Bad Vibes, Good Times Ch. 01

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I started on my fourth drink with a vengeance; well aware that by the time I had finished it I would be well and truly plastered. It was nine o’clock Friday evening; Friday night really, and Kurt was clearly going to stand me up. We were supposed to meet here at the bar for a couple of pre-dinner drinks then he had promised to take me out to somewhere nice.

I could hear his voice telling me that the drinks would ‘start the mood,’ and that we’d be having ‘a great night.’ Well I wasn’t having a great night. I was alone at a bar that was rapidly filling up with Friday night revellers getting their Saturday hangover primed. I was angry at Kurt. And at myself for wasting so much time waiting for him to show up whenever and wherever he could be bothered.

But I’d always been attracted to his type. Thick dark hair, dark brown eyes that seemed to stare into you, olive skin that was so smooth it seemed fake, a deep cleft in his chin that accentuated his square jaw and a supremely self confident air that matched his lean, fit physique. Women loved him – I loved him; and hated him. Men could be intimidated by him, but most liked him. He was likeable. His smile disarmed you and his attitude to life was so casual that you felt like a fool if you attempted to yell at him or vent your frustration with him. Except in bed. There you could let it all out because he wanted you to. And he was great in bed, there was no denying that. When his smooth skin was pressed against mine and he was pushing into me, I felt enveloped, protected and loved. When I was on top, his lean body under mine as I impaled myself onto him, I felt power and lust. I liked to squat so that the only contact between us was his cock inside me and I’d start slowly, savouring each movement and the pulling of my sex as I slid down and rose back up on him.

We’d finish in a slapping of bodies, the smack of skin on skin and I’d often rake his chest with my nails as I came. He’d yelp but he liked it and so did I. Sometimes we liked our sex a little rough and crude. He wasn’t your typical bad boy, but there was the aura of sex about him and enough mystique to draw me back again. And again.

‘Hi.’ A short haired surfie type had slipped onto the stool beside me and offered me a grin. I refused to be drawn and returned my attention to my drink that was now half empty.

‘Sorry for breathing’ he muttered half under his breath but loud enough to ensure that I heard the words. I felt a stab of annoyance at his jibe, then a stab of anger at Kurt for putting me in this mood.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said, looking up at him and offering a small smile. It was the best I could do.

‘You’re pretty when you smile,’ he said.

‘And when I don’t?’ I raised my eyebrows at him. My head was buzzing with the effects of the alcohol and I was feeling decidedly drunk.

‘You’re just very cute. I’m Tony,’ he offered.

‘Alex,’ I replied. Tony was cute too, though his hairline was just hinting at the recession to come and betrayed his age at beyond the mid-twenties that his clothes professed.

‘Would you like another drink?’ I followed his gaze and saw that my glass was empty. I debated refusing the offer and leaving in search of food. But I was warm in here and Tony was cute.

‘Sure,’ I said, smiling.


At eleven thirty we staggered into Tony’s apartment. I had managed to scoff down a hot dog from a vendor outside the bar, trying hard not to think about what it was I was eating. But eating was what I had needed to do to avoid passing out. We were both drunk and there were no niceties as the door slammed closed behind us. We tore at each other’s clothing and Tony half led, half dragged me to the bedroom, our discarded attire forming a trail that I could follow when the time came to leave.

‘Wow,’ he said as my bra was flung away. ‘They stand up.’

‘What?’ I was confused.

‘Your boobs, they stand up, no sag.’

‘That’s cos they’re little,’ I said, flashed my eyes at him before reaching down to cup them. My nipples were already hard and I tweaked them for his visual pleasure. Tony walked to me and his fingers traced over my skin. I let out a little sigh as he touched my skin. My sexual frustration had built up in tandem with the anger over being stood up. Sex with Kurt was part of my fulfilment in the relationship.

Tony bent and his lips closed around my left nipple. I cupped the breast tighter, pushing it into his mouth and felt a tingle through my skin as his tongue swirled around the hard point. My breasts are quite sensitive and I get a lot of pleasure from them being kissed and sucked. He transferred his attention to the right nipple, then back again and I released them to run my hands through his hair.

His hand danced down over my stomach and cupped my sex through the thin cotton material of my panties. I could feel his heat as his finger traced along my lips, pushing the material between them as he rubbed my clitoris, which was buzzing in anticipation. Tony sank to his knees, his mouth forming Van Escort a wet trail over my stomach, his tongue flicking at the silver ring in my navel, while his fingers deftly worked me into a frenzy of lust. I wanted to lie down to savour the attention, but I didn’t want to break the contact. With one hand he slid my panties down, then the cotton-covered fingers were replaced with real flesh as my lips, wet with my excitement, were parted and he ran his fingertips inside my labia and across my clitoris in slow, deliberate motions.

‘Hmm nice,’ he murmured and I knew that he was referring to my hairlessness. Only my lust saved me from embarrassment; waxing there was something I had done for Kurt. I looked down at the top of his tousled blonde hair and felt power at the vision of this man kneeling before me and giving me pleasure. I could see his briefs stretching from between his spread legs and wondered what his erection would feel like in my hand.

Then his mouth touched me and his lips and tongue replaced his fingers as instruments of pleasure. His action was slow and languid and drove me to frustration. I was past the slow, loving part of the evening and wanted to come. Finally I grabbed the back of his head and ground down onto his mouth. Tony tried to regain control but I had the advantage of standing over him and I used it, grounding my clitoris against his lips, thrusting my hips back and forward in small but rapid motions. Finally, he realised that I wasn’t giving up and he thrust his tongue into me until I came. My climax cut through my belly and I yelled out loud. My fingers were tangled in his hair and I pulled hard, squeezing my thighs around his head and ignoring his protest at the pain. My legs began to buckle and I was forced to pull away, staggering across to his bed where I collapsed, savouring the last ripples of my orgasm. I smiled inwardly at getting what I wanted without Kurt, and at the thought that he was missing out.

Tony appeared next to me then, standing by the bed and pulled his briefs down over his hips. His cock bobbed into view, thin and long, very smooth skinned with one prominent vein running along its side. He stood beside the bed a little uncertainly and I knew that I had to take charge.

‘Touch yourself,’ I said, keeping my tone quiet but authoritative. He complied, his hand wrapping around his shaft and beginning a lazy stroking action. My lust was rekindled and I slid near the edge of the bed to watch his masturbation close up. I lay on my tummy, my head near the edge of the bed and bent my knees so that my legs stuck upwards.

‘Do you want my mouth?’

‘Yes,’ he said, his voice hoarse. I opened my mouth and he edged towards me.

‘Keep stroking yourself,’ I commanded and then I leaned forward and ran my tongue around the shiny head. I heard him moan, then I slid my mouth down until my lips touched his hand. We moved in unison, his fingers touching my mouth, my tongue swirling around his shaft. I heard him gasp and pulled away, not wanting him to come just yet.

‘Have you got a condom?’ I asked. He looked wildly around the room then disappeared into the ensuite. I rolled onto my back and moved up the bed, pulling the covers down and leaning against the pillow. When Tony reappeared, his shaft was encased in a black condom that reflected the light with a faint gleam.

‘Now come here and fuck me,’ I ordered. He almost leapt onto the bed and I parted my legs to give him access. Guiding his shaft with his hand, I felt the rubber touch my lips, then he slid into my wet passageway with ease. It felt good being penetrated and I rotated my hips to push my clitoris against the top of his shaft. He held his weight off me with his arms as we moved together. Then we kissed, the first kiss since we had undressed, his tongue darting into my mouth, matching the movements of his cock. I reached up and encircled his neck, realising that his turn-on was the intimate type of sex. Languidly we fucked each other, until his shortening breath and increasing pace betrayed his imminent climax. I wrapped my legs around his buttocks and urged him faster and deeper with my heels.

‘No, no,’ he gasped, ‘I want to come on your tits!’ I knew that I wasn’t going to come with him inside me, I like my climaxes delivered with hard, fast sex.

‘Okay,’ I said, and almost at once he was off me, kneeling across my stomach, fumbling the condom from his cock. Then he began to masturbate furiously, his eyes closed and his mouth open, looking to me a little like a village idiot. I suppressed a giggle and watched his hand action, his fingers squeezing the head, his fist gripping the shaft.

‘Come on me Tony,’ I murmured, wanting him to finish.

‘Oh yes,’ he whispered, his eyes still screwed shut.

‘Spay me with your come,’ I added, knowing that slutty talk excites most men.

‘Ohhh,’ he groaned.

‘Spray my tits,’ I said a little louder.

‘Oh yeah!’ he yelled, opening his eyes as a blob of come shot from his cock and landed on my Van Escort Bayan right breast.

‘Oh yeah!’ again, another blob flew onto my chest below my breasts.

‘Oh yeah,’ my other breast this time, ably directed by his hand.

‘Ohhhh,’ he groaned and the tension left his body as the last dribbles of come coated his hand and my chest. He looked at my breasts and ran his slowly softening member across them, spreading his come over me until I was mostly covered. Then without a word he rolled onto the bed next to me.

‘Was that good?’ I asked. I didn’t really care and wanted to go home to my own apartment and comfortable, familiar bed. Good manners suggested that I at least wait until the heavy breathing had stopped.

‘Uh-huh,’ he said. I looked over at him, but Tony was staring at the wall. All in all it had been a rather unsatisfying encounter. Kurt and I would fuck for anything between ten minutes and an hour, but most importantly of all was that he would make me climax three or four times, sometimes more if a little weed was involved. I wondered what was going through Tony’s mind and was about to ask when I heard a light snore. So much for good manners, I thought and decided I’d lie very still for ten minutes until he was deeply asleep, then slip away and into the night.


I was snapped awake by the muffled ring of my mobile. Tony’s gentle snores rose and fell from beside me and I slid off the bed, not wanting to wake him. I followed the trail of clothes from the bedroom into the apartment’s small lounge where I found my bag on the table. Retrieving my phone I saw Kurt’s name illuminated in the display. I stared at it, my earlier anger starting to return, then I hit the little green symbol and held it to my ear.

‘Hey babe,’ his voice flowed into my ear. ‘Sorry for tonight, I got kinda caught up. But I’m home now and wondered if you’d like to drag that tight butt of yours over here for some lovin”. I stood naked in Tony’s kitchen, pressing the mobile to my ear as guilt filled me. I had no idea where Kurt had been or what he’d been up to, but I had just fucked a stranger. I felt guilty about it, even though Kurt had not shown enough respect for me to call and cancel our date. Anger ripped through me and replaced the guilt. Who the fuck did he think he was, calling me at midnight, offering no real apology and asking if wanted to go to him and have sex? Of course I did want to. I always wanted to and that was my problem.

‘No, Kurt,’ I replied. At once I felt scared that my rejection would mean the end of us. ‘Its late and I’m tired.’

‘Ah, come on babe,’ he said and I could visualise his faint smile. ‘I’m aching for you.’ I pictured him lying naked on his bed, erect, wanting me and waiting. Summoning me like a whore. Why did I like men like him? Why didn’t men like Tony hold a deeper appeal to me? Tony was nice and fun – but at the end of the day, nice and fun were characteristics I expected in friends, not lovers.

‘Maybe tomorrow,’ I replied and hung up. I returned the mobile to my bag and poured a glass of water in a desperate attempt to stave off the hangover that was announcing its arrival. As the cool liquid ran down my throat and into my stomach, Tony’s phone rang. I answered it without thinking, my thoughts pre-occupied with my relationship with Kurt and what the future held for us, if anything.


There was a long pause. ‘Oh, have I rung 9555 3547?’ It was a woman’s voice and her question jerked me back to my reality.

‘I have no idea,’ I laughed in embarrassment. I looked at the phone for the number, but nothing was listed.

‘Is Tony there?’ Something in her tone wiped the smile from my face.

‘Ah, he’s asleep. Do you want me to wake him?’

‘Who the fuck are you?’ Her tone was icy, threatening.

‘Um,’ I didn’t want to tell her. Even though I didn’t know who she was, the way she spoke sounded vicious.

‘I asked you who the fuck you are?’

‘Ah look,’ I was trying to gain the initiative but was struggling. ‘Who are you?’

‘I’m his wife.’ Stone cold silence settled between us. This news, combined with my nakedness made me feel exceptionally vulnerable.

‘Oh.’ It was the best I could manage.

‘He didn’t tell you he was married, did he?’ Her tone was flat now and all of a sudden I felt the power switch to me.

‘No.’ I felt a surge of sympathy for this poor woman. ‘I didn’t ask.’ Did I say that to try and justify my presence?

‘Did he fuck you?’

I stood staring at the wall, unsure of what to say. I was aware of Tony’s come crusted on my chest. ‘Yes.’ My voice sounded faint to my ears.

‘Well I hope you fucked him well, because when I get home tomorrow, I’m intending to fuck him over big time.’ I could hear her breathing becoming laboured on the phone and I suspected that she was fighting back tears.

‘Ah, look, I’m just about to leave…ah, and for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.’

‘Ha!’ The laugh was bitter. ‘This is the last time…’ then Escort Van the line went dead. I returned the phone to the cradle and thought about waking Tony to tell him that his wife would be home tomorrow and he should be ready for the fucking of his life. Then again, such an event should come as a surprise to him, I thought. I was feeling vindictive towards all men now. Tony’s sweetness had evaporated. He wasn’t a bad boy – he was just deceptive. There’s a difference; men like Kurt tell you with their smile and eyes that they fuck around. You look at them and know that if you ask, they’ll tell you the truth. Tony’s type lies to your face and you have to catch them in the act to prove that they do it. There’s a big difference.

I began to gather my clothes, dressing myself piece by piece. Almost ready to leave I saw some photos on a small table near the front door. I clicked on the small light and looked at them. I understood his fascination with my breasts. His wife was a dark haired woman, probably of Mediterranean descent. She was not unattractive and had huge breasts, one photo of her in a ball gown showed deep cleavage and smooth olive skin. Her tone when we spoke, the dark eyes and what I guessed was her heritage would belie an angry woman when scorned. Looking at her, I had a change of heart. Tony would lie to his wife and he was probably good at it. He would convince her that I was lying; maybe he would even have some female friend who would lie to her as well, tell her that it was all a joke. She had said that this was the last time. He had done it before, so she had forgiven him before. I hitched my skirt up and slid my panties down over my hips, kicking them free. I looked around, wondering where I could leave them that Tony wouldn’t find them. Walking back into the bedroom I saw that he had crawled under the covers and was lying on his side in a foetal position and his snoring had stopped. I had to open three drawers in the dresser before I found the one that housed his wife’s underwear. I dropped my bright red cotton panties on top of her mostly white and black ones. I closed the drawer silently and walked out of his apartment.

It was cold and dark outside and I stood on the pavement as my head began to thump. I fished out my mobile and called a cab. Fortunately the apartment was on a street corner and I was able to provide an address. I stood waiting, wanting to be in my bed, curled up and ready to sleep off my hangover. Instead I rang Kurt.

‘Hi gorgeous,’ he answered on the second ring.

‘I’ll be there in twenty minutes.’ I hung up, wanting the power. A cab turned into the street and I felt butterflies of anticipation alight in my stomach.


Kurt made me knock three times before he opened the door. He was naked, a crooked smile on his face and his eyes glazed with the effects of pot. My eyes were drawn down to his thick cock, dangling limply between his legs, the skin dark and wrinkled. The butterflies increased as I remembered what it was like when he fucked me.

‘You comin’ inside or gonna le me freeze to death in m’own place?’ The grin never left his face and I smiled back.

‘Looks like you’ve been having yourself a little party,’ I said, stepping over the threshold into the warm interior of his house.

‘Uh-huh,’ he said as he shut the door and followed me down the corridor to the small lounge room near the centre of the house. I could smell incense and pot and the room was bathed in a yellow glow from about half a dozen candles that were burning. From the puddles of melted wax that surrounded them I could see that they had been burning for some time. The coffee table in the centre of the room was littered with glasses, and perhaps it was a jealous streak in me, but I noticed lipstick smudges on at least two rims.

‘Who else has been here?’

‘Uh?’ Kurt replied as though the physical evidence of the party was invisible to him. ‘Oh Jimbo, Greg and Ashlyn, you know, the usual.’ I was about to probe deeper for more names having now counted four glasses with lipstick, when he thrust his bong at me.

‘Packed and ready to go,’ he said, his grin as fixed and sensuous as ever, his eyes telling me that it was best that I didn’t ask what I had been about to. I took the bong, noting with some surprise that the water had been cleaned. I hate dirty bong water and the fact that he’d remembered that through the addled haze of his brain won him some more brownie points. I sat heavily onto the sofa beside him, the back of my dress pressing against my naked bottom, reminding me that I was panty-less. Accepting the offered lighter I summoned a flame, fixed my mouth over the bong and drew in a stream of noxious, but pleasurable smoke. It tickled all the way down, burnt a little, then I burst into a fit of coughing. Kurt laughed and passed me a bottle of water and took the bong from me to top himself up. It took several minutes to regain control of my lungs, and by the time I had, I was well and truly stoned.

‘That’s good shit,’ I murmured.

‘Hell yeah,’ Kurt rejoined. I had another hit then decided that would suffice for the night. My body was filled with a gentle warmth and my thoughts completely focussed on one thing – sex. I hadn’t heard the phone ring, but I noticed Kurt talking into it.

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