Beer Thursday

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“What did you say? Where did that come from?”

“I’m sorry, really, really sorry.” Tom said. “I should leave.”

“No, you stay right here. You can’t say I want to fuck you, just out of the blue that way. We’ve know each other for 5 years and never even flirted with each other.”

“It must be the beer, forget I ever said it.”

“Seriously? You think I will ever forget that?” Mary asked. “We’re sitting here, listening to the music having a couple of drinks and…actually that was a real jolt.”

“Look, I’ll go, I know you are married and we have to work together and I may have ruined our friendship and our work relationship. I never should have opened my mouth.”

Mary thought about that for a while, then reached over and put her hand on his arm. “I guarantee you this will not affect our friendship since actually being honest is a positive. As for work, I guess we shall see. How long have you thought about that?”

“Even since the trade show in San Diego when we all spent the day on the beach.”

“4 years ago? I didn’t even wear anything all that revealing. If I remember it was a one piece suit.”

“A red one piece…and since then I’ve fantasized about…”

“What?” Mary demanded “What did you fantasize about?”

“Never mind, really. It is not important. Do you think the Browns have a chance this Sunday?”

“Sorry, I’m not letting this go until you tell me everything. We have been to a dozen trade shows and spent weeks with each other and you never once let on that you were attracted to me in any way. I need to know how far into this you are with your fantasies. What is it you fantasize about?” Mary responded and gave him a hard stare.

Tom shifted in his seat looking back at her, then took a long draught of his beer. “OK, I’ve tried to imagine what you look like without the suit…under your work clothes…”

“Wow. And what do I look like?”

“I don’t know! I’ve never seen you outside of the red one piece suit you wore in San Diego and the teal one you had in Miami. You’ve never even shown much cleavage at work.”

“That wasn’t what I was asking. You imagine me naked you said. I want details. I want you to tell me exactly what I look like naked in your mind.”


“This is really intriguing…and flattering. Girls don’t often get to hear what men are thinking when they undress us with their eyes.”

“OK, I think about your breasts…I know they are large, I know they are real. I see them clearly in my mind when I think about you.”

“How do you know they are real? I could have had work done.”

“Mary, get real. You never show any cleavage, never wear tight blouses. Had you had anything done, you would have been proud of them and in some not-so-subtle escort bayan ataköy way displayed them. As it is though, you cannot hide what you have there.” Tom looked directly at her white blouse draped over a pair of obviously firm and full breasts. He looked back into her eyes and said “You could show those off a bit more. You have been blessed with outstanding assets.”

“You are right, they’re real, but describe them to me, with specifics. Paint me a picture, or better yet, paint a picture like you do so well with your sales pitches. Sell me on my breasts.”

“You really sure about this? This might make you uncomfortable”

Mary looked straight at him and spoke softly, “I’m actually starting to feel more and more comfortable with this, in fact this is a bit exciting. Go ahead, I want to see what you see in my head.”

Tom turned to see where Julie the bar maid was and signaled to her. “First, we need refills.”

Julie came over and greeted them. “So you want your check?”

“No,” Tom said “we are actually going to have another couple of beers. Break tradition and let ourselves go a bit.”

“OK – I’ll bring them right over, by the way, where are Bill and Jack this week?”

“They have training this week and it is just Tom and me this week. Makes for a different conversation path with just the two of us.”

Julie laughed. “I can imagine. Just don’t have too many beers where it is not just the conversation that is different.” She winked and spun around to get the beers.

“Are we that obvious?” Asked Mary nervously.

“We are leaning towards each other like we are conspiring to do something, perhaps if you slid around so that you are sitting at the corner we wouldn’t have to lean into each other.” Tom suggested.

Mary pushed her coaster and napkin over to the end of the table and slid her butt around so she was now at right angles to Tom. She gently bumped her knee into Tom’s and felt a shock shoot between her legs. Easy now, she thought, this cannot go anywhere, this is just for fun.

Tom felt her knee and instantly felt a throbbing…

They were brought back to reality when Julie brought the drinks. “These are on me…enjoy.”

“What? Why? You don’t have to do that” Tom said.

“No, I don’t. Just enjoy it.” With that Julie turned and went over to another table.

“Back to the topic at hand. What do my breasts, tits, boobs, whatever look like? What do you call them when you are fantasizing?”

“Breasts, actually. Other women have tits, but for some reason you have breasts. Yours are very full, tear drop shaped and project out proudly from your chest with large areolae and nipples like erasers.” Tom was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable in his pants.

“So bayrampasa escort what color?”

“What color of what?” Asked Tom.

“You know, what color are my nipples?”

“This is getting weird,” Tom said “you sure you want to keep going?”

“We haven’t even started. You are the one who said he fantasized about me. I know it is more than just my breasts and I know you have clear details after 5 years. I want to hear everything and leave nothing out.”

“Ok, ok. They are a pale pink and puffy but they stand out against your breasts which have never seen the sun.”

“What size do you think they are?”

“34 D”

“Wow. Right on.”

“Really? I was hoping they were large and as you have a fairly small frame…but what about the rest? Was I right?”

“You will just have to keep imagining.” Mary said. “I don’t think I want to tell you right now. How do they feel?”

“I have no idea, I’ve never felt them.”

“C’mon, you know that is part of your fantasy…let’s hear it.”

Tom looked like he was replaying memories and after a bit he spoke. “They are warm to the touch, and when I slide my hand over them I can feel your nipples harden and push into my palms. When I squeeze them, you groan and even though your breasts are firm, the squish between my fingers. I lift them up and release them and the bounce a couple of times back to their tear drop shape…you have definitely given me a chubby.” Tom laughed with embarrassment.

“Wow. That was very nice…I need to hear more. What else have you done to my breasts?”

“Then I lean into you and suck your puffy nipple into my mouth, the left one first, flicking my tongue up and down your hard nipple. I feel my tongue pressing your puffy areola into your breast. Your hand is on the back of my head encouraging my to keep going. I continue to roughly lick your nipple while I listen to your breathing get shorter and more rapid. I move to the other breast and since I don’t want it to feel left out and I cover your left breast with my right hand. You are grinding your crotch into my hip with increasing urgency, but I keep going back and forth between both breasts. I am amazed how puffy the areolae are and how hard your nipples are. When I start sucking on them harder and harder your pussy grinds harder into me and your breathing gets more ragged…I should stop since I think I might have to change my pants if I keep going.”

“Not a chance. You started this and if you come in your pants, this is something you will have to deal with. You mentioned my pussy. What about it? Same detailed description.” Mary finally took a drink of her beer that was served a while back. Tom followed suit but drained half of it trying to cool escort bayan avcılar down.

“Your pussy is a thing of beauty. Tight labia with a pronounced clitoral hood. I love the way you have a projecting pubic bone. I noticed that when we were at the beach and you were lying on your back. You had a beautiful camel’s toe that you were unaware of.”

“Camel’s toe? What the heck is that?” Mary asked.

“Hmmm. You know when girls wear tight shorts, or bathing suits and the cloth rides up into the slit? I know, it is a pussy wedgie!” Tom laughed.

“Why would they call it that? Never mind. Did everyone see that?”

“I’m sure. You were on your back, and as I said, your pubic bone really rises above your lower stomach, and your legs were partly spread so the camel’s toe was quite obvious. You didn’t notice the college guys who decided they had to walk back and forth in front of us? You may not have noticed, but when you said you were heading back and asked if I want to go, I said I’d like to get a little more sun. Had I gotten off my stomach I was definitely not PG. Anyhow, you shave just the area around the labia, but leave a nice patch on top of the pubic bone. You are a natural blond, by the way, and you pubic hair is soft as velvet. When you get aroused, like when I suck your nipples, your labia opens up, I know this is a cliché, like a pink flower… can we go now?”

“Ha! Not a chance.” Mary glanced down at Tom’s crotch and said, “I don’t think you are rated PG now.”

Not only was Tom sporting an impressive tent, but a silver dollar size wet spot was apparent on his khakis.

Tom reached down and tried to shift his raging erection, but there was no place to put it. Mary was staring at it wondering if she was going to start fantasizing about Tom and a really impressive cock he seems to have.

“Why didn’t I ever check out Tom before?” Mary thought. “That has to be 2, maybe 3 inches longer than Bob’s. I can’t imagine that it would also be thicker since Bob has trouble getting his fat cock in me at first.” Mary felt her panties getting very wet.

“On second thought” Mary said “let’s change the subject for now and continue this at a later date. Perhaps we could meet for beer outside of Beer Thursdays, just the two of us. I’m sure there are lots of other things you have done to me and I’ve done to you. Since I’m married and these things cannot actually happen, I kind of like hearing about them. For now though, you need to settle down, go home and when we next talk, I’ll bet you have new stories about you and me…you can tell me all about what you did you me and what I did to you.”

Mary moved back to the other side of the table and after a half hour of discussing work and the upcoming trade shows they called Julie back over, paid their tab and left.

As they were leaving, Julie came over and whispered to them “Are you leaving a car here? I can make sure it is safe.”

Tom and Mary laughed and Mary said “Very funny, Julie, you know I’m married and Tom and I just work together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32