Being a Sissy for Viv Ch. 04

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With great care I slowly pulled the 10 denier black nylon stocking up my leg. I had other pairs, but these were my best and today it was important to have the best. Cautiously I rolled up the second one and with the same deliberation pulled it onto my other leg. The feeling, of soft nylon sliding over my naked skin exquisite and exciting as always, but today my senses seemed heightened, the feelings more acute, the excitement deeper.

Concentrating hard, my fingers worked delicately to get the clips just right as I attached the stockings to the straps of the suspender belt. Then standing and reaching round to attach the rear straps. The movement causing me to feel my bra straps tight around my chest. The stockings finished I reached out for the pretty satin and nylon panties. Stepping into them and luxuriating in the sensations as I pulled the final part of lingerie up my stocking covered legs.

I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled them fully up. One look between my legs would of told anyone looking I was a man. But the excited bulge that my satin fronted panties had to accommodate told a more intimate tale. That I was also a panty boy. A man who couldn’t resist the excitement of having his masculinity enveloped in soft, pretty, feminine clothes and lingerie.

I admired my image, taking in the matching lingerie, pink satin at the front and black nylon at the rear. My hands cupped my bra cups, full and heavy with latex breast forms. My fingers played with the small but noticeable nipples as I savoured the erotic sensations of standing there wearing only lingerie.

In many ways today was much like the other Sundays in my life. How often over the years had I started my weekend mornings pulling on pretty feminine clothes before enjoying a leisurely morning? The thrill of looking over full breasts to see nylon, satin and lace feminising my body. My outfits were varied, from elegant, to pretty, to slutty, to sissy, but always accompanied by a tell tale bulge in my panties. A response I was powerless to stop.

Today however was different. Before I had always been in solitude in the sanctuary of my own home. My secret safely hidden behind closed doors never to be revealed to any one. Today my sanctuary was to be invaded and taken over. I was going to open the door fully dressed as a woman to my new Mistress. And though I had my own choice of things to wear to start with, Mistress Viv had made it very clear that she would be deciding on what I would be wearing later on.

“Wear something pretty and feminine for my arrival Chrissy. But I’ll be choosing what my Sissy Maid wears after that. Just make sure all your pink sissy frilly things are laid out on the bed for me to choose from. OK sweetie?”

As I opened one of the fitted wardrobes, I couldn’t help but wonder what my Mistress would think. The rack of blouses, dresses and skirts at the top was full, over full really. The bottom part was taken up with a set of plastic draws I’d had to buy for my lingerie. An entire drawer of bras, another of slips. My panty collection had long ago overflowed the small top draws and was in a separate ‘Really Useful’ plastic box sat on top of another holding my limited collection of shoes. My nighties inhabited another much larger 50 litre one.

The worried thoughts of Viv . . . of Mistress Viv knowing I had more bras, slips and nighties than she did cycled through my thoughts as I rifled through the top rack with nervous fingers. Yet again I tried to put the anxious thoughts aside with a calm internal voice, but the concern at Viv’s reaction still caused an almost nauseous reaction if I dwelled on it too long. Soon she would arrive and find out just how deep my desires to be feminised were. There was no going back now, the decision had already been made, and really she already knew my secrets. Instinctively my thoughts went to the under bed storage draws and their hidden content. Well, maybe not all my secrets I mused.

Finally locating the dress I had decided to wear for Viv’s arrival. I pulled it out and looked it up and down examining it briefly before sliding the zip down and stepping into it. The wonderful sensations distracted my thoughts once again as I slowly pulled the dress up my body, the soft nylon lining sliding over my stockings, my panties, and my bare skin before I reached around awkwardly to zip myself up in two stages.

It was my prettiest dress, long unfussy with pale pastel flowers and a very feminine ruffle detailing over the shoulder. It was a bit light and airy for a cold damp Sunday in March, but I had the heating turned up and the effect of the rain and wind blowing hard against the windows was only psychological.

I looked at the time, there was still at least an hour before Viv arrived. My hands cupped my full generous bra cups as I admired myself in the mirror. Slowly one hand made its way downwards, gently rubbing my double layer dress over my unseen erection snuggled in my panties. At Mistress Viv’s command I hadn’t been able to relieve my sexual tension for four days doktor porno and the bulge had a corresponding urgency.

My new Mistress had slowly started to take control of some aspects of my life over the last couple of weeks. I had been made to wear panties every day since that memorable night at her house. Each workday she had made sure that we had at least a few minutes alone in private and had made me undo my mundane male trousers to reveal my pretty underwear to her. She had also taken control of my sexual release, giving her permission to make my panties all sticky every couple of days or so.

I left off teasing myself, knowing that it could not be taken any further before Mistress Viv arrived. The guilt and nervousness of having her seeing me dressed all pretty was still battling with my desire to feel her fingers bringing my excitement to a messy conclusion.

An hour or so later the doorbell rang and my heart immediately started racing. My legs felt weak and my fingers were noticeably trembling as I carefully made my way through the hall trying not to stumble in my three inch heels. Opening the inner door I could see the outline of a visitor through the frosted glass of the second outer door.

I hesitated as panic nearly overtook me. I was about to open the door dressed as a woman in a pretty summer dress, matching lingerie and black stockings. What if it wasn’t Viv, but one of the neighbours? Years of carefully hiding my perversions behind locked doors and closed curtains nearly overwhelmed me as I hesitated on the brink. I took a deep breath, the feel of my bra straps strangely comforting amid the turmoil of my emotions. Then, I reached out and with another deep breath opened the door.

Outside, standing hunched against the wind and rain was Viv. Mistress Viv I mentally corrected myself once again. She looked at me and after a moments pause I opened the door fully. Almost tripping as I manoeuvred unsteadily in my heels to let Viv step inside.

I closed and locked both doors behind her, trying to suppress the thought that I was visible to anyone in the street as I did so. With the house once more firmly secure against prying eyes and the inclement March weather I turned to greet the woman who had invaded my sanctuary. Her long, knee length winter coat was still buttoned up and one of her hands was absent mindedly attempting to sort out her wind blown hair. But her eyes were locked on me, slowly eyeing me up and down with a blatant curiosity.

Generally on a first visit to a strange house attention is drawn to look around, investigating and surveying the layout, the décor, the furnishings. Mistress Viv’s eyes were so far only interested in her sissy. Even though I was more pretty than sissy in my long pastel dress, Viv’s interest and curiosity were obvious.

I was suddenly very self conscious. Stood in the one place I could usually be certain I would be undisturbed in my femininity, now being scrutinised by my new Mistress. I was unsure what to do with my hands, eventually they folded across my breasts. The very act of them folding so far up reminding me I was wearing a satin 40C bra with generously filled cups. Viv seemed to smile at my nervous indecision. Her hand stopped its attempt to straighten out her hair and did a twirling motion.

I breathed deeply and slowly turned on the spot. Acutely conscious of her gaze but already feeling an undeniable pleasure and excitement caused by her scrutiny.

“Well, well, well Chrissy you do look pretty. I had been prepared to be disappointed, but you do look wonderful,” were her words as I finished my slow twirl for her. I smiled inside. Unnoticed beneath my fears, a part of me had been nervous that I would fail to meet my Mistresses expectations. The raw edges of my inner turmoil were smoothed a little.

“Well then, are you sure you’re ready for today?” she asked in her normal conversational tone. I nodded, realising that this was almost as big a moment as that first evening. The first evening had been accidental revelations when we had both been tired from several weeks of long hours at work and more than a little wine. Now we were both fresh, very sober and had had several weeks of thinking about the relationship we were about to take a step further. I looked her in the eyes and nodded. A certain tension seemed to leave her face.

“Your going to take my coat then are you Chrissy?” she said with a wry smile as her fingers worked the buttons loose on her heavy coat. I quickly moved to help her but stumbled in my high heels after a half step. When I’d recovered my balance Viv already had her coat half off and I stopped dead as I looked up to see what Viv was wearing underneath. Just as Viv had a few minutes before now I had eyes only for my Mistress.

I’d studied Viv’s work wardrobe for several years. It was generally smart but on the casual side, invariably with muted colours and the occasional smart blouse and suit for when we had external visitors. The difference with how my Mistress ensest porno had chosen to dress was astounding.

She wore a high buttoned blouse in a vivid red. It was quite opaque, but tight fitting enough to make out lacy bra cups beneath. Her skirt was black, mid calf length and as tight as her blouse. Patterned red stockings with black two inch heels completed her clothing.

Work Viv only ever wore plain stud ear rings, not the long gold dangling ones she wore now. I also noticed more make-up, uncharacteristically bright red lipstick to match her painted finger nails and faint a presence of heavy perfume.

To my eyes it was a perfect blend of elegant sexiness with restrained sophistication. Excitement mounted inside my panties as my eyes travelled up and down what was no longer an older female work colleague but my Mistress enjoying her own sexuality yet still cautious about being too revealing to her new sissy. However, the obvious hardness of her nipples through the lacy bra cup and the tight red blouse showed that her desire was just as intense as my own.

As I took her coat and hung it carefully in the closet I realised that for all our differences, age, gender, and dominance/submission we were also very similar, two people with strong hidden desires suddenly finding that their dreams may be within reach after all. Eager to experience, yet desperate to overcome our fears and anxieties lest we force the pace too fast and loose what the future promised.

“Well then Chrissy, let’s have your hands behind your head and your chest pushed out so I can see my sissies’ breasts. You’ve had enough looks at mine over the years, now its time for me to look at yours.”

I did as commanded lifting my arms above my head, my latex breasts pushing out my dress for Viv’s viewing. She eyed them for a few seconds before she took a step closer and her hands came up to touch them. Squeezing, gently cupping, and appreciating the weight as her fingers and thumb explored first the edges of my bra cups and then the small but pronounced nipples. My eyes couldn’t help but go to her breasts and my thoughts were on what it would feel like to have my hands doing the same in return. My fingers roving over the bright red material of her blouse, feeling the hidden bra cups and her aroused nipples.

“Well, using my panties to stuff out your bra had a certain charm, but these are a much more exciting option,” she said as her hands continued to weight them as best she could.

“Of course more pronounced nipples would be more appropriate for my excited little sissy, but we will have to make do with the more obvious excitement won’t we Chrissy?” she asked as one of her hands smoothed its way down my dress to softly explore the bulging panties it hid from her direct view.

She took a step closer, her breasts just touching mine as her hand stroked the excitement between my legs. My panties twitched under her fingers as the sensations rolled over me. The intimate warmth of her body only inches away, the rich red lipstick, the smell of her perfume and that twinkle in her eye.

“I’m sure were going to have a wonderful time Chrissy,” she whispered and gently kissed my cheek. I smiled inside once again as my hardness strained for release from its satin prison.

Then her closeness and warmth were gone as her face adopted a more Mistress like look. My hands dropped to my sides.

“Did you get all your sissy things out as I instructed?” I nodded as I tried to settle into a submissive attitude that was unfamiliar yet oddly comforting. Viv took a step to the side and landed a slightly more than playful swipe at my backside.

“No head nodding Chrissy. I want to hear your voice. I want to hear you when you’re being submissive to your Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied remembering too late Mistress Viv’s desire to hear me as I asked or even begged her to let me be her sissy.

“Well, you are quite pretty as you are Chrissy, we will have to see about some make-up shortly and these nails will be painted,” she said taking my hand.

“Of course your toe nails will always be painted from now on too.” Her eyes met mine looking for my reaction as she insisted on another small portion of control and feminisation. I met her eyes, but a note of anxiety entered my mind at the thought of having my toe nails painted. It was similar to the apprehension I’d had when Viv had told me I would only be wearing panties to work. I tried to calm my inner concerns. Reminding myself I had now been wearing panties every day for several weeks. No one had found out. Surely painted toe nails were even more discrete.

“Good girl. Now are your sissy things all ready for your Mistresses inspection?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied after only a slight hesitation.

“Well, let’s see your pretty things then. After lunch your Mistress is going to take you from girlie boy to sissy slut.”

I started up the stairs, holding the banister firmly and placing my heels very deliberately erotik porno on each step with Viv following behind. The worries about having painted toes largely replaced by concern over my Mistresses reaction to the large collection of sissy pink items I was about to show her. By half way up however a new thought intruded. Viv’s eyes were only a short distance from my backside as we climbed the stairs. I smiled slightly and couldn’t help but hope that my panty line was visible through my dress. Maybe I really am a bit of a slut I thought to myself.

At the top of the stairs I stopped and turned to look at her. This really was the inner heart of my sanctuary. The place I was always safe and hidden from the world. Even when my friends would visit I would still sleep in a nightie, the door safely shut. I could still be alone and feel the thrill of a long pretty night gown slide down my body as I prepared for bed. Now I was going to let a woman, who only a few weeks ago had been simply a work colleague penetrate even that inner layer of secrecy. But there was no fear in my thoughts now. Apprehension and embarrassment still, but none of the stomach churning fear there had been a couple of weeks ago. After just a moments hesitation I turned and lead her into my bedroom.

I watched in the full length mirrors on the wardrobe doors as Viv in her tight red blouse followed me in. Her nipples were as obvious through her bra cups and blouse as my erection would have been if I had been stood there wearing only panties. I turned to face her as she stood surveying the array of pink satin and nylon frilly things arranged, as neatly as I had been able, on the bed. Even I had been a little surprised at how many I had once they were all laid out for inspection. I watched Viv’s face nervously as she stood and slowly inspected my sissy collection. Then she looked at me and a large smile lit up her face. She slowly walked around the bed, her fingers gently stroking nylon panties, pink lacy bras, chiffon peignoirs, and frilly details.

“Well, well, well Chrissy. I expected an outfit or two. Not a collection this big. We have been a secret sissy for a long time haven’t we?”

I nodded nervously, then remembering Mistress Viv’s commands, “Yes Mistress, I’ve been a sissy in secret for quite a few years.” I was exquisitely aware of the feminine dress and lingerie I was wearing but the thought of actually wearing some of the even prettier and more feminine sissy wear laid out on the bed for her gave me a rush of excitement that was almost physical.

“What was the first thing you bought?” she said, her hand sweeping across the array of sissy items. I scanned the things laid out thinking back. I had been a cross dresser since my teens. My addiction to sissy things came nearly ten years later. Still it only took me a few seconds to come up with my first purchase, a long pale peach nightie with spaghetti straps, lace trim and a matching wrap.

“This nightie and wrap ma’am.”

“And what was your latest Chrissy?”

This time it took less thought, I took a step closer to the bed and picked up the pink chiffon harem trousers, my latest eBay purchase had arrived a few days before I had worn Viv’s panties for the first time.

“These harem pants Mistress.” They were full length trousers in completely transparent pink chiffon.

“Yes, I can see why my sissy would of chosen those. Soft, and so pretty and leaving your pretty panties on open display too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“Come here Chrissy,” Viv commanded and I moved to obey, careful to maintain my balance in my heels. When I was stood next to her, she turned me around to face my sissy clothes collection and stood behind me. Then I felt her hands slowly trace my hidden bra straps down off my shoulders and around to cup both my breasts. Suddenly her body was moulded to mine. Her chin on my shoulder, her breasts squashed against my back, her stomach and thighs tight against my body.

I drew a sudden deep breath. Despite the explicit things we had done in our new relationship there had never been this level of simple physical contact. So much of her body squeezed tight against mine. Just feeling her warmth against so much of me felt intimate and special. I just stood there letting the sensations flow over me. My erection bulging against my satin panties. Viv’s fingers caressing my body through the soft material of my dress. The hem moving gently over my stockings. Viv’s perfume. It was a perfect moment in time that would remain in my memory for years to come.

“Your Mistress is very pleased with you Chrissy. Such a wide choice of pretty outfits to see my sissy maid dressed up in.” One of her hands moved down from fondling my breast to the centre of my excitement. Smoothing and touching and teasing my hardness through my dress and satin panties.

“We are an excited little girl aren’t we Chrissy,” Viv whispered into my ear.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied a little breathlessly.

“Tell me how you’re going to feel when you put one of these sissy outfits on for your Mistress? When you’re excited sissy clitty is so much more obvious. Or will it be less excited then?” I smiled to myself, nothing was going to make my sissy clitty less obvious now apart from being allowed to make a sticky mess in my panties.

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