Avatar: Katara’s Secret

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Group Sex

AS said, this is my first story, hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

Katara, Aang and Sokka were camping at a lake. They all wanted to relax, because this would be the last lake they’d see for a long time.
Whle Aan and Sokka were building their camp, Katara quickly put on her swimming suit. But , this wasn’t her regular swimming suit, it was much smaller and tighter. Her perfectly formed boobs were almost entirely visible, only her nipples were covered by a small layer of white cloth. Her panties were so small you could see some of her perfect ass. It was also completely white, which she forgotwhen she went in the water.

Meanwhile, Aang and Sokka finally set up the camp. Sokka said he’d prepare dinner, so Aang would have to go find Katara. Aang knew where she’d probably be. In the middle of the lake, there was a small island, full with exotic trees, but there were no animals at all. Aang swam to the island and started shouting: ‘Katara!’. After some shouts, she replied: ‘Over here Aang, I’m in the water.’ Aang followed her voice and reached the beach.
Katara came out of the water, completeley soaked. She was wearing a swimsuit which Aang never saw before. The white cloth became transparant, so he could see her boobs and her glory-hole.
‘She shaves!’, Sex hikayeleri he thought. Then he became aware that his mouth was hanging open and he was staring at Katara.
She noticed it to. She looked at him in a strange way and dropped her towel behind her. ‘Oops!’, she said as she turned backwards and bended over to get it.
Aang now had the perfect view on her tight ass and pussy.
Katara got up and said :’Well well Aang, did you like what you saw there?’
He could not respond, he was trying to hide the bulge in his pants.
‘Hehe, let me help with that’, said Katara as she got on her knees and slowly began caressing his rapidly growing erection through his pants. When she felt it reached it’s biggest form, she pulled his pants down and started to slowly rub his dick. He groaned, as she started to rub his dick harder. Then, she started to lick his dick and began to suck on the tip, just to tease him. She held still for a moment, with her mouth on the tip, and then began slowly sucking his dick. Everytime she went a little bit further, until she grabbed his ass in order to dep-throat him. At that moment, he almost came, but he had other plans. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and ripped her swimsuit apart.
Then, he started caressing her boobs Sikiş hikayeleri with his hands, while he was kissing her neck. Knowing that he was doing well, since she gasped and moaned, he slwoly slid dow one of his hands and started to rub her pussy gently, while placing his mouth over her nipple.
She moaned in great ecstasy, noone ever did something like this to her.
Then he got up, smiled at her and placed her on top of him, so that he could lick her pussy. She moaned and screamed for more, so he gave her more. She noticed that his dick was lying in front of her… She began to lick it, and then took it all at once until it hit the back of her throat. In this position, he made her cum twice, while she made him cum one time. She was taking his deep as deep as she could, and he couldn’t control himself anymore.
Katara felt the hot, juicy and sticky cum sliding in her throat. She tried to take his dick out of her mouth, but couldn’t, it was too big. She was filled up with his cum.

They stopped for a while, and Katar started dressing herself. Aang looked at her and asked : ‘where do you think you’re going?’
‘Too Sokka, he’ll be worried sick!’
‘Oh no you don’t.’, said Aang, as he got up, ‘We still have some bussiness to be done…’
‘like?’ Erotik hikaye asked Ktara
He just looked at her with a big grin , and started to undress her again.
She tried to stop him, but he was too strong. He forced her back on the ground again while playing with her now uncovered boobs. She yelled at him to stop, but he ignoring her and ^pulled his dick out of his pants.
Katara knew what was coming next, and she tried to resist, but Aang was too strong…
He pulled down her panties and started to prod his dick in her pussy. She cried, because it was too thick for her tight pussy, but Aang ignored her.
He plunged his dick in her with such force, she let out a scream of pain.
He fucked her, hard and fast. He grabbed her boobs and began sucking them
Then, he fucked her breasts, he placed his dick in between the big jugs and started rubbing up and down. He forced katara to suck on it while fucking her tits.
Then he said: ‘There’s only one thing left to do, and you know what it is’, and he laughed.
Aang was about to fuck her in the ass, which was super tight and virgin. She never let anyone in there before, so she cried, because she knew it would hurt.
He took his time, and slowly went deeper. He began slowly, but started pushing faster and harder everytime.
She felt his dick ripping apart her tight ass, but she LOVED it.
‘Yes, YEESSS!’ she screamed, ‘COME IN MY ASS!’
He couldn’t resist anymore and cummed in her ass

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