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In a dark smoky bar, shooting pool, we decide to wager. I’m highly competitive, although not all that great a pool player, but I can get into a zone where I do well, and it always makes me a bit cocky. You’re always cocky and so the energy climbs. The wager starts out simple and teasing… each missed shot, the person has to unbutton a button on their shirt. We’re both a bit giddy — all the sexual tension and nerves from the bet — and both end up with our shirts unbuttoned… a situation more acceptable for you than for me. A small crowd has begun to gather around the table to watch the proceedings and I’m very conscious of my exposure. Leaning over to make my shot, I can feel eyes all around on my breasts almost spilling out of my lacy black bra. I’m becoming very focused…. all the world in the circle of light from the lamp over the pool table… you moving in and out of the shadows into the light, your chest exposed, your eyes dark and intent on me… I can feel your eyes climbing up the backs of my legs as I widen my stance to make my shot and the feeling of you looking makes me stand wider, thrust my ass out more… a deliberate provocation that I know you feel each time I turn from the table and move out of the way for you to play.

Once our shirts are unbuttoned though, the bet can’t end. You’re doing better than I in general and smile, challenging me to up the ante. The bet becomes the loser has to remove an article of clothing… in your case, your shirt… in mine, my panties. We play and I do poorly, losing the game. I’m trembling a bit, wondering if I’ll really go through with this all, but even though my heart is pounding, I can’t stop myself. Knowing that a small group is watching, I carefully reach under my short skirt and slip my panties down.. step out of them and walk, smiling, over to you.. dangling the bit of black lace out in front of you. You take them from me and press them to your face, taking a deep breath, making me turn away quickly so you can’t see the flush on my face. You stuff them in your shirt pocket carelessly and say, “Let’s go again.” How can I refuse?

That game I do better… some throbbing rhythm has started in my body. So conscious of my bare pussy almost exposed as I lean over to shoot, I go for the shots that require a lot of leaning and stretching and somehow manage to win the game. I’m laughing.. moving to help you out of your shirt… bodies so close but the only place we touch is where my hands brush your skin as I help slide your shirt off. I say quietly, “The management is going to kick us out.” You respond, “The owner’s a friend of mine… he’ll never kick us out.” And I know in that second that you’re going to push it casino şirketleri right to the edge and I’ll go right along with you.

You go to rack up the balls and as I stand, waiting to break, I ask what the bet is. You say, “Winner’s choice.” I say, “What limits?” and you respond, “None.” We are both of us intent on this game, and it comes down to the 8 ball. I’m breathing fast… my turn to shoot first. “Better make this shot,” you say. “I won’t give you another chance.”

“And if I don’t make it?” I ask. You scan the group around us watching and say, “You get fucked by any and all takers.” My face is hot and flushed and my body trembling. You say, “And what will you ask of me if you make it?” I look around, as you’ve done and turn back to you. “You get your cock sucked by anyone while you eat my pussy right here on the table… and I mean anyone… female or male. But you cum for no one but me.” I can see your cock bulging in your jeans, can see you smile at me. “Deal.”

My shot is a long one… straight up the side to a corner pocket… a shot that looks simple but one I’m never good at. I take my time, trying to remember everything I’ve ever been taught about pool and shoot. I miss, leaving the ball right in front of the pocket. There’s no way you can miss the shot and you don’t even look at me as you step in and tap it in. You take my stick and lean it with yours against the wall. You walk over to where I’m standing at the end of the table and say, “And now….” You startle me by stripping me, pulling my shirt off fast, taking my bra in your hands and tearing it at the center, leaving it torn on the floor, ripping my skirt right off me, so that I’m standing in stockings and high heels. You grab me by the ass and lift me up onto the table… running your hands down my legs to grab my ankles and bring my feet to the edge… leaving me splayed open. You run your hand casually over my bald pussy, handling me so all can see and I gasp your name as you manipulate me. “Mmm mmm mmm,” you say, as you smile. “Such a sweet thing for everyone to use. Okay, who’s first?” A man steps forward…. “Me.”

My head is spinning…. I watch as the man unzips his pants and takes out a thick hard cock. I think he’s just going to shove it in me, but instead he roughly pushes my legs open wider and attacks my pussy with his mouth. I hadn’t expected this and am startled to feel my cunt flood wet as he licks me, sucking my pussy lips, sucking my clit. I look over to where you’re standing and watching. I’m trying to keep my head but I’m always undone by oral sex… I can feel my focus shredding and my eyes close and I arch my back, my jiggling tits shoving up, my hips pushing into casino firmaları his mouth. I grab his head and push him harder into me, pulsing my hips into his mouth, riding it. I’d been biting my bottom lip, trying to keep from making any sound but I can’t help myself and groan low in my throat, gasping, “Fuck yes… god, you make my cunt feel good…”

One hand is pulled from my grasp on the man’s head. My eyes fly open as it’s placed on another hard thick dick in front of me. I can’t take my eyes off it… so red and big. “I’m not waiting, horny slut. Suck it.” And I do….oh god, it’s so perfect in my mouth… feels so good sliding over my tongue, back and forth through my tight lips as I suck hungrily, my cunt getting wetter and wetter I’m so turned on… the sounds of me noisily sucking and the man noisily eating my wet pussy loud in the tension filled room. I’m sucking that big cock, eyes on the man between my legs who’s pulling my lips wide open and just going wild on my cunt. I’m moaning, my mouth full of pumping cock and another man, young and black with a huge dick, comes around on the other side of the table and pulls my hand over to jack his cock. I move back and forth between to two cocks… first sucking one and stroking the other, then turning to suck the other… back and forth, getting them harder and harder… raging rods, thick and veined and full of cum… until each of us is beyond hope….and I’m laying back, stroking stroking hard.. pulling harder and harder on their dicks as I feel that tingling starting in my pussy… watching those big beautiful cocks over me… one starts to spurt.. white sticky cum splashing on me.. face and neck and tits… then the other… my mouth is open… I’m panting, lapping up what I can but riding my way toward my own pleasure….cunt wide open and fluttering and my clit getting huge and hard and then I’m screaming….drowning out the groans of the men cumming on me and eating me.

It doesn’t stop. The man who’s eaten me out climbs up and fucks me hard, leaving me with cum running down my legs. Soon I’m sticky everywhere with it… in my hair, on my tits and belly, sticky wet mess all over my puffy pussy and red tingling ass. I lose track of how many men take me, how many cocks I suck. At one point, I’m pulled from the table and bent over it… a beautiful girl with a sweet soft pussy spread out in front of me to eat while I’m fucked in the ass. All the time I’m conscious of you standing watching… I know you know each cock I suck and stroke and fuck is yours, for you. I’m losing all sense of myself… just a wild fucking animal, needing more and more… more cocks… an endless supply of big thick dicks to suck cum from… more pussies to eat… to guide those güvenilir casino cocks into and then suck the cum from when they’ve been filled… begging to be filled… fuller and harder.

And as I’m crouched on hands and knees, back on the pool table, another sweet pussy sliding under my mouth, I feel something hard touching my thigh from behind. You’re there, naked, cock hard, a pool stick in your hand, running the thick end of it up my thigh. I move my hand back, pulling myself wide open for you to see… pussy lips so fat now from being used… so pink and puffy and sticky. I dip my head down and start licking the cunt below my mouth, then look back at you, mouth shining wet with her juices. You bring the end of the stick to my pussy and press it against me. I’m frightened, turned on, moaning.. pressing back against it… rocking back and forth on my hands and knees… slowly at first… tits swaying… occasionally burying my face in the wet pussy still open for me and wetly slurping, sucking, fucking with my tongue. You close in on me and start licking my ass and I’m gasping, moaning, asking if you can taste all the cum dripping from my asshole and you’re probing more with the thick stick and I start groaning, helpless, crazed, begging… “God, fuck me, fuck me fuck me.” And I’m fucking the wet pussy with my fingers, licking her pink clit, grunting and groaning into her cunt. You pull your mouth from my wet ass and replace it with your thumb, shoving it into me as you drive the stick into my cunt and the orgasm is so hard, so deep inside me, so fucking intense and it doesn’t stop and doesn’t stop and I’m can’t stop screaming.

And when it does… finally stop, I’m panting, just a bitch in heat….that’s all that’s left of me. You pull the stick wetly from me and slide it up til it’s probing my ass and I’m helpless, voice shaken and gasping and you’re asking me if I want it… over and over and I’m saying yes, god yes… anything…everything… looking back at you, flushed and cum covered and trembling. Your cock is so fucking hard…red and raging and seeing it makes me plead… give me your dick… Tommy… please fuck me, cum on me please. You push the stick into my ass just a bit… so big and hard….so frightening and I’m so turned on.. and then it’s withdrawn and you’re on me, your dick shoving into my ass in one swift plunge… and then nothing is left but fucking… primal… you pulling my ass cheeks open wide and driving into me… slapping my ass hard to make me shriek, my cunt clenching you hard each time you do… feeling you stretching my asshole… pumping it pumping it hard and I’m screaming for you to fuck me and your voice is so rough and I can tell you’re getting so close and then you’re pulling from me and I feel the spray of cum on my asshole… on my ass… on my back….splashing in spurts… hot and wet and sticky… bathed in the essence of you, swimming in it, coated in your cum.

Even fucked sore and tender… pink and raw and hurtful… I want you still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32