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Big Tits

I returned from my swim, topless and refreshed as I strode towards him on the warm damp sand. He looked so beautiful, lying in the sun. His firm muscular body that always made me feel good next to him when we hugged or made love. He meant the world to me. He was mine and only mine, to have to and hold, to love and to cherish…all mine.

I stood and watched him sleeping with my legs astride his tanned and beautiful body, shading out the sun. His eyes opened and he looked up at me and smiled as I dropped to my knees, straddling him and feeling him beneath me.

We spoke no words as I stared into his dark blue eyes. We just exchanged our glances for a while. Then I felt his hands sweeping up my thighs, onto my buttocks, squeezing them softly as if urging me to grind against his hardening cock. I could feel it growing inside his trunks and I responded as he wished, pretending to ride him as if we were making love.

I leaned forward and licked my tongue against his jaw, allowing my sea-wet hair to hang over his face. He tasted so good with his sweet aftershave, a flavour that he knew I adored and found irresistible. Then flicking back my hair I found his wanting lips and obeyed his silent wishes. A long and passionate kiss that I never wanted to end, that sent tingling sensations up and down my spine and into my groin. A kiss that signified our love for each other.

As I reached down with my hand, brushing against his firm stomach, I found his trunks, bulging with his desires, so hard and erect waiting to be released and pushing against me. I held my hand against it and stroked it through the material. Concentrating my touches on the bulbous head I watched him, his expression telling me to go further.

Slowly I teased the trunks down and exposed it. Holding Zonguldak Escort it between my fingers, I admired its shape and rigidity, the prominent smooth edge of the glans that could give so much pleasure during sex as it glided tenderly against my clit. Then I slid away his trunks further to uncover the full splendour of his veined shaft and the smooth puffy sack that held his hot delicious cream within.

I gripped him gently, feeling his pulse racing through the veins as I slowly jerked him, gently squeezing under the head each time I moved my fingers upward and then down, pulling his skin tight and making it furl around the base of his shaft.

His hips began to buck in rhythm and I smiled at him, letting him know that I was doing what he wanted me to do and still no words were spoken between us. The only sounds around were his moans of pleasure and the crashing of the waves on the solitary beach.

We were alone. It was his moment of pleasure and I was in control, moving my fingers and thumb up and down his cock, making him almost lament with desire as I made him oblivious of his surroundings with only the feel of his ensuing orgasm in his mind.

It was now my turn to enjoy what I was doing as I saw the tiny pearls of liquid forming around the tiny lip. I stopped and squeezed, watching him ooze his precum nectar over my fingers. I licked my tongue to taste it and looked at him. His eyes told me that he wanted more and so I took him into my mouth, running the underside of his glans slowly over my tongue.

He moaned with the sensation I was instilling into him. I felt his thighs begin to shudder and I continued. Tongue and lips sliding against his shaft, gentle sucks upon his glance as I watched him writhe and dissolve into Zonguldak Escort Bayan bliss. The salty taste of his precum excited my taste buds and on each stroke I took him in deeper, into my yearning throat.

He was now ready. Ready to give release to his creamy sap that I wanted so much to feel and taste. My fingers gripped tight and using steady strokes with my lips I purged his cock until he began to hold his breath. And I waited.

The first shot hit my lips, striking them with its warmth as the second shot arced upwards and then dropped back onto his cock and over my clenched fingers. The third one streamed almost endless over my face as I felt its thick warm texture hit my skin.

He let out a moan of satisfaction as I licked away the surplus creamy cum from around his glans, cleaning up every drop on my tongue, tasting its sweet and salty tang, the tingle in my throat, so good, so pleasing for me.

His cock began to soften, having spent its awesome load for me and onto me. My control was instantly diminished at that moment, the mission completed as he began to tell me how good I made him feel. And how much he loved me.

I had become excited during that act of release, which I gave him. I lay beside him, holding him tightly in my arms to share his moment of fulfilment; taking his hand in mine I placed it where he could feel my wetness. There was no need to prompt him further as his fingers found their way onto my clit, gently caressing, making me feel good inside as I rode the sensations he now instilled in me.

He knew what I wanted now. The game we had often played without verging into intercourse. It was my turn to be controlled now as I prepared myself for submission, lying on my back in the warm sand with my Escort Zonguldak arms out-stretched. My body language told him, take me now.

I could feel him easing the thong over my hips and down my legs until they were free. His hands touching my thighs followed by gentle kisses and so tender licks of his tongue. I closed my eyes and consumed the feelings he gave to me, soft smooth and arousing to all of my senses.

He touched my shaven lips and with his fingers, he opened them. I could feel the cool air against my wet inner petals as he played with them, unfolding them to reveal my smooth pink vagina, my hooded clit flushed and engorged. I flinched as I felt his lips, kissing tenderly my love bud and making me sigh with ecstasy.

What I wanted there and then was to cum for him. I needed to show him how I could yield myself to him as he did for me. And he knew that if he suckled on my clit it would only be a moment to bring me, gushing my release for him to savour.

I could feel him probing, placing his tongue and finger into my widening vagina, lapping up my love juice as it flowed from within me like a stream, spilling over his lips as I squeezed to make myself squirt at the moment my orgasm reached its intense peek. If he could keep it going then I would continue to cum almost forever.

I clenched my fingers into the sand; shuck my head from side to side, told him not to stop over and over again. But he gently brought my climax down from its height by licking my outer lips and then on to my navel, soothing my sensitive nerve endings until I began to feel calm and peaceful, mission complete yet still submissive.

Together we lay on the towels, my arm across his chest and face to face. The sun disappeared behind the roof of the villa, casting a shadow over us. The cool breeze from the sea made us both shiver and it was time to leave.

As we packed our things into a wafia bag, we walked, hand in hand and naked towards the steps that led us to the villa, sharing a gentle kiss on the way that sealed our undying love for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32