Back Deck Solitude

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They sat on their back deck in the chaise lounges they had purchased earlier in the summer. It’s a hot, humid night. Lee looked at Ashton admiring how her tank top was clinging to the curve of her breasts. It was later in the evening and even as the sun set the heat and humidity clung in the air.

It was the perfect summer night, one of the few they would have left before the air turned cooler and they would have to give up their back deck solitude to the elements of fall and winter. There was a pitcher of margarita on the table between them, both having refilled their glasses several times. Ashton lolled her head on the chaise to look at Lee. She met his gaze and smiled brightly at him.

“What are you looking at?” she asked him.

He returned her smile and ran his gaze from her head to her toes. He admired every curve of his wife’s body. The swell of her breasts under the clingy white tank top, the flare of her hips encased in her denim Bermuda shorts, the point of her knees as she sat with her legs bent in the chair. Even the way her toes curled into the chair padding. “You,” Lee said simply.

“Mmm,” Ashton said teasing her husband by stretching her legs out and arching her back in an effort to showcase her breasts. Her gaze never left his. “Like what you see?”

“I do baby,” he replied shifting in the chair so she could see his apparent arousal in his shorts, “but you look like you have too many clothes on.”

Ashton chuckled and moved to sit up on the chaise. “Is that so?” she asked joining in the cheesy sexual banter. She thought back to a recent trip to the local strip club and Lee’s insisting on her having her own lap dance. It was part of their sexual exploration that they were enjoying immensely. Their sex life had thrived as a result of their trust, willingness and openness to new things. Although she was the most hesitant at first to start the exploration she was glad they had and glad of the impact it had on their relationship. Her naughty side took over as she decided her husband deserved his own lap dance.

Ashton stood, stretched again, and slowly walked around the table to stand at the foot of Lee’s chair. “We’ll have to do something about that then, won’t we?” She purposely took a long time to unbutton the button on her shorts then looked at her husband expectantly. Their gaze locked at she slid the zipper down exposing the white lace of her panties. Remembering the dancer’s motions, she was moving slowly, seductively, doing her best to tempt and tease Lee. She turned around, facing away from him and slowly peeled the clingy tank top over her head. Looking back over her shoulder and smiling wickedly she flung the top over back over her shoulder watching it land on his chest.

She arap escort turned back around to face him. The look on his face was one of longing – she loved it when he looked at her like that. She loved how he made her feel wanted. Slowly she shimmied out of the shorts she was wearing and stood before him in nothing but white lace. “Is this better?” she teased.

Lee, having lost his voice momentarily, nodded his approval. He watched as Ashton slowly turned full circle. The bra she wore was completely transparent and cut low, her areolas almost visible at the top of the material. The fact that her nipples were hard and pressing against the skimp of material ensured him that she was in fact as turned on as he was. His voice was thick when he did speak. “More,” he said simply.

Her lips twitched, the wicked sexy smile he loved so much crossed her face. Slowly she walked to stand beside his chair and was half surprised by the fact that he didn’t pull her down onto his lap immediately. She reached for the pitcher of margarita and one glass, hearing him groan as she bent slightly in her retrieval. Pitcher in one hand, glass in the other, she raised her left leg and gracefully straddled her husband’s lap and the chair. She wasn’t sure how but she had just made it look like she had been dancing around poles for years. She smiled to herself relishing just how naughty she had become.

She could feel Lee’s erection under her and rocked gently on him. “I’m still so hot baby,” Ashton said. Before he could respond she tilted her head back and tipped the margarita glass over letting the cold sticky liquid run down her neck, and chest, turning the white lace of her bra a lime color. Lee drew in his breath as the cold liquid landed on his hard cock as it slid further down her stomach to pool on his lap.

“Jesus, Ashton!” he said breathless.

She sat the glass and pitcher down slowly, purposely grinding her mound against him as she moved from left to right to reach the deck on either side of the chair. Lee sat up straight in the chair pulling her to him. They kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining. He broke the kiss to lick her neck, sucking and nibbling her sticky skin. She arched her back towards him and let him unclasp the front hook of her bra. Pushing it aside he licked the sticky trail between her breasts, his hands cupping each one, rubbing his thumbs over each nipple.

Ashton moaned deep in her throat as he took a nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the peak before he scraped his teeth over the sensitive flesh. He repeated the action in turn on the other nipple, eliciting yet another groan from her. As his mouth moved back up her chest and neck to seek hers escort bayan istanbul out again, she reached for the hem of his tee shirt. Lee didn’t resist as she basically jerked the garment over his head allowing her mouth to find his neck. She could feel his breath quicken as she licked and nibbled at his neck.

Her mouth found his nipple and she mimicked his actions. Swirling her tongue around the flat disk then scraping her teeth over the peak. Her hands caressed up and down his arms as she continued her ministrations on his nipples. She could feel him grow harder under her, straining against the fabric of his shorts. She scooted backwards causing him to moan, but allowing her to unbutton and unzip his shorts in one fast motion.

She could only imagine the image she created as she stood, still bent over him, to pull the shorts and boxer briefs down to free his throbbing erection. She let him kick them the rest of the way off to land beside hers at the end of the chair. Bringing her lips back up his chest and neck to kiss him again she put one knee on the chair in between his legs forcing one leg to fall off the chair. Planting that foot firmly on the deck, he followed suit with the other leg as did she.

Crawling backwards on her knees, she leaned forward, her hands resting on his legs. Kissing the tops of his thighs and into the joint of his hip she reached to pick the pitcher back up. Sitting up on her knees she held the pitcher in front of her. “You still look so hot,” she teased as she tipped the pitcher allowing the rest of the cold liquid to cover Lee’s hard cock.

“Baaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyyy!” he howled as the cold touched his heat. It had no adverse affects, in fact just the opposite. Ashton’s eyes widened as she watched him grow harder as a result of her tease.

The plastic pitcher clattered to the deck as she dropped it. She licked from the base of his cock to the tip sucking in the sticky liquid. Her tongue swept over his scrotum catching the cold droplets gathered there too. She alternated where her tongue touched. Not one inch of his length was left untouched before she wrapped her lips around the head. “Aaaaaah,” he moaned, “baby”. His breathing was heavy and he gripped the side of the chaise with one hand and the back of her head with the other as she took his entire shaft into her mouth.

She was sucking with abandon. She had aroused herself in the process of trying to tempt him and now she couldn’t get enough. She slowly let him slide out of her mouth swirling her tongue once again around the tip of his cock. Looking up at him, the wicked smile in place, her eyes dark with passion and lust she whispered, “Fuck me.”

It was Lee’s undoing. Sitting up and reaching zenci escort for her he pulled her up to a sitting position. He kissed her passionately, tasting the tang of the margarita on her lips. Pushing her gently down onto her back his lips blazed a trail from her neck to her stomach. “Lee,” she panted as she felt his lips kiss the inside of her thigh as he slid the scrap of lace that passed for panties down her legs. “Please,” she pleaded. His tongue circled her clit in swift motions as he plunged two fingers into her wetness. She cried out at his touch and immediately began to buck her hips.

Her taste was more intoxicating than the margaritas they had consumed earlier. He withdrew his fingers, bringing them to his lips to clean her taste off them. He replaced his fingers with his tongue, sweeping her outer lips, plunging into her wetness, lapping up her nectar. He felt her body tighten and her breathing hitch. “Leeeeee!” she moaned. Circling her clit once again he sat up on his knees. The sight in front of him took his breath.

Ashton’s head was tilted back, her legs spread to straddle the chair just as he had, her skin flushed from passion, her chest heaving. Reaching to cup her bottom in his hands, he pulled her toward him on the chair and thrust his cock into her warm, wet pussy. She screamed his name as the orgasm rushed through her. He held her still on his cock as her spasms shook her body. She had grabbed onto the side of the chair when the climax hit. When he saw some of the color return to her knuckles, he began to slowly rock into her.

Coming down from her peak, she felt him sliding in and out of her. He was so hard, stretching her, filling her. Their eyes locked as he thrust into her over and over. She could feel another climax approaching. Sweat dripped off him landing on her stomach and chest as he held himself above her.

She reached up to sweep his sweat drenched hair back on his head. “Baby, you feel so good,” Ashton said as she met his thrusts with her own. “I love to feel you fill me…faster baby…faster,” she pleaded.

He moaned as she lifted her legs to wrap them around his back pulling him deeper into her. “Ash…” he panted.

They moved in unison, meeting thrust with thrust. Ashton gripped the side of the chair again as she felt her body tense. Eyes still locked on each other she watched Lee’s face twist in pleasure as she contracted her muscles around him. It sparked her own climax and she cried out. “Baby,” she whispered, her breathing heavy, “cum with me…baby…please!”

Lee cried out as he filled her. He dropped down on top of her, completely spent. They lay in a tangled heap as they allowed their bodies to stop twitching and their breathing to return to normal. When he finally lifted his head to look at her he was smiling. He kissed her, softly, gently brushing his fingers across her cheek.

“We need a shower,” Lee said, “we’re all sticky and sweaty.” He couldn’t help but laugh as he watched the wicked smile cross his wife’s face again…

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