Bedroom Submission

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I climb the stairs heading up to bed. It has been several days since we last had sex and I am in need of release. I already have plans to pull out the harness and fuck her until we both pass out. But when I enter the room she stands there waiting. She is wearing a corset and tall black boots.

“On your knees.”

Immediately I kneel at the foot of the bed, my eyes following her perfectly accented curves as she walks to the closet. The corset pushes her full breasts up and hits just above her rounded ass.

“Did I say you could look at me? Eyes forward.”

I turn and stare straight ahead seeing only the bed and wall. I hear the boots clip along the floor as she walks back over. The fabric pulls firmly over my eyes and my body hums with anticipation as I feel her breasts press tight against my back and the world goes black. My hand travels to her leg and she slaps my ass.

“Did I say you could touch me? Hands over your head.”

I do so as she pulls my shirt over my head.

“Hands behind your back.”

I obediently place my hands behind me as I feel the cold metal and hear the click. If I don’t hold my arms just so the cuffs become uncomfortable around my wrists. My pussy throbs with desire as she walks away.

“Don’t move.”

I hear her boots clicking the floor downstairs as the sound of the freezer opening travels up to me. She walks slowly back into the room setting something down near me. Walking away I hear the sound of her rifling through the chest of toys. Moments later she walks Ümraniye Escort back over and lights a match, the smell of burning sulfur fills my nose and my pussy is dripping with desire. My body literally quivers as the cold liquid hits my breast and nipple. Slowly the cool liquid drips down my belly.

“Lean back,” she orders as she pulls my head back.

The next instant heat hits my shoulder, then my breast, and finally my nipple. I gasp as her hand rubs over the hot wax peeling it off. Again the cold comes, this time where heat has just been. Dripping down until it reaches the top of my pants.

“Stand up,” she orders as she helps me get on my feet.

She once more presses her body against mine- the feel of her against me makes me desperate for more. I whimper softly as her hands tug my pants off. Her breath comes hot on my pussy as I step out of my pants. Again she presses against me, her hand bringing the cold ice cube against my overheated pussy. I gasp at the sensation, writhing and twisting, pressing against the frigid cube. Her face is next to mine and without thinking I turn to kiss her.

“Did I tell you to kiss me?” She asks as she pulls away.

“Na ma’am,” I whisper as I hear her rifling through the chest.

Anticipation fills me as I stand waiting. The clip of her boots returns my way and a gentle slap of fur hits my ass. Disappointment surges through me as I long for the hard leather to slam against my bare ass. Her hand trails along my ass as she Ümraniye Escort Bayan whispers in my ear,

“That’s not what you want, is it?”

As the hard leather back slaps against my ass I gasp and moan with pleasure. Twice more it strikes when suddenly she grabs my nipples and pinches as she pulls me toward her. I moan as the pain in my nipples sends my pussy throbbing in overdrive.

She steps away again. When she returns I feel something against my skin as she asks,

“Do you know what I have?”

I breathe quickly as I feel the rubber move over my shoulder, then belly, and then over my ass.

“Please,” I moan.

“Please what?” She asks.

“Please fuck me in the ass.”

I am begging. She walks me to the bed.

“Climb up.”

I awkwardly struggle up onto the bed, collapsing forward with my hands useless for balance. She lifts my hips and I eagerly comply. Her finger trails along my soaked pussy.

“I sure wish I knew if this was you or the ice making you so wet.”

I moan again, my face pressed to the bed, ass high as I try to grind against her finger. Finally, after what seems like hours of wonderful torture the dildo slides into my ass.

“God yes,” I cry.

“Did I say you could speak?”

“No ma’am.”

The dildo hangs just slightly in me, I am afraid to move and make it fall out. I lay there as I hear her moving about. She smacks my ass when she returns, flipping me onto my back as her hand pushes the dildo Escort Ümraniye further into my ass. I feel a second dildo running over my swollen clit. I press against it as she rams it into me hard. I draw a sharp breath, but am so aroused it goes in easily. She begins to pump and I scream in delight as pleasure fills me. I gasp, panting, my pussy worn but still aching for more. She leaves me lying there, the two dildos hanging limp in my holes.

A second later I hear the buzz of a vibrator as she climbs on top of me, her hand grasping the limp dildo in my pussy as the vibrator rubs against my alert nipple. She builds this time, slow at first but then quicker as she presses the vibrator to my clit. I am beyond any control as she fucks me hard, then harder, I beg her to stop but don’t mean it. She pauses and I plead with her to continue. She chuckles sardonically as she resumes.

I pull against my cuffs, bucking my hips against the dildo. My ass plug falls out, she shoves it back in as her speed and mine increase. I am screaming and moaning, drenched in sweat, completely lost in the intense pleasure. My body surges with orgasm and I explode in waves of pleasure. She stops.


“Yes,” I whimper, though I wish I could handle more my body has reached its limit.

She leaves me, sweat soaked, blind-folded, and hand cuffed lying on the bed as she changes into pajamas. When done she comes over, undoes my hand cuffs and removes the blindfold.

“Go wash your toys.”

I obediently walk naked to the cum covered toys, taking care to clean them well before putting them away. I return to bed where my pajamas are laid out and waiting for me. As I put them on she says,

“You can sleep in your pool of sweat and cum tonight and think about what a dirty girl you are.”

Elated, I lay down and go to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32