Back Together with His Ex-Wife 03

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Peter didn’t hear from Anna directly for several months after the phone call, though he did see her car drive past the boy’s school several times while he was waiting for them. Then one day a friend of hers, Janice, stopped him in the street and whisper, “Anna says, ‘Hi, and that she misses you,” as she dropped a note in his hand.

The note simply read:


I miss you and the kids terribly. I miss and need you to hold me, but it’s not safe to be with you yet. Ned is still after me and making threats about what he’ll do to me if he catches me. The court case is scheduled for next Tuesday and then I’ll be able to come to you … and cum for you … TeeHee.

Love, Anna

That was on Thursday, Tuesday was only 5 days away, just five days until the start of a new life with Anna & the kids. So Peter waited. Finally Tuesday came … and went … and Wednesday … and Thursday, but still no Anna. On Friday, he began to make discreet calls to people who might have seen or heard from Anna. All of them denied knowing about where she might be. He even went to the police to file a “Missing Person” report but was told that because he was not her husband or a blood relative he couldn’t file the report. Dejected, he finally went home.

Two more days passed before Peter got a call from Janice, Anna’s friend. She spoke in a whispered voice and told him to meet her in a bar about 15 miles out of town at 7:00PM that night. Anxious, he arrived early and took a booth in the back of the bar to wait. When Janice walked in the place he instantly knew that Anna was in big trouble. Janice was wearing over-sized sunglasses and the black lights in the bar seemed to high-light the bruises on her face even more. Standing, he offered her a seat, which she took with a nervous smile.

“What happened to you?” Peter asked.

Looking down at the tabletop she responded with one word, a word that sent chills down his spine. “Ned.”

“What do you mean? Where’s Anna? What happened? Is she okay?” the questions tumbled from his mouth.

Removing her sunglasses, Peter instantly saw the typical “Raccoon Eyes” that come from a broken nose as well as several smaller bruises on her cheek. She returned his look. “There are other bruises that son-of-a-bitch gave me that you can’t see that hurt a whole lot more then these, but I think we should go back to your place to talk and look at this. Then you can ask any questions you might still have,” she said as she held up a videotape for him to see. Quickly, they rose from their seats and headed for the bar door.

Exiting the bar Janice looked over her shoulder to see if Peter was there and ask, “Can we use your car? Mine is too well known around town and there could be trouble if it was seen in front of your house.”

Walking quietly to his car, Peter opened the door and held it open while Janice slid into the passenger’s seat. They didn’t say a word during the ride though Janice did give him a curious look when he headed in a different direction than she was used to.

“I bought a new place a little ways out of town in anticipation of Anna coming home. Anna always loved the country so I figured it would be a nice surprise as well as a good start on a new life together.”

Janice simply nodded and kept watching through the rearview window as they drove to the new place and pulled into the attached garage. After pulling in, Peter closed the door before Janice got out and entered the house.

“Want something to drink?” he offered.

“No. The doctor has me on pain medications and I’m not supposed to drink when I take them. You might want one though.”

Mixing a drink, he thought better of it and left it on the counter realizing that he was going to need all of his senses tonight for what was about to come. Then joining Janice in the livingroom, he took a seat across from her.

“Peter, Anna told me all about you and her. She also told me how she started craving sex after being with you and how hard it was while she was on the run. What you probably didn’t know is that Mark and I have a very open marriage. We enjoy sex with each other but also with others. This video is from the night after I met you in the street. Anna and I had been drinking and well … … … things happened. The beginning of the tape isn’t really all that important in comparison to the end. That is where you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.”

Janice walked to the tape player and popped the tape in. Instantly the screen showed Anna and Janice sitting on a couch with Anna crying.


“Jan, I’m not sure what I’d do without a friend like you. Ever since I told Ned that I wanted a divorce he’s been trying to get a hold of me and if only half of what he’s threatening to do would come true I’d be in really big trouble. There just doesn’t seem to be any way to get away from him except keep running,” Anna sobbed as she took a large drink from the glass in front of her.

“It’s ok. You’re safe here. Mark and I Trabzon Escort will make sure Ned doesn’t get anywhere near you,” Janice replied soothingly as she gently ran her fingers Anna’s hair.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good. Peter strokes my hair just like that and it … well, you know,” Anna sighed as she took another drink.

“Does Peter do this too?” Janice questioned as she lightly traced her fingers over Anna’s forehead and down across her nose to her cheeks, chin and ears.

“Oooohhhh, yesssssss. It gets me all tingly inside,” Anna purred as she finished her drink in one long shallow.

“And what happens when Peter does this?” Janice asked as she slid her hand down the front of Anna’s top and cupped a breast in her hand.

An almost imperceptible shiver ran through Anna as her eyes opened. “Janice, I don’t think …” but she was unable to finish as Janice gently squeezed her breast. Instead she took a deep breath before continuing, “I’ve never felt like this with a woman before,” she moaned as Janice traced the now protruding point of material that covered Anna’s hardening nipple.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh, it will be ok. I promise. You’ve already told me how much you enjoyed the sex with Peter and how much you miss being touched so let me help you,” Janice finished as she leaned over and lightly brushed her lips across Anna’s.

Peter could tell from Anna’s reaction that the alcohol had done its job as she responded to Janice’s touch and her legs slowly spread. What surprised him for the briefest of moments was when the camera moved to get a close-up of the two women kissing and Janice’s hand pinching the material covering Anna’s nipple. It was only then that he realized that Mark must have been there though the two women continued to ignore him.

Anna’s arms slowly encircled Janice’s neck and pulled her closer as they shared their first kiss. They’re eyes were closed as if shutting out the rest of the world. Then Janice parted her lips and touched Anna’s lips with her tongue. Anna moaned softly and responded by opening her lips to allow Janice’s tongue to enter her mouth. The two sat there embracing and kissing as the camera continued. The passion and attraction between the two seemed to sweep them away into another world. When they finally stopped Janice smiled down at Anna and said, “Well, that was unexpected.”

Anna giggled. It was obvious she was too excited to actually speak as she pulled Janice back towards her.

“Would you like to kiss some more?” Janice teased softly. Anna simply nodded as Janice’s lips once again descended to hers. As their lips met Peter could see their tongues darting back and forth between them as their kiss became more passion-filled.

Suddenly the scene changed and Peter saw Anna lying on her back with Janice lying on top of her. Anna’s arms were wrapped around Janice caressing her back and hair. Janice’s kisses occasionally moved from her lips and mouth to the sides of her face and neck causing a soft gasp or moan to escape from Anna. He could tell from Anna’s reaction that Janice had found one of her ‘hot spots’ as she began to grind her hips up against Janice’s thigh. It was then that Janice’s hand moved down Anna’s side to the bottom of her t-shirt and then back up again towards her breast.

Anna seemed to hesitate as she moved her hand from Janice’s back to block the movement upwards. It was obvious to Peter that Anna was fighting some inner battle until she slowly moved her hand away from Janice’s and whispered, “Yes” as she shifted and pulled her t-shirt up over her head to reveal a sheer, black, half-shelf, lace bra.

With all the confidence and skill of someone who had done this before Janice resumed kissing Anna’s neck as her hand traveled upwards to cup Anna’s exposed breast and nipple. “Do you like what I’m doing? Do you like the feel of my lips on your skin and my hands on your tits?”

The tape left little doubt that Anna was responding to Janice’s touch and kisses as she reached over Janice and tried to pull her top from her pants. “Yesssss, please don’t stop. I never imagined it could feel so marvelous to be with another woman.”

With a knowing glance at the camera Janice pulled away and stood next to the couch. In that case I think we both have too many clothes on,” she purred as she removed the pins holding her hair in place and allowed it to cascade down to her buttocks.

Peter had never seen Janice undressed before and quickly became excited as she slowly stripped for Anna. Janice stood 5-foot, 6-inches tall and typically wore loose baggy clothing with her auburn hair pulled up in a bun. Now watching the tape, Peter saw what it was that she was hiding.

Anna continued to lay on the couch as Janice pulled her top over her head to expose a red lace bra that barely held her 36C breasts in place before removing her “Daisy Duke’s” shorts to uncover a pair of matching panties that highlighted her 27-inch waist and 34-inch hips.

Without even realizing Trabzon Escort Bayan he was doing it Peter caught himself glancing at Janice and wondering what she was wearing under her clothing at that moment before quickly returning to the tape.

Anna now sat up and moved with the grace of a cat as she reached behind her back and released the clasp of her bra. Then slowly standing she pushed her hip-hugger jeans and panties off to pool around her ankles before stepping out of them and giving Janice her first look as Anna’s nude body.

Not to be outdone, Janice quickly removed her bra and panties to reveal that, like Anna, her skin was a golden tanned brown with only the slightest sign of tan-lines and her pussy was completely shaved. What took Peter by surprise was that Janice had a ring piercing each of her labial lips and a small lock that held them closed.

Peter’s attention was once again drawn to Janice as she sat next to him until he saw her move on the tape. Slowly she moved towards Anna and began kissing and nibbling on her neck while her hands caressed up and down the sides of her body.

Anna shivered with pleasure and moaned softly as Janice continued to kiss her neck before moving to her shoulder and then back again. Instinctively, Anna wrapped her arms around Janice and pulled her closer, pressing their naked bodies against each other.

Peter could see the passion growing between them until Janice pulled away and said, “Why don’t we take this someplace a bit more comfortable?”

Anna only nodded as Janice took her by the hand and led her down the hallway. Mark followed and continued taping the two women as they entered the bedroom.

Janice quickly climbed up on the bed and Anna followed. Janice rolled onto her side as Anna crawled up next to her and lay on her back. Janice quickly resumed where they had left off and Peter watched in amazement as she kissed Anna while running her hand over Anna’s breast, gently fondling and squeezing them.

The shiver the rolled over Anna’s body told Janice all she needed to know at that point and she slowly kissed lower and lower until she was kissing the upper portion of Anna’s globes. It was obvious to Peter that Anna’s body was now in control of whatever was going to happen as a soft sigh escaped her lips and she began to run her fingers through Janice’s hair.

Janice knew exactly what that meant without a word being spoken as she moved lower and delicately brushed her lips over Anna’s right nipple. Anna’s body quickly responded as Janice shifted to the left nipple and did the same. Delighting in what she was doing to Anna, Janice leaned over and lightly licked across the nipples before blowing on them. Peter watched as they hardened even more and Anna began to shift and move her hips. Peter could only imagine how wet Anna was and how the intoxicating aroma of her pussy must have been filling the room.

Janice continued to lick around Anna’s right nipple teasing it as she massaged the breast and nipple on Anna’s left side. After nearly 10 minutes of this teasing Janice leaned over and took Anna’s right nipple between her lips.

Peter already knew what was about to happen as Janice wrapped her lips around Anna’s nipple and began to suck on it and was only mildly surprised by the look on Janice’s face as Anna’s tit-milk began to flow into her mouth.

“Yesssssssss,” Anna hissed as she pulled Janice against her nipple. “Suck my tit, Jan. Ahhhhhh … so fucking good. Oh god, I need this. Lick my tit, baby. Play with my tits. Ohhhhhhh … I’m going to cum already. Mmmmmmmm, yessssssssss” she whispered as she arched her back to force more of her tit into Janice’s mouth and a small orgasm overtook her.

Janice continued stroking Anna’s tits and sucking on them until she calmed down before shifting to lick between her tits and down to her stomach. “You have such a sexy looking stomach, Anna. It’s hard to believe that you’ve had two kids. You’re going to have to tell me your secret after Mark and I have any children,” she said breathily before going back to kissing and licking down Anna’s body.

Peter was so engrossed by what Janice was doing to Anna and how she was responding that he actually missed the belly button ring that Anna now had until he saw Janice pulling on it with her teeth before plunging her tongue into belly button.

Anna’s response was immediate as she squirmed under Janice. “That feels unreal. I never had anyone play with my belly button like that and even Peter doesn’t know about the ring yet. It just feels so wonderful,” she sighed as Janice proceeded to kiss and lick lower until she slid between Anna’s spread legs and licked around the outer lips of her pussy. Once again a sigh escaped Anna as Janice began to lick up and down her partially open slit from bottom to top, stopping just below Anna’s clit. Teasingly, she continued like this for several moments before lightly flicking just the tip of her tongue across Anna’s clit.

“Oh, my god Escort Trabzon … oh, my god … yes … yes … again. Please do it again, Jan. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. It feels so good,” Anna pleaded as she threw her head from side to side while grabbing the bed sheets.

Janice did exactly as Anna asked, reaching under her and cupping an ass cheek in each hand as she pulled Anna closer as she licked and flicked her clit.

Peter watched as Anna began to frantically pump her hips up and down against Janice’s tongue while she grabbed the back of Janice’s head in her hands and mashed her face tightly to her pussy and clamped her legs around the sides of Janice’s head like a vice before exploding with the ferocity of a volcano. “CCCUUUUMMMMMM… IIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG, JJJAANNNN, NNNOOOWWWWWWW,” Anna shrieked as her back arched until only her shoulders and feet remained on the bed.

Janice kept gently licking and sucking on Anna’s clit the entire time and when she came down from her orgasmic high she was embarrassed to find Janice gasping for air when she finally released her from between her legs.

“I’m so sorry, Jan. I have no idea what came over me,” Anna spoke softly.

Janice simply looked up at her and smiled. “That my darling is called a mind-shattering orgasm and it was my pleasure to give it to you so please don’t be sorry,” she replied as she moved back to lie next to Anna.

“I’m definitely NOT sorry for that. I loved every second of it. It was so … so …”

“Intense … different?” Janice finished.

“Yes and yes. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt with a man. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on sex with Peter, but who knows …” Anna finished with an impish grin. Suddenly they both laughed before Anna gave Janice a shy look. “Do you want me to do that to you too? I don’t know if I can do it as good as you did, but I’m willing to try.”

Janice’s face lit up like a Christmas tree as she answered, “I would love it if you did that to me baby. Don’t worry about how well you do, sex is like a day off from work, even when it’s bad it’s good. And, if you’re not that good, we’ll just have to keep practicing until you are,” she said devilishly when she saw that Anna was still apprehensive.

“Ok,” Anna said still very nervous about what she was going to do and how well she’d be able to do it.

“Anna, it’s actually really simple. Just do what comes naturally and go with the flow. Remember what felt good when I did it to you and you’ll do just fine. I promise,” Janice said as she stroked the side of Anna’s face softly.

Anna smiled at Janice nervously and they moved into a kiss; though this time it was Anna who took the lead. At first it was a soft tender kiss as their lips barely brushed against each other but it soon became more urgent and passionate.

Peter watched as Anna’s nervousness melted away and she became more and more passionate. Soon she maneuvered herself so that she was partially on top of Janice as they made out like a couple of teenagers and before long she was nibbling on Janice’s ear and kissing down her neck as she moaned softly.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re a quick learner,” Janice sighed. “That feels so good. You’re doing great baby.”

Encouraged by Janice’s statement, Anna kissed down to her breasts and started licking and sucking on first one nipple and then the other.

“Yes baby. Oh that feels so good suck my tits baby,” Janice moaned as she began running the fingers of both her hands through Anna’s hair. “Use your hand to play with the one you’re not sucking,” she said.

Anna, was indeed a quick learner as she sucked, licked and nibbled on one nipple while she captured Janice’s other nipple with her free hand and began to tease it. In a matter of seconds both of Janice’s nipples were hard as rocks and she was moaning softly. It was obvious that Anna was enjoying what she was doing as she nursed on Janice’s nipples before she started planting soft kisses down her body until she got to the top Janice’s slit. Kneeling up, Anna took a look at Janice’s pussy and its lock. Her pussy lips were swollen and parted slightly, and her juices glistened in the soft light of bedside light.

Anna sat mesmerized by the sight of Janice’s pussy as she gently began to run her fingertips across the outer lips. Then she suddenly looked at Janice and asked, “Your pussy looks so hot and tasty, why do you have it locked?”

Janice laughed and Peter could hear Mark’s laughter as well as Janice replied. “Actually, that is Mark’s fault. You see, he and I have an open marriage which means we can fuck anyone we want, anytime we want. The problem is that I got so far ahead of Mark that he said I needed to wait fro him to catch up. So as a joke I had the rings and lock put on. Now if I want to have any fun I have to ask him first.”

Anna quickly looked at the camera as she asked, “Do you mind?” The answer was immediate as a small set of keys came flying from off-camera to land on the bed next to her.

Anna trembled as she picked up the keys and tried to get the key into the lock. After missing several times she looked up at Janice, “I’m sorry. It’s just that … well … I’ve known you for years and never knew you looked so sexy and your pussy is just … absolutely gorgeous.”

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