Babysitting My Aunt Ch. 02

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My name is Jenny and I am 18. I am 5 feet 2 inches, with a figure that makes heads turn. The only problem is my bust. I am an A cup and that has been something that gives me a certain amount of pain and rejection by most guys. My mom wanted me to go under the knife to augment my little beauties, but I didn’t want to. The only consolation was that my nipples were bigger than average being puffier than normal. To my surprise I never got to a point where I could dazzle a guy with those pink beauties.

If you read my first story, you would have realised what happened between me, mom and Aunt Amy. A few weeks passed after that and I was too busy with my studies to find the time. Mom didn’t approach me after the first encounter and I didn’t force her hand. The next day after our encounter she seemed quiet and withdrawn but I broke the ice by talking to her and telling her what happened was cool with me. She seemed relieved after my statement and we were back to a somewhat normal routine.

Aunt Amy didn’t visit us for a couple of weeks as she was busy helping a friend who was getting married. Some nights when I felt horny, I used to rub against the pillow or the sheets. But after the experience with 2 older women, I yearned for their fingers and mouths. But I was scared to initiate. I am sure mom was feeling the same, but she never openly even glanced at me in anyway other than a motherly affection. Well into the 3rd week I was desperate. I needed either my mom or aunt Amy or anyone for that matter. I hooked up with a guy and that ended up in disaster. This was when I was presented with an opportunity which came from an unexpected quarter.

My friend Kelly was the best friend I had. We grew up together and started puberty together. I trusted her with my life. However, for the last 3 weeks after the encounter with mom, I kept rushing back home after school with the hope of getting lucky with mom and she felt upset about it. Finally, she literally forced me to hang out at her place. Her sister Kim was going through a tough divorce and I realised that she was living with them. Kim was gorgeous just like Kelly. The difference between the two sisters was that Kayla had motherly curves as she had given birth 2 yrs ago and her breasts were D cups. She wide hips and thighs gave her a sexy look along with a ample butt. She reminded me of Monica Bellucci as her mom was of Italian descent. She was not chubby but her figure filled out her dress.

Kelly was a C cup and I used to envy her breasts when we were growing up. Her body was curvy and her skin was clear and slightly darker than me owing to her Italian genes. This made her very sexy but she never dated guys after her first break up. Her butt was nice and full which made her look hot in shorts or skirts.

She envied my nipples and for me that made it even. I had something she wanted and so did she. Suffice to say that we had seen each others bodies before and there were a few times we compared notes about masturbation. However, as we grew up we became a little more conservative about the topic of sex. So there I was in her room while she skipped around in a tight pair of shorts that just covered her sexy butt.

“Hey, how come you have been avoiding me?” she said with a pout that pronounced her full lips.

I tried to control my blushing but failed.

“Oh, I sense a story here!” she squeaked coming over to the bed. Sitting down facing me her legs in a lotus position and bending just enough to give me a glimpse of her sexy cleavage which was exposed by a pink spaghetti strap t-shirt. I could almost see a lacy bra underneath. Kelly had this strange habit of removing the built in cups of her t-shirts and wearing a bra. She was terrified of the strap slipping and exposing her breasts. the lacy bra did nothing to contain her nipples that were gentle protrusions under her t-shirt as inviting as anything I have ever seen. I realized they were not fully erect and this conjured up feelings that I have never felt when looking at Kelly before. This brought more color to my cheeks. I wanted to run out of the room, but I realized I had to get it off my little chest.

“Well, something did happen.”

“Oh my god! You slept with someone,” she squeaked again coming closer. Her shorts were so tight and I could see the gentle bulge of her pussy against the soft material of the shorts.

“Well more than one, actually,” I murmured.

“What? Oh my god!”


“Wow. Who were the lucky guys?”

“Well they were not guys, actually,” my voice trembled and she could barely hear me which made things worse since she leaned closer and closer towards me, giving me an eyeful of her gorgeous C cups.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! You slept with two girls?” The whole neighborhood would have heard her voice. I imagined people leaning out windows listening to my coming out of the closet speech.

“Yes I did.”

Kelly gorukle escort came ever closer.

“Tell me about it you little lesbian! Who were they?”

“Well it was my mom and aunt.”

I was in time to close her mouth with my hand preventing another earth shattering revelation to that whole neighborhood.

Finally she settled down so that I could release her mouth.

“Oh Gosh! How did that happen?”

So I told her all of the juicy details. At first I didn’t notice as I was so concerned about how she would take it. After a while I realized that her nipples were growing under her bra and that her breath was coming faster. She also seemed to be making a slight rocking motion as she listened to me, her eyes the size of saucers and her mouth salivating with the rapidity of a dog watching a steak.

After I finished, I was almost in tears thinking she would think of me as a horrible person. I was sure she would run out of the room screaming that I was a lesbian. None of those things happened.

She just pulled me to her and hugged me fiercely saying that I was still her best friend and that she would support me. Then she seemed curious about the experience.

“Tell me how it felt when they kissed you.”

“Well, it was nicer than being kissed by a guy. A woman’s skin is soft and warm. They also don’t hurry it like a guy. The lack of stubble is very erotic.”

“Oh is it? You are one lucky girl!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well your mom is so hot and your Aunt is too. Wish my mom would do something like that,” she said, shocking the daylights out of me.

“Did you realise what you just said?” I asked her, my eyes the size of saucers.

“Yeah, I wish my mom would do something like that for me, or my sis for that matter,” she repeated.

I could almost see the cogs in her brain working over time. She seemed warmer than usual and I could feel the beating of her heart.

“Wish I had kissed my sister, when she tried to.”

“What? She tried to kiss you?”

“Yeah, once when she was drunk and had just broken up with her boyfriend.”

“I was too scared to do that, thinking she would think I was a lesbian. But I regret it now.”

She looked out the window her face lovely in profile with the sunlight dancing across the soft skin on her face. She kept biting and licking her lips like she used to when she was thinking.

“A penny for your thoughts perhaps?”

She kept looking out the window. Without thinking much about the consequences, I leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss so close to her lips on her cheek. She didn’t blink. I kissed her cheek again bringing my lips closer to the corner of her mouth. She maintained her composure and there was no evidence of her even having felt the kiss.

I got bolder and moved my lips even closer to her lips, the corner of her mouth was as inviting as a pair of pussy lips. My lips lingered a few more seconds and I pulled away.

The next time, I pushed my lips so that half its length would overlap her lips and kissed her. My tongue sneaked out of my mouth and started probing her lips. Her lips continued to be glued together. My hand reached up and started caressing her cheek as my mouth started to suck one half of her lip until some of it was in my mouth. My pussy was starting to get wet. It must have been my caresses that finally did it for her and within a few seconds we were kissing deeply like lovers. Her kiss was very intense and a kiss of someone who had not kissed for a long time. Her breath started to come fast and I had trouble keeping up with her. Her tongue explored mine and came into my mouth. She had a tongue as long as mine and it was as intense as Kelly was.

Our tongues wrestled against each other and saliva was pouring out of our mouths onto her cleavage. I made her open her mouth and moved my mouth away as she held it open for me, her face turned upwards towards me. I let my saliva fall into her mouth and then moved towards her mouth sucking it out of it while our tongues fought for that saliva. We rubbed our tongues together and sucked each of them. Saliva was in abundance as I licked all over her face. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose and her chin, sucking her chin into my mouth, treating it like another tongue. I went back up to her mouth so kiss and suck her tongue. She held out her tongue like a penis as I made it fuck my lips. I pulled her to me so that her ample breasts mashed against mine.

I turned her face so that I could lick her ear. She shuddered as my tongue explored her ear for the first time, making wet noises as it traced its contours. I felt her getting goose bumps and I continued my onslaught against her ear. I bit her earlobe gently as I sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh Jen, this is awesome. I am glad you learnt to do all these things,” she whimpered. I felt her hand move towards her crotch, altıparmak eskort bayan but stopped her in time.

“Take your time, we have loads of time and I am gonna make you feel like you have never felt before.”

Her body shuddered again at my words.

“Well, well, well! What have we here?”

We almost fell off the bed at the voice of Kelly’s sister Kim. In our haste we had forgotten that the door was unlocked.

She stood there, her face red from embarrassment, with her breath coming fast which was evident from the rise and fall of her large breasts.

We pulled away.

“Oh sis, Jen was showing me what its like to kiss a girl!” squeaked Kelly.

I nodded dumbly, not trusting myself to speak.

“Oh really? So don’t let me interrupt, go ahead and learn the art of lesbian kissing,” said Kim with a slight smile on her face. She was wearing a tight blouse and skirt that ended just above her knee.

We stared at each other and then her, not knowing if she was joking or not.

“Go on! Or do you want me to teach you two?”

I was bold enough to nod my head to her question.

She seemed undecided for a few seconds and then she turned to the door and closed it locking it firmly and strode purposefully towards us. Her breasts seemed to rock in time to her stride. I was mesmerized by her chest. She calmly climbed onto the bed, and moved towards her sister and pulled her close. She then started kissing her deeply shocking the living daylights out of Kelly.

They went on kissing each other in a similar manner as I had. It was so similar that I realized that she had been watching us for some time. I moved closer to the kissing sisters and started rubbing my body against Kim’s back while running my arms around both of them. I started to kiss the nape of Kim’s neck, biting it gently as my hands moved towards the side of her breasts.

She was on her knees on the bed, her legs slightly spread. I started to rub my pussy against her leg, right below the tendon, behind her ankle as I rubbed myself against her back. My short skirt gave me the flexibility to expose my panties and rub it against her foot.

She reached behind her and pulled me closer. Getting bolder, I pushed my hand under her skirt and rubbed the back of her thigh moving up and realizing with a shock that she wore no panties. I reached between her legs and started rubbing her tantalizingly close to the pussy. I heard her moan into her sister’s mouth.

Her body shuddered as my fingers fluttered over drenched pussy lips teasing her. Every time she lowered her pussy towards my finger, I moved it away, making her moan in frustration.

I pushed one hand under the back of her blouse rubbing her soft creamy skin, moving towards the front. She wore no bra and her breasts felt heavy in hand as I squeezed them. She moaned as she kissed her sister even harder feeling my fingers on her nipples. I pinched them hard making her croon letting me know she liked it. My other hand kept teasing her wet pussy. Once my fingers were drenched in her wet juice, I moved my fingers towards her ass, finding her anus and rubbing the rim. This made her turn her head towards me and she started to kiss me hard.

Kelly started watching us kiss and started to unbutton Kim’s blouse, exposing her wondrous breasts. She started licking her neck and moving downwards, saliva dripping down her sister’s tummy. We pushed her down onto the bed. Her big breasts seemed larger than life. I kissed her as Kelly started to remove her sister’s skirt. Kelly’s t-shirt came off exposing her lacy bra. We got on top Kim’s body and started to kiss her. Kelly and I fought for Kim’s mouth and lips. We made her stuck out her tongue and started to lick it like a cock. Our hands strayed to her gorgeous breasts. Her dark pink nipples grew harder under the loving attention of our hands.

Kelly started kissing her sister as I started to move down to Kim’s breasts. I licked the whole length of her breast moving in circles around her nipples teasing her. She moaned into Kelly’s mouth pushing my head towards the nipple. I resisted her pushing making her go crazy and finally when she least expected it, I sucked it all into my mouth biting the nipple hard and just as I did that I grabbed her crotch squeezing her pussy feeling the wetness. I was surprised to feel some fluid in my mouth and realized that she must be feeding still. I shuddered at the thought of sucking her milk and started to suck harder swallowing her milk. It was so erotic to feel it running down my throat.

She screamed into her sister’s mouth and lifted her hips off the bed. My fingers slipped into her wet pussy directly in line with her clit so that every stroke massaged her clit while moving in and out of her pussy. I wanted to surprise Kelly as I pulled her towards me. I sucked some milk into my nilüfer eskort bayan mouth and pulled Kelly to me and started to kiss her. She didn’t realize it at first but as the milk flowed into her mouth she moaned, spilling some on her sister’s tummy. We both moved back to her breasts and started sucking them like babies.

I slipped one more finger into Kim’s pussy. She was ecstatic as she felt us suck her breasts.

“Oh god, drink mommy’s milk, my babies! Can one of you let me taste my milk?”

I got some into my mouth and started to kiss her hard. She sucked the milk off my mouth. I kissed her hard letting her suck my tongue into her mouth. I saw Kelly move down lower to Kim’s tummy licking her belly button. I took off my top exposing my nipples. They were hard and as thick as my little finger. Kim looked in awe at them and started to suck my nipple sending jolts down my spine. Kelly started lick Kim’s thighs and started moving up to her pussy. Her pussy was shaved and she locked her mouth on her pussy lips. Kim’s tongue played with my sensitive nipple while her hands started to move up my skirt. My panties were drenched and dripping. Her fingers pushed aside the panties and started to rub my slit. I realized that she didn’t have much experience with girls and went by her experience with guys.

I moaned as I felt her finger struggle to find the opening. Her second finger rubbed against my anus. I spread my legs to make it easy for her. I was so hot that I couldn’t hold on any longer I just pulled away from her mouth and helped her take my skirt and panties off. I pushed her head back roughly and pushed my pussy against her mouth practically sitting on her face. She started to lap at my pussy as I grinded it against her mouth.

Her nose rested against my clit as she licked and pushed her tongue into my pussy. It was awesome to feel her tongue in my pussy. I grinded it harder against her mouth. Her finger played with my rim. Her finger was so wet that it slid slowly into my ass. I rocked hard against her mouth and finally I felt my orgasm reach me. I pushed against her harder and harder as I felt the first orgasm strike me. I didn’t let her stop. I continued rubbing my pussy against her mouth and I felt the second orgasm hit me. I knew I was good for more and continued to rub and rub pulling her head to me. She continued to lick my clit and then I had the fourth orgasm which seemed like the first 3 were rolled into one. I shuddered and screamed as I pulled away from her mouth and finger.

I lay down for few seconds, kissing Kim in the process. I could see her sister’s licking was bringing her close to her orgasm. I pinched her nipples as her body was rocked by a huge orgasm. I heard a small squeal and I was in time to see Kelly drenched by a squirt of liquid from Kim’s pussy. Kim pushed Kelly’s hand back to her pussy and made her finger and she had another orgasm, squirting onto Kelly’s body. I rushed to Kelly and started lapping up the juice on her body and knelt by Kim and started fingering her. She moaned and moved against my finger and in about half a minute she came again whilst I held my mouth open to catch her juice in my mouth. She pushed my hand away telling me it was too sensitive for her and I moved back to her mouth and let her suck her juice off my tongue.

Kelly was last and we pulled her up so that she lay on top of me lining her pussy against my thigh while she straddled it. We kissed as she started rubbing her pussy against my hip bone. Kelly bent over her sister’s butt and started to lick it. Kelly moved faster.

“Oh sis, push your fingers in my pussy and ass!”

Kelly groaned as she felt her sister slip her fingers into her ass and pussy. Her mouth kissed mine as I pinched her nipples. Her thigh started rubbing against my pussy and it started to build up. I started to move against her pussy. Our sweat intermingled making a sucking noise as our tummies rubbed against each other.

We continued to kiss each other and her movement increased signaling that she was getting closer to the orgasm. She stopped for a moment and asked me.

“Jen, can you lick my ass while sis licks my pussy?”

I nodded and lay down so that she could lower her ass over my face and her sister started licking her pussy. I started lick her anus and push my tongue in as she ground herself against my face. After a few seconds Kelly came hard moaning her sister’s name. She continued to grind against my face and finally her movements stopped and she got off my face.

“Oh my god, did we just have a threesome?” murmured Kim wiping her body with a towel she just found.

“Well, I guess so!” I quipped.

“Just like her mom, aunt and Jenny,” added Kelly making Kim stop and stare at me.

“Oh my god, tell me that’s not true!”

“Well, what can I say? It did happen.”

“Wow, that must have been hot!”

“Yes it was,” I replied.

“You should bring your aunt and mom one day,” said Kim making Kelly gasp.

“Well I could. First I think I should take Kelly home and introduce her to mom,” I said with a naughty smile.

Note from Author: Hope you enjoyed this part. Let me know your thoughts and please vote if you like the story.

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