumming, babe…cumming!” Removing her head, she aimed his cock at her body just as he began to launch his semen into the air. I watched in awe as I saw my first, live, male orgasm. The ropes of his cum seemed to launch a couple of feet and landed on her neck, chest and then belly as they weakened in intensity…the last few spewing over his shaft and spilling on her hand. As he finished, his hips sank back down into the bed and his moaning softened while his chest was still heaving from his heavy breathing.

Mary began giggling loudly as she milked the last of his semen. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “That was a big one!” She lifted her hand from his cock and brought it up to her mouth. I watched as she lapped up some of his seed and tasted it…finally swallowing it for me to see. “The taste takes a bit getting used to, but I love it now. Want to try?” She moved her hand to my face. I was definitely curious and scooped up a small sample with my tongue before pulling it back into my mouth to test. It had a slight, tangy taste and a texture like tapioca to it, but was not unpleasant at all. My intuition told me that I was going to be a cum lover before too long. I nodded my head to show Mary my approval.

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