Beauty and the Geek Ch. 26

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PART 1 — Knocked-up


Miley stood in the bathroom staring at the pill container in her hands. She recalled when she first started birth control, right after she and Charlie began dating. Their sex life went from zero to sixty in record time and Miley remembered fearing the prospect of becoming pregnant in high school. Back then, when she fantasized about becoming a mother, Miley imagined being married to a rich and successful guy. She had expected to be living in a big house with a white picket fence and everything else that represented the ‘American Dream’ before thinking of children.

But as time passed those things meant less and less. She had Charlie; he was all Miley needed.

She and Charlie had initially agreed to wait before getting married, presumably until after college, though Miley knew better. Charlie said he wanted to wait for her father’s blessing, but Miley thought he was being too old-fashioned. The truth was the two of them could marry whenever they wanted. A few hours at the county courthouse may not have been a high school fantasy made true, but that’s all it took to apply for a marriage license and stand before a judge.

The issue of marriage wasn’t standing in the way of having a baby, Miley knew.

Money was a potential problem. She and Charlie lived comfortably in the near-campus apartment her father paid for, but if they had a baby Miley would want to raise it in a better environment. Charlie had recently signed a publishing deal with Marvel Comics that could potentially become very lucrative, but there were no promises that the deal would pay enough for them to start a family on their own. It all depended on how well Brian and Charlie’s comic book sold. But even if that fell through, Miley was confident her father would step up. Jack would probably make Charlie start working for him, but Miley knew she could count on dad to provide his baby girl with whatever she needed.

Money wasn’t a big enough reason to deter Miley either.

Her decision made, she opened one of the plastic dispensers on her pill container. Miley held the birth-control pill between thumb and forefinger, regarding it for a moment before dropping it into the toilet. She repeated the act until her container was empty. Miley wanted a family with the man she loved; she saw no reason to wait any longer.


“What is taking Miley so long?” Brian complained. “I have to take a piss.”

“You shouldn’t drink so much coffee,” Charlie commented distractedly as he looked over Brian’s artwork for the second issue of ‘Captain Darkness’. The two boys worked together at Charlie and Miley’s apartment every weekday, trying to finish a six-issue deadline by December. It was October, and their first two issues were nearly finished.

“Whatever, dude. Miley should be at school, not tying up your bathroom all morning. When did she start skipping classes, anyway?”

“Cut her some slack, Miley’s been going through a lot lately. Her mom went all psychotic on us and we’re going through some personal stuff.”

Brian glanced, “Personal stuff? Is everything all right between you two?”

“Yeah,” Charlie assured him. He didn’t want to tell Brian about his and Miley’s baby discussion until there was more to tell, “It’s no big deal.”

The bathroom door opened before Brian could press for more details, “Finally!”

Miley watched Brian hurry past her; she looked to Charlie, “You taught him not to pee on the seat, right?”

“Don’t worry,” Charlie joked, “he’s house-trained.”

Miley padded towards Charlie and crawled into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, “I didn’t take my birth-control pill this morning.”

Charlie exhaled slowly, “So we’re really going through with this, huh?”

“If you’re having second thoughts…?”

“No,” Charlie shook his head. “It’s just kind of a big deal, you know? I’m nervous, but excited too.”

Miley understood completely, “Yeah, I feel the same way. But Charlie, I want you to be sure.”

“I am,” Charlie promised. “So, uh, how long before you’re… you know, ready?”

Miley shrugged, “I dunno. As soon as I start ovulating, I suppose. I didn’t really pay too much attention during our high school Health class.”

Charlie grinned, “And here I thought human sexuality was your specialty.”


Stacy’s favorite song was playing on the radio as she drove home from campus. She had the volume cranked up and was singing along, tapping her hands on the steering wheel as she pulled into her parent’s driveway. It wasn’t until Stacy turned the key off and climbed out of the car that she noticed someone sitting on the front step.

“Sam? Is that you?”

Sam was sitting on the front steps with her face buried in her palms. She lifted her tear-filled gaze when Stacy approached and offered a feeble greeting, “Hi.”

“Um…” Stacy was at a loss, “what’s going on, Sam? Why are you sitting on my porch crying?”

“I’m sorry,” Sam sobbed. “I didn’t know who else to talk to.”

“Okay?” Stacy hesitantly set her bag down and escort şişli sat next to Sam, “Care to tell me why you’re so upset?”

Sam glanced aside with a sniffle and wiped her nose with the back of a hand, “I can see why Brian chose you over me.”

Stacy hid her wince. She hardly knew Sam. In fact, the closest thing they’d ever had to a conversation with each other was when Stacy punched her in Miami. She had no idea why Sam would show up wanting to talk about Brian. Didn’t Sam have any other friends?

“You’re so beautiful,” Sam continued. “And you’ve got a body like a magazine cover.”

“Thanks,” Stacy offered. “But, um, I really don’t think it was a beauty contest or anything. Brian and I have known each other for a long time; we have a lot of history… you were up against all that.”

Sam shyly wiped at the tears on her cheek, “Yeah, he told me about your pregnancy and stuff. Was it hard to make your decision? About the abortion, I mean?”

Stacy’s eyes widened at the blunt question, “Wow. Um, look Sam, no offense or anything… but I barely know you and that’s really personal.”

“I’m sorry,” Sam kept wiping her cheeks but more tears kept falling. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Listen,” Stacy tried, “you’re going to be okay. I know how tough it is when you break up with someone you really like, but there are lots of guys out there. I’m sure you’re going to find someone who makes you really happy.”

“Maybe,” Sam cried. “But how many of them will be the father of my child?”

Stacy blinked, “What?”

“I’m pregnant,” Sam sobbed. “And Brian’s the father.”


Brian bumped Charlie’s fist, “I’m outta here; I’m supposed to pick up Stace in an hour for dinner.”

“Have fun,” Charlie told him. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Brian called out, “Bye, Miley!”

Miley’s voice came from the bedroom, “Bye, sweetie! Love you! Say hi to Stace!”

Charlie closed the door after Brian and worked the lock. He took a moment to stretch before wandering towards the bedroom. He found Miley sitting at her desk reading a thick magazine.

“Charlie,” Miley seemed to sense his nearness, “did you know, according to Cosmo, that the average age of first-time mothers in the United States is twenty-five?”

Charlie joked, “Oh yeah? What’s the average age in India?”

“Be serious, Charlie.” Miley looked up from her magazine with worry in her eyes, “I’m only twenty!”

Charlie could only laugh.

“Charlie!” Miley whined. “It isn’t funny.”

Charlie moved to sit and pat the bed beside him, “Come here.”

Miley closed her magazine and got up, “Do you think we’re rushing into this?”

Charlie wrapped his arm around Miley’s shoulders when she sat next to him, “We’re definitely rushing into this.”

Miley’s brow furrowed, “Why didn’t you say something?”

Charlie shrugged, “Because I don’t care. We rush into everything. I mean, we’d had sex three times before our first actual date. I told you I loved you about a week after we first hooked up — also before our first actual date. We got engaged at nineteen…”

“This is different.” Miley rested her head on Charlie’s shoulder, “We’re talking about having children and I’ve never even had a job.”

Charlie squeezed her and kissed the top of Miley’s head, “I don’t think that’s a requirement for being a good mother.”

“Do you think we’re ready for the responsibility?”

“Well, are you ready for six months of sleepless nights?”

“I’m a light sleeper,” Miley answered. “I’ll deal.”

“Are you ready to change shitty diapers?”

“That’s kind of gross, Charlie, but I figured we’d split that duty.”

“Can you give up going out on weekends?”

Miley lifted a shoulder, “We usually stay home and watch superhero movies on the weekends, anyway.”

“Can you manage school while being a mother?”

“Sure,” Miley looked up to Charlie’s eyes, “I can study while I breast-feed, right?”

Charlie lifted a hand to cup Miley’s cheek, “What do you want for your life?”

Miley squinted, “What do you mean?”

“What’s important to you, Miley? Do you want to travel? Do you want a career?”

Miley shook her head, “No, I want you. I want a family. I can always find a career after our children are older and in school. If we travel, I want to travel as a family. I want to do stuff like bring our kids to Disneyland and take them on summer vacations.”

“It sounds to me like you’re not the average first-time mother.”

Miley looked at him curiously.

“The girls who wait until they’re twenty-five probably have different priorities,” Charlie explained. “Maybe they want a career first. More likely — they haven’t found ‘Mr. Right’ as early as you have.”

Miley beamed a smile.

“If having a family is that important to you, let’s do it.”

“Is it important to you?” Miley asked.

Charlie considered, “I always thought I’d be older when I started worrying about kids, but that was before you came along. I definitely want a family escort beşiktaş with you, Miley. I mean, sometimes I worry about providing for us, but I have a really good feeling about this deal with Marvel. I think I can make it as a writer, which would be so awesome. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and that’s something I can do from home. I’d be able to care for the baby so you could finish school.”

“Don’t you want to want to finish school, too?”

“Sure,” Charlie nodded. “But if writing comics can support us in the meantime, I’m in no hurry. I can always get my English degree and write the great American novel later.”

Miley leaned close to kiss him, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied easily.

“Are you horny?”

“A little. Why, are you?”

Miley smiled against Charlie’s lips, “Do you even have to ask?”

Charlie made it sound like a chore, “I suppose we could…”

Miley’s eyes sparkled, “Let’s try a baby-making test run!” She hopped up from the bed and began to disrobe.

Charlie laughed, “Miley, I think we know what we’re doing when it comes to actually making the baby. It’s everything afterwards we might need a little help with.”

“Well, we can’t get to that stuff until you actually knock me up.”

Charlie just shook his head in amusement and lifted his tee.

Miley was naked in record time and eagerly crawled back onto the bed. She situated herself, lying on her back, and waited for Charlie to get his clothes off.

“If we have a boy,” Miley mused, “we should name him after your father. I always liked ‘John’. Either that, or ‘George’.”

Charlie stood on one leg and yanked a sock off, “George?”

Miley nodded, “George is totally a sexy name again, because of George Clooney.”

Charlie made a sour face as he joined Miley and knelt on the bed, “We’re not picking a name because it’s sexy, and we’re definitely not naming our child after an actor. Besides, what if we have a girl?”

Miley sat up when she saw Charlie wasn’t hard. She casually gripped his penis and began lazily running her fingers along its length, “If it’s a girl we should name her something outrageous, like ‘Tempest’.”

Charlie laughed, “Sounds like a superhero name.”

“I know,” Miley agreed. “I always hated my real name.”


Miley shuddered at the sound of it, “It’s so… prudish. I always wanted to be an ‘Elektra’ or something exciting like that.”

“Elektra,” Charlie tried. “I like that.”

Miley beamed, “Yeah?” She looked down at Charlie’s hardening shaft and glided her fingertips against it, teasing it with dragging scrapes of her fingernails. “I think you’re ready.”

Charlie moved towards her as she laid back. Miley lifted her ankles on bent legs and spread them almost clinically, offering Charlie an easy target. He lowered a finger to her sex to see if she was damp enough for penetration.

“That feels good,” Miley told him. “Get me wet so you can slide in real deep.”

“You do realize it’s probably not going to happen tonight, don’t you?”

“I know,” Miley whimpered as Charlie masturbated her. “I just like it when you fuck me really deep.”

Charlie grabbed one of Miley’s ankles as he plunged a finger in and out of her slit, “You’re going to look so sexy when you’re pregnant.”

“I’m going to look fat,” Miley countered, “with a big round tummy that sticks out to here.” She held her hands out above her stomach

“It’ll be a cute tummy. By the way, you’re soaking wet.”

“I know, all this baby talk is turning me on.”

Charlie crawled between her legs. Miley watched as he hovered over her, resting his weight on outstretched hands. Her jaw dangled open when she felt his erection press against her entrance and begin to slide in.

“You feel so warm,” Charlie whispered, having an easy go of it. There was little resistance and he could push almost the entire length of his cock into her.

Miley laid her hands on Charlie’s bare chest, “My pussy has been drooling for your cock all day. My pussy needs your cock, Charlie. To fill it and make it feel good.”

Charlie put a hand to Miley’s chest, squeezing one of her pancaked breasts. He teased the nipple until it grew erect against his fingertips.

“You know,” Miley murmured, “my body will keep producing milk as long as someone keeps feeding, even after the baby has been weaned off. If you kept sucking on my tits I’d keep making milk for you.”

That made Charlie’s head spin and the pace of his hips increased.

“You could keep feeding on me,” Miley told him, “and taking nourishment from my tits; from my body. Would you like that, Charlie? To feed from my breasts? You could suckle on them two, even three times a day, and I could masturbate you while you drank my body into your own.”

“Jesus,” Charlie rasped, “you’re turning me on so much right now.”

“My nipples would start getting so swollen and sensitive,” Miley continued, “if you nibbled on them you’d probably give me an orgasm every time you fed.”

Charlie lowered escort beyoğlu himself and pressed his weight against Miley’s body, taking one of her breasts into his mouth.

Miley moaned with pleasure and fed him her tit, gripping it tightly in her hand and pushing it against Charlie’s mouth. When he started licking and suckling on her stiff nipple it sent sparks of pleasure through her body, like her breast and vagina were somehow connected by an electrical current. She curled her hand around Charlie’s head to encourage him to keep sucking on her, her fingers mingling with his messy brown hair.

“Suck on the other one,” Miley whimpered in a begging tone. “Suck on both of my tits… it feels so fucking good.”

Charlie alternated to Miley’s other breast and drew her flesh into his mouth. He suckled hard and pushed scraping licks of his tongue against her nipple. He could feel her fingers tighten against his scalp and Miley started squirming and moaning beneath him.

“My body belongs to you,” Miley said with a husky breath. “My body is yours to take your pleasure with, and to provide you with a child. Claim it, Charlie, claim my body and stuff it full of your baby.”

Charlie’s mouth popped free of Miley’s breast when he gasped in pleasure at her words. His hips were humping rapidly between her legs causing Miley’s dangling ankles to bounce against her thighs. She wrapped her arms around him and dug her nails into his back.

“That’s it,” Miley breathed. “Fuck it into me, Charlie. Fuck me as fast and as hard as you need.”

“You’ve got me so hot,” Charlie moaned, “thinking about all that milk leaking out of your nipples.”

“I’ll be able to feed you,” Miley told him in a voice made husky from arousal. “You can drink my milk for breakfast every morning. We’ll lay naked in bed and I’ll jerk you off while you take my milk, and when you cum I promise I’ll swallow every drop. We’ll trade fluids, Charlie… your cum for my milk.”

“Oh fuck,” Charlie grunted. He was humping into Miley rapidly and could feel an orgasm start to boil over at the base of his cock, “That’s so fucking kinky.”

“Is that what you want, baby?” Her arms tightened about Charlie as Miley talked dirty, “Do you want to feed from mama’s titties?”

Charlie was gasping over and over as his semen began the slow rise up his shaft,

Miley simply laid there as Charlie rutted between her thighs, looking up at the ceiling over his shoulder. Everything started spinning so she clamped her eyes shut and lost herself to orgasm. At the edge of her awareness Miley heard loud grunting noises come from Charlie, followed by the heat of his orgasm spilling into her. Her back arched and her mouth hung open with a silent scream at the exquisite sensation of his cum flooding her insides.

Finally Charlie went still, his pleasure deposited properly.

“Stay inside me,” Miley whispered, still clinging tightly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Charlie promised. He placed several kisses on Miley’s neck and shoulder.

“You did really good, baby. You filled me up with lots of cum.”

Charlie chuckled, “It wasn’t that hard.”

Miley caressed her hand at the back of Charlie’s head, “I’m still proud of you. You give your woman so much cum, like a man should.”

Charlie nuzzled his face into Miley’s shoulder. Miley was still bearing his weight as she felt him relax and his cock was softening inside her, but she continued to hold him.

“I love you,” Charlie whispered sleepily.

Miley smiled warmly, caressing him gently.


The front door of Stacy’s house opened just as Brian lifted a fist to knock. He was greeted by a blonde fury.

“You fucking bastard,” Stacy growled angrily.

“Whoa,” Brian squinted. “What the…?”

“How could you?!?” Stacy glared at him, “Did you not learn anything last summer?”

Brian had no idea why Stacy was so angry, “What are you talking about?”

Stacy folded her arms across her chest, “Sam came over this afternoon.”

“Sam? What the hell was she -?”

“She’s pregnant!” Stacy barked, “And guess who the father is?”

Brian’s expression transitioned from confusion, to shock, and to fear in the span of a second, “W-what? N-no, that’s not possible!”

“Spare me! God, Brian, I can’t believe you!”

“You and I were broken up!”

Stacy lifted her hands to her head in frustration, “I’m not mad that you slept with her, but how could you be so careless again? Jesus!”

Brian tried to defend himself, “We used protection. We were safe, I swear!”

“Whatever.” Stacy threw her silver bracelet at him; the one Brian had given her only days prior, “We’re over! I’m not going through another pregnancy drama, I can’t.”

“Stacy… please!”

The door slammed shut in Brian’s face.

PART 2 — Irony ============

“I’ll have the chicken salad with ranch on the side,” Haley told the waiter.

“The house steak,” Jack ordered when the waiter turned to him. “Medium rare.”

“Very good,” the waiter inclined his head and collected the menus.

“This place is nice,” Haley commented. “I’ve never been here.” Haley had always considered herself a ‘bar & grill’ type of girl and was enjoying the swanky environs of the restaurant Jack had selected. She looked beautiful in a black cocktail dress.

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