Back from the Future- Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The following morning again found us lying on the beach, relaxing and
soaking up the sun. I had the girls all dressed in bikinis, I found that
the bikini helped to show off their sexy bodies much better. Kara found the
top unusual as she had never even worn a bra before, not that she needed to
with her pert little breasts.

I was swimming happily when I noticed that Susie was sitting apart from the
others, quite naturally really, given her slave status in our group. What
drew my attention was the dark looks she was giving the other girls. It
made me question as to weather we had really broken her will. It was a
worrying thought, that she could be fooling us. I thought about it long and
hard as I lay in the shallow water and observed her. I even had a consult
with Computer through my mind. Together we hatched a plan.

I walked up the beach and ordered Susie to go back to the ship and fetch us
all some more towels.

‘Fuckslut, you have control over Computer to ask it to produce them for you
and transport you back down when you are ready.’

‘Yes master.’ Susie replied.

She disappeared as she was transported back to the ship. It was a minor
risk, giving her power. However, I trusted Computer to keep her from
actually doing anything.

About half an hour later, Susie reappeared with a pile of fresh towels. I
thanked her for them and told her to go and distribute them to the girls. I
went off to talk to Computer.

‘Tell me everything she did.’ I ordered Computer.

‘She returned to me as you instructed. I then read her thoughts as she was
inside the ship. She was thinking of flying off and leaving you all
stranded here. The only thing that stopped her was that she was uncertain
if she would be able to do it on her own and not get caught. She cannot be
trusted at all.’ Computer summarized.

I thanked Computer and went off to think.

I formulated a plan and went off to put it into action, slowly. There was
no danger of Susie being able to hurt any of us, but, I wanted to break her
once and for all to ensure she would be a good little Fuckslut from now on.
I would wait until an opportune moment came along and go from there.

Right now though, it was time to teach Kara to suck cock! I sauntered on
over to the girls and said,

‘Joanna, Melia, it’s time you taught Kara to suck my cock. I’ll be over
here in the shade when you are ready. Come Fuckslut.’

They all nodded in agreement and Susie followed me to the shaded loungers.
I allowed myself to molest her for a while, revelling in feeling her ass
and boobs through her bikini. I paid closer attention to her eyes and could
still see some residual hate there. I moved a finger under her bikini and
rubbed it along her slit. Susie’s pussy was not wet but she was not totally
dry either. I pushed my finger into her cunt, finding it easy to penetrate
her lips. I withdrew and brought my finger up to her mouth and pushed it in.

‘Suck your juices off my finger, Fuckslut.’ I ordered.

Susie did so, before I went back to fingering her pussy. Before it got more
interesting, the other arrived, having finished explaining to Kara how to
give a blowjob.

‘Kara is ready for practical experience, now the theory is over!’ Melia
said, excitedly.

Kara looked slightly nervous but nodded her head. I lay back on a lounger,
whipping off my shorts to reveal my semi hard cock.

‘Now you just lay back and enjoy and let us give the lesson.’ Said Joanna.

I did as instructed! I felt warm, wet lips envelope my cock head and a
tongue swirling round my head. There were instructions being given but I
ignored everything except the feeling in my dick. It was obviously an
inexperienced mouth but the enthusiasm was there, a most important thing as
everything else could be learned.

Kara’s head started to bob up and down on my shaft, taking me deeper each
time, before stopping and concentrating on just licking my head again with
her talented tongue. Kara introduced her hand to the base of my cock and
started wanking me as she sucked. Heaven!

I wallowed in the pleasure of Kara’s blowjob, excited by the thought it was
her first one. It helped that Joanna’s hands were fondling my balls and
Melia was rubbing my thighs. I was thrusting my hips up as I became more
and more aroused.

‘Tell us when you are going to cum.’ said Joanna.

‘I’m close.’ I gasped.

I felt Kara come off my dick and just take my head in her mouth. I watched
as Joanna wanked my cock into Kara’s mouth and Melia held Kara’s head in
place. I erupted spurt after spurt of cum into Kara’s mouth. I could feel
her choking on the volume of it but Melia held her in place and told her to
swallow hard. Kara did so, not spilling much of my cum at all. Once she has
swallowed it all, Kara proceeded to lick my cock all over, cleaning me up

As I came down from my cum, the girls explained to me that the ending was
all a part of their plan. Kara told me that she enjoyed the experience.

‘I like this. The taste is good. I will do this again.’ Kara said.

I was glad to hear it! I was also pleased with how her language skills were
coming on. She had said those sentences in English, using correct tenses.
It seemed that she was bright and learning all the time.

‘Let’s go and have an adventure. Any suggestions?’ I asked.

Melia answered, ‘I was studying the Battle of Waterloo in History class this semester and in 2015 it was the 200th anniversary of the battle. I would love to go and watch it actually happen.’

‘Fine, sounds like it will be interesting. Anyone have any problems with that?’ I asked the others. Obviously, Susie did not get any input and Kara had no idea as it was in the future for her. Joanna nodded and gave her consent.

I arranged with Computer for it to erase all trace of our presence on this stone age tropical beach but to remember where it is and how we had it set up. Computer would set it up as we had it now when we returned.

We all beamed back onto the ship and set course for July 1815. I wanted to arrive the night before the battle as a plan was forming in my mind about how to punish Susie for her traitorous thoughts!

Arriving about an hour before sunset at Waterloo, we hovered above what was to be the battle field and observed the positions of the different troops. The French on one side and the British on the higher ground on the other. I had done a quick read up of the history and knew roughly what was going to happen. Melia knew a great deal more and was able to put the whole lead up into context for us. I was fascinated, as was Joanna. To Kara it was all too surreal. Susie just looked bored and I did not worry about her. I had a plan that would give her some first hand knowledge of the battle!

Consulting the history books, there was no fighting before the big day,so I had Computer bring the ship down into a very low hover over the British lines. Melia was able to roughly guess which each regiment was from their positioning, from the main HQ of the Duke of Wellington outwards. Melia pointed out a group of soldiers and explained how they were fated to all be killed in the battle the following day, barring a couple. They held the centre of the line and would meet the most canon fire and musket fire from the French. I had found my target group. I planned to let every man there fuck Susie tonight, a little bit of pleasure etiler escort for them before their deaths tomorrow! Susie did not know this yet though.

‘Right Fuckslut, it’s time you learned your lesson. I understand that you are not yet fully broken and I intend to change that today. Firstly, strip naked.’ I commanded. Susie did as she was bidden. ‘ Now it’s time you gave a bit of pleasure to these poor men down here. You are going to be fucked by each of them.’

Susie’s eyes widened in horror. ‘You, you, you can’t be serious?’ She stammered out. ‘Ther must be 200 men in that group.

‘202 to be precise.’ chipped in Computer.

I had Computer do a mind control on the entire group, to raise their horniness level suitably and to make sure that they would not kill her.. I then beamed down with Susie into the middle of the men.

‘Gentlemen, tonight I bring you a present, this lovely girl here. You may all fuck her tonight, before you have to face the French tomorrow. Is there an NCO to get the men in order ready?’ I asked.

‘Yes Sir’ said one man stepping forward. ‘Do you wish individually or three at a time Sir?’ He went on to ask.

‘Oh I think three at a time sounds good, one in each hole, wouldn’t you agree Sergeant?’ I said.

‘Right you are Sir.’ He then saluted and took a minute to organize his men. Very disciplined troops there Brits I remember thinking to myself.

Susie was shaking in fear next to me, pleading with me not to make her go through with it.

The first three men were ready. One was lying down and the other two stood ready. I pushed Susie forward and mentally controlled her for the first round.! I had already made sure her holes were lubed up. She squatted on the first man, his erect prick sinking easily into her pussy. He then pulled her forward on top of him, exposing her asshole to the one behind. He was none too gentle and stabbed his engorged cock forward, penetrating her ass after a few attempts. The last man guided his cock into her mouth and held her head as he thrust in and out. What a sight it was, Susie full of cock and a whole horde of horny men standing ready to fuck her.

They were obviously a bit sex starved these men, as they came quickly, filling her three holes with cum. I had sent a mental command to them all to make sure they all came deep in Susie. I saw Susie rapidly swallowing as cum flowed into her mouth, her head held so that none could escape!

The it was the turn of the next three. They all roughly fucked her, until they too filled her with their cum. Then the next, and the next. I stood watching in awe, enjoying seeing Susie being ravaged. She was screaming at the beginning, but as more cocks filled her up, she became less and less concerned and I could see that she she had given up in her eyes.

I did a quick scan of the other girls to see how they were taking it. They were all fingering themselves at the sight. A good sign I thought!!

Susie had by now serviced about 70 odd of the soldiers and the others still waited their turn. There was cum flowing out of all her holes. Her asshole was stretched and her pussy also gaped from the repeated fucking.Susie did not actually do anything, she just knelt there and took it, the man in her mouth held her head and used it as just another hole to fill. I watched the latest three all spurt their cream into her and saw her lifted off and another three take their place.

I got Computer to read her mind thoroughly. ‘She is obviously registering pain, but she seems to have given up entirely. I can see that she is sorry for not being a good slave and I think she will cooperate thoroughly with you from now on.’ Computer informed me.

At this point Susie had reached the half way stage and was on the downhill run as it were. She was totally unresponsive to the men, just a hole for them to fill. She was guided into position and fucked and the process repeated. The amount of cum flowing out of her was amazing, her stomach was slightly distended from all the loads she had swallowed.

As the last three finished with her, they finished pumping their cum into her and left her lying there on the ground, muddied by the sheer amount of physical activity that had taken place. The sergeant came up and saluted.

‘All finished Sir. Thank you Sir. Much appreciated. Permission to be dismissed.?’

‘As you like Sergeant. Good luck tomorrow.’ I said.

At that, I was left alone with Susie, all the men having disappeared to prepare themselves for the slaughter tomorrow. I had Computer beam us back aboard, and take Susie straight to the medical suite. I went with her and looked at her unconscious body laying on the bed. Susie had streams of cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. Her ass was still gaping, having been roughly fucked and used by so many men. Her pussy was similar, stretched and leaking cum. Susie also had cum drying on her face and the rest of her body where it had leaked out of one hole or another. I gave Computer instructions,

‘Leave her knocked out. I want you to clean her up, get all the cum out of her body, including her belly. Scan her for any diseases and eradicate them. Then you may put her pussy and ass back to their sizes before. You may wipe the memory of this but hide it rather than remove it. Leave it lurking, unseen but as a reminder that she should be a faithful slave from now on. How long will all of that take?’

‘Leave her here for 2 days and I will have her ready as good as new.’ Computer replied.

I left it at that and went to find the others. They were looking out of the window, at all the campfires in front of them. There were many thousands.

‘What did you think of the Fuckslut’s punishment?’ I asked them.

‘It was an amazing sight, I found it a turn on but I don’t want it to happen to me.’ Joanna answered first.

‘Nor me, but my pussy was very wet when it started.’ Melia chipped in.

‘I do not want this.’ Kara said abruptly. ‘I enjoy the sex we had but that is too many.’

I smiled at all of them. ‘Don’t worry it won’t. I wouldn’t do that to you all. I then explained why Susie had to be punished.

‘Where is the Fuckslut now?’ Melia asked.

‘She’s in the medical suite being repaired, she will be there for a day or two.’ I answered.

‘Let’s all go and see her.’ Melia said, and they all jumped up and ran off to the medical suite.

Susie lay where I had left her, cum still oozing out of her pussy and ass. The girls gaped open mouthed at the state she was in. Her pussy and asshole still gaped open. It was quite a sight.

‘Wow, that is amazing. Horrible, but a sort of turn on in a way.’ said Melia. Joanna nodded in silent agreement.

‘Is she broken?’ Kara asked.

‘No, she will be repaired by Computer.’ I said and went on the explain everything that would be done to her from now.

‘What now?’ Asked Joanna.

‘Now we go and watch the battle. Computer, take us forward in time to just before the first shot is fired.’ I said.

We all left Susie in the medical suite and went back to the lounge to watch the action. We saw the sun rising on a beautiful summer’s day. The positions of the two armies were clear to us. Melia gave us some factual information about the tactics that would be used. She certainly knew a great deal and she was proved right as a large single column of French infantry moved forward, accompanied by beating drums and artillery fire over their heads into the British lines.

Watching the wholesale slaughter begin was strangely fascinating çapa escort but utterly horrific. Seeing a cannon ball smash through the closed ranks of infantry, killing and maiming as it went was one of the most awful things I had ever seen. The action unfolded across the entire front, with infantry and cavalry in action. The massed columns of the French attempting to break the British line but the British infantry pouring shot after shot into the massed ranks of the French. The French cavalry attacking the British guns and the redcoats having to form square to repel them. The French attack on La Haye Sainte and the hand to hand fighting there. The action was relentless and the slaughter continued regardless of rank or seniority as officers and men were mown down.

Time flew by and we became almost numb to the slaughter. We had long since stopped talking and just watched. Eventually the Prussians arrived, having taken the long way to get to the battle and the French were finished. As night drew in, we sat there and ate a quick supper and collapsed into bed, too emotionally exhausted to do anything else.

As dawn rose over the field, I was up and looking out at the shattered armies. How this could be considered a victory for one side was beyond me. The dead lay where they fell and the wounded moaned for aid. Moving in amongst the bodies were scores of women, scavanging from the dead and putting some of the wounded out of their misery. One figure immediately below us caught my attention. A smal, blonde figure hurried through the bodies, giving each one a cursory search and taking what small items she could. She was much smaller than the others, no more than a child I guessed. What could lead a person to have to resort to this? I asked Computer,

‘What is her story?’

‘Wait one and I will get back to you.’ Computer replied. After several seconds, ‘ She is an orphan Belgian girl, following the French army, trying to make a living any way that she can.’

‘What does the future hold for her?’ I asked, intrigued by this one person out of so many as I sat there with a cup of coffee watching her.

‘She will be brutally gang raped by some of the defeated French soldiers this evening and she will die of her injuries in 2 days time.’ Computer answered.

I dropped my coffee at hearing this and my heart went out to her. I turned round and saw Joanna stood behind me with a look of anguish on her face.

‘There has been so much death, please let’s help her.’ Joanna begged.

I nodded. In reality I had already decided to help her.

‘Computer, assess the landscape and find a suitable moment to beam her aboard when no one else is watching. Make sure she is unconcious and beam her straight into the medical suite, separate from Susie. Follow all the usual protocols.’ I instructed Computer. The usual protocols would see any object she brought on board with her destroyed and her be given a complete medical check and thorough spring cleaning of her body. I had not thought any further ahead than just getting her to safety.

I turned off the screens as I could not watch anymore. I sat down to a subdued breakfast with the others. We spoke about the horrors of war and the senselessness of it all. I was heartened to see that the girls were as shocked by it all as I was. However, Kara was shocked about the sheer scale of it all rather than the killing, as she was sadly accustomed to killing in her stone age environment.

I was watching the girl as she suddenly disappeared. I knew that she had been beamed aboard. An instant later, Computer alerted me that it had taken her and she was in the medical suite. I walked through to go and look at her.

She was lying there with a sheet covering her body, all her clothes had been taken and incinerated. She was filthy dirty, with streaks of mud and soot on her face and her blonde hair matted and tangled.

‘Computer, clean her up, full medical. Keep her knocked out and I will return when I am ready to deal with her.’ I said.

I left Computer to it and went back to the others. It was time to leave this place. I got Computer to navigate us back to our Stone Age beach and set it up as before. In the blink of an eye we were there and breakfast was ready. I went to wake up the girl first so she could join us.

I made sure that she was dressed in clothes she would feel comfortable in and had Computer transport her to us. I got Melia and Kara to go out of the room as she was brought to us so as not to scare her with so many people. Joanna and I would talk to her first. Before we woke her up we had a good look at her. Her hair was shiny blonde again and she was clean and sweet smelling. Computer had done a good job with her clothes too. I got Computer to wake her up slowly and apply maximum soothing to her.

The girl woke slowly and her face was beautiful as she awoke and rubbed her eyes, a look of disbelief and disorientation on her face but not fear. I let Joanna do the talking to start with.

‘Good morning, my name is Joanna and you are safe and we will not harm you.’ Joanna assured her.

‘Where, where am I?’ The girl asked.

‘You are in our home and you are welcome here.’ Joanna told her, Computer taking care of the language barrier. ‘What is you name?’ Joanna asked.

‘I am Philine.’ she replied. (Not a name I had ever heard before. I suppose it was a European name common at this time).

‘Why am I here?’ Philine asked

‘You were in trouble and we rescued you.’ Joanna told her.

‘Who is that?’ Philine asked pointing at me.

‘My name is Dan and this is also my home.’ I told her, before asking, ‘How old are you Philine?’

‘I’m 16 but I can take care of myself!’ She said.

‘I’m sure you can!’ I said. ‘Now, would you like some breakfast?

Philine nodded and I gently took her hand and gave Computer a silent command to transport us down to the beach where breakfast was waiting along with Melia and Kara. Philine was in shock as she suddenly found herself standing on a beach- something she had probably never seen before!

‘How, what, where…..’ Philine spluttered.

‘I’ll explain it all soon, first, meet Melia and Kara and let’s eat.’ I stalled her by saying.

We went over and I introduced them all and we sat down to an amazing breakfast. During our meal, we all took turns explaining everything to Philine, even Kara chipped in occasionally! It was great seeing Philine marveling over all the fresh food. She ate ravenously but sensibly did not eat too much. After breakfast, I suggested that she might like to swim. She obviously couldn’t swim but Joanna and Melia said they would teach her. I let them take her back to the ship and get Computer to find a suitable bikini for Philine to wear. Kara stayed with me on the beach in the lounger.

Once the others had disappeared, I moved over to Kara and began kissing her neck as she lay back in the soft pillows. My hand roamed her chest, gently fondling her breasts and up and down her legs. A quick command to Computer and we were both naked, not that Kara noticed as she had her eyes shut and was enjoying the sensations. I moved my head down to suck upon her nipples and slipped my hand onto her pussy, feeling the heat radiating off it. Kara was horny and it only took an exploratory finger along her slit to find out she was sopping wet. I gently circle her cit and rubbed her as I nibbled her nipples and Kara was soon writhing in ecstasy. I was pleased to feel Kara’s small hand reach for my rock hard cock and grip me firmly. I merter escort was so horny my cock was hard as iron.

I moved up Kara, straddling her upper body, trapping her arms between her body and my legs. I moved my hips forward and presented my cock to Kara’s face. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock into her willing mouth. Kara moved her head back and forth as much as she could. I grabbed her head and used it to move up and down my cock. I was lost in the moment and was pushing my cock roughly down Kara’s throat, causing her eyes to leak tears and her to gag slightly. I realized what I was doing and withdrew. Kara choked a bit bu smiled up at me. I left it there and moved off her and mounted her swiftly, pushing my cock into her wet pussy. Kara cried out in pleasure as she felt her pussy being invaded.

Kara had her hands on my ass and was pulling me into her. We kissed as we fucked like this and we were both thrusting and grunting into our kiss, frantic like animals. As Kara neared her orgasm, I stopped and withdrew and turned her over and got her in doggystyle position. I knelt behind her and thrust back into her pussy, filling her up, reaching round to rub her clit. Kara exploded in orgasm as I did this, sending her over the edge. I then gripped her hips and pumped into her full speed as I fucked her through her orgasm. Once she had come down from her high, I withdrew from her pussy. I told her to stay like that but to put her head down. This exposed her asshole to me even more and I was going to fuck it.

I got onto my feet and bending at the knees, lined up my cock with her asshole. I rubbed her juices onto her ring and got Computer to provide some additional lube. I then gently pushed forward, feeling her anal ring give and allow my cock head access to her ass. Kara felt amazing, tight, warm and her screams of pleasure/pain added to it all. I pushed forward and more of my cock inched its way into her bowels. What an amazing sensation, not one I could take too much more of. I gently moved in and out and it was enough to send me over the edge, spurting just inside Kara’s asshole so that as soon as I withdrew, my thick cum oozed out. I moved to Kara’s head and presented my cock to her lips. I was glad when she opened her mouth and sucked me clean. At that moment we heard the others arrived back on the beach. I did not want Philine to see us like this and shock her, so I had Computer dress us both quickly and we walked out of the lounger to meet them.

Joanna and Kara looked amazing in their bikinis and I was surprised to see that Philine looked stunning in hers. It was fairly conservative but showed off Philine’s amazingly petite and sexy body. Good job I had just cum! Melia and Kara ran straight into the water and began splashing around, Kara fully clothed as she had not changed. I got Computer to put me on a pair of shorts and Joanna and I coaxed Philine into the shallows. Philine was marveling at the sensation of the water and sand on her feet and it was wonderful to see someone so excited by such a simple thing as the beach. Eventually we got her in to knee deep water and we sat down with her. We sat and quizzed her about her life and how she managed to survive in tough times.

As we were chatting, I noticed over Philine’s shoulder that Kara had stripped off her wet clothes and was splashing around with Melia naked. I took a moment to admire the sexy body that I had just fucked. Philine saw me staring and turned to see a naked Kara. Philine did not bat an eyelid, she just saw it as normal and carried on. I then noticed that Melia had taken her bikini top off and her boobs were jiggling around as she moved, although not much as they were so perfect! I couldn’t take my eyes off Kara and Melia as they frolicked, they were both so gorgeous! Joanna noticed and asked if Philine minded if she took her top off.

‘No, go ahead, I’ll take mine off too. I’m sure Dan won’t mind. I know men and they love boobies.’ Philine said matter of factly!!!!

I couldn’t believe it, Philine casually took her top off revealing her small pert breasts. They were so small as to not move about at all when she moved. The smallest pair I had ever seen (not surprising given her age) and it was so erotic. I sat there and stared. Philine laughed at me,

‘I see you are like most men, they like to stare at my boobs!’ Philine said.

‘How many men have stared at your boobs?’ Joanna asked her.

‘Many, sometimes, to survive, I sold my body as a prostitute.’ Philine said.

I was shocked, as was Joanna, who put her arm round Philine and said,

‘Oh you poor darling. I’m so sorry that had to happen to you. Never again.’ Joanna said.

I wasn’t really listening as, when Joanna leaned into Philine, her larger breasts pressed up against Philine’s small ones. I noticed that both their nipples were hard and I could feel something else getting hard as well!! Joanna had her head buried in Philine’s hair and I could see her inhaling Philine’s scent as they hugged. It was too much and I was hard again in my shorts and trying to bend over to hide it!

Philine was obviously more worldly wise than I gave her credit for as I saw her look down and see my stiffy and smile at me. She then did something I would never have expected. Philine turned her head and gave Joanna and big, wet kiss on the lips. I even saw her tongue dart into Joanna’s surprised mouth. I stared open mouthed at the sight in front of me. I could not believe it. It got even better when Joanna returned the kiss and the two of them made out right there. Kara and Melia had also seen and had stopped moving and just watched.

Joanna pulled away and said,

‘Philine, what are you doing? We can’t, you’re too young. It’s not right, I thi……’

She did not get any further as Philine had kissed her again.

I couldn’t resist and I had my cock out and was gently stroking myself. I saw that Kara was openly fingering her twat and that Melia had her fingers inside her bikini bottoms. What an amazing turn up! I still struggled to understand it but there was no denying that watching Joanna and Philine making out was mesmerizing and such a turn on.

Philine broke the kiss and got up and straddled Joanna and resumed kissing her. Their breasts were mashed together and the passion was rising. Joanna had her hands all over Philine’s ass, pulling her onto her. I was standing up and had my shorts off in a flash and was standing close to them just watching and wanking. It was a sight make even better by the fact that the other side were Kara and Melia, who were now both naked, and fingering each other without taking their eyes off Joanna and Philine. I was so turned on that I was soon ready to cum. It hit me hard and I erupted my hot cum all over the two kissing girls. My cum splashed down on to them and ran down their faces, mixing in their mouths as they carried on kissing, getting my cum mixed in. It was the most erotic, sexy sight I had ever seen. I stood there with my cock in my hand watching them snog away, faces covered in my cum and not a complaint from either of them. Eventually, they broke apart panting.

‘That was one of the sexiest moments ever!’ Joanna panted breathlessly.

‘Mmmmh, I liked that!’ said Philine, as she looked across at me and licked her lips, a dribble of white semen flowing down her face.

‘I think I underestimated your innocence!’ I said to Philine.

‘I have been with many men and women, I am quite skilled at lovemaking. It was not always a horrible thing to have to sell my body, no? Sometimes I enjoyed it muchly. Although there were awful times as well.’ Philine replied.

The rest of us were all gobsmacked and gawped at her.

‘Tell us more. I said to her.

Philine proceeded to tell us her whole life story. It was quite a tale!

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