Be Careful What You Wish For

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My name is Fiona and I used to be more or less normal. If you’ve read my previous story (The Dilemma) you’ll know that because of a situation that I got myself into I was forced to leave a stable life with my boyfriend because I basically handed him on a plate to my best friend Sonia who secretly adored him. I’ve asked her to write her story of that entire weekend and she says she will do very soon. Boy is it dirty.

Anyway, I was left all alone with my addiction for drinking and bathing in cum and no permanent cock to supply me. So instead I had to start looking elsewhere to get my drug and the truth is it went very well for a while. I would meet a guy I liked maybe in an elevator or in a bus or train who seemed to be receptive and I would make my skirt lift up enough to give him a glimpse of my soaking wet bald pussy (I haven’t worn any panties for a long time). And 9 times out of 10 they would introduce themselves to me nervously and with an erection. We would then just talk about nothing much, in between short views between my legs, until I saw that they were about to explode and I would finally ask them nicely to cum in my mouth, which they promptly did. Most of them would then ask for telephone numbers and the typical “Do you want to have dinner tonight.” And I would tell them no thanks. I had other cocks to drain… oops; Sorry, I mean other plans for dinner.

But one day I did something very silly and this is where things got a little complicated…

You see, as I type this I am nude from the waist down. I don’t like to show off my body so much as I like to show off my pussy. And I’ll explain why.

People sometimes ask me if I wouldn’t have been happier had I been born with a penis. That way I could drink cum any time I want. And yes, sometimes I think that I would like to have that luxury. I sometimes envy you guys. All that sperm on tap 24/7, mmmmm.

But no, I love my pussy more because it means that I can basically have any cock that I want and usually when I want it. Men are so cool that way. I show them my wet pussy and without having to ask, they offer me their creamy cocks (and sometimes their tongues, which is cute of them). If women opened their legs whenever a man takes out his dick, there wouldn’t be any wars. A lot less stress and virtually no frustration. What a wonderful world that would be.

But in this reality that we live in where women pretend to be frigid and decent and men have to put up with it and pretend to be OO7 to get laid, we are bound by the basic principals of nature.

Males have two states of consciousness. Either they are intelligent and coldly analytical or they are passionate and emotionally retarded. There can be different levels from man to man but not really on any separate individual. When they are in analytical mode their minds can be brilliant and inventive, and a huge benefit for society. When they are emotional and passionate they are usually totally useless apart from maybe breeding purposes.

The time cycles between these two states are governed by the amount of sperm they produce and their mental discipline. gorukle escort But mental discipline is not something generic to the species and only a handful of specimens have it or achieve it. Speaking bluntly, when their balls fill up they become unstable and when they are emptied they return to the world of clear thinking. Irrational behaviour is not usually a common trait unless the male hasn’t dipped his wick in hot wet cunt wax for a while. This amount of time varies from one individual to another and can be anything from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Question: How can we trust these sex driven animals to govern a stable society?

Truthful answer: Prostitutes.

The common belief that masturbation is an effective substitute for sex is incorrect. A hand job can and will return a stricken subject to a temporary state of mental stability but it is very short lived. It works well, for example, when trying to get the guy to sleep after a stressful day. But for a long term solution (IE: several days), it is necessary to let the specimen fuck a bitch’s cunt out good and proper or to cum down a sluts throat until he feels that the only woman necessary in his life is his mother. This is due in no small part to an ancient instinct of dominance. Although a male always ejaculates physically, he also needs to ejaculate mentally to become docile. This mental ejaculation is only achieved when coupling with the female of the species and is enhanced if the female screams loudly (not necessarily in pain although it helps) while she is being properly slam fucked by the male. Masturbation will never achieve this high level of brain fuck.

This, at least, was my argument late one evening in a tiny little bar in London where I stupidly went to find my next dose of sperm. The problem was that there were only seven people there and I was the only girl. And I was wearing a short red dress, black leather boots and as always, no underwear.

I could tell straight away that they were getting aroused by my point of view. The 6 guys including the owner of the bar listened intently to my opinion and commented on how true it was except for one man who stood at the bar quietly and said absolutely nothing. He didn’t even look interested. When I looked at the time and said that I had to leave, things got a little out of control. In all that time I hadn’t realised that it was so late, the bar had closed its doors and the men had been drinking non stop. Obviously they were friends of the owner.

One guy offered me money to “give him a little show and see what I had in between those lovely long legs.” Another laughed “fuck that, lets let the girl drain our balls dry… I’m feeling emotional and unstable right now and in need of clarity of mind.” But the third guy to speak, the one who had kept quite during the whole evening’s conversation was the worst. He came over to me with a sly smile on his face and said “If you didn’t come here to get fucked why aren’t you wearing any underwear you fucking slut.” He reached down and lifted my dress up violently so that his friends could see my moist altıparmak eskort bayan snatch. I heard cheers from the small crowd and then felt an intense pain in my ribs as he tore the dress completely off of me. He grabbed me by the neck and threw me onto one of the bar tables. I was completely naked apart from my black leather boots, and it all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to react.

The next thing I felt was my legs being parted violently and something penetrate my virgina forcefully. Looking down with tears gushing down my face I saw the guy who attacked me thrusting the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life into my pussy and pumping it like he was working out in a gym. It hurt so much that I couldn’t stop crying. Surrounding me were two guys holding me down while the others dropped their trousers and held their dicks in their hands, probably awaiting their turn at fucking me. I couldn’t see because of my own tears but I felt something big being forced into my mouth and then hot sticky liquid punch the back of my throat. I was choking and had to swallow fast to stop myself from drowning. Someone hadn’t had sex in a long time and had cum very quickly indeed. The other guys laughed loudly at him for not lasting. But I didn’t laugh. I wasn’t laughing at all. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I had lost control of the situation that I had stupidly put myself in. I had always used my body to control men and tonight I was being controlled by them. They had ganged up on me and there was no way out.

Another cock was thrust into my mouth and was spurting hot cum, a lot of hot cum. It didn’t seem to stop. It filled my mouth and started dripping over my cheeks. I swallowed hard.

“You see!” barked the guy. “She loves it.”

The bastard fucking me suddenly shrieked and his balls exploded its seed deep into my womb. He took his cock out of me but the break was short lived. Another cock took its place inside my cunt within seconds and was thrusting in and out. I could feel cum gushing out and rolling down my anus while I was being nailed. This new cock didn’t take long to explode and, after digging itself deeper inside me, it also hosed my insides down with its sperm. One guy hadn’t lasted past his own hand job and came on my tits and stomach.

Cock after cock was being introduced into my mouth time after time. I swallowed and swallowed for fear of drowning but it never seemed to stop. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was totally out of control, I would have concentrated on the taste and savoured the moment. But if was too much. They took turns fucking me and filling me with cum. Mouth, pussy. I hoped to god they would leave my ass alone. I have never taken anything in there and I knew it would hurt a lot if they drilled my ass hole. Thankfully they didn’t. It seemed like an eternity in hell. My best dream became a living nightmare. I had swallowed huge amounts of cum, my pussy was full to the brim of cum and I had cum all over my entire body and face. Six cocks had relieved themselves inside me many times nilüfer eskort bayan over. I didn’t know what would happen to me.

I think I passed out at some stage as everything went quiet and dark. I was lost inside my own subconscious. I had visions of my life with my family, of Sonia, my ex-boyfriend Tony. God I so needed him now, I suddenly missed him so much as tear after tear rolled down my face. Why did I let myself get into this mess? I was all alone, god knows where, I felt so cold, very cold.

I slowly opened my eyes; everything was very dark apart from a single light above me. I tried to focus on it. I looked down at my body, I was naked and my skin felt very tight. I could hear voices approaching then moving away. I tried to hide, to look for the dark where I felt safer. I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t figure out how to figure anything out. My mind was shut down and I couldn’t remember who I was or where I was. Everything went dark again….

… I woke up with a start. With my eyes wide open I scanned the alleyway. It was still dark and quiet. I tried to stand up and felt every muscle in my body ache. I was totally nude and wore only my boots. I started to remember things, voices, sensations, images. I started to remember where I was and what had happened. I still had the taste of sperm in my mouth, my pussy felt raw my skin dry and then it all came to me at once. OH MY GOD, they had thrown me into an alleyway with the rest of the rubbish, “The BASTARDS.” I cried. I looked around for something to cover myself with and found an old dirty table cloth in one of the garbage bins and my handbag lying on the floor. I picked it up and rapped the cloth around me and slowly stumbled out into the street. Realizing where I was and that my house was only a few minutes away I ran and ran and didn’t stop until I reached my front door. Searching in my bag I found my keys and entered my house. My lovely warm and safe house.

My purse was still in my bag and I feared the worse. I opened it expecting it to be empty. To my surprise I found 300 pounds that were not mine. I realized that the sons of bitches had paid me like a whore. That’s all I was to them, a fucking whore. It is at that point that I felt angry. Yes, I know that I had provoked them, that I had willingly entered that bar for the purpose of drinking some cum, it was my entire fault and I knew that, but something wasn’t right in the way that they had violated my freedom to do that. I would have willingly and lovingly fucked them all, sucked all their cocks dry, for free. Why the violence? For all my short comings I certainly didn’t deserve that sort of treatment. I admit that I’m a slut, a total slut in fact, but not a whore. I don’t do it for money. Money degrades it all. To hell with the money, I don’t need the money. This isn’t necessity, its pleasure.

I went upstairs to the bathroom and filled up the bathtub with steaming hot water with all the bath salts I could find and dipped inside. It felt so good. The warm water cleansed my skin of dry sperm and soothed my raw cunt lips. I dozed off and dreamt of ways to teach those men a lesson in manners. Especially the one who attacked me and tore my dress into shreds. I wasn’t after revenge, no, not revenge. Just education, I was going to teach them something very important and I had the tool most important for the job. My wet pussy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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