Bar Pick Up With a Surprise Ending

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True story …

It was the first weekend after a crazy Halloween party that my girlfriend and I split up. Apparently she hadn’t liked me scheming on her pretty room mate / cousin. I can’t understand why! So, on the rebound – went to the bar to meet up with a few friends. This small southern town can’t support two bars which made it convenient; all your friends were guaranteed to be at the same place.

It was a good night – busy and lots of ladies. One of my friends Ray and I held up the bar. Other friends would come and go while we drank our beers. After a trip to the rest room I returned to find my ‘ol friend Ray chatting up a girl with the best combination of a curvy ass and blue denim ever assembled. She had a mane of wavy brown hair half way down her back. She looked so good I felt a rush going from my balls, up my spine to my head. She had her back to me as I approached and it was tough to pull my eyes off her fine shape.

Ray is a good guy and many wouldn’t do what he did. He coaxed me in and introduced me to Donna. When she turned I saw that she was indeed a pretty girl – nice hazel eyes and full lips. My peripheral vision was telling me that she was fine everywhere. It was tough to not gawk and look her up and down immediately. I waited until we chatted a bit until I stole a few glances south. I’ve never seen such a sexy look in an otherwise plain button down shirt. She had perfect size tits – small, with a subtle jiggle that suggested bralessness. A couple of undone buttons revealed smooth tender skin. I didn’t want to hijack my friends shot at an awesome babe and remained reserved, but as we talked it seemed like Donna and I connected seamlessly. Ray went with it.

The night moved on. Another round of drinks flowed. Friends would stop by but the body language of Donna and I suggested we weren’t available for chit chat. I learned that she was a ballet dancer with a company up north and had temporarily moved back home. Hmm, that explained the lithe, tight body and perky tits! She was 30 years old, 5 older than me. I thought it was a bit odd that such a babe was out solo. She told me that her car was in the shop and she had arrived with a girlfriend who had left earlier. So Donna was fishing for a ride home. It was a jolt to hear that she lived in the same town home development that I did.

All the planets had lined up. We hadn’t had any sexualized interaction, just some good chemistry and apparent mutual attraction. It wasn’t late – before midnight – and I am smart enough to know that there is no way anything was going to get any better by hanging around any longer. It just took a simple suggestion, and we left. We found my car and started the 15 minute ride home. The ride had the expected tension, but again, nothing sexually charged. She was asking if I did any gardening? Boring. Is this going to end talking about gardens? I managed some banter about potted trees that I have at my office.

I parked in front of her townhouse – which was on a different street but practically a stones throw from the rear of my townhouse unit. She invited me in, but first she first wanted to show me her garden behind the house. I should have nixed that garden talk at the bud. We went through the front gate, around the side to a fence enclosed back yard. An oak tree partially shielded the otherwise bright moonlight cutting through the midnight air. Under the oak tree was a worn wicker chair that had been demoted to the outdoors. It had a large round back. There was a sliding door to the rear of the house. I saw a few garden tools but no sign of a garden.

The crickets played a chorus as she talked about planting a garden, and needing fertilizer or something like that. As she spoke she lowered herself into the chair. She sat back and had her rump on the front edge of the seat cushion. Her legs were spread enough to beckon but not enough to seem overly provocative. By chance, moonlight filtered through the branches illuminating the soft denim which had molded around her most feminine curve of all. She rested one elbow on the armrest with her finger tips grazing her lips. The tempo of her words slowed and she asked in a soft voice “Could help her get a garden started – did I had any seed?

Now there’s some sexual tension! Impromptu wit isn’t my best attribute especially when my cock is rapidly drawing blood from my brain. The best I could muster was something like – “Well, I Gaziantep Escort Reklamları have some seed.”

She’s sitting so comfortable with her figure framed in the large wicker chair back and I’m just standing there. I’m calculating the next move of this seductress dance. I walk toward her, take her hands, pull her up from the chair and give her a deep kiss. Since she moved things forward fairly quickly, my hands pause for only a moment on her hips and then explore up her back and then downward to feel that perfect combination of ass and denim.

She’s returning the kiss, but her hands stay around my shoulders. I gently caress her ass savoring the perfect shape. I begin working her ass with increasing vigor until it’s a hard squeeze and I’m grinding her lower abdomen onto my cock. I lift her upward. My cock is engorged now and it is the only point of contact on her lower body. I feel the fold of her pussy as I firmly grind her onto my cock. It is intoxicating to be wrapped in her perfect female form. She’s moaning as she kisses back.

There is no doubt we’re going to fuck. We met just two hours ago and and I know it’s going to be nasty. I’m considering a firm surface to pin her against but there’s too much landscaping in the way to lean into the house, too rough of bark on the tree and the glass door could break. She breaks the kiss and leads me to the door and slides it open. It’s her bedroom. The bed is just a few feet way. How convenient?

The door is left open. Our lips re-engage. I start unbuttoning her shirt. After a couple of buttons two perfect tits are revealed. I’m a A/B cup kind of guy and these twin girls are a prize. Two very hard nipples. Braille for “awesome tits”.

I rapidly finish the buttons, yank off her shirt off and pitch it to the floor. I wrap an arm around the back of her thin waist so I can squeeze and manhandle her front and rear as I simultaneously run both hands from her mid section upward toward her chest. Perfect shape. Perfect woman. I move my hands up and down squeezing her and exploring more terrain upward and downward each time. I cup her lower breasts, then back down to squeeze her abs – seems my hands can nearly encircle her mid-section – then back up to feel more breast. Back down and then slide a few fingertips under her belt line. She moans and squirms. Back up to glance her nipple. She lets out a low moan. Sensitive nipples.

I steer her over to the bed. She sits down and I guide her to lay on her back. She leans up on her elbows. I kneel down, kiss her mid section and french kiss her naval. I unbuckle her belt, pull it off and then pop the top button of her jeans. I lightly slide my fingertips downward just inside her jeans and then back up to her mid section repeating and exploring further inside her jeans each time. Her jeans are tight and there is little room for my hand. I nip the top of her panties with my fingertips. She sucks in her abs to allow more space for my hand to advance but I retract. Next trip downward – she starts sucking in her abs and humping upward toward my hand. I reward her effort and allow her to get the top of her panty triangle just beyond my fingertips. She’s trying to slide herself up toward my hand again but I retreat and tease her naval.

I tug the zipper down an inch or so. I drift my hand back down between her smooth skin and tiny satin panties. This time there is more room but it’s still fairly tight. She again sucks in her abs and slides upward trying to enable my hand to reach the obvious target. I nick the top of her pussy hair and then again retreat. I feel the humidity even though I’m still far from her sweet spot.

I tug the zipper another inch. I lightly kiss her pussy through her jeans while threatening to slide my hand down her jeans. She doesn’t know whether to slide upward for some finger pleasure or push downward for some lip pressure from my simulated pussy sucking. I can feel her wetness through the denim. She shouts out “Give it to me.”

I’m sure the neighbors would have heard that even if their windows were shut.

My cock was ready to burst. I hadn’t gotten off for a week since my girlfriend dumped me and my balls were boiling. I pushed her flat back on the bed, picked her legs up and pulled her boots off one at a time. Next, I grabbed her jeans with one hand on each rump and pulled them down and off. I had planned on teasing her pussy all around her tiny panty triangle, but they came off when I skinned her of her denim. Oh well.

What a frontal system – those perfect tits, a slender form and a trimmed patch. Great toned legs too. For someone who had been so confident all night, she was quiet.

I liked this starting position – I was standing over her between her legs. She didn’t know what to do with her upwardly dangling legs. I started feeling my way down starting from her ankles. I worked one leg at a time with both of my hands. Damn, she had toned calves and smooth skin.

While working my way along her legs I had my eye on the prize. She had minimal hair along her pussy lips and a small trimmed patch above. I pushed her feet to the floor, knelt down and commenced a simulated slow pussy licking of her naval while simultaneously exploring her thighs higher and higher till I reached the triangle around her pussy. I did the repeat and retreat tease some more using both hands – one coming down from her waist and one from up her thighs all the time avoiding the obvious target.

She was breathing heavy trying to wiggle toward my hands for contact. I stopped the hand tease and pushed her knees upwards so she was spread wide. The moonlight revealed her tender pussy lips. I put my mouth right above her pussy, just an inch away. Her sweet pussy aroma filled my nostrils. She wanted her cunt licked and tried to lift upward to meet my lips but I pushed back. I made her push hard to lift her pussy upward just an inch or so. Then I slowly traced my tongue along the entrance of her pussy – one tounge lick from bottom to top. She let out a deep moan. I was rewarded with a puddle of her love juice. Her juicy cunt tasted great. I reduced the pressure on her knees to make it easier for her to lift her pussy upward and gave her some gentle licks along her pussy.

My cock was throbbing. The tease was probably worse for me than her. I climbed up on the bed and dove tongue first into her pussy, lapping top to bottom then slowing down to suck her clit.

Except for when I kicked my shoes off before I jumped into the bed I still had all of my clothes on. I have a policy to never push myself on a woman. One way to ensure that is to have her take off my clothes. I’ve never seen a woman not initiate that even back when I was young and inexperienced and entertaining ladies of equally minimal experience.

So, I’ve still got my clothes on but I know she wants fucked. As I’m enjoying her pussy I adjust myself until we’re in the vicinity of the 69 position – offering up my crotch. She could easily reach over and feel me, or unzip me, or pull my pants down. But she doesn’t. I’m working a finger in and out of her pussy now and licking/sucking on and around her clit. She’s loving it as am I. I’m ready to fuck her and I’m still dressed for a night on the town. I immediately draft a constitutional amendment to the removing clothes rule.

I spring off the bed and yank my clothes off. Off course, no objections, but I’m still perplexed there’s no hint of participation.

I get back on the bed up on my knees. I pull her across the bed such that I’m between her legs. My balls hang above her pussy and my swollen fat cock is aimed right toward her face. I ask if she needs a condom and she says she’s on the pill. Time to plant the seed in the garden – I suppose there’s no sense in planting it inside a rubber sheath. My brain was void of oxygen so this plan was plenty good enough for me.

I ran my cock head up and down between her pussy lips a few times soaking my cock head. She’s velvety smooth and liking it. She calls out “Fuck me.”

I wonder how often the neighbors hear that. I enter her. She’s tight. I slowly stroke in and out working my cock into heaven. Im half in and pause to let her adjust. Slowly I start pumping in and out penetrating deeper each time. After a while I get to bottom and stop so I can savor the sensation. Her cunt puts a couple of very firm squeezes on my cock. I gasp and shout out “What an awesome pussy.”

She lets out a knowing laugh. I’m thinking that the neighbors always hear that within a minute of the “fuck me” line.

This perfect babe deserves to be fucked. I’m pumping slowly at first – her legs are limber – she’s got them drawn upward and bent at the knee. Her pussy’s adjusted now and I pick up the pace. Her legs are flopping around as I start thrusting harder. I touch her thighs to nudge her legs open a little more. She does a split – her legs are spread 180 degrees wide open. Ballet dancers are now at the top of my list. We both experience the 180 degree sensation for some strokes. The bottom half of her already tight cunt is now almost unpenetratable. Almost like a performance, she draws her legs together and then lifts them upward where her shins are near her forehead. She’s effortlessly folded herself in half. I pound away enjoying the variety of squeezes of her cunt. She then relaxes, legs comfortably spread. I’m thrusting in her. She’s smiling and grinning as her legs flop aimlessly around like a rag doll. I’m inspired and invent a phrase: sport sex.

I decide missionary isn’t meant for us two sluts even if it includes fantastic gymnastic movements. I pull my now glistening cock out and flip her on her front side. I pull her ass up to fuck her doggy style. She gets up on her hands. I push her torso back down – cheek buried in the mattress. I re-enter her. Her tight cunt is a little more accommodating this way and she likes it. After I’m fully buried in, she repeats the cunt squeeze again. If she did that a dozen times I’d shoot off without a single stroke. I’m wondering if ballerina’s do kegels as part of their training regime? I shout out more encouragement – “Awesome fucking pussy.”

She’s bucking backward to get it faster and harder but keeps a hand on my thigh to prevent full penetration – I’m not sure her little cunt can accommodate. She’s groaning into the mattress.

I put a lock on her hips and ass so I control the tempo and all motion. I’m doing the fucking and she’s the one getting fucked. I know I’m not going to last much longer though, her female charms have been seducing the seed in my balls for a couple of hours now. Soon I’m ready. I’m a near freak when it comes to cumming. Every woman I’ve ever fucked likes the throbbing, pumping and the hot, big volume. I clamp down on her hips and ass to hold her stationary. I pull partly out and cease motion. She groans in disappointment and attempts to push back to resume fucking. Then my balls start unloading. My cock has it’s first spasm. I know she just got a wad of cum shot in her pussy. The second spasm starts the big, hot wads. When this hits she gasps. My cock throbs, spasms and shoots. I’m pumping her full of hot seed and she’s loving it. I’ve got a death grip on her hips and ass but she’s not trying to move anymore. She is completely motionless and silent and apparently savoring the sensation of getting pumped full of cock juice.

The shots diminish and my cock ceases pumping. She’s motionless, breathing hard and is making some guttural groans into the sheets. I’m falling out of the orgasmic trance and become aware of all around me – sweat on my forehead, cool night air, door open etc. I know I’ll go soft in a minute. I relaxed the death grip on her hips. She’s still panting with her cheek down on the mattress seeming satiated by being filled with cock juice.

I push slowly inward and feel cum envelope my cock.I start rocking back and forth going deeper each time. I feel the concoction of cum and slut juice start oozing out of her pussy. With each in and out movement of my cock her pussy starts making nasty sucking, slurping sounds . Her pussy sounds like a starved wild animal savoring a meal – smacking it’s satisfied lips as it devours it’s prey. Cum is squishing out of her pussy, soaking her ass and my balls and running down her legs and my thighs.

Our juices have now made a zero friction dream pussy. I effortlessly slide in and out. I let go of her waist to emphasize the zero effort fuck. I repeatedly pull all the way out of her pussy and effortlessly slide back in her cum soaked pussy entrance all the way to bottom.

After a while, I’ve swabbed much of the cum out of her cunt. When pulling off bottom, our combined juices are now forming a suction lock between her cum soaked backside and my crotch and thighs.

That was about it for me. My horniness was plunging and my cock was becoming hyper-sensitive. I stayed engaged and we collapsed sideways onto the bed. I was catching my breath and re-uniting with her fabulous nipples. I rolled onto my back and my cock plopped out of that wild animal. Her pussy, ass and thighs and my cock, balls and thighs were a cum soaked mess. Donna asked “Did I get it all?”

That awesome pussy had just sucked me dry and I was in no shape for a round two so I said “That is all the seed I have.”

That was the first time I fucked my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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