Beach Weekend Ch. 02

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“Take your time guys, we’ll be a little while getting ready yet.” Heather called to Tom. We were headed out to grab some alcohol before taking the girls out on the town for the night.

“Alright, I kinda want to check out some of the sights anyway, so we’ll probably be an hour or so.” Tom replied.

I spoke up, “See you soon, cutie.” And placed a lingering kiss on Jes’s mouth before leaving with Tom.

“So what are you thinking about wearing tonight?” Jes asked Heather after we left.

Heather replied, “I’m not quite sure yet, I’ll probably try a few things on. I’m really leaning toward this new khaki skirt I bought and a nice shirt,”

“Cool, I think I’m going to wear that short black ‘dress’ I wore in A.C. Let me see yours though.”

“Okay” Heather reached over for her suitcase and tried to throw in onto the bed. The small suitcase landed on the bed before bouncing off the other side and bursting open, sending clothes everywhere. “Shit!” Heather exclaimed before heading over with Jes to pick up the small pile of clothes.

“What is this??” As Jes said this she held up a large dildo that was buried beneath some of the clothes.

“Oh, shut up, it’s not like you’ve never used one. And besides, I didn’t know what type of weekend it would be.”

“Well, we do have almost an hour, and I don’t think the guys would mind… especially if we videotape it.”

“Are you really suggesting this? What’s been going on with you the last few weeks? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m loving it!” Heather grabbed Jes’s shoulders and gently laid her back onto the same bed that our foursome had been on the night before. Before starting up, Heather reached over and turned on the camera that was already pointing at them from the nightstand.

The red light glowed softly in the darkened hotel room as Heather startled Jes’s legs and leaned down to kiss her. Their soft lips met, almost hesitantly at first before continuing with more vigor. Jes’s hands reached up behind Heathers head and ran her fingers through he long hair. Heather pulled back a little bit, giving Jes room to pull off the shirt she’d been wearing, revealing a sexy purple bra. Heather upped the ante by slowly peeling off her top, her 36DD’s only being hidden by her bra.

“Our time is running down, so let’s really get things rolling.” Jes reached up and unclasped Heathers bra putting her boobs on full view.

Wasting no time, Heather let her hands make their way around Jes’s back, deftly prying the last bit of protection from Jes’s breasts. Heather was still leaned over Jes, her soft breasts seemingly teasing Jes’s mouth. Taking no more of the teasing, Jes craned her neck upwards and took Heathers right Ataşehir Escort nipple slowly into her mouth, running her tongue back and forth over it. Jes gave a final flick of her tongue before moving her mouth back up to Heather’s waiting lips. The make out session was back in full force, with their hands running up and down each others bodies. Heather brushed her hands across Jes’s breasts getting more and more aggressive each time. Heather got to the point where she was actively massaging Jes’s C-cup size boobs. Jes couldn’t contain herself and reached down to slide her hands down the front of Heather’s sweatpants.

The view from the screen of the camera later on was too hot. Two incredibly sexy girls making out while Jes’s hand began inching towards Heathers increasingly wettening slit.

“Oh please, rub my clit faster” Heather breathed into Jes’s ear, while also moving her hand down to find he LOVERS pussy. With two hands she unbuttoned Jes’s jeans and slowly unzipped them revealing a pink lacey thong. The front of them already showing a wet spot from the actions of the night. This spot acted as a bulls eye for Heather as she placed her middle finger on Jes’s hot button, sending a shockwave through her body.

“Holy shit, that feels good. Rub it back and forth faster. Fuck the underwear, just reach in and get your fingers inside of me!”

Both girls acted simultaneously, and slid their pants off their feet, leaving their sun kissed bodies writhing next to each other on the bed. Jes took her hand and placed it back at the entrance of Heathers wet cunt and slipped a finger in. She pushed it in all the way, before sliding it out and up across her clit. Jes rubbed her finger back and forth a few times before plunging back into Heather’s slit. Jes’s own pussy was on fire from the attention Heather was giving her, plunging two fingers in and out. Moans filled the room.

After a few minutes Heather spoke up, “How would you like to try ‘Mr. Dependable’?

“Yes! Please I need something inside me. I’m so worked up right now, I need to cum so hard.” Heather pulled the 9″ blue dildo from the floor and rubbed it along Jes’s pussy getting it lubed up. “I want to feel it in me, I feel so empty without a big cock inside me. I’m so wet and ready for it.” Heather didn’t need telling twice and she lined up the fake cock with Jes’s cunt and plunged it in, making Jes arch her back and moan with ecstasy. Heather kept it in while laying down next to her and placing her mouth on Jes’s already open lips. Jes didn’t want to hog all the attention, so she reached down and found Heathers clit rubbing it back and forth. This caused Heather to quicken the pace on the Ataşehir Escort Bayan dick darting into Jes’s pussy. The moans grew louder and the overpowered the sound of the dildo furiously entering Jessica, hitting her clit on every entry.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Jes screamed into Heathers mouth, “Keep going, I’m going to cum soon!”

“Me too, don’t stop rubbing me” The making out began getting fiercer as each girl let loose and pushed their tongues into each others mouth. The breathing began speeding up and getting heavier as both girls neared orgasm. Jes could feel Heathers pussy begin to contract around her fingers and knew it was only seconds before she would cum on her hand. This thought brought on intense feelings and she concentrated on cumming on the huge dick penetrating her hairless slit. Heather pulled the dick out and finished Jes off with her own hand.

Screams filled the room as both girls came hard onto each others masterful fingers. The pace slowed down soon afterwards as the spasms began relaxing. Heather and Jes were exhausted, but knew Tom and I were going to be back soon. “We still have to get ready! Our reservations are in half an hour.” Jes remarked to Heather.

“I think the only solution would be to get ready with each other as much as possibly. I gotta hop in the shower, do you need one too? We can make it quick.”

“Definitely, I still feel gross from the beach earlier today.” The girls made their way to the bathroom and Heather slapped Jes’s butt playfully, making her jump and let out a giggle.

Jes reached the shower first and turned it to hot as they stepped in. The water began cascading down their bodies and Jes noticed just how tan Heather had gotten during the last few days at the beach. “My god, you look amazing and you got so tan today.”

“Oh please girl, your body is awesome. Your tits are so perky.” After mentioning this, Heather reached out through the waterfall coming down around them and cupped her left breast. Jes leaned into Heather, and with the water dripping down her face, opened her mouth and planted an open mouth kiss on her lips. Both girls slipped back into the mindset of what just happened on the bed as Heather extended her hand to feel up Jes’s pussy. Jes returned the favor and found Heathers wet slit with no problem.

Tom and I agreed later on after the girls filled us in on what went on that this was probably the hottest scene. Picture it, two beautiful girls fingering each other while making out underneath a steady stream of water, but we were shocked when we heard what occurred next.

“I want to take this a step further, but I’ve never done it before last night and Escort Ataşehir I don’t remember most of it, so go easy on me.” Jes broke the kiss and kneeled between Heather’s legs, looking up at the water spraying around her head. Leaning forward, she stuck her tongue out and met the warm embrace of Heather’s slit. From somewhere above her she heard a moan emit from the mouth of the woman she was going down on. The moan made her look up to see if she was doing okay, and she saw Heather place a hand on the tile wall to stabilize herself, giving her a confidence boost.

The water flowing across Heathers pussy and the juices seeping from inside of her gave Jes a mixture of flavors dancing across her tongue. At first Jes was just feeling around, but she began to get into a rhythm. She darted her tongue in a circle, first flicking her clit, before moving down to her hole, the source of the flowing juices. Heather placed her hand on top of Jes’s head, pushing her even closer to her pulsing love.

Jes seemed to get the hint and stuck her tongue deep into the hole in front of her.

“Oh god, Eat my pussy Jes, your tongue feels amazing. You’re a natural!” Jes again took this encouragement and used it to speed up her attack on Heather’s clit. She began sliding it across the nub at the top of her cunt. The mixture of Jes’s tongue and the water trickling down her body sent Heather’s moans into overdrive. “I’m so close to cumming! Lick my clit faster.”

Jes took a break to speak up, “I want to taste your juices on my tongue. Cum for me girl.” Her break was short lived as she renewed her work on Heather’s most sensitive area, while grabbing a hold of her hips to keep contact with her pussy as much as possible. The screams really began to leave Heathers mouth while Jes worked on her clit as she sent Heather into her second orgasm of the hour.

“Yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Heather almost fell over, her knees weak from the tongue lashing she just received from Jes.

Jes removed herself from Heathers sensitive spot and stood back up. Her knees also feeling weak.

“I want to give you the same amazing feeling I just got. Take a seat on the edge of the tub.” Jes was eager to feel the same pleasure she just witnessed as a result of her licking, and took a seat. However, their plans were interrupted.

“Hello! Anyone here?” I called from the main room. “It looks like we missed a hell of a show.” I remarked to Tom. Pointing out the dildo and the pile of clothes at the base of the bed.

“I think we may get to see it after all. Check it out, they videotaped it for us. I think I know where they are too, look how steamy the bathroom is.” I picked up the camera and brought it to the door of the bathroom, knocking gently. “Can we come in?”

I heard Jes’s shaky voice from the other side moan out, ” Yes! I want to suck you off while Heather eats me. Get in here. Tom there’s room for you too.” We didn’t need a second invitation and turned the knob, only to be met by a wall of steam…

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