Backyard Suntanning With Parents

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I am so excited of having my fantasies finally fulfilled and am enjoying my new sexual adventures with my husband. We are a young mid twenties happily married couple. We’ve been experimenting with swinging and bisexuality for about 2 years now and to my ultimate delight our sex life has matured to new perverted pleasures. You could portray me as a voluptuous 36dd pear shaped rosy nipples – 30 waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn hair, with an hourglass figure and breasts that always catch men’s attention. My husband is an adventurously perverted strong built six feet dark brown hair, 31 inch waist, broad shouldered six inched uncut cock that is in a perpetual semi hard state with a muscular frame and hairy chest. We had been swinging for the past 2 years but recently decided to take a break as it wasn’t exactly fulfilling my secret desires. Finally my secrets were revealed on a weekend visit to my parents’ cottage.

We were happily invited for a Saturday’s visit with my parents, who are in their early forties as they had me very young. My mother, Kathy, whom I find myself in constant competition for my father’s attention, is also a large breasted sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36d breasts also pear shaped but showing a little more sag than mine with long protruding nipples, long flowing curly dark brown hair. My father, Jules, is still largely in good shape and to my ultimate pleasure and surprise has a very large sweet tasting cock that emits a strong male scent that I adore in a man.

We decided to pack our bags and not to forget our bathing suits. My husband always wanting to show his cock, decided to bring a pair of tight Sauvage board shorts. As for I, not to be outdone in exposure, I packed my see through baby blue wicked weasel halter and thong set. I was looking forward to showing off my breasts and my landing strip shaved pubes. I love showing off my body and getting the men’s attention and the women’s jealous stares even if they are my father’s and my mother’s.

So off we went on a Saturday morning, I decided to wear my bikini under a red plaid mini skirt and white cotton halter top. I was very surprised to see my mother answer the door in a bright yellow bikini. My husband’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he stared at her protruding nipples through the thin yellow unlined fabric. She gave him a seductive smile and let us in the house swaying her hips giving him a good show of her yellow thronged ass.

I whispered to him while caressing his cock through his jeans:

“Enjoying the view? Well don’t worry later on you’ll get even more of an eye full as you see me in my bathing suit!”

He looked at me in such a surprised but aroused way and replied: “You didn’t actually bring that bikini I bought you for our swinging vacations?”

I gave him a wicked smile and said: “Tsk Tsk, you’ll see later on by the pool.”

His cock was already jerking in anticipation; Kathy led us through the house clearly enjoying my husband’s eyes on her bouncy breasts.

I said: “I’m going to change in my suit, why don’t you come with me Mike and we could meet mom and dad outside by the pool.”

I went to the bathroom and quickly took off my mini skirt and my halter top, making sure to pinch my nipples so that they poke clear out in the blue see through fabric. Mike was so surprised I was dressed like that but clearly he enjoyed it, his cock was already half hard and quite discernable through his shorts. Before heading out, I pulled the bottom of my bikini inside my pussy, making sure my lips were poking out of the liner. They were already swollen Giresun Escort and starting to drip in anticipation of my exhibitionism. As I was following my husband outside, I could smell the secretions of my pussy, I was getting hornier by the minute.

My husband noticed the smell and said: “Wow aren’t you in heat! I can smell your delicious pussy from here!”

I just smiled and looked down at his shorts, which were now showing a wet spot at the tip of his cock.

I replied: ‘You seem to be enjoying yourself too!’

As we walked to the lounge chairs next to the pool, I enjoyed noticing my father who was already swimming, gladly staring at my bouncing tits, my nipples hard as rocks, poking through the bikini fabric.

My mother, who was sun tanning in one of the chairs, stared at my husbands wet spot and profiled penis while saying to me: “Nancy, that’s quite a bathing suit, looks absolutely lovely on you! But you might want to adjust it, your privates are showing a bit.”

Giving her a wicked smile, I made my way to one of the chairs on the left of my mother, and turning my back to the pool bent down showing my swollen lips to my father while adjusting the towel on the chair.

Kathy then said to Mike, “Handsome why don’t you sit next to me and put some lotion on me please?”

Noticing my husband busy with my mother I added: “Daddy, Mike is busy could you come out and put some lotion on me before I burn please?”

I then proceeded to lay on my back on the chair and took off by bikini top saying: “I hope you guys don’t mind, I don’t want any tan lines on my breasts.”

I was rewarded by noticing the twitch of my daddy’s dick inside his swimsuit when he glanced at my breasts. I noticed my mother had also taken off her top, and Mike was already rubbing sun tanning lotion on her neck and was proceeding towards her breasts. She was moaning softly throughout the process, my husband’s dick now fully erect poking through the top of his shorts and jerking sporadically in concert with her moans.

My father looked at them then at me smiled, and sat in front of me, I opened my legs slightly allowing him a good view and smell of my cunt when he leaned over and poured some lotion on my chest, I told him:

“Oh Daddy, make sure you get some lotion on my nipples, I don’t want them to burn.”

He smiled, started with my stomach and moved his hands higher, cupped my breast and rubbed in a circular motion.

I then told him : “Daddy you forgot my nipples!”

He replied: “Yes, Nancy you are right, so sorry.”

He pinched and rubbed them so wonderfully I started to jerk my hips forward in need of something in me. The material inserted in the cleft of my lips, now fully soaked and smelling of my desire, rubbing across my clit. I then noticed a strong masculine smell emanating in front of me, I looked down and noticed his fully erect penis poking through his shorts a drop of precum forming at the tip almost ready to fall down on my legs. I was so surprised to find that I actually desired to lick his dick, it smelled very delicious and musky, I jerked my hips and was delighted when the drop fell on my thigh. My mother looked at me and moaned while Mike was tweaking her nipples, her hand already in her bikini bottoms and clearly rubbing her clit. My father then looked at her smiled, stopped rubbing my nipples, got up and rubbed his dick a few times before stuffing it back inside his shorts.

He said: “Well I better get started on the grill if we want to have lunch soon!”

The spell broken, Mike also got up his penis sticking out Giresun Escort Bayan of his shorts unhooded and leaking precum, I smelled his desire and so did Kathy who also got up her tits bouncing and told Mike to sit in her chair so as to be close to me while she goes and gets us some drinks.

I took the opportunity to scoop my dad’s precum of my thigh and lick it, marveling at its sweet taste and strong scent. As Mike was laying down, his dick poking out of his shorts and leaking on his stomach, I got up and decided to sit on his lap, my tits in his face.

I whispered to him while stroking his cock head: “I tasted my dad’s precum and it was delicious!”

Surprise on his face, he then kissed me and pushed my bikini aside from my pussy cleft and inserted a finger inside my wet hole, while with his thumb gently circling my clit.

I was moaning in pleasure when Kathy came back with our martinis, and decided to put the tray on her chair and to sit on Mike’s other lap facing me with a smile. While sitting on his lap she made sure to rub her nipples on his face, then taking his free hand placing it inside her yellow bikini thong. From her ensuing moans I could just imagine he was doing to her what he was doing to me.

Mike then said to the both of us:

“Nancy so enjoyed tasting her father, I wonder what her mother tastes like?”

He then took his hand stroking my mother’s clit and sucked on his finger, then said:

“Exactly what I thought tastes like a woman in heat!”

I then started to hump his hand up and down and moaning loudly, my heavy tits hurting me from the motion, I was so surprised to find my mother cupping and then sucking on my nipples helping me to an earth shattering orgasm.

When I was done quivering I opened my eyes and she said with a smirk:

“Nancy I hope you didn’t mind, it seemed like you needed some help!”

She then also started to hump up and down on Mike’s other hand. I was astonished as to how much stronger my orgasm was with my mother sucking on my nipples. Then to my orgasmic delight she took Mike’s hand covered with my pussy juice and started sucking on the fingers. Watching her breasts bounce up and down, I decided to return the favor and gently cupped them while sucking and biting her nipples. Mike soon joined me and we were both sucking on a separate nipple while Kathy held our heads to her breasts and moaning in her orgasm. When she was done, Mike lay down on his back, and we both rested our heads on his hairy chest, each of us straddling one of his thighs. My mother was stroking my back and playing with Mike’s hairy chest while I managed to squeeze my hand to my husband’s now fully thick and engorged penis, rubbing the foreskin across the purplish head, making sure to lubricate it with the precum on his stomach and leaking from his piss hole.

We must have drifted to sleep in the noon sun because I was so gently woken up by a soft gentle wet caress on my anus. Still dazed from the amazing sensation I head a voice thick with sexual pleasure say:

“Oh Mike that’s so nice of you to clean my asshole with your tongue!”

I glanced and I noticed Mike with his face deep within my mother’s ass, his hands parting her butt cheeks, her lying on her stomach on the chair next to me. That could just mean my father was tonguing my anus, getting me all clean, I moaned in perverted delight, arched my back to bring his tongue deeper in my butt hole. With my pussy opened up in arousal and arched back, he inserted a finger in me and gently stroked me across my G spot. I was in heaven, I started humping his Escort Giresun hand, with the same motion causing his tongue to go in and out of my anus, I started to leak all over my legs while his caresses inside my pussy got more fervent and stronger until my body shook from another orgasm. As I was coming down from coital bliss, Jules said to Mike:

“You were right Mike, she does taste like she’s in heat.”

I understood from that comment that they must have had a quiet conversation when I was asleep. Mike couldn’t respond as he was now licking my mother’s leaking pussy and inserting a finger in her ass. Her bucking backwards trying to attain another orgasm while rubbing her nipples on the towel covered chair. I slowly reached forward and slowly turned around to notice my father naked with a precum covered musky uncut 8 inch cock. His penis slightly larger than my husband’s, oozed cum on his leg and was deliciously curved in an upward arch, his pubes shaven around the shaft and balls but full on his pelvis.I was staring in awe, taking deep breath to take his man scent in, leaned forward and gently rubbed the precum off his purplish head which was poking through his foreskin hood, and brought it to my nose while rubbing my left breast with my other hand.

Jules my father then said:

“Nancy, honey, I see you would like to taste me, but if you have any reservations please don’t feel pressured.”

I couldn’t even register what his words meant, I was blinded by his smell and the situation, leaning forward, I licked his cock head, tasting his sweet tangy dick, using both hands gently pulling his foreskin back, then cupping his balls as I ran my tongue around his delicious head. Sucking his pisshole, making sure to gather all the precum, I felt his hands digging into my curls bringing my head forward making me take him deeper into my mouth. Then I began my bobbing motion that my husband enjoys so much, feeling his hands move from my hair to my nipples, pinching and pulling them cruelly. He came quickly inside my mouth while I was moaning from the pleasure emanating from my breasts straight to my clit, I gulped down as much as I could, but some managed to dribble down into my hand massing his testicles. I quickly gathered all of it, brought it to my nose then rubbed it all over my neck and breasts wanting to smell him all afternoon.

Leaning back into my chair, I decided to remove my pussy soaked bikini bottoms. I watched my husband licking my mother to another orgasm, while his dick red and engorged with excitement was getting no relief. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around the pool naked and caressing each other.

It was getting late and Mike and I decided to get dressed and have dinner to a restaurant, we decided to invite my parents with us as well. Heading to the bathroom I decided to put on my plaid mini skirt and halter top and go without panties and a bra, I was enjoying the smell of my dads cum all over my chest as I was putting on my halter top.

Suddenly I had an urge to pee and only noticed after the fact that there wasn’t any toilet paper on the roll, I yelled out for my mother to bring me some. She came inside the bathroom and I noticed she had put on her tight leather bustier that cupped her generous breasts perfectly a leather collar around her neck and a leather micro mini skirt. She told me that they were completely out of toilet paper, but that as a host she would clean me herself. She told me to get up, then placed her head between my legs under my plaid mini skirt and started licking my piss covered cunt. I was in heaven as her tongue licked under my clit over my piss hole and all over my lips. She also inserted a finger in my anus asking me if I was clean there. I told her dad had already licked me clean earlier today. She brought her finger to her nose and said:

“Yes all squeaky clean. Ok honey let’s go to dinner!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32