Becky and Robbie Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 – Party Hearty

Our parents went away the next weekend for three days, so the four of us kids, two sisters and us, the twins, decided to have an all weekend pool party.

The main parties were Friday and Saturday nights, but for the select in group the party went nonstop from Friday afternoon (even before the folks left) until late Sunday night after they got back. Of course when they were home we were tucked away in our love nests going at it like crazy anyway, so in a sense our party never wasn’t going on.

Sharon had invited a bunch of Terry’s football friends and some came with their girlfriends, but there were a few single hunks from the team who really captivated the younger girls.

Most of them brought some beer and there was some pot also, but Sharon insisted they keep that away from the other partiers who were younger, so they pretty much kept that in Sharon’s room. It didn’t really work out that way due to the nature of young people and a few got really stoned.

One of them being Abbie, who was really latching onto one of the football guys. After her incredible fuck with Terry she wanted more and she wanted a big guy and really did all she could to make it happen. Of course it doesn’t take much to get a college guy into bed with a hot chick. Their life revolves around hunting down prime girls to get in bed, so he was ridiculously easy to seduce.

A few beers and a couple of joints later Abby was on her back in Jenny’s room getting her cunt pounded royally by a 255 pound linebacker, squealing her guts out, loving every inch of his thick long cock as it stuffed her cunt to the limit.

Jenny wasn’t as lucky. There were quite a few single guys and she could have her pick, but none of them measured up to her high standard and she was still thrilled by the sex with her big brother Robbie.

She kept thinking about him, even though she realized sikiş izle she couldn’t have him, or could she? As she walked blindly into her room, she suddenly realized that Abby was getting royally fucked on her own bed by this huge guy with a really big dick. ‘Oh fuck, that was hot,’ she thought, practically hyperventilating with excitement.

She stepped back outside closing the door quietly, but not quickly enough to avoid becoming tremendously excited by the vision of Abby getting pounded in her bed, her breasts bouncing wildly, as she was reamed again and again by a huge cock. ‘God almighty,’ she thought, ‘his cock is gigantic. How can she take that?’

She strolled downstairs and out onto the patio in the backyard to see what was going on there, her cheeks flushed by her sexual excitement.

Becky and I were having a great time at the party hanging out with everyone, but neither of us had ever touched alcohol or smoked grass. We were pretty clean cut and were a little afraid to get into that. We didn’t think it was necessary, we already were over the top in our enjoyment anyway. Why mess with a good thing and take a chance of screwing it up? We were totally satisfied with our relationship as it was.

We saw Jenny by herself and waved her over. She seemed in a fog and I felt a little sorry for her as she was alone and seemed obviously very upset. So Becky and I spent some time cheering her up.

She seemed to dote on me and the look in her eyes was clearly love sickness. ‘Oh man, here we go again’, I thought. ‘She must have fallen in love with me when I took her cherry.’ I tried in vain to think what would really help her and whispered my thoughts to Becky, that she looked lovesick.

Becky encouraged me to keep talking to Jenny and comfort her, so I did for two hours. Now it was getting really late and the party was breaking up into the private couple parties, brazzers which inevitably are the culmination of any teen party.

I pulled Becky aside and asked her to try and help our little sister through her crisis. I suggested they go and talk privately in Becky’s room.

So I retired to my room and answered some email, waiting to see what would happen. All of a sudden, my two sisters burst into the room and Becky announced “You have to fuck Jenny right now! She is in love with you. Just do it.”

I suggested that it might be better with a three way, where we all get off together and nobody is left out. Becky thought that was even better, so we all got on the bed and started kissing and groping each other. If I was in heaven before, then this is seventh or at least second heaven.

These girls were so wonderful, so hot, so beautiful and I was so much in love with them both. How could I help not also feeling great love for my younger sibling, Jenny, as I ground my hands into her sex and kissed her passionately while Becky slurped on my cock?

We took turns servicing each other, sometimes two at once, and went around and around, having many orgasms. We were all very happy with the arrangement, especially myself.

Becky felt really sorry for our little sister, feeling responsible for her falling in love with her own lover, their brother. So, it was the least she could do to share her good fortune with her little sister, at least for now. She didn’t feel threatened by Jenny like she had been by Abby.

We spent the night, the three of us, fulfilling all our sexual fantasies. We fucked and sucked and came all over each other again and again. By morning time we were ready for some sleep, so we all slept in really late in the same bed.

I wasn’t sure how long the status quo would last, but was woken up to two pairs of wet lips sucking fake taxi porno various parts of my anatomy, as they pressed their excited and also very wet organs into my body. I could tell that there weren’t any problems with the threesome idea, so started sucking Jenny’s wet cunt with gusto, as Becky slurped my cock.

Jenny didn’t know what to do with her mouth, but soon figured out that Becky might also like to be eaten out by her little sister. So, she dove in and proved to be quite good at cunnilingus as Becky started shaking and went rigid as her orgasm hit her big time. We all just reveled in the good feelings as we sucked and fucked our life away for hours.

We finally made it downstairs for brunch about noon and meeting Abby in the kitchen it was obvious that she and Jenny were dying to tell each other of their great night of sex, but were shy to do so in front of us.

They were each so curious to know what the other had done, that they could hardly bear it. It was really funny to see how they acted with each other.

I was just happy that Becky and Jenny were happy and waited patiently to see what would happen next.

Eventually Jenny found a really nice guy in one of her classes and knowing that sharing me with Becky was only due to our kindness and not really wanting to take advantage of our love, she really got into Ricky.

It took about a month before she stopped coming for the threesomes with us.

She still loves me like anything, but was happy to see Becky and I so happy together. And she still could hang with us and chill anytime she wanted.

As for me, well I didn’t want anything to change at all, but eventually graduated from High School along with Becky.

We decided to attend the same university that Sharon was going to, two years behind her and we shared a large apartment with Sharon. We all had our privacy and our good times (wild parties) together.

We never told anyone we were siblings just to make it easier to fit in and had a fantastic four years. After that we lived together as husband and wife, with three wonderful children and it was about as good as it gets.

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