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We just moved and started University; obviously everything was pretty stressful so far. I wanted to do something nice and relaxing (in the after thought it would be relaxing), I chose the opportunity when we had a week off.

I got everything ready one night before he got back home. I put on some nice sexy little g-string and a matching bra with it. I just bought it the previous week. I opened the window in our bedroom. When I heard the door opening I walked over to present myself to him.

“Wow, you look… hot. Damn.” He said with his mouth hanging open.

“Well at least you like it” I said with a great big sexy smile, I turned around and motioned him to fallow me. I nearly could feel his eyes on my ass. As soon as we reach the bedroom I turn around and grab him to make out. Getting my hands busy I start undressing him while leading him further into the room. Once he was naked in front of me I pushed him onto a chair that I placed there.

I put on some music and started giving him a dance. I have never done anything like this, so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I was swaying my hips to each side, turning around and bending forward to give him a nice view of my ass, shaking it a bit around. Once I got back up I walk over to him sitting on the chair, I lower my left bra strap and then the right while swaying my hips in front of him. I reach back and unclasp my bra fully. I let it glide to the floor, to which his eyes widened giving me great pleasure knowing that I caused it.

“Do you want to take the g-sting off for me?” casino şirketleri I asked in a voice that I hoped sounded sexy.

“Why do I deserve all of this?” But yet he took it off, slowly and playfully.

“I thought you might like it or was I wrong?” I teased.

“I always like it when you do those things and you know it.” I slowly sank down onto this 20 cm dick. I sank down until I had all of it stuffed in me, my pussy clasping down on this nice thick dick. I lifted up a bit and he started thrusting into me.

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder” I moaned into his ear. To which he thrust harder and deeper into me, making me moan even more. After a couple of seconds I could feel my first orgasm building up and just a couple of more seconds I could feel it over coming me.

“Get onto the bed” he ordered. I did as I was told; I always did like it when he gave me orders in bed. “Lie down on your back and spread your legs as much as you can.”

He followed me and without giving me much time to do anything he started eating out my pussy. Just having an orgasm I was already building up to the next one. He was licking my clit, pushing as many fingers into me as possible (which was pretty much all his fist). After a bit he was sucking my clit at the same time he located my g-spot with his fingers. He continued eating me for the next couple of minutes. I was thrusting my hips into his face and moaned loudly, since the window is open the neighbours could hear me. We live on the first floor so people walk by our window sometimes and I love it casino firmaları when people might walk by and see us doing dirty things. But before I could come he flipped me over and shoved my 34D cup tits into the mattress lifting my perky ass into the air. One again not giving much time to adjust to the position he thrust into my pussy.

“I just had most of my fist up that cunt yet it’s as tight as when I met you. Shit always so fucking tight.” He panted. He pushed into me until he was all in, nearly touching my womb. He then started pounding into me with all the force he could muster it seemed. My clit slit into my pussy hole with every thrust, giving even greater pleasure and bringing me to the next orgasm within seconds it seemed. He continued thrusting and slid his hand underneath me to start pinching and pulling my already sensitive hard nipples. But he continued until it didn’t just send pleasure throughout my body, but also pain.

“Oh, you like that little slut don’t you?” he rasped behind me.

“Ohhhh god yes! Mmmmm…..oh yes” I moaned loudly. I was just coming, the pleasure crashing down on me and leaving me a bit exhausted. As soon as I was finished panting he pulled out of me and placed his dick at my back entrance. Bringing some of juices up to my ass to lube it a bit and give it an easier access. Probing with his finger inside me and then replaced his dick with his fingers. I never used to be into anal, but lately it got me off so fast, must the forbidden idea behind it.

“I love that tight as of yours. Maybe we should use güvenilir casino some of your many toys on your pussy so it doesn’t feel left out.” He left the bed to go to the closet that contained all of my toys and of course he chose the one with the strongest vibration. Shit, I was going to have a sore as tomorrow, I thought, because that meant that he was staying in my ass for a while.

“Turn around” he ordered. I did without questioning what he planned.

“Now let’s have a bit more fun. What do you say?” he asked, but that question did not need an answer since it was a loud yes. He then placed the vibrator into my pussy and turned it on full speed. Without much delay he was fucking me ass again. The pain from my ass being so tight just turned me on even more. I love the sexual pain.

“Yo, look at this.” A stranger said from the window. When I looked over there were two guys watching us. The looked around their twenties, both dark haired and quite tanned. Their mouths hanging open and eyes wide. We let them watch us as we continued in various positions. In the end there were about four guys pressed against our window.

I started sucking his dick and I planned for him to come in my mouth. I lost count of all my orgasms I had. I sucked as hard as I could while twirling my tongue the head, I continued for a couple of minutes and then started to take more of his dick into my mouth, I rubbed the head against the top of my mouth to get some friction. I tried to push more into my mouth and sucked and used my tongue until I could feel his dick pulsing hard underneath my tongue. A couple of seconds later he came in my mouth and I swallow all of it.

“Jesus Christ women that was amazing” he panted all exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32