Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.13

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Connor approached Becca V silently from behind, Victoria still staring at his body, her gaze roamed upon his tightly muscled frame and fully erected, rampant cock, she sighed; if anything it appeared to her to be even larger than earlier. Her mouth opened again to protest. Instead of speaking, she moaned and licked her lips; Connor’s recently smeared come still fresh on them. Made her lick them again and suck on her lower lip.

Becca V suddenly felt the pressure of a huge bulbous head pushing at her labia lips. She smiled and pulled her wet fingers from her vagina, looking back over her shoulder and pursing her lips at the handsome figure of a man as his equally handsome silky smooth cock slipped passed her vaginal opening and into her tight wet canal. “Thank God Connor, I was getting to the stage where I thought I was going to faint if I didn’t feel that beast deep within me!” He began to pump into her with urgency. Becca V immediately started to scream as she orgasmed, her hot breath panting on Victoria’s thighs. With each powerful thrust as Connor rammed home, Becca V’s head was forced between Victoria’s thighs into her crotch. Her panting breath directed at Victoria’s still engorged pussy lips. Her pubic hair wafting in the air-flow.

To Becca V, Connor’s cock felt larger than ever, as with each deep thrust the huge phallus head met her cervix. Becca V’s legs were already shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm just kept on going. “Oh God… oh God… ummm…… oh… oh, OH… OHHHH.” As her fingers pressurised her clit which was now sticking out proudly amongst her sopping-wet folds; her legs completely gave way; her face brushing Victoria’s pubic mound. Connor’s strong large hands grasped her by the hips and held her tightly so that he could maintain the smooth pistoning of his cock inside her gripping vagina. “OOOHHHH CONNOR,” Becca panted again into Victoria’s fanny, “that is sooooo goooood. It feels so tight it is like I can feel every ridge and curve of your angry cock, ummm I think I am going to… yes… yes, huh, huh, huh.” Her moans were suddenly muffled as with her tongue extended, she plunged her face deeply into Victoria’s crotch, her nose and tongue slipping between the wet come soaked labia lips.

“No! No! What are you doing? Stop, stop at once please, I have… I have never been… not by another women.” Victoria protested, vehemently, but her chest heaved and it appeared that her hips were thrusting forwards, rather than trying to draw away from the intruding tongue probing deeply into her vagina. Becca’s muffled moans intermixed with the loud slurping as she licked and sucked on Victoria’s pussy to get every drop of Connor’s come from the honey-dewed lips.

Suddenly Becca V arched her back, pushing up on her arms, “Oh Connor, oh Connor, that is good yes faster, harder… fuck me Connor, let this bitch see you fucking me!” Becca cried into the sperm covered breasts before her as they bounced in Victoria’s efforts to control her breathing. The nipples belying the protests as they stood in stark erection, it was evident that in spite of herself, Victoria was getting very aroused; witnessing the copulations escort şişli of the two before her in close proximity was over-coming her propriety. Becca V extended her tongue and licked at Vicky’s breasts removing more of Connor’s come as she had on her thighs, only this time when sucking on the larger splashes, she sucked harder, leaving little love bites all over the breasts before her.

“Rebecca,” Victoria pleaded again, “please stop. It is not natural, I don’t… I don’t agree with it and don’t want… ” Becca had made her way slowly and noisily to Victoria’s left nipple and circling it playfully with her outstretched tongue, witnessed as the areola was fully absorbed into the swollen peak. As the nipple fully erected at the touch of Becca V’s lips she sucked the swollen flesh into her mouth. “OOOhhh no… ” Victoria complained again, “this cannot happen, Connor pleeaseee, stop her; I can’t… I don’t want to… this doesn’t feel right… oooohh please, yes, pleaseeee!”

Connor looked up at Victoria, secured as she was she was powerless to stop anything that the two of them wanted to do to her, and he felt that she deserved whatever that might be. She looked flushed across the chest, neck and face again, as she had before, so he knew her protests were nothing more than noise. He leaned forwards and ran his hand gently over her right breast, stopping to caress the taut nipple before squeezing it hard between finger and thumb. “Is this helping?” Connor asked sweetly, watching as she closed her eyes and groaned at him.

He looked down at his rock hard glisteningly wet cock as he continued to tup the succulent cunt before him, he was amazed that he had lasted this long, but knew his time was near, so almost tore at the wrap-around blouse Becca V was wearing and pulled it from her arms; quickly dropping it onto the table as he turned his attention to the back fastening bra clip, popping it expertly with one hand and allowing Becca V’s breasts to spring forth. He held onto one of her lovely firm orbs whilst returning to Victoria to continue to caress hers. His dream of having two women and those two women having each other had been fulfilled; a true male fantasy. His cock grew more rigid as the sucking pussy enticed his come from him.

Becca V slurped loudly on the hard nipple in her mouth, “oh GOD, OH GOD! I can feel him getting harder, I can feel every pulse, are you going to come Connor? Oh yes, yes, I want you to come in me, I want you to fill me, fill my pussy; oooooohhhhh fuck, ooh FUCK, oh, oh GOD!” Becca V shook as her orgasm expanded throughout her body. Her vagina grasping tightly on Connor’s cock keeping it in a vice like grip, as he rammed his hips forwards slapping against the beautifully curved, nylon covered arse before him.

He paused to run his hands over the taut black material. “Yes, yes, I’m coming” he shouted at the two of them. Victoria’s eyes flew open; she was keen to see Connor’s come one more time. His trusts became more urgent and he quickened his pace as he took in all before him, not wanting this moment to end. What had he done to deserve such a girl as Becca V? A girl that would do anything besiktas escort for him; would fulfil his fantasies; fantasies that he had not even expressed to her that he had. He looked at Victoria; the lust in her eyes was a ferocious fire, consuming her despite herself. It was evident that she needed to see him come, wanted to be aroused and stimulated, to be touched. At the same time, he knew now that he wanted to fuck her too, he wanted to fill her with his come almost as much as he did Becca V.

The slurping sexual sounds emanating from his trusts into Becca were loud and intoxicating to all. Mid thrust, with his cock half way in Becca V’s succulently wet pussy, his come ejaculated forth as if a slews gate had opened suddenly. A huge jet of white hot semen smashed into Becca’s cervix as Connor’s cock bucked inside her with every shot. She bit down hard on the nipple in her mouth, causing Victoria to cry out. Her fingers pushed down upon her extended clit as another orgasm hit her like a freight train. She gasped for air and then screamed her lust at Victoria’s chest; a string of saliva dribbling from her mouth to Victoria’s nipple.

“Fucking hell Connor that is soooooo gooood! So hot! I can feel your come exploding in me, it is so hot. Fuck, you make me come so easily, huh, huh, huh oh Jesus, yeah, ohhh, oh.” She looked into Vicky’s eyes, “Umm, do you like what you’re seeing now? I bet you want his cock in your pussy now don’t you? Bet you want your wet lips to be pumped by his rock hard erection?”

Connor pulled out his still ejaculating cock from the grasping vagina and ran it along the moist valley of Becca V’s labia as his plum shaped silken head contacted her frantically working fingers it fired another shot of hot sticky come all over them. Becca screamed again, arching her back as she rode her orgasm harder and higher, panting, gasping as her other hand flicked across her breasts to pinch at the nipples that stood out like acorns upon the up-tilted summits. Connor’s come spilt from her pouting cunt onto the base of his cock, and onto the floor. It dripped glutinously from her still busy fingers to her thighs messing the gusset area of the tights even more.

From the point that Victoria’s nipple had been bitten by the impassioned, orgasm-ridden teeth of Becca V, she knew that she could with-hold her own orgasm no-longer. She had not wanted to give in to the manipulations of a woman, it had felt so wrong, but how could her body stop enjoying the touch, the sweet caresses; the pain/pleasure. Then of course there was that man’s beautiful body heavily muscled; which she witnessed for the first time, perfect in her eyes. As it glistened with sweat he looked like some sort of God abusing the maidens that came to worship him. And certainly only a God would be blessed with such a huge weapon as that! A sculpture that even Michelangelo could not improve upon. How could she not succumb to the charms of such a monster? If only she could touch it, feel it inside her once more, feel his hot spunk pumping into her, filling her cunt.

Victoria’s chest heaved as the loud cries from Becca V rang in her ears. escort taksim The wet slapping sound of Connor and Becca’s copulating genitals increased in intensity and volume as Connor’s come was forced from the tight sheath of Becca V’s vagina. It was all too much for Victoria to withstand. With a deep sigh and a quietly spoken “Ooh no, what have you done to me?” She looked down as if in shame and witnessed her thighs spasm together as she came; her legs trying to clamp together, fighting against the bonds. Her hands gripped the bars tightly above her head, her lips curved into a smile as she slipped further into the acceptance of the debauchery before her and now including her. Her breath was coming in heavy pants as the orgasm racked her body. She moaned quietly even now trying not to let these two know she was having an orgasm.

Connor felt a twinge of guilt at Victoria’s attempts to hide her orgasm as the spasms continued to hit her. He could see her vagina contracting again and again and she closed her eyes. He knew that he wanted her again, and he knew that she needed his steel hard cock between her pussy lips. She whimpered as if still trying to resist something that had already happened.

Connor removed his cock from Becca’s labial valley and side-stepping mounted Victoria’s leg so that her silken clad knee nestled under his balls; the length of his cock rubbing the material stretched across her thigh; the bulbous wet glistening head almost at her stocking-top. As soon as she felt the contact, her eyes flew open just in time to witness the last few shots of ejaculate onto her leg.

The intensity of her orgasm suddenly increased as first one shot, then another and finally a third splattered onto her thigh and across the stocking-top to her hip. A tear ran down her face as she mouthed a silent thank you to him. “I think I am in love with your cock,” she said softly whimpering again and again as her silent orgasm began to subside. As she looked down at herself she was surprised at how much her own juices were now in a pool on the table top between her thighs, her state of arousal higher than even she had thought, in spite of her resistance or perhaps because of it.

Becca V’s orgasm had subsided, but her passion had not. Hearing Victoria’s words, she raised her head and smiling, lent across and kissed Victoria tenderly on the lips. She then bit Vicky’s lower lip, pulling on it as she drew away. Then releasing it she ran her tongue over Vicky’s expensive lipstick covered lips. She could still taste Connor from their earlier exploits and her breathy smile increased as Victoria hesitantly returned her kiss, their tongues entwining before Becca V forced hers into Victoria’s mouth. She removed her come soaked fingers from between her fanny lips and ran them across Vicky’s breasts leaving a wet trail. She played gently with the firm orbs, pulling every now and then on a large nipple.

Slowly her hand moved southwards, sliding across the bustier onto Victoria’s hairy mound, and then expertly slipping between the swollen labia and into her sopping vagina. She continued to kiss Victoria occasionally moving to her neck where she planted large love bites knowingly above the collar line so that they would show for days to come, witness to the fact that this woman had been sexually active. Not that anyone would be in any doubt if they were to witness the come spattered woman now.

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