Barbara and Her Daddy

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As any of the readers of my first story should remember this past summer turned into the best summer of my life. Before it was over I had screwed, fucked, sucked, licked and had been blowed, fucked, sucked licked and whatever else you can imagine by three of the most beautiful, sexy women in the world.

I use the term world, because even if there are more sexy and beautiful women around, they in no way could have induced more orgasms than I experienced with these three. Of course I was insatiable as were the girls. If you remember I lost so much weight that my parents put me in a rest home for the last three weeks before I had to return to MIT.

Toward the end of my stay in the rest home, there, was a short nurse who got turned on leaning across my bed and feeling my hard cock as she adjusted my sheets She returned at about two am as she had promised.

She was naked under her uniform also as promised and slipped into bed beside me. She left her uniform and shoes on the floor beside the bed. Her body was a new experience to me. She was rounded. Everything on her body was softer Her tits were very large with huge nipples. Her ass was like two beach balls held together. Her face was also round but quite pretty. At first she didn’t look very sexy to me, but once our bodies made contact my trusty prick came to full hard size. I was surprised at how her body aroused me.

Her name was Ann and she wasn’t much for licking and sucking, but she sure knew how to fuck. She had shaved her cunt and after I had rubbed it a short time she grabbed my cock and directed it to her pussy. Ann said I didn’t need a rubber. My big cock slipped all the way in on the first thrust and her cunt muscles held my prick in place. Then this little ball of energy fucked my hard cock every way imaginable. Once she pulled it out just as I started to orgasm and sprayed my sperm all over her body. She rubbed it all over herself seemingly in a wild frenzy of lust.

I decided I had to fuck her ass between the now gorgeous folds of her cheeks. Ann also wanted my cock in her ass hole since she had never been fucked there. When I pulled her cheeks apart, there it was, a cute round pucker hole. It looked small compared to her massive cheeks, but I was confident both Ann and I would make this union work.

I rubbed her hole with all the juices from her cunt and my prick and pushed a finger in. Her cheeks interfered with my hand, so I only got about half a length into her hole.

Next I tried my prick. I pushed my cock against her round entrance without much success. On the third try suddenly the head of my cock slid inside. My whole cock was blocked just as my hand had been. My round nurse loved the feeling and already had a huge orgasm. She started giving me direction as what to try and was yelling at a pretty good level. ”Push that big cock to the right No more to the left Oh fuck my big ass Push it in farther you bastard”

It was about half way in when she started one of the wildest orgasms I have ever seen. Her yells were of operatic loudness, when the head nurse entered.

I was released two days early and my rounded nurse was confined to day duty. Nurses were in short supply.

I thought readers of my first story should know about this happening even though this story has really to do with Barbara who had to spend the summer with her father in Chicago.

Going back in this story, by the second week in July Barbara was living in a large two bedroom apartment in Chicago. She was masturbating twice-daily thinking about sucking my big hard cock. Her father was also jerking off morning noon and night thinking about how his new secretary would look naked in his bed.

I was masturbating three times a day, because I had lost both Barbara and Jean and Mona was not yet putting out. The loss of available sex had given my body a jolt and I was walking around like a robot. Jean, Barbara’s mother was masturbating three or four times a day since she was afraid to fuck her new boyfriend too early in their relationship. Mona was masturbating three to four times a day, thinking about when she will finally give in to my advances.

If you think about it the amount of reproductive seeds wasted by humans must be enormous.

Barbara’s daddy wasn’t thinking about wasted seed, the first time he saw his daughter completely naked. He was taking a short nap before going out to dinner with a client. He had left the bedroom door open and Barbara was just about to enter the shower when she remembered she had left her new shampoo in her bedroom.

So without covering herself Barbara sneaked back into her bedroom. Her father for the first time since she was a baby saw his daughter completely naked. On her trip back to the bathroom time seemed to stand still as she passed his door. He saw her beautiful face, her extra large tits and nipples, her cunt her bare shapely legs and all the curves of her beautiful ass. His whole body reacted to this wondrous image His erection Gümüşhane Escort was fast and full size. Deep in his mind he knew he had to fuck his beautiful daughter and his mind started rationalizing why it would be all right

In general his final argument to himself be, “he loved his daughter and in these modern times she wouldn’t get pregnant” and that is the only reason that incest was thought of as wrong in the first place. That was “Daddy’s” thought process that started him on his quest. He never considered that his cock, hard both day and night, had anything to do with his behavior. Nor did he realize that his lovely daughter, Barbara wanted her Daddy’s cock so much she was flaunting her sexuality to him at every chance and had her hands in her cunt for minor climaxes through out the day.

On the third week end of her stay with her father, Barbara was so sexually frustrated that she got into a fierce shouting match with her father about having to stay in this “hot fucking city” another week end
With nothing to do but watch the Cubs loose again. Barbara seemed to be hysterical in the way she was shouting. When her father finally paid real attention to his daughter her face was beet red and saliva dripped from a corner of her mouth. He put his arms around Barbara to try to calm her down. She sobbed into his chest and pleaded, “Let’s go to a lake for the week end. We can rent trail bikes and swim and look at the stars and everything.”

This night happened to be father’s first big date with his new and very sexy secretary. He had received enough signals and friendly touching to be sure he would be fucking her soon after dinner. He was so sure he even had rented a hotel room for the occasion.

He held his daughter ever closer to him as he thought what to do. Finally he said, ”Look Barbara I can take a couple of days off and we can borrow Fred’s cabin on the Lake shore for several days. How about if we start Sunday afternoon?”

This was a partial win for Barbara so she slowly calmed. All this time she was rubbing her very large tits into her father’s chest. Without even thinking about it his prick started on its way to a full erection.
At the first touch Barbara started pushing her pussy into her father’s hard prick. With only a few subtle movements her pussy responded and sent her juices dripping down her legs. Father could feel his pre cum running down his gigantic cock.

With out any thought he grabbed his daughter around her body and onto her delicious ass cheeks and pulled her roughly into his cock. It took less than thirty seconds before this intense dry fuck resulted in two orgasms. One each.

“I’m sorry Barbara He said, I don’t know what came over me” Those were the only words exchanged.

Barbara learned that her father’s cock was huge and much larger than any she had experienced. She set out to make sure her father got so hot for his daughter that they would be fucking as soon as they hit the door of their vacation retreat.

Her plan was simple. Show as much skin as possible, including the prime sexual parts. Also she had to become the loving daughter with lots of contact and kisses.

To start she showered and wrapped herself in a towel. She made sure her bedroom door was always open. Barbara positioned herself with her legs up as if she was painting her toenails. Her bare legs showed all the way to her pussy.

Father was snared as soon as he saw so much soft bare skin right before his eyes. He stopped to have a short talk with his daughter. She moved just enough that he looked right into the puffed lips of his daughters cunt. It was absolutely the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He approached the bed and grabbed Barbara’s ankle to tickle her foot like he did when she was little. She rolled right out of her towel and lay face up completely naked before her father. He gasped at so much beauty all of it sending sexual signals that pushed his cock to a new hardness.

Barbara grabbed the towel and wrapped it over herself, but in her haste left her left tit completely exposed. Father and daughter looked at each other for what seemed like years. He suddenly turned on his heel and left in a hurry. Barbara wrapped the towel around her as an efficient cover and followed Daddy into his bedroom.

“Are you all right Daddy?” she asked.

She walked over to him and gave him a sweet kiss on his lips then left.

In less than thirty seconds Daddy was stroking his nine inch cock and his daughter were masturbating with wild abandon on her bed. Both were completely naked and their eyes were closed tight imagining each other.

Daddy was late for his date with his “sexy secretary” She tried to show that she was a good sport and didn’t make a big deal out of it. In spite of herself however her ardor had slipped. For his part Daddy was tired from the massive orgasm he had masturbating while thinking about his naked daughter.

The seductive dinner Gümüşhane Escort Bayan with his secretary was nowhere near his plans. He did get a partial erection during a close dance. He was too ashamed to push it into his dance partner so they had a chance to get to know each other under sexually calm conditions. This was a very good occasion for both and the sexy secretary became the efficient secretary and was a huge help to his business. Daddy took her home and they parted with a friendly kiss on the lips.

Daddy did use the room he rented in the hotel and woke very early the next morning. His thoughts immediately went to the vision of his naked daughter. At the first vision in his mind his prick jumped from soft to steel hard in what he considered record time. Laying in bed his imagination ran wild and he started planning how was the best way to get his daughter to fuck him. His imagination led him down many paths. Each one ended with his daughter in position with her swollen cunt ready to take his throbbing cock into her body. All the time he was playing with his cock, which was at full erection.

Finally his mind took him to the point where his big prick covered with his juice pushed into his daughter’s wet, hot cunt. At that point he could feel the build up in his balls start up his prick and he raced to the bathroom to shoot it down the toilet.

This finally brought him to the reality of the situation. He had to make a foolproof plan to fuck his daughter in the next three days at the cabin on the lake. He called Barbara from the hotel and told her to be ready to go as soon as he got home in about fifteen minutes. Barbara replied, “I am so ready you wouldn’t believe it”

Dad thought that was a strange answer but dismissed it as some slang Barbara had picked up. He hurried to get home.

Barbara was waiting out side with both her and her father’s luggage when her father arrived. He had new shorts, a T shirt and sneaks he had to get into before leaving so he left Barbara waiting on the sidewalk while he changed. Barbara was wearing practically nothing. She wore no panties and no bra. Her dress was of very thin cotton. It was somewhat form fitting but came down to her knees. From half a block away she looked like an ordinary young girl. Up close Barbara radiated sex. She wore very red lipstick and had rouged her cheeks. Her nipples pushed the fabric out and her very large breasts were perfectly molded by it. The cotton clung to her ass and even found the sexy outline of her pussy. Her feet were bare, but her toenails were painted bright red. These bright reds were chosen because her grandmother had told her that’s what she wore when her daddy had said she looked sexy, many years ago.

Barbara looked like a slut by current standards, but didn’t care so long as it turned her father on.

Daddy returned ready to go. He was wearing loose knee length shorts and a t-shirt with hand tooled loafers covering his bare feet. In no time the car was loaded and father and daughter set off for the cabin by the lake. Daddy took one look at Barbara and his prick started its rapid growth. She didn’t look right somehow, but something about her looked unbelievingly sexy. It reminded him of his mother the first time she jerked him off when she discovered the size of his dick. He was about fifteen as he remembered and was playing with himself in his bedroom when she made a surprise visit.

He wondered why Barbara wore such bright colors for this trip, but quickly put it out of his mind.

The cabin was about an hour and a half drive from Chicago. Barbara sat across the front seat away from her father for most of the way. With about another half hour to go. Barbara moved next to him so her head was on his shoulder and the rest of her body was across the seat with her legs on the floor. Daddy put his right arm behind the back of his daughter with his hand on her waist. Pretending sleep Barbara wiggled closer and managed to move the bottom of her skirt just below her pussy. Daddy’s prick was out of control and Barbara shifted her body again with her whole left arm resting on Daddy’s steel hard cock. Her skirt was now above her pussy with half of her side showing.

For the last five minutes driving on the back road to the cabin Daddy had his hand on Barbara’s tit and was gently fondling it. She was rubbing over his cock with her upper body. Daddy and his daughter had never felt so hot and aroused in their lives. Now stopped in front of the cabin with her eyes lidded Barbara put her lips up and whispered “Kiss me Daddy” Daddy thrust his tongue into his daughter’s mouth and started rubbing her hot and juicy cunt. In no time at all Daddy was fucking his daughter just as he had his mother thirty years before.

Barbara felt his huge cock open her cunt with new stretching that made her orgasm just with the thought of it. Daddy felt his cum start to unload on the third thrust. He pulled it from Barbara’s hot hole Escort Gümüşhane and sprayed long stringy shots all over her body. She managed to get her mouth on his cock for the last two shots and fell in love with the taste of her dad. He rubbed his cum all over her body giving her a super cum massage. Barbara had a huge screaming orgasm before he had finished.

They stumbled from the car into the very dark cabin. Daddy lit the kerosene lamp and as the light took effect he turned to find his daughter. She was standing just behind him, completely naked. Her arms were stretched out toward him. Her eyes were hooded and her mouth was partially open with her tongue over her lower lip. Barbara was lust from her bare feet to her dripping cunt to her hard nipples to her mussed hair.

When Daddy saw her, he couldn’t believe this was his perfect daughter that he and his former wife had raised so carefully. He wrapped her in his arms to comfort her, but when their bodies touched his huge prick became like a steel rod almost instantly. He and his daughter pulled off his clothes and the two were naked facing each other. Barbara kept saying, “Oh Daddy fuck me now. I love you” “I want your juicy big cock in my hot hole again and again.”

Barbara felt his big prick touching her hot body and grabbed it with both hands as she slipped down to her knees. She then made love to her father’s love machine. She first licked the enormous head and cooed at its beauty. She rubbed her face all over Daddy’s prick, telling it how wonderful it was. She licked his whole prick, purring as she went. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took his magnificent tool of nature into it. She could only work on the head, but she pursed her lips and moved them over and over her daddy’s cock head, licking it and humming all the time.

Daddy couldn’t believe how big his little girl could make his cock grow and how hard it became. Without the usual warnings semen rushed out and hit Barbara in the mouth. She swallowed some, but directed the rest to her face and the rest of her body. Daddy’s load was so large cum covered her whole body.

Daddy pulled her to him and they rubbed together until it disappeared into their skins. Daddy’s prick remained big and hard and Barbara once again said, “Fuck me now Daddy. I need you inside me.”

Drunk with lust they moved into the bedroom and stripped the bed down to the sheets. Barbara lay face up with her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Her lubricating liquid that nature provided ran out of her juicy open cunt.

Daddy got between his daughters legs and put the tip of his cock between her swollen pussy lips. Slowly, father and daughter worked to move his cock inside her. In less than five minutes they were fully together and then started a wild thrusting in and out that lasted seemingly forever. Barbara could feel Daddy’s cock stretching the inside of her cunt and her passion growing to places she had never been. Her orgasm became so unbearable that she screamed with the pleasure of it.

Her Father had the biggest, wildest, and sexiest orgasm of his life.

Father and daughter fell asleep with his deflated prick inside her.

It was still there at 11 am when they awoke. Daddy’s cock did not stay soft for long. One look at his sexy daughter in his arms and it started growing. Even before it reached it prodigious full size, Barbara was squirming and fitting it into her open pussy. Juices from their last fuck started squishing out making a sound that immediately made father and daughter white-hot with lust remembering the night before.

Daddy turned his daughter on her back, pulled out his cock and spread her legs as wide as they would go. He then plunged his huge prick into his daughter and on the third push his balls were pushing against Barbara’s sensitive shaved cunt. She was screaming both in pain and joy, but Daddy didn’t notice. He fucked and fucked his little girl until the spasm of his orgasm filled her cunt with sperm and finally Barbara bucked and bucked finishing a tremendous orgasm of her own. Her pussy no longer was sore because of the joy her father had given her, but was tender enough that she was happy when he finally pulled his big prick out.

Barbara was so happy she said over and over again, “Daddy I love you so much. You’ve made me the happiest girl in the whole world”

Daddy held his beautiful naked daughter in his arms and now that his lust was satisfied a slight guilt feeling entered his mind. The feeling did not last for long however and he started sucking the nipples of Barbara’s breast. He kneaded both tits with his hands as he sucked and was rewarded by her nipples popping into his hungry mouth. Daddy would squeeze each tit so that a large portion would raise with the nipple and he would cover it with his wet open mouth sucking so that the nipple touched the back of his throat.

This action was new to Barbara but her imagination and the feel of her father’s mouth wet her cunt with her sex juices once again. When her father slid his hand up the inside of Barbara’s thigh and touched her pussy she had another wild orgasm.

When she had calmed, she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.
She had to pee and really needed a shower.

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