Baaad Uncle Pt. 01

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Emily’s Story

Chapter One

Here I was, stuck at one of our family’s typical summer barbecues with all of the relatives in attendance. Mom had made me come today… no, seriously she did. She put her foot down and insisted that my brother and I should turn up or there would be consequences. Who knows what the consequences would be because I’m 19 and my brother Rod is 21 so what could she really do to us? Rod is moving out into a rental apartment with a couple of his buddies. I still live at home but I have pretty much given mom and dad an ultimatum that I am old enough now to do what I like when I like.

Mom did give me that ‘while you’re under my roof’ speech but when I threatened to do as Rod had done and move out, she softened her stance a little… told me she only had my best interests at heart. I guess I have been testing the limits at home lately, enjoying being over 18 and developing into an independent young woman.

I wonder if mom would be shocked to know I am sexually active. No, I haven’t been spreading it around to a bunch of guys… in fact, only one so far and that puts me a bit behind some of my friends. I had this nice boyfriend, Josh, for three months. It wasn’t that I ever really thought that he could be the one… you know, the permanent lifelong one. But this was the longest period that I had ever dated just one boy.

So, after eight weeks dating, and with him putting a lot of pressure on me every night that we went out, this one night I made a spontaneous decision to go on with it and pass the point where I would usually stop him. Josh was giving me such wonderfully persuasive feelings, suckling on my nipples, first one, then the other and back again, sending surges of pleasure through my body while he had slipped one hand into my panties and two or three of his fingers were stroking and encircling my hardening clitoris amid my leaking moisture.

I had gradually let him progress – step by step – to this stage these past few weeks until now I had reached the point where the nipple sucking and the stirring fingers at my clit were so accepted that I no longer wanted to deny him – or me – any longer. It was all feeling sexy hot, so on an impulse, I made up my mind that moment; what was the point of hanging onto my virginity for one minute more?

After my firm rejections night after night when he’d try to get me touch him, I’ll bet he was surprised when my hand wandered to the front of his trousers and began rubbing the bulge there, feeling the outline of his obviously erect cock and the roundness of his balls. His breathing became heavier and those fingers probing inside my panties, rolling over and around my clit, intensified to such a point that I came – loud and proud – my gasps and moans reflecting the waves of pleasure that took over my body.

As my head spun from the euphoric feelings deep down in my body, his fingers firmly clasped my pubis while I pulsed and throbbed beneath them. I felt his other hand pushing aside mine that had been rubbing his bulge. Before I knew it, he had his erect cock out of his pants and his free hand was wrapping my whole hand around the real thing. All stretched out – taut skin – his cock so hard, leaking what one of my girlfriends had once explained to me was pre-cum. I began to stroke along its length, marvelling at how this part of a male could grow that big – and scaringly impressive – so quickly.

I did have a moment of panic as my fingers tested its length and width… how could this solid core of man meat fit inside my tiny opening, the one that I had so regularly used a hand mirror to peer curiously into while my fingers pulled my labia every which way. Ever since my mom gave me my first sex-ed talk when I was eleven.

I admit that I almost stopped him at this point, fearful that what was about to come next was going to hurt and my more promiscuous girlfriends had told me how it gets messy… there’s usually some bleeding, they’d warned me. But then I was on my back… he had stripped off his shirt and my hand touched his chest, felt his firm abs… his was a good male body. He was hovering above me. I couldn’t see down beyond his chest but I could certainly feel the hard knob of his cock – the one that I had been holding and stroking in my bare hand only a moment ago – now it was sliding up and down at my labia. “Oh Emily, you are so wet.”

Wet? Could that help eradicate the doubts, convince myself that I must really want it, need it, if that part of my body down there had lubricated so naturally. He seemed confident, appeared to know what he was doing. How is that, had he done this before with other girls, was I going to be just one of his conquests?

My thoughts swirled around… was I doing the right thing, what about protection, did he have a condom, had he slipped it on without me knowing? Should I ask, and maybe I should warn him about the unsullied state of this intimate part of my body, let him know it won’t Giresun Escort just slide in easily, “I’ve never… err, never done this before, Josh.”

“Are you a virgin?”

I looked up into his face, nervous, looking to see his reaction. Would that information put him off, make it all seem too hard… or would he be impressed that I had chosen him to relieve me of the burden of virginity? That’s not quite right, I don’t know that I really chose him. He was the first guy I had become serious about and, on this night, like most recent nights, he had made me hot. It could be said that he was lucky to be Johnny-on-the-spot.

I nodded affirmatively to his virgin question in the semi darkness, laying on my back, breathing heavy with anxiety, my blouse unbuttoned and open, my bra pushed up under my neck, exposing both my breasts, my nipples hard and wet from his suckling lips and tongue, my skirt furled up around my waist and my panties down, still binding my ankles. What a sight I must be, ready and willing. He smiled warmly down at me, seemingly with confidence and said simply, “Good!” in response to my virgin news.

Then I felt pressure at my pussy, felt his cock large, pushing just inside my entrance, but my hymen seemed to be repelling his efforts… not as eager as my brain to allow access to the hidden treasures beyond. I’d read about all of this, knew the words to describe body parts, “Maybe we should…” I started to suggest, not even sure if I knew enough to complete the sentence but trying to break the tension.

“No babe, it’s good, it’s all good. Just hang tough, honey.”

“It’s starting to hurt, Josh,” I heard myself whimpering with alarm.

“It will, just for a bit, then it’s all good.”

“How do you know?”

“I had another virgin last year, she loved it once we got past this bit.”

Should I feel better, having my first ever man tell me he’d already deflowered another virgin before me? Or worse because this guy I chose might be a serial devirginiser? Oh my God, don’t be so silly Emily, he wasn’t to know before tonight that I’d never had a man before.

“What about a condom, have you put one on?”

“I… err… I didn’t bring one, never expected that you’d want to…”

Damn him! That’s the most important thing… protection, don’t all young men carry at least one in their wallet from puberty, just in case? That’s the myth!

“Maybe we better wait then…”

“No,” he responded quickly, “best to get it done now we’ve come this far. You should be ok, didn’t you just finish a period?”

“How… err, how do you know?”

“Because you wouldn’t let me finger you for the past week.”

“Oh… yeah, I guess that was a sign.”

“Well, that’s good then because you won’t be fertile for another week.”

“How do you know that stuff, Josh?”

“I have two older sisters, they’re great, they’ve taught me much more than my parents would ever think to tell me.”

“Are you really sure that I won’t get pregnant? I mean, my mom would be devastated.”

“Yes, you’re fertile around twelve days after your period started, so you’re good, babe. Hang on, I’ll just adjust the angle. Here, let’s try this again. Don’t think about any pain, just think about how good it will be when I’m all the way inside you.”

“I… um… I’m not so sure now, maybe we should try another time. Oh… oh shit!”

He had thrust his pelvis hard at me again and I felt a quick searing pain as what must have been my hymen tore apart and I felt this large thick slab of man meat inside my passage. My God, I can feel that part of a male inside my body… how far is he in? Do I have it all? I had shut my eyes tightly at the moment that his cock obviously tore away my virginity. I opened them now, staring up into Josh’s face. He had this happy grin on his face… could I call it euphoric? Whatever, he looked happy… it must have gone well.

“Is it all in?” I asked him naively.

“Not quite,” I watched him peer down between our bodies, like he was unsure himself and checking, “You’ve got about half.”

“HALF? Oh my God no, there’s that much more to come. I feel so full already.”

“Don’t panic Emily, the hardest bit’s done. It’s all downhill from here. Are you ready for more?”

“No,” I hoped my voice didn’t reveal my panic. Now that I had come this far to remove the hindrance of my virgin state, I desperately wanted to complete the task. I gulped my breath, “Just… err… just give me a moment. The pain seems to be easing.”

“It should be.”

“Is there blood, can you see?”

“Probably, I can’t see yet.”

I lay on my back, in a state of partial undress, my boyfriend’s cock seemingly halfway up inside my body. I lifted my head, trying to see down along my body the way Josh had done a moment ago, but I couldn’t see beyond my abundant breasts that sat up nicely perky, the nipples hard and erect, rubbing against his chest. Giresun Escort Bayan

I could see no point in waiting any longer, let’s get this thing done. “Ok,” I told Josh, giving him the green light to finish deflowering me… what a quaint old-fashioned word – deflower. I recall mom using it when she gave me the sex ed talk eight years ago. I looked it up once, meaning ‘to despoil of beauty, freshness, sanctity, etc.’

I felt the hard cock seem to ease out an inch or so but no further… thankfully. Then Josh was sliding his erection deeper inside me, gaining new territory where no man had gone before. Is that too dramatic? I know, it wasn’t quite man on the moon, it was just a young man giving a young woman – me – my very first full fuck. I had heard so many stories from my girlfriends of their first time, now I would have one of my own to tell them.

I couldn’t believe how full I felt when he eventually tucked the entire length of his cock inside my vaginal passage. Then the fucking began, he seemed to be quite adept at it. I didn’t cum that first time, I really never expected to, but I did with him most of the time since and the feeling of that is another whole story. Orgasms are wonderful, such mind-blowing pleasure that starts deep inside my body, somewhere behind my pussy and completely overcomes me from head to toe. I want more of those feelings, but regrettably Josh and I broke up only two months after that night. Had he only wanted me for the sex? My bestie said most likely, she says it’s all a learning experience. At least he hung around for eight more weeks, so that was something.

Enough background on my sexual experience for now, back to that family barbecue. I never realised the unexpected events that would unfold from that day, but I will tell it all to you in sequence. I had finished high school a year ago and, having insisted to my parents I didn’t think college and more education was for me, I got a job in a local retail store in our mid-size city. Well, it’s not like our family was all that financial anyway.

However, deep down, I had this burning ambition to take up modelling. So many people have told me that I have the pretty face that could catch on and a body with all of the right curvy bits, although if there are any negatives, it could be that my breasts are too big. Most catwalk models are quite skinny and my boobs are 34C’s. Even the vocational guidance expert in high school confirmed I could have a good chance but she warned me that it’s tough to get that first lucky break. My parents were not keen on the idea so I was cautious where I talked about it. But since I was pissed at mom dragging me along to this family gathering when I should be out with my friends, I felt rebellious enough to talk about my ambitions in front of family members.

I was in a small group talking to two female cousins and one of my aunts, telling them what I knew already about the modelling industry and of my career ambitions. As I talked and listened to their responses, I noticed my Uncle Robert standing off to one side of us, but appearing to listen to everything I was saying. He is my mom’s older brother and my initial thought was ‘Uh oh, he could report back to mom how I am talking about a modelling career to all the family.’

Even so, it didn’t put me off discussing my plans, but when the cousins and my aunt began to look sufficiently bored, I turned away from them, taking an opportunity to move on. But Uncle Robert didn’t appear ready to move on, stepping forward to show interest so I gave him my full attention, “I guess you’re going to tell my mom how I am talking up this modelling caper again. She and dad don’t approve, you know?”

“No sweetheart, I wouldn’t do that. On the contrary, I am impressed by how excited you get when talking about it. I can see how much you want to do it and I’d like to help you make it happen. I promise you I won’t say a thing to them, it can be our little secret and I’ll do everything I can to help you along the way.”

“Oh really, would you do that for me, Uncle Robert? I don’t want to get you offside with mom.”

“Honey, your mom and I are brother and sister and while we usually get on ok, there have been a lot of things that we disagree on over the years. They are so conventional, I’ll bet if your dad has his way, he’d have you following in his footsteps to become an accountant. You need to live life a bit and, you never know, if you can crack it into modelling, it’s often a step into acting and movies… wouldn’t you like that?”

“Oh Uncle Robert, I sure would. But seriously, do you think I’d have a chance?”

He took a step back and his eyes took time to scan up and down my body. If he wasn’t my uncle, who I’ve known all my life, it could have been a little creepy to have a man of his age appear so absorbed in looking at my body. I mean, he was really looking me up and down. I was wearing a halter top that revealed a bare midriff above my Escort Giresun short shorts. Even the way I dressed today for this summer barbecue had pissed off my mom.

“Honey, you’re a knockout, and as for these…” my uncle put one hand out and, for a moment, I thought he was going to touch my left boob, maybe he wanted to. His open palm hovered just barely an inch away, “…you have filled out wonderfully now. What a great figure, I have to admit that I haven’t paid all that much attention to you lately, but then I haven’t been here a lot.”

“Yes, you seem to have been away for such a long time.”

“Well, I had that assignment in London for eighteen months and you seem to have grown up while I was away. Your body has matured into a lovely young woman in that time. You know that my usual work has nothing to do with modelling, but I do know some of the right people. I think I might be able to help you with getting started. But if I do, don’t let on to your parents until you are well established and it’s too late for them to say no to you.”

“Oh Uncle Robert, this is so exciting, I could give you a big hug.”

“Hmm, well that would be so nice, and I love to see your enthusiasm, but you better hold onto your hugs for now,” he said, looking around, perhaps checking to see who might be watching us talk. “I tell you what sweetheart, I’ll make a few calls tomorrow and see what I can set up. Give me your phone number and I’ll call you, discreetly of course, in the next few days.”

“Oh, that would be so cool.”

Chapter Two

I half expected my uncle to call me the next day and when he didn’t, I was quite dejected. Tuesday, Wednesday… no call. I thought of calling him but I didn’t have his number and I didn’t want to ask mom for it. Thursday afternoon, just as the store where I work was closing, I got the call I had anticipated all week.


Fortunately, I had just begun to walk to the bus stop and I was alone, “Emily honey, this is your Uncle Robert.”

Immediate response for me was elation, even if I hadn’t yet heard if he had been able to organise anything for me. Just the fact that he had called and he hadn’t been all talk.

“Hi Uncle Robert, oh wow, it’s good to hear from you.”

“Yes, likewise honey. Listen my girl, I’ve talked to some of my contacts and they all suggest that you need a portfolio and maybe a DVD that you, or I, can send off to industry heavyweights. I say I because you might like me to be your manager.”

“Oh, I’d love to have a portfolio, but that’s going to cost a lot of money, isn’t it? I had thought of it and I got a quote from a local fashion photographic studio. They told me I’d have to pay at least a few thousand for photos and to put it all together in a slick presentation.”

“Well Emily, that’s where I can help you. I have a friend who has a studio.”

“What kind of studio?”

“Well honey, it’s not one thing or the other. It’s a large space in the warehouse area of town and it’s set up for both still photography and making movies.”

“Making movies here, in this city? I’ve never heard of any big movies being made here.”

“I didn’t say they were big movies, they’re not big budget extravaganzas like they do in Hollywood. It’s used more for making TV commercials and some low-budget films. The guy who owns the set-up leases it out on weekends to amateurs who make movies to enter in some of those short-film festivals. He’s got all the gear that we’ll need… cameras, still and video, and an assortment of sets and backdrops. He’s a buddy of mine so I could organise with him for us to use it on a Saturday afternoon.”

“Oh, I’d be so nervous in front of people I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry about that, his crew don’t work on the weekends. Actually, it will be just you and me. I’ll be behind the cameras and you’ll be free to pose for the shots we need.”

“But Uncle Robert, I appreciate you offering to help me, but you’re not in that industry, how would you know what type of shots to take and how I should pose?”

“Actually, I have helped out occasionally on these types of shoots so I do have a bit of experience sweetie and I’ve made a lot of contacts in the industry. I’ve seen other girl’s stuff so I know what works and what doesn’t. Trust your old Uncle Robert, I can see you achieve your dreams and it won’t cost you a cent.”

“But what about hiring this studio and all of the equipment?”

“Honey, the guy owes me a favour, it’s all taken care of.”

“Oh, that’s so generous of you. Thanks Uncle Robert, when do we start?”

“Are you free this Saturday; I checked, the studio is available?”

I was excited at the prospect that at last something was going to happen to make my modelling dream come true. I could have a portfolio and a reel… things an aspiring model needs but seemed to be beyond my finances for now. “Yes Uncle Robert, I’m not doing anything special on Saturday.”

“Well, you are now.”

I almost yelled for joy as I walked on my own to the bus stop, “Shush, don’t get too excited just yet. Listen now, we won’t say anything to your mom and dad just yet, wait until you have something solid to show them so they can see how serious you are.”

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