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You must worship this cock tonight.

When you kneel before it, when it is shoved in your throat, it must become your world. I did not spend so much time making you mine, training you from nothing, to have you struggle with this. You give excellent head, but that is not what this about. But since you seem to be struggling with the distinction between a wonderful, deep experience and getting some guy off—you’re going to have to be taught.

My cock is a gift and you are lucky to receive it. To feel my hands on your shoulders, guiding you down with a gentle push. Look me in the eyes–always in the eyes–unless I tell you not to. I want to see them sparkle, shutter and tear up. I want you to use your eyes to tell me everything I need to know while having this power over you. When two people know each other as well as we do, a look will say everything that needs to be said.

Put your hands on my jeans and slide them across my legs, my thighs. I know you’re a greedy little slut for the main course, and I’m eager to feed you, but this an exercise in patience. Do you understand that? Do you know the power you hold at this moment as you are on your knees? Don’t waste it ever again. Rake your fingers over my denim covered thighs, press your palms into my thighs. Brush you hands up and down and tease me in ways I cannot readily anticipate. And just when I think I can’t take it anymore undo the fly and pull the zipper down.

And unwrap your gift.

Inhale. Breath in that scent that only I offer you as you pry the pants off me. Do it quickly because this is where I have to strain to not grab your hair. The sudden realization that this is happening is reinforced by the cold air hitting me, the eagerness of confined movements. So bring the jeans to my ankles and, because you know it is exquisite torture, take your time with my skin.

Yes, I’m well aware I just told you to hurry up, but that’s all impulse and for some other time. Tonight, tease me. Stroke the inside of my thighs before raking your fingers up and down them. Tug meaningfully on my underwear before planting a hot kiss on my cock through the fabric. Let me feel your lips and breath. Go ahead, give my ass a little squeeze as you moan. Let me know you want it.

Suck on it. Run your fingers between the elastic band and my flesh. You can do what you want here as long as it’s enthusiastic. Dig those fingers into my ass or give it a little spank. Rip my boxers off so quick I can’t withhold the moan. Fake me out and tug them down half an inch before stopping, teasing me again..

Just put everything you have into it. This is the ego-stroking portion of tonight’s activity, before we get to the main course. Whatever I know about you, whatever complications arise, every fear and issue I have; they have all vanished in a puff of smoke when you do this.

No pressure.

Now stop teasing me. Let me kick yalova escort out of the shackles around my feet so you may worship. Move your hands in unpredictable patterns over my chest, my back, my ass. Show me you love the whole of me as you bring your mouth in closer and closer. Let me feel that breath right on me. Make me shutter and gasp.

I know you want me in your mouth, and I appreciate the patience you’ve exhibited tonight, but my body is an orchestra. Play it and force me to make music for you. Bring down my stoic shield in this moment as you take absolute power away from me with a gentle kiss to my pelvis. Give it a little nibble. Now give me a bite, wherever you please.

Use that mouth. It’s still not time for the feast, but that shouldn’t stop you from biting me, shaving me with your teeth. I want licks and kisses all over the front, lower half of my body. Move rapidly, and decisively. Move just like I do when I’m forcing you down for a harsh fuck; without hesitation or mercy.

When you feel my hands on the back of your head, or running through your hair, keep going. I’m not steering this ship just yet. After all, if I really just wanted to take your throat I’d have made that known. Now keep up the interest, the little teases and loving pressure. Stroke that ego, slut.

No hands between your thighs. Not tonight. Keep them on me, keep the focus as you look me in the eyes and make little circles around me, kissing and stroking as you go. Do you see it? Do you see my cock throbbing as I grit my teeth and lock my lower jaw? It’s because you’re driving me crazier than I anticipated. You’re showing me how much you want me.

Now suck.

Open your mouth and take in just the tip of it. Suck hard. Harder than you ever have before. Inhale to the deepest parts of your diaphragm and tighten those lips around the tip of me. You have no idea how much this hurts, how good it feels and how it makes me present, here, in this moment with you.

After all the teasing and everything else that made me feel like a God; you’re now the only thing in my world. I couldn’t tell you the time or the day of the week and — if you did it right — I wouldn’t even remember your name.

Feel my hands tighten through your hair. No, I’m not going to shove myself down your throat. Not yet, anyway. I’m just losing my ability to sit there and take it. This is a good sign. Start slurping my cock down your mouth with little pulls of your lips.

Let me climb into you at your own pace as you drink me down your throat. Stop, when it feels comfortable, and give me a little lick. Bring your hands up and tickle my balls or take your fingers and jab them like little knives into my ass. I warn you, though, you should only do that if you want me to shove a few inches into you at once.

Start bobbing. Show me that you want to edirne escort please me above anything else. Keep that neck stiff and strong as you move, back and forth, over my cock. Mouth open wide, throat opening up. I don’t really care if you can fit the whole of me easily down, give it a little effort. You don’t need to gag for me, just strain as you work me, fidget with those motions until you’re taking as much of me down as you can.

Look me in the eyes as you do and show me that you love it.

You’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Sometimes I wonder how I can do anything but tell you as much while kissing your cheek. Some days I just want to worship you. But right at this moment you’re the creature who is dedicated to sucking this hard cock. So keep eye contact and stay focused on my blue eyes no matter the cost. I want to see that face and your eyes as I side in and out.

Rock me harder. Push me over the edge with your hunger. Do whatever you have to because I’m close now. Fuck me with your mouth, your lips and tongue. Watch the sweat drip off my chest as my eyes focus on you with unmitigated desire. You are my toy. You are my goddess. Now take some pleasure as I tilt my head back and give you my gift.

Three waves of hot cum shoot out of me.

I want you to swallow it all, and you know the punishment if you do not. It must not be easy at the moment as I’m shouting out your name, insults and anything else that can come to the tip of my tongue.

My cock continues to spasm inside your mouth, twitching rapidly as your reward spews out. Oh, my hands on the back of your head are not just there for comfort now. I push you down as I push my hips forward. I need you to keep drinking even as I struggle to remain standing.

But this night of worship isn’t over yet. So I keep my fingers clinched through your hair as begin to pull you towards me. Up and down, close enough to the base so that you let out a little squeal. Can you feel how much you serve me? How much I need you? Not even being allowed a moment of relief or fresh air before you’re on to your next blow job?

You need some respite, so I pull out once I’m cleaned off. I demand you stick out your tongue and show me you took it all down your throat. Be a good girl and show off that clean tongue before you smile. I want you to enjoy it as much as I did. And as soon as you do I have to pick you up with a strong pull and bring you up to your feet so I can kiss you on the lips.

Wrestle with me. Push and Pull. Lets bite each others flesh, I want you to feel my cock grow again and press against you, just from that moment of kissing and stroking. No, you don’t have to be a slut or a toy or an object to make me want you. I can get this aroused by you just from your lips. It’s the woman, not the actions, that make me his hot and hard.

Later erzurum escort on I’ll tell you that it’s your face and words that do this to me. When it’s over and we are close in the bible black of night. But for now? Now I’m just going to wrap my hand around yours ass and squeeze, bringing you up in the air until you lift your legs around me. I’m going to carry you back to bed, kissing you as we go. Biting you on the neck and digging my nails into your panties.

When we get to the edge I toss you down and hope for a little scream or shriek. Can you blame me? It makes a man feel like a man. Like the monster who has you.

But I’m not jumping atop you. Tonight is about worship of my cock as I told you before. You need to show how much you love it in a very different way. So don’t struggle too much when I spin you around and tilt your head over the side of the mattress and demand open your mouth.

Play with your nipples for me. I don’t care if it’s through shirt and bra or if they’re naked. I want them tweaked and pinched as you ready for me to push into your mouth.

I push my head against your lips and I want you to press them against me as a kiss. Suck me, open your mouth and stroke your tongue over me. “Open wide,” I say and without warning I shove into you as hard as I can. I know you can take it all, my darling, but I love how you struggle a little bit at the start. Like it’s just too much for you to handle before you do.

Brush your cheeks against my hands when I put them against you. I want to feel the warmth and I love the connection of my palms on your face. Be a good little slut and lay still. Feel my cock pulse and push down you. Let the whole of it fill your throat. Wrap around it and brace yourself for thrust after thrust. We just finished off, and you’re going to need to prove how much you want it to push me over.

But your face can’t hold my weight so I have to shift my hands do your hips. Yeah, I’m going to bend over you and push in even harder. I was only fucking your face like it was a strained from behind position – now I’m going to move in and out of your like it’s missionary on a hard surface with your legs tethered open. No restraints, no limits and caring about nothing but my pleasure.

Can you even taste my pre-cum so soon after swallowing? Can you concentrate on the way I taste at all when I am nothing but grunts and screams and sweat. Nothing but my cock invading your mouth over and over again.

It’s only when you tighten your throat for the last time, that your hands find my hips and guide me to shunt into you faster, with shorter strokes, so you can tickle and please the tip of my cock beyond anything I can resist that I feel it building up again.

I pull out and cum all over your beautiful with a growl so deep that it’s only the monster that you bring out of me crying out.

Later, when you’ve rested your head against my chest long enough and I’ve played with your damp hair I promise that tomorrow will be a night of devotion for you. In the darkness, only know you are smiling because of the muscles in your face tensing against my skin.

And I question, as I do from time to time, how I got so lucky to find you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32