Being Watched

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Adam and I woke up late Saturday morning to the sound of fingers on keyboards. I barely opened my eyes enough to see our two housemates, Brandon and Mike, busily typing away on their laptops. Adam and I must have passed out on the couch bed last night in the living room. We had stayed up late creating our own little movie marathon, eating popcorn and snuggling together on the couch while Brandon and Mike had gone out bar hopping.

One of the videos we had rented last night was a fairly erotic porno, much better than most of the no-plot, boring-scene videos out there. We had gotten so excited by the middle of the movie that we ended up having sex right on the pull-out couch. Not knowing when to expect Brandon and Mike home made it all the more exciting, as we could have been caught at any moment. Afterwards, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, not bothering to clean up.

I was beginning to pull out of my lazy slumber with the thoughts of last night. The smell of sex still hung in the air of the small living room and the realization that our friends probably noticed it made my body begin to tingle. I smiled a devilish smile to myself and pushed my hips against Adam, who was spooning me from behind. I didn’t realize he was awake until I felt his arm wrap around me and reach underneath my t-shirt, slowly stroking my stomach and breasts. I lay there, relishing the feeling of his fingers on my skin, thinking erzurum escort of the night before, when suddenly he lowered his hand down toward the waistband of my boxer shorts. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as he planted soft, wet kisses above the collar of my shirt and up the back of my neck. Quietly, his hand slipped under my waistband and reached its way toward my hot lips below. I let out a small whimper as his fingers caressed and stroked my lips. I glanced over to Brandon and Mike’s desks to see if they noticed, but they were still typing away. I bit my lip to stay quiet as Adam stroked my clit, causing my body to tingle in pleasure. I could feel the heat rise beneath the single white sheet we were covered with and I slowly began grinding my hips into Adam’s groin to show him my excitement.

Not so subtly, Adam began pushing my boxers down my legs until they were completely off, then he reached out from beneath the sheet and tossed them on the floor in plain view of Brandon and Mike! I was a bit shocked by his bold move, but it sent a thrilling wave through me. Again, he reached over and this time began pulling my shirt up and over my head. Brandon and Mike surely would have noticed something was going on by now, yet they remained staring at their screens. Adam threw my shirt to the floor and then quickly removed his own boxers and discarded them erzurum escort bayan the same way. We were now both completely naked under the thin sheet and I was burning hot with how open we were being about it.

Tenderly, Adam reached around my body and caressed my skin, tracing his fingers along my arms, stomach, hips, and inner thighs, all the while softly kissing up and down my spine and neck. When he reached my pussy again, I couldn’t help but let a small moan escape my lips. Suddenly, Adam rolled me onto my back and spread my legs apart, dipping his fingers into me, then tracing back up to stroke my clit. With one arm cradling me, he continued softly stroking my clit with the other, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

“When you cum, I want you to scream out in pleasure. Never mind that Brandon and Mike are in here. I want to hear your excitement,” Adam whispered in my ear.

His words only fueled my fire and I could feel my pussy beginning to reach that point of no return. A few more strokes and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back the screams. I began moaning in earnest, losing all inhibition I may have had, allowing my body to feel what was building.

“Yeah, uhh, yeah,” I moaned over and over between ragged breaths. I was on the verge, ready to plummet into the pool of desire. Adam continued stroking, occasionally kissing my escort erzurum neck, jaw and shoulder. My breathing increased further, and then I was pushed over the edge and I screamed out, “Ohhh! Fuck yes! Ohh, god, Adam!” My words became incomprehensible as my orgasm wracked my body. I could feel the juices moistening my pussy lips, heat radiating from my skin.

Suddenly, Adam rolled on top of me, pushing his cum-covered fingers in my mouth to suck clean as he penetrated me with his hard cock. He was so excited, he couldn’t hold back. He began thrusting into me harder and faster than ever before. The couch bed was creaking, our bodies were making sloppy noises as his cock impaled my wet pussy, our breathing was loud and erratic. We were so lost in our passion that we almost forgot Brandon and Mike were even in the room. I could tell Adam was on the verge of cumming, so I wrapped my legs around his body and held him close. He pounded into me a few more times before I felt his cock spasm and shoot his hot load deep into my waiting cunt.

Spent, Adam collapsed against me and we lay there, panting and trying to catch our breath. Holding each other in our arms, we shared a passionate kiss as our breathing became normal and we came back to reality. Lying there, we realized we no longer heard the sound of typing and looked over to see Brandon and Mike watching us with smirks on their faces. It was hard not to see the bulge in their pants and I knew they, too, had received pleasure from our romping. This only succeeded in sending another wave of pleasure through me, knowing they had seen and heard everything. I looked at Adam and he simply smiled at me before dipping his hot tongue into my mouth and claiming my mouth and body again, for all to see…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32