Band Geeks

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All characters are 18 or older.


She had that sheepish smile on her face as she looked at him. She didn’t want to look down, because she knew who was there. He couldn’t help but confess his love for her and show what she does to him. In the large empty room that was the band room, Zack had wanted to talk to Bailey when nobody was there. Bailey just thought her friend wanted to just talk, but he had another thing in mind.

His pants were at his ankles and he wore no underwear. Bailey had seen one before, but not in person. And certainly not from a friend. And she had a boyfriend. How could she look at something that wasn’t her boyfriend’s? And she didn’t. She kept her eyes on him. Her big blue eyes stayed on his small brown eyes. Bailey’s hands were folded in front of her as she refused to look down. But Zack insisted that if she just looked, their friendship could strengthen. Besides, it was just the human body. And he wanted to prepare her for the inevitable events between Bailey and her boyfriend.

She finally nodded, but didn’t wanna look. Zack stepped out of his pants and approached her. He lightly touched one of her hands, gripping her wrist. He said to feel it, grasp it. Her hand went forward, and slid under his penis. Her fingers went around his base as the head touched her wrist. Her sheepish expression grew. He was warm, he was smooth and he was hard.

“Move your hand back and forth” he said as she did so. His skin came with her hand as she started rubbing it. She was masturbating him, and he wanted to return the favor. She finally looked down, and when she did, she gasped. Her free hand went to her mouth as her eyes went wide. She’d seen bigger, İstanbul Escort yes, but those were on models and porn stars. This was the real thing, and it was bigger than she expected. It wasn’t huge, just unexpectedly thick. She saw veins running around it as she quickly let him go. She stepped back, and turned to leave, but Zack grabbed her. He apologized for making her look, he just wanted to help her with experience. Make her first time special. He brought his hand around her stomach, and slowly inched it towards her pants. As he unbuttoned it, she grabbed his wrist.

She turned back to him, and she wasn’t smiling anymore. Her mouth was slightly open, as if begging for a kiss. Her eyes looked into his with desperation, and she kissed him. She slid her tongue into his mouth as their tongues danced. She brought one of his hands to her breast, his other hand stuffed down her pants. He heard quiet moans come from her as she grabbed his dick. It was bigger now, full throttle and ready to go.

Her breast was soft like the rest of her. He moved it around ferociously as he maneuvered his hand around her underwear. He felt her fur as he touched her. She was wet, and Zack smiled when he felt it. Her moans intensified as he slid his fingers in her virgin pussy. Her mouth let go of his as her eyebrows crinkled and her mouth went wide. She pushed him into one of the instrument lockers as she got down to her knees. Her jeans were past her ass as her underwear bulged out, revealing some of her ass. She licked his dick, and rolled her tongue around his head. He caressed her hair, smiling as her ferocity.

She smiled as she slowly took him into her mouth. Kadıköy Escort She didn’t take her eyes off him, but his eyes were squeezed shut. She fit all of him in her mouth as he grabbed her hair. Her lips, soft as they were, felt great. She sucked on his cock as he played with her hair. He slid to the floor as she kept sucking his dick. She adjusted her position so her as was to him. He pulled down her underwear to see it. Bailey’s vagina. It was more beautiful than he could expect. So pink and pretty. He only licked her a few times before she moaned so loudly she let go of his penis. She sat up as her ass pushed together and spread from her upwards force. It became so big. He pushed her off of him, and got onto his knees.

She was on her stomach on the hard floor as her ass was brought up by Zack. His face became buried in her ass as he clutched it tight, his tongue moving up and down her vagina, the end was past her vaginal lips. Her fists hit the floor as she moaned loudly. “Zack, I can’t take it anymore! I want you inside me!” They both stood up, and Zack pushed her into the lockers. He pulled off her pants as she took off her shirt, revealing her breasts. They were so beautiful, and they shook as Zack lifted her leg. Her nipples, a rose color, met with his lips as he sucked on them. His penis was rubbing against her, and she grabbed it. She moved it to her pussy as his head slid between her lips.

Zack grabbed her ass hard, gripping it tightly as he drove his penis into her. He was so thick, and she was so tight, but she was deep enough for him to go all the way. When he got all of his penis into her, they both smiled. Then, the fucking began. Her lifted Ataşehir Escort leg wrapped around his ass, her ass in his hand, and he pounded her. Her breasts shook and bounced as he felt her mouth against his cheek. She didn’t kiss him, she just heavily panted on his face as his head laid against the locker. Her glasses fell onto the floor, and she took off Zack’s. They looked into each other’s eyes once more. Her mouth was hung open moaning at the rhythm of each pound as Zack slid his cock in and out of her, and her big blue eyes looked at him with desire.

Their soft lips touched again as her tongue went as deep in his mouth as his cock was deep in her dripping wet cunt. Her juices flowed from her as her pussy squeezed him tight. This continued for a good five minutes before their lips let go of one another. Bailey’s eyes shut as her head arched back. Her nails dug into his back as she screamed, “Zack, I’m about to cum!” She repeated that she was gonna cum as Zack was reaching that point as well. She got even tighter as Zack said, “Bailey, I’m cumming too!”

“Cum inside me, Zack! Fill me up!”

His pounding slowed down. He pounded her harder, each pound resulting in a more intense yell from Bailey. Eventually, he gave one final pound, harder than all the rest. They both let out a large yell heard throughout the school as they both came. Two virgins, finally releasing their first orgasms from intercourse. Bailey felt Zack’s cum coat her insides as he jerked off his dick, still inside her. His hand remained on her breast as he came inside her. As they calmed down, Zack took his cock out of Bailey as his pure white semen dripped from her, they fell to the floor, their backs on the lockers, they embraced each other on the cold floor, their genitals and legs covered in each other’s love juices. They kissed once more as Bailey realized she was ready for amazing sex with her boyfriend. And Zack was glad Bailey was his first, and he was her first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32