Bad Daughter – Dark Father

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To be honest, I must admit I have my own demons that I struggle with. But somehow, facing yourself in the mirror and answering to yourself is one thing, discovering your treasured daughter has decided to be involved in a mess as dark as mine was troublesome at first. I still wonder if I truly regret ever picking up her phone and wandering through her recent text messages with her best friend, Chrissie.

I have been an every other week parent to Kerry for over a dozen years. Her Mother and I just gave up on a good marriage for basically no good reason at all. The flame went out and neither of us fought to bring it back. Thankfully it never got down to the nasty fighting that can tear lives apart forever; instead we peacefully walked away from each other and kept Kerry above it all.

Kerry accepted our situation with beauty and grace, almost seeming to enjoy having two houses she could call her own. Nancy (her Mother) and I did a good job of co-parenting, or so I thought. I was even invited to Nancy’s Wedding a couple years ago when she and Steve finally tied the knot after dating for over 5 years.

Kerry is now 20 and taking full advantage of being able to live at home while taking on the challenges of a College education. She is a good student and is striving to become an Environmental Lawyer. I tried to move her into Land Management Law, but she has a stubborn streak in her, which I’m sure she inherited from me. She is very beautiful in that kind of nerdy innocent way.

I am quite the introvert when it comes to dating and meeting ladies. Maybe that is why I became involved in my secret little fantasy club. This is a special place hidden from the world deep in the woods, 20 miles out of town. This is a place where men and young ladies live in a world where the rules have been left behind. This is where Fathers bring their Daughters when they want to tear down the walls of innocence, and explore the dark side of taboo sexual experiences.

Over a hundred men have invested in the club, and over half of them have brought their daughters with them to join. Once the daughters have been initiated, they are free to come and go as they please, even bring a friend if they like, but they too must be initiated in our own special way. This brings me back to Kerry’s phone; it was clear that Greg and Chrissie where coming this Wednesday; but Chrissie also was bringing a friend.

Needless to say, I called my close friend Greg (Chrissie’s Dad), and asked if he knew the total plan. As I expected, he did not know that Kerry was the friend to be included in the group that night for initiation; Chrissie had never told him whom she was planning on bringing along. He knew his daughter was quite the slut but was totally surprised when I informed him Kerry was going as her friend. We discussed the situation at length and came up with our own little plan for the girls that Wednesday.

Kerry’s plan was to sneak out after 10:00 and meet up with Chrissie and her Father down the road a bit from our house. That meant walking by our backyard pool and gardens in the dark. She would have no idea I would be sitting in the dark patiently waiting for her little capper to unfold. Greg of course was not going to say anything to Chrissie about our plan, just get in the car and drive straight to the club, explaining to Chrissie as they drove that Kerry would be joining later.

Have you ever experienced that totally shocked dear in the headlights frozen stare before? That was the look Kerry gave me when I shined the flashlight into her eyes as she cautiously stepped around the pool in the darkness that night! I had to hold in my laughter and remain quiet until she spoke the first words.

Before a word came out she was trying to hold her arms and hands around her almost naked body to no avail. Her outfit was perfect for the events of the evening; the only problem was she had no idea exactly what was planned or that she was going to be the star that night.

Tall clear “hooker” heals, tiny white tight fitted mini-shirt, exposed mid drift, görükle escort bayan slender white tube top, layers of necklaces, and make-up painted on thick. I knew when I introduced Kerry to the audience they would go wild with approval. She was over the top slutty as hell.

To help break the silence I used the remote to slowly bring up some soft light by the chairs I had placed out for just this moment. “Daddy, I don’t know what to say, I feel embarrassed, ashamed, and mortified to some degree.”

“Kerry, please sit next to me, try to relax so we can talk about this before we leave for the club.”

In shock Kerry responded. “Leave for the Club! You know everything don’t you Daddy?”

I watched as Kerry slowly released her body from the strangle hold of her own hands and arms. She moved over closer to me and sat down in the chair across from mine. I had placed a fresh glass of Pinot Noir on the table adjacent to her chair. My eyes where drawn to her as she politely raised the glass to her soft innocent lips.

I quietly sipped my oak barreled Chardonnay allowing time to wander off, intent on calming the situation. I never knew how sexy my daughter had become; I was hoping the wine would steady her nerves to the point where she would allow my eyes to feast on the aura of her not so innocent attire.

The pressure of the initial moment was diminishing, and so was her wine. I stood up and brought the Pinto Noir bottle to her glass and poured back in a small amount. With that, I got my first very quiet smile of the evening; following by the intense inquisitive questions I was ready to answer in full honestly.

I was surprised by how much she knew about our Club, yet how much she did not understand about it; nor that I was a member of it! When it came my time to ask the questions, she was taken back a little at first: but grew more interested as the details came out. She was not aware this was to be her initiation night; she had no idea what was expected of her, or what she was going to experience.

I explained to her that the purpose of the Club was to explore deep seeded sexual fantasies with those we cherish the most. When we get to the Club, she will have to let go of all of her inhibitions and reservations, allow her sexuality to flourish with whomever wants to explore her body. I also told her I would be one of the men enjoying the pleasure of her sexuality.

As a test I asked her to stand up, sip her wine and then slowly turn around to allow me to visit every detail of her outfit. Maybe it was the excitement, maybe the wine, but Kerry did exactly as I asked. I am sure she could feel my eyes piercing what little clothes she had on, and what excitement it was bringing me. Kerry’s body moved perfectly, her hips swayed just slightly as she turned, her breasts free from the burden of a bra started to blossom. My cock was just as hard as her nipples.

I placed my wine down on the table and reached for hers. After setting it down I placed my hand on the small of her back and guided her towards the garage and our waiting drive to the Club. I was impressed by how graceful and lady like she entered the car with my guidance; no longer embarrassed or mortified by her appearance; rather taking full ownership and appreciation of knowing her slutty side had benefits too.

As we drove to the Club that Wednesday night Kerry opened the bottle of water I had brought for her and took a few much-needed sips. I told her to open the glove box and pull out the bottle of pills. I convinced her to take two of them to help steady her nerves as we approached the Club. I reassured her that being a good slut tonight would free her from the confines of her shyness forever.

Cars where parted everywhere, word had gotten out that their would be another initiation tonight at the club. When I went to open Kerry’s door she looked confident and almost excited, the pills definitely had started to take affect. I reached for her hand, and as she started to exit the car she allowed her skirt to rise altıparmak eskort up and expose her naked pussy. I smiled, gently kissed her cheek, and praised her for being so open to explore her slutty awareness.

As we entered the Club two young ladies were there to greet us. They were close in age to Kerry and have been coming for sometime; yes I had explored both of their bodies in detail in the past so we knew each other well. I was not fazed by the fact they were totally naked as they grabbed Kerry from my grasp and took her directly to the ladies changing room. Kerry seemed to understand what was happening, I bet Chrissie had told her what the expectations where upon entering.

I went to the Men’s changing room where I placed my clothes neatly in my locker and put on my navy blue silk robe. I proceeded directly to the main entertainment area and was brought a nice glass of Bourbon to sip on while I waited for the girls to escort Kerry out.

From what Greg told me when Chrissie was initiated the girls who escorted her to the ladies changing room do take the time to explain some of what will be happening, but they leave the details off completely. Chrissie was told to take off all of her clothes expect for her heals and they then placed a very soft white leather collar around her neck; and attached a white leather leash to it. This collar and leash serve as a symbol like a wedding ring; only this tells everyone that the girl wearing it is going to be initiated.

It wasn’t long till the doors of the ladies changing room opened and the two escorts brought Kerry directly to me. I smiled at Kerry as she walked closer and I was given the leash. I kissed her on the forehead and told her I had no idea how incredibly sexy her body had become; her ass was to die for! I could see she was somewhat nervous but she giggled and thanked me for making sure she had taken the pills to calm her nerves.

We simply walked around the room together so she could get a feel for what the Club was all about. The leash also told the other men no touching until after the initiation. Kerry got to see everything, many coupes were already having sex in various positions, and then she saw Chrissie.

Chrissie was totally naked, on her knees with a rather large penis stuck in her mouth and both hands were stroking two other men. At that vary moment one of the men she was stroking blew his entire wad all over her chest. Kerry stopped, wanting to watch more; and I let her lead the way over to Chrissie. Kerry gasped when she realized the rather large cock in Chrissie’s mouth just exploded cum deep into her throat. Chrissie expertly took every drop down her throat and licked his cock clean just in time for the other man to splash his load all over her face.

I was really happy when I felt Kerry’s fingers intertwine into mine as we moved on to watch other’s exploring their own personal sexual desires; all the while making sure to introduce Kerry to all the other Members. Finally the two original escorts opened the large double doors to the adjoining room, the initiation room!

Kerry and I went in first with the others gathering in behind us. I walked Kerry straight to the 8-foot tall white wall perfectly set up on a slight stage maybe two feet high (three steps). The two escorts then removed the leash and they backed Kerry up to the wall. They raised her hands up above her head and slightly out and wrapped her wrists in identical soft white leather velcrove straps. I was then given the opportunity to be the first man to caress her naked body as I saw fit.

Feeling her young breasts Kerry slowly closed her eyes and actually started to purr; I could tell she liked the feel on my fingers gliding over her naked skin. Soon my lips closed in on her nipples, Kerry let out a loud moan that was full of pleasure. Certainly any sexual inhibitions she once had were going by the way side.

My hands slowly slide down her belly, her eyes opened large, and my fingers slide into position caressing nilüfer escort her moist pussy. “Oh God Daddy!” I probed and teased her as she squirmed her hips around my finger wanting more driven into her pussy. I kissed her lips and Kerry excitedly thrust her tongue into my mouth; I knew this was going to be a very wonderful evening.

As I pulled my finger out I turned to face the crowd and walked off. All the men and some of the young ladies came on the stage and took turns caressing Kerry’s naked body. I have never heard anyone moan as loudly as Kerry as unknown fingers glided freely over her entire exposed body.

Once everyone had their chance to feel the softness and heat inside Kerry’s body they left the stage except one of the lady escorts whom dropped to her knees and preceded to devour her moist fragrant flower. Kerry’s entire body was brought to an explosive orgasm as the crowded room roared approval.

While this was going our initiation table was being brought into the room. Looks kind of like a modified gymnastics horse the men use with the addition of two protruding arms on one side. Soft breathable white leather is wrapped tightly around the outside to provide more comfort to the young lady being initiated.

Kerry was almost totally spent from her incredible orgasm, but still smiling she was released from the wall and brought over to the white leather horse. Standing to the side without the arms her naked body is pressed front side against the horse. The escorts valcroved her ankles to the legs of the horse and I was on the other side grabbing her hands.

The girls pressed firmly on Kerry’s back as I gently pulled her hands and she was slowly bent over the horse. I caressed each arm as I strapped both hands onto the extended arms. The crowd gathered around the horse and a rush of murmurs echoed throughout the room. I opened my navy blue silk robe and let it fall to the floor, exposing my rock hard excitement right in front of Kerry’s face.

Holding her head gently I pressed my cock into her lips. Kerry understood completely what was expected and she opened her mouth wide and took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. “Make me hard Kerry, suck me hard, soon my cock will be driven deep into your pussy.” Kerry sucked while she tightened her young lips firmly around my cock.

Soon I realized the moment had come, my cock was tingling with excitement. I withdraw it from her mouth and walked around to her backside. Kerry tried to lift her head and turn to watch but another man grabbed her face and was now starting to cram his cock into her mouth.

As I pressed my rock hard cock against her warm moist pussy entrance, I could hear her moans as she sucked the new cock. Without hesitation I drove every inch of my cock deep into her needy pussy. I muffled scream came from her mouth and I relentlessly started to stroke my cock in her pussy.

The crowded moved in closer, many wanted to caress Kerry’s skin as she ate cock and became my slut. I grabbed her hips tightly and pounded her pussy with primal abandon. I few daughters had been stoking their father’s cocks and those close moved away so the stroking pair could come along side of Kerry. Together both couples gasped as each man came hard, spewing piping hot cum all over Kerry’s back.

Soon the cock in her mouth exploded and with one last hard trust my cock blew everything I had into her young pussy. Kerry screamed has she swallowed every drop of cum and felt every blast from my cock. Totally spent I slowly withdrew my manly cock from her body. In a flash another man had his cock in her mouth while Greg was able to cram his stiff cock into Kerry’s pussy.

The initiation went on until all those who wanted to enjoy our newly baptized slut were finished. Kerry certainly was no virgin, but she had been very shy until that night at the Club. She more than willingly took every cock that wanted to be in her tight pussy, and sucked every cock dry that needed it. She came more than any other lady before during their initiated.

When she was finished the escorts released her from the horse and I carried her back to the ladies changing room. In my arms she reached her lips to mine and kissed my lips. “Thank you Daddy, I can’t wait to come back and be apart of the Club.”

“You can come anytime you want Kerry, you are now a full member!”

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