Bath Time..

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She’s in the bath, doesn’t like being disturbed but has left the door open, I peek in, just her head and lower legs above the bubbles, eyes closed. I slip in and go to the end of the bath, dare I? A moment’s hesitation but I can’t resist! I bend down, lick the very tip of her big toe, suck it into my mouth, swirl my tongue around it then let go. A slight smile appears on her face.

Now I wet my hand and ever so gently, ever so slowly trail my fingertips from her toes up the outside of one leg to her knee, across to the other and then back down the shin to her ankle and her toes, I push my finger between each toe then my hand begins its journey back up the inside of her calf and, just as it again reaches her knee and the bubbles, it pauses…

Then, almost of its own volition, it again begins to move, disappears into the bubbles, over the smooth skin of her thigh into the little hollow at her hip, hesitates, tracing tiny circles, which way to go? I can feel the coarse texture a single hair, anal escort want to feel more, want to feel her heat. But no, not yet…

The hand moves onwards, trails across her tummy button and over to her side then moving upwards until it brushes the side of her breast, I can feel her breathing now, chest rising and falling. My hand spreads out cupping her, thumb searches for and catches her nipple, drags gently across it, it puckers into a hard nub, my hand takes the weight of her breast before sliding underneath it, then moves slowly across and finds its twin, this time my fingertips brush gently up the rising mound until I feel first the areola then the nipple, taking hold of it I give it a slight squeeze, it too puckers, I let go…

Now my hand begins its return journey, once again brushing my fingertips down, across her ribs, her tummy until I feel the beginnings of a bush of hair, again I stop…gently, without moving my fingers my palm caresses her bayan escort istanbul tummy, hand now flat it moves down, fingers slide into that crinkly coarse bush, I can feel the pubic bone through her warm skin, middle fingertip feels the slight dip at the top of her sex but doesn’t press in, glides over, fingertips touch the tops of her thighs, they part allowing me in, hand moves on, feels the heat of her core, middle finger brushes across those silky lips, gentle stroke as they pass but no more, and then she is cupped in the palm of my hand.

I sigh…her hips lift giving a slight push against my hand, as if woken it begins to move again, back up until my thumb connects with that most intimate of places, my middle finger once again lies along those lips. I ease my thumb in and feel the inverted v of bone, it know what lies beneath, I move my knuckle and tease it under that hood of flesh, find her clitoris, slight pressure, she tenses just a little and I press again, start şişli escort to rub in tiny movements, stimulating. Her lips grow damp, part to allow my finger access, it slips in, so moist, so warm. My finger extends in, then out, back in again slowly caressing, exciting, fucking, thumb keeps moving, rubbing. Finger lifts and presses against the ridges on the roof of her vagina, fingertip rubbing backwards and forwards. My index finger slips in and joins the other in her soft wet tunnel, rubbing and fucking, looking for all those sensitive places, thumb rubs. Fucking and rubbing, fucking and rubbing.

She starts to quiver, only a little at first, but increasing in intensity as she nears orgasm, my fingers constantly moving, she twisting against them, then her legs tense, thighs grip my hand, her hands grasp the sides of the bath, head goes back, eyes tight shut and mouth opens to emit a loud groan, her inner muscles grip my fingers. She stays rigid, drawing it out, savouring it, but then, as the sensations subside she slides back into the water, thighs relax, opening to release my hand, I draw it out, down her thigh over her knee and shin to take hold of her foot, standing I bend down and suck that same toe into my mouth, swirl my tongue around then release it.

I leave…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32