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Oh, why had he asked her to meet him here, Ginger wondered nervously, tugging at her short black skirt. She crossed the floor to the bar, a little wobbly in her high heels, very conscious of the eyes that followed her.

“What’ll it be, little lady?” the man behind the bar asked, his eyes lingering on the smooth, rounded curve of breast exposed by her tight little top.

“Uh, a vodka and orange please.” When the drink arrived, Ginger sucked deeply on the straw, feeling a familiar warmth as the alcohol pooled in her stomach. She looked around.

The place wasn’t bad as far as bars went. Several guys in jeans and t-shirts were playing pool in the corner. A TV was going, and more men sat around tables watching it, or talking in low voices while they sipped their beers. There seemed to be no other women there.

Half an hour later, Pete still hadn’t arrived. Ginger had had a few more vodka’s, and got unsteadily to her feet, to seek out the ladies. As she crossed the bar, she brushed against a man, standing nearby, and stumbled. He grasped her arm and steadied her, and his eyes met hers. Ginger felt a tingle run through her body, before thanking him and moving on.

When she returned from the ladies’, Ginger was surprised to find several more men sitting at the bar. There was still no sign of Pete. She moved towards the exit, deciding she must have got the place wrong. Suddenly a man blocked her way, and she recognised the man she’d brushed against earlier.

“Where’re you off to sweetheart?” he asked, his eyes boring into her.

“Um, I’m heading home,” Ginger said, feeling a little frightened. The man grinned in a friendly way.

“Don’t go yet, sweetie. You just got here. Have you been stood up or something?”

Ginger suddenly felt a bit miserable. Had/I> Pete stood her up? She hadn’t known him for long. Maybe sending her here and leaving her alone was his idea of a joke. She bit her lip.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Well, look, let me buy you a drink instead,” the man offered, “and by the way, my name’s Jake.” Ginger hesitated. The same tingle was running through her under the man’s intense gaze. The alcohol in her system was making her feel warm and good inside. Surely one more drink wouldn’t hurt. She smiled and nodded her thanks, and Jake led her back to the bar, where he seated her between himself and a mate he introduced as Kevin, Kev for short. The drinks were ordered, and Ginger began to feel more relaxed. Jake and Kev were really going out of their way to make her feel good, complimenting her on her looks and chatting easily.

Then someone put a song on the juke-box. “Wanna dance?” Jake asked, laughingly stretching out a hand to her. Slightly to her surprise, Ginger found she did want to dance. The warmth in her belly had spread right through her system. She had lost track of how much she’d had to drink, but she felt relaxed and at ease with Jake. More than that, she felt attracted to him, and was flattered by his attention. She stumbled again, when she got up, and the room rocked around her. Jake was right there casino şirketleri though, sweeping her up against him and half carrying her onto the dance area.

It felt good, dancing in Jake’s arms, Ginger thought hazily. His body was lean and tight against hers, and a sense of heat seemed to be growing between her legs. They moved together slowly, and Jake slid his hands lower on her body. Ginger turned her face up to him, and Jake bent his head to kiss her. His mouth was hot, and his tongue slipped into her mouth as he pulled her tighter. Excitement flowed through her, as she began to lose track of where she was. She pressed more urgently against Jake, and he slipped his hands down to squeeze her bum through her tight, black mini skirt.

The heat in Ginger’s groin was becoming really strong, causing an ache that made her rub herself blatantly against the growing bulge in Jake’s jeans. She returned his kiss passionately, clinging to him and opening her legs to let him feel her up. His hands slid under the hem of her skirt, and lifted it from behind, showing off her little red thong undies to the men seated at the bar. They whistled and cheered, but Ginger was so caught up she barely heard them. Jake slid his hands between her legs from behind, still kissing her deeply, and began to slide his fingers along her wet slit. Ginger groaned into his mouth, suddenly wanting nothing more than his cock fucking her. She rolled her hips, attempting to impale herself on Jake’s exploring fingers, oblivious to all the men in the bar who had stopped what they were doing and were watching hotly.

Jake lifted his head and stared down at her. “Enjoying yourself?” he murmured. Ginger moaned and nodded, spreading her legs as far as she could in the tight skirt, while Jake continued to finger her hot young pussy. Jake paused to pull Ginger’s skirt up higher, hiking it up to around her waist. Then he suddenly spun her around, steadying her as she slipped in his arms, and pressed her back against his chest. Her legs were wide, her skirt right up, her small pink pussy gleaming wetly around the red thong panties. Jake reached around to the front of her, and began fondling her clit in front of all the men watching.

“Hey guys, look what I found,” he said. Ginger was hazily aware of the onlookers now, but the pleasure coming from Jake’s fingers was so intense, that she didn’t want to stop. She dimly noticed a number of the men rubbing bulges in their jeans, but this just turned her on more. She tilted her head back against Jake’s shoulder, and they kissed again. She rocked her hips as Jake played with her open cunt, and slid her tongue again and again into his mouth.

“Hey Jake,” Kev called out. “I think she’s hot enough. Why don’t you fuck her?” Jake smiled at him. “Okay then.” He picked Ginger up in his arms. She was small and light. In no time he had her lying on the pool table. He whipped off her thong, and pulled his dick out of his jeans. Ginger had a brief glimpse of a long, hard dick, before she felt it being pushed urgently into her cunt. She moaned, and thrashed casino firmaları a bit on the table top, as Jake began to fuck her. She spread her legs as wide as they could go, screaming with pleasure as Jake’s hard cock pumped her hot, young pussy. He grunted and groaned as he fucked the hot young girl who had wandered into the bar.

The other men were all gathered around the pool table, including the bar tender. They were stripping quickly, as they watched Jake’s hard pole thrusting in and out of the sweet young pussy. Jake reached out and tore open Ginger’s flimsy top. Her full, firm breasts bounced into the open air, and Jake leaned down to suck on them while he fucked her. Ginger’s head thrashed from side to side, as she gasped and grunted her own pleasure.

Suddenly, Jake pulled out, grabbed his dick, tugged on it a little, and squirted his creamy cum all over Ginger’s tits. He grinned, said “Thanks babe,” and walked off. Ginger didn’t have much time to rest though. Kev was on her before she could blink. His thicker, though shorter cock was thrusting into her wet cunt in no time. “Good slut,” he grunted as he fucked into her. “You’re a good little slut.” Ginger wrapped her legs around him, arching her back and fucking Kev as he pounded into her pussy. She was craving the orgasm that seemed to hover just out of reach.

Suddenly, she became aware that the bartender had jumped onto the table. He was naked and was straddling her face, and pressing his cock into her mouth. Obediently, Ginger opened her mouth, and began sucking hard, while Kev still kept thrusting his cock furiously into her open cunt. Kev was really ramming it in, and it wasn’t long before he shot his cum up the smooth young cunt. The bartender pulled his dick out of Ginger’s mouth and moved down a bit to tit-fuck her. He pressed her smooth, full breasts around his hard cock, and rubbed it up and down. Meanwhile, yet another man was licking Ginger’s spread open cunt, before thrusting his own dick into the delicious pussy. Ginger spread her legs again, and groaned with ecstacy as she was thoroughly fucked. Soon the bartender started to squirt his cum onto her tits, and the man pounding her pussy groaned and came inside her.

Two more men climbed onto the table with her, and Ginger wondered vaguely what they were going to do. Both men were naked, with stiff, erect dicks. One man pulled Ginger on top of him, and she straddled his cock and began to slide up and down on his stiff pole. The other man came in behind and pushed her forward, spreading her ass cheeks and fingering her anal area. Before Ginger could think about this, he was shoving his cock into her ass. She opened her mouth to yell, but found another cock right in front of her. It slipped straight into her mouth, and then she was being fucked in all three holes.

Ginger could barely move, but once she got used to the feel of the dicks inside her, she found herself enjoying the sensation. Her body was rocked back and forth as the men screwed her, and her breasts swayed with the rhythm. She began to cum, as one then the other of güvenilir casino the cocks began to squirt inside her. More men climbed onto the table, holding her down, fucking her throat, her ass and her hot wet cunt. Ginger lost all track of time, but it was near dawn before she staggered out of the bar, wearing only a coat that one of the men she had satisfied had given her.

Fortunately, the coat was long. Ginger wrapped it closely around her, shivering a little in the pre-dawn cold. She realised she still had her high heels on, as she started to stumble down the street in the direction she thought was home. Her head was still whirling from the marathon gang-bang, and cum dripped down her inner thigh as she walked. She suddenly became aware that a cop car had pulled over near her, and two policemen were walking towards her.

“Are you alright, young lady?” They asked as they approached. Ginger nodded dumbly. Her throat was too sore for her to speak easily. “Would you like a lift home?” one of the coppers asked kindly. Ginger smiled and nodded again, taking in his trim body in the close-fitting uniform.

Soon, she was seated in the back of the cop car. She croaked out her address and they were on their way. The driver kept looking at her in the rear view mirror, and the other one kept twisting around to talk to her. Ginger saw the way their eyes traveled over her body, and felt the heat begin to build in her again. Slowly, she began to unbutton the coat. Both cops fell silent as the coat began to fall away from her body, revealing the nakedness beneath. When the coat was wide open, Ginger reached down between her legs, and began to play with her pussy, opening her legs wider, so the cops could watch her fingers sliding in and out. There was no sound in the car now, except for Ginger’s small, pleasurable moans and the cops’ hard breathing as they watched her masturbate.

The driver pulled over abruptly. The cop in the passenger side jumped out and got into the back with Ginger. The driver twisted around to watch, and Ginger saw he had opened his pants to rub his dick. The second cop pushed Ginger flat on the seat, undid his pants and slid his cock into her cunt in one swift movement. His buttocks flexed as he began to pump into her. “Oh yeah, screw the slut,” the driver said, pulling hard on his stiff dick, watching his mate fucking the girl. The cop on top of Ginger pistoned in and out, finally coming in a hard spray over her belly. The driver moaned. He hadn’t come yet – and neither had Ginger.

“Come sit on my lap sweetie,” the driver said, as the other cop got off her. With a short scramble, Ginger was in the front seat, straddling the driver and face to face with him as his cock drove up between her legs, and into her slick cunt. She began to ride him, as he rammed his dick up into her, gasping and groaning as they fucked each other. He grabbed her breasts as she slid up and down on him, and soon he found himself cumming hard up inside her.

Shortly afterwards, Ginger was dropped off at the small flat she was renting. She staggered inside and was surprised to find a message on her answering machine from Pete. “Sorry babe,” he said. “I couldn’t make it tonight. I hope you didn’t go without me. Hey, there’s a party on tomorrow night, if you wanna come to that…,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32