Being owned – Part 12

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I opened my eyes, and closed them again. The sunlight was blinding me, I had a terrible headache and a taste in my mouth that suggested, that something had used it as a toilet at some point.

Groaning I rolled on my other side. This felt like the worst hangover ever. Except that I didn’t have to rush to the toilet to throw up. As the memories, or at least some of them, came back I grinned. It was worth it.

After he had forced me to swallow his blood my senses had sharpened, my body had healed. Everything had been so intense. I had screamed again, as I came, nearly blacked out from the overwhelming sensation. Fragments of the night replayed itself before my eyes. Running outside, together, wet grass under my feet, adrenaline, speed, wind in my hair and on my naked skin.

I opened my eyes again. This time it was not so bad. I was in a bedroom. A big double bed, black satin sheets. A white shirt was lying on a chair, a brush, some coins and a watch on the nightstand. Not exactly remembering where I was and how I had gotten here I sat up. At the bottom of the bed the sheets were caked with mud. So were my feet and my shins. “Must have been a hell of a party”, I muttered and got up.

The mansion. I had followed the werewolf into the mansion.

I looked at myself in the large mirror that covered one wall. Dirty, the hair a mess but otherwise unscathed. Not even a scar where he had ripped open my arm. Moving forward I winced. My body was sore, the headache flared up again. The last time I had felt this bad was after a weekend in Blackpool with my mates. Booze, beach, sun and more booze. After waking up on the last day I had wished I was dead.

according to the dried mud on my skin and the pine needles in my hair. I should go and get a shower, clean myself up a bit.

So, I went through the door, only to realise, I had no clue where the bathroom was. And not only the bathroom. This mansion was big, I had never been inside before. I was standing in a hall, stone floor, way too many doors and quite gloomy. Vaguely I remembered turning right after entering, so I turned left. The easiest Sex hikayeleri thing seemed to be leave, get back to the bungalow and shower there. Once outside I would be able to find my way.

“Up in time for breakfast.” My owner had opened a door to my left. He was as naked and as dirty as I was, and he smiled at me.

“Uh… good morning”, I murmured and turned towards him.

“I have a cure for your hangover. And we need to talk.” He raised a hand. “When you are up to it. Come in.”

I made my way towards him. Yes, we needed to talk, I wanted answers. And coffee.

Smiling he turned around and went into the room. It was a kitchen, a small one, which you would expect in a normal size flat and not a place like this.

The table was set for two with steaks on the plates, mugs of coffee and glasses of water. “I don’t know if I can eat that”, I admitted, as I reached for a mug.

“You should.” He sat down opposite of me, reached for his glass. “It will help you. I have already had a snack, so I can explain some things, while you eat.”

Nodding I sat down, sipped my coffee.

“Last night… you are in heat.” I frowned. Yes, I had been horny, but I would not have used that word to describe it.

He shook his head. “You still are, even though you might not be aware of it at the moment. I can smell it. And… I want to get you pregnant.”

Pausing with the mug halfway towards my mouth I looked at him. So, my fear had been real.

“Eat, it will clear your head.”

He waited, until I had taken knife and fork, cut a small slice of the steak. It was not even medium rare, only the surface was cooked. Just as I opened my mouth to protest, I sensed that I was drooling.

He smiled.

“My blood, our blood, is like a drug. It makes you feel good, sharpens your senses, heals your body. But as any other drug, it has side effects. Like a hangover, but different to treat. This will help you. Trust me.”

I had trusted him last night, so why stop now? I ate. Chewing vigorously, I felt the juices run down my throat. And he had been right. It was Sikiş hikayeleri better than aspirin or any other hangover cure, because I could feel it straight away. I cut the next piece, even before swallowing.

“As I said, I want to use you. You will be my bitch, bear my offspring. If not this cycle, then the next, or the one after that. I have time. You have only one choice.” I nodded, tried to take in his words and my food at the same time.

“You can either participate willingly, or unwillingly. If you object, I will chain you up, no more running free with the dogs. If you choose to comply, it will be as it is now, maybe even better for you. I would prefer, if I don’t have to tie you up. You are different anyway. I’ve had some women here over the years. None of them had gotten to the stage, where I could fuck her without restraining her. You”, he laughed, “ you seem to like it.”

I swallowed the last piece of steak and nodded. “I do. Even if I don’t know how much is really liking it, and how much is due to my mind messing with me. I…”, I stopped.

He smiled an encouraging smile and nodded.

“I am scared, sometimes. But I want it at the same time. It… feels good, more than good.” Patiently he waited while I struggled to find the words.

“I’m scared of getting pregnant. I never wanted to have kids, but… a part of me”, I laughed as I realised what I was going to say. “is just scared, that you won’t fuck me, when I am pregnant.”

Now he laughed. “Oh, I will. Maybe more careful, but I will. More?” He pointed to my empty plate and I shook my head. I had more questions, but that could wait.

“I don’t remember much from last night.” “Oh, you were amazing.” He smiled. You wanted to run, play with me. You sucked my cock and then I took you home.”

I tried to remember but had to shake my head.

“It might come back to you. You can stay here, if you like. At least for now. Or, if you need some time, you can go back to your place, think about it.”

“I’ll stay.” He was right. I was ‘in heat’, as he had said. Now, that the worst of that hangover Erotik hikaye was gone I felt it. My body took over, again.

“I have questions, so many questions, but all I can think about now is your dick.” I admitted and looked down on the table.

“Another side effect of werewolf blood. You rely more on your instincts, your basic needs.” He pushed his chair back. “Come over here.”

As I got up, I felt the wetness between my legs. With every step I took I was more aware of this need. His cock was hard, the sight alone made my heart beat faster.

“Turn around and sit on my lap”, he ordered. Only too gladly I obeyed. Guiding his cock with one hand I sat down, sighed, as he slid easily inside me.

His hands ran over my body. I wanted to move, ride his cock, but he stopped me. “You just sit here,” he whispered in my ear.

Fingers brushed my skin lightly, sent shivers down my spine. My nipples were hard, my cunt seemed on fire. Even though his cock was inside me, filling me, I wanted more. “This is torture”, I teased him, moved my hips. “Maybe”, his lips brushed my neck, made me shiver. “But doesn’t it feel good?”

I moaned. Yes, it did. His lips moved on; I felt his breath on my ear. “Fuck me. I know you want to.” While he whispered these words, he pressed his fingers down on my clit.

I moved, moaned again. His dick in my wet cunt, his fingers on my clit felt so good. My legs were trembling, I felt light-headed.

“I want to feel you cum.”

I moaned loudly, pressed against his fingers. I was yearning for an orgasm but at the same time wanted it to go on forever. Vaguely aware that I was sweating and panting I rode his cock. My tits bounced; my hair fell in my face. Instinct, basic needs. These words meant nothing to me. All that mattered was concentrated in my crotch. Need, desire, a hard cock to ride. Tension was building up, my body seemed to scream for release. “Let go”, his voice was hoarse and close to my ear. His words reached my brain and I gasped. Pressing myself down on his cock I came, wave after wave. He was so deep inside me, it nearly hurt. His hip rose to meet me, now it hurt, but that made the next wave of my orgasm only more intense. One thrust, another one, one more, hard and deep. And he came, filled me with his cum and pulled me in a tight embrace.

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