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You slowly close the front door after saying “so long” to your parents who were leaving for the entire weekend. You didn’t like it, but, being 19 and the elder child, you were put in charge of watching the house, and your younger brother, Al.

This really pissed you off. He shouldn’t need a sitter, and it really screwed up your plans for the weekend. You heard him upstairs in his room playing his music, so you headed up to lay down some ground rules. When you opened his door, you saw him lying there on his bed, listening to his music. You could understand why your parents didn’t want to leave him unchaperoned.

Sure he just turned 18, but he looked 20 or 21. Tall, blond, well built from sports, and good looking; the girls fall all over him. Even your girlfriends have asked how old he was as they looked at him as if they’d like to get him in the sack. Looking at him now, lying there in just his shorts, you could understand why.

He looked up with those bedroom eyes, and saw you, and said, “hi Sharly. How’s it going?”

“The folks have left, and while their gone I’m in charge. So no girls over, and no late nights out. That’s an order!”

“From who? Mom and dad?”

“No! From me. I know you, and how you are with girls, and there won’t be any of that going on this weekend.”

You gave him one last look, as he shifted over on his side. Your eyes traveling below his waist, you noticed his bulge. Feeling a little stirring inside, that you knew was wrong, you turned and left, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

As you were leaving you heard him holler out, “well what if I go out anyway?”

You called back, “you won’t! Even if I have to tie you up.”

You chuckled to yourself as you heard his, “yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t you.”

You went on down stairs to watch some TV, hoping to get that itchy feeling out of your body. You had changed into your short nighty and sat there, relaxed with your feet up on the coffee table in a very open position watching TV. Al came down and sat across from you still casino şirketleri wearing just his shorts.

“Wow. Nice legs sis,” he remarked, which didn’t help the turmoil you were feeling inside already. You knew that you should close your legs a little, but that would only tell him that his remark bothered you. Besides, from his position, he couldn’t see you weren’t wearing any panties, so you just pretended to ignore him. All the while your itch was increasing, and you could feel moisture starting to form on your labia, and run down the crack of your ass.

‘God, what a brat,’ you thought. ‘I wish he’d just go back upstairs.’

Suddenly, Al sat up and said that he was going upstairs to shower and go out with the guys. With that said, he got up and left. You called after him that he’d better not or else, but all you got back was a “yeah, right.” You sat there listening to the shower run, imagining him standing there under the water: naked, and muscular, soaping himself.

While you sat there trying to figure out how to stop him, your fluids continued seeping from your itching pussy. By the time you heard the shower turn off, you had thought of a way to keep him here. You quietly went up the stairs, and to his room. You peeked in and saw him sitting on the bed with a towel wrapped around him, facing away from you. You readied the cuffs you had picked up from your dad’s desk drawer in the den and quietly crept up behind him. As he was raising his arms to dry his hair you leapt on the bed and snapped the cuffs on his wrists.

Feeling this, he tried to get away, but you had the leverage and pulled him over backwards. Straddling him, you extended his arms over his head and, with a second pair of cuffs, fastened them to the headboard.

The only thing you failed to consider was that as he continued to struggle, he would lose his towel in the process. The fact that you were sitting on his stomach with a bare pussy that he could surely feel, and his cock lying against the crack of your ass, didn’t help your rising casino firmaları heat. Neither did his constant moving, which was rubbing your already swollen cunt lips, causing more fluid to run. This time though, it was running onto your brother’s stomach.

As you continued to try and hook Al’s cuffs to the head of the bed, his thrashing around was definitely bothering your séance of judgment. Your body was rapidly taking over your mind on the rules of incest. You knew you had to get up from where you were sitting, but you couldn’t get your body to move. You just set there enjoying the rising heat, and forbidden feelings rushing through your body. Suddenly, you noticed a change in Al’s struggling.

He was letting up on pushing his arms down, allowing you to fasten them to the headboard. You also noticed that his movements were no longer from side to side, but more from the foot of the bed to the head, and that his cock that had been lightly touching your ass was now harder and pushing on you. Panic began rushing in, as you realized this was getting out of hand and rapidly reaching a point of no return. You tried to clear your mind of the sensations flooding your body now, and the firmness of Al’s hard cock at your rear, so near to the part of you that was running and itching, demanding to be satisfied.

All you had to do was lean forward a little, and he could plunge his swollen cock into this never before touched area that was crying out to be filled. Your breath was coming in gasps now, your hart racing. You tried to get up, you really did, but your body just wouldn’t listen. Then, with a loud moan of resignation, you gave in to your body’s raging desires and leaned forward, putting your head on your younger brother’s shoulder. Unhooking his wrists, you spread your legs wider, giving him his access to your virgin pussy.

Al sensed the change in you, and felt your legs widen as he pushed forward, seeking what he had only fantasized about; stroking himself to a huge climax as he pictured his older sister in his güvenilir casino mind. He stopped moving for a moment, and looked at you in a questioning way. You could see the confusion in those deep blue eyes, seeking an answer to that which, up to now, was only a dream.


“Shut up you big shit, and shove that big cock of yours into me now, before I go crazy.”

Smiling, he pulled your mouth down to his own. His tongue wanting to explore the inside of that luscious mouth. As it snaked around your tongue, sending shivers racing down your spine, ending in your already swollen and dripping cunt.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was 12. I dream of you at night while I masturbate. Dreaming of just this moment. I love you Sharly.”

“I love you too Al. I’ve always been jealous of girls looking at you. Now please, fuck me like a wild man. I need you inside me so badly. I can’t stand it.

Al lifted you up with his strong arms, and settled you down on the head of his raging cock. You felt it as it pushed past your outer lips, sending a ripple through your body. You gasped as you pushed down on him, forcing him deeper into your untouched channel. Then you felt it bump against your hymen. You took a deep breath and pushed harder, feeling it tear as his fat crown pushed passed and he slid deep inside you. He was so large and long.

You kept pushing, till at last your wet pussy lips were rubbing against him. The sweat was dripping off of you onto his chest, as you started to move up and down on his long shaft. Your climax building till it filled your whole body. Your breath coming in gasps. Your hair whipping back and forth, as you moved in a uncontrollable frenzy. Your whole body was one big cock, choking you.

Then suddenly Al cried out, as his body stiffened. His hips lifting from the bed, nails digging into the cheeks of your ass. You could feel his hot cum splashing against the back of your cunt, again and again, sending you over the top. You cried out your own release as your first climax hit you over and over, blacking out for a moment as you slammed down hard on Al’s still erupting cock. You slumped down on Al’s chest, unable to even move. Reliving the feeling you just experienced for the first time, knowing it won’t be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32