Ben and Lindsay: Incest Getaway

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Ben Walker smiled as he walked outside and breathed in the country air. Ben and his sister Lindsay had just arrived at a cabin in the woods for a week long getaway and it was beautiful.

Ben and Lindsay were the guests of Trent and Marisa Clifton, the son and daughter (also twins) of the wealthiest family in town. The four hadn’t always been close but Trent and Marisa were persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. They had promised a week of relaxation and partying with a group of their well-to-do friends.

Ben and Lindsay weren’t well off like Trent and Marisa; their upbringing had been very different. Their father spent the majority of their childhood in and out of jail and their lives. Their mother tried her best as a single mother but struggled to hold down a job which in turn led to struggles with alcohol. Simply put, Ben and Lindsay were from the wrong side of the tracks.

For the majority of their childhood they had been picked on by the Trent’s and Marisa’s of the world. Their family history and social status made them constant targets for exclusion and ridicule. As a result, they were very close. Ben and Lindsay spent a lot of time together; they were best friends who had no secrets. Lindsay often fell asleep beside her brother in his pullout bed in the living room because he was the one person she could trust completely and the one person who provided comfort in a world where she struggled to find any.

Likewise, Ben loved every moment he spent with his sister. They had spent many nights talking late into the night about their plans for the future, all of which involved them striking out into the world together.

At 19, Ben was older than his sister by 12 months and took his role as protective big brother very seriously. Their bullies had learned the physical approach no longer worked on the siblings as Ben filled out. Unfortunately for Ben and Lindsay their bullies soon learned mental torment brought them even more satisfaction.

That’s why Ben and Lindsay were so surprised when six months ago Trent and Marisa extended them an olive branch, claiming they wanted to make amends. Trent and Marisa were the same age as Ben and had been quite cruel growing up. However, to their credit, they had tried very hard to make up for their actions when they were younger.

The Clifton family cabin was quite large and really more of a mansion secluded in the woods than a cabin. Ben and Lindsay had come up early with the twins to set up.

Lindsay was more excited than Ben for the week away. She had always yearned to be accepted and saw the week as a chance to achieve that. She knew she could talk Ben into it as he never could say no to her.

Lindsay walked outside to join her brother, “it’s beautiful up here isn’t it?”

“It really is sis,” Ben said as he turned around.

It was at that moment that Marisa joined them, “and not another soul around for miles, just us.”

“Thanks again for inviting us,” Lindsay gushed, “this place is great.”

The three walked inside where Trent was already making some margaritas.

“So when will everyone else arrive?” Ben asked.

“The group is actually coming up tomorrow afternoon, Mar and I thought the four of us could have our own mini party tonight, a sibling kickoff to the week,” Trent replied.

“Works for me!” Lindsay exclaimed as she and Marisa each grabbed a drink, clinked glasses and downed their first round.

Ben smirked as he watched his sister indulge. She’d always been the more outgoing of the two of them. Whereas Ben built up walls Lindsay continued to put herself out on a limb.

Lindsay was very attractive but that didn’t help keep the bullies away while she was in school, if anything, it attracted them. The popular girls didn’t take kindly to the pretty ‘poor girl’ stealing attention away from them and hated when their boyfriends called her ‘rich girl hot.’ She was of medium height with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, a soft round face with green eyes, a button nose, pouty lips and tanned skin. Her defining feature was her breasts, they weren’t huge but they were far from small. They were a solid C cup and appeared to be perfectly molded to her body with just the right amount of bounce and firmness. While they attracted stares from boys in school as she matured they were also a source of ridicule when she went through a growth spurt when she was younger and their mother couldn’t afford new clothes.

Ben had always considered himself to be average on the attractive scale and readily admitted his sister got all the looks in the family. Like his sister he blossomed as he got older and went to great lengths to get in shape. Lindsay knew how her brother viewed himself and went out of her way to comment on how handsome he was. It was important to her that he hear it from someone, he was her big brother, her protector, her best friend and the most important person in the world to her. Ben stood over six feet tall with brown wavy hair, blue eyes, a firm jaw and a trim but solid build. He didn’t have washboard abs but Kars Escort he had an unassuming strength.

Ben grabbed a beer and was about to crack it open when Trent asked him if he wanted a margarita.

“Yeah! Ben! Have a margarita, not a boring old beer!” Lindsay cheered from across the kitchen.

Marisa giggled at Lindsay and then joined her, “yeah, put down that boring old beer Ben!”

Ben chuckled and shrugged his shoulders as he and Trent shared a look, “what’s a guy to do?” Trent said as he handed Ben a drink.

Ben grabbed the drink and the four clinked glasses once more, and that was the last thing he remembered before everything went black.


“Ugh, what the hell happened…” Ben said to himself as he groggily woke up.

His head pounded and his eyesight was blurry as he started to wake up. Ben raised his body to sit up, but was met with resistance.

He tried to rub his eyes but again was met with resistance. It was then he realized he was tied to a bed.

“What the fuck?” he asked himself. “HELLO!! Anyone!! HELLO!”

Slowly his vision got less and less blurry as he struggled to free himself on the bed.

“Hello! Anyone! I need help! ANYONE!”

Ben looked around the room and tried to determine where he was. The room was unfamiliar but the décor looked somewhat familiar.

“Am I still at the cabin?” he asked aloud as he pulled on his bonds again.

It was at that point that Trent Clifton walked in the room, “indeed you are Ben, indeed you are.”

Ben looked at Trent, “what the fuck man! What’s going on?!”

Trent looked at Ben but ignored his question. Instead, he turned to his right as the door opened even wider and Marisa walked in guiding a very groggy Lindsay.

“I told you it was a good idea to tie him up, look at him struggle!” Trent said as he looked at his twin sister.

Marisa’s eyes twinkled as she looked at Ben, “I like it when they struggle,” she teased.

Ben looked at his sister, “Lindsay! Are you ok! Lindsay! I swear if you gu-…”

“Oh relax” Trent said as he waved his hand at Ben while Marisa sat Lindsay down and tied her to a chair, “she’s fine.”

Ben struggled with his bonds even more but it only succeeded in the rope digging deeper into his wrists.

“Where am I?” Lindsay asked quietly.

“Lindsay? Lindsay! It’s me Ben, I’m right here!”

Trent and Marisa cackled as they watched Ben, “It’s so cute how you look out for her,” Marisa smirked.

Lindsay started to get her wits about her as she looked where she was and where her brother was, “Ben? What’s going on?” she asked as fear creeped into her voice.

“What’s going on,” Trent started, “is we’re going to have some fun.”

Marisa smiled as she looked at Lindsay and sauntered over to sit on the bed beside Ben. She started to play with his hair as she talked, “my brother and I have a confession to make,” she started as she played with his hair and stroked his cheek softly.

“Stop touching me!” Ben yelled as he shook his head and struggled. “Let us go!”

Marisa giggled and bit her lip, “he’s a fighter, I love fighters.” Marisa ignored Ben as she leaned in to whisper in his ear, “I wonder if you’ll put that energy to use correctly…”

“Get away from him!” Lindsay screeched as Marisa toyed with her brother.

Trent rolled his eyes, “either you guys can calm down and listen or we’ll come back later.”

“Or you could just untie us, you asshole,” Ben spat.

Marisa cackled with glee and clapped her hands, she gave Ben an unwanted soft peck on the lips before standing up, “he’s feisty,” she cooed.

“We’ll come back later,” Trent said as he turned to leave.

Ben and Lindsay watched them take a few steps then Lindsay yelled out, “WAIT!! Just tell us what this is so we can get it over with.”

Treat and Marisa turned around with smiles on their faces, “finally a sensible response,” Trent said dryly.

Trent pulled out a chair and made a point of exaggerating while he sat down, as if he was a villain in a movie.

“As my dear sister was saying, we’re going to have some fun. You see, we never much cared for you two, you were so resilient and loyal to one another, it was sickening,” Trent started.

Marisa moved over to Lindsay and started to toy with her now, “I mean really,” she said as she picked up for her brother, “you two are so close it’s like you live 24/7 in a TV movie.”

“So,” Trent continued as he picked up for his sister as she played with Lindsay’s bangs, “we made each other a bet. I bet Marisa we could turn you two into depraved animals by the end of the week. If I’m wrong, I’ll pay her $1, but if I’m right…”

“I’ll let him fuck me,” Marisa said, letting the comment hang in the air. She leaned in to whisper in Lindsay’s ear, “He’s been trying to get in my pants forever.”

Ben and Lindsay were shocked, “this makes no sense!” Ben yelled.

Trent and Marisa only response was to laugh.

“What do you mean by depraved animals?” Lindsay asked.

Marisa Kars Escort Bayan moaned softly, “good question sugar bear!” she said in a mocking tone.

Marisa walked over to her brother and let him wrap his arm around her, “by the end of the week you’re going to be fucking each other like the desperate, poor pieces of shit you were meant to be,” Trent smirked.

Ben shook his head, “but she just said YOU want to fuck HER!”

“We know what WE are. We’re rich and can do whatever we want. Depravity is part of the game! Do you know what it’s like to have your every wish granted, and feel unfulfilled because two poor grunts enjoy their nothing more than our something!?!” Trent said with anger and indignation.

Marisa bent over and flashed Ben her tits, “So we’re going to bring you down to our level.”

Lindsay looked at the girl she thought was her friend, “Why are you doing this? It seems like you want to help him! You’ll lose the bet!?!”

Marisa smiled, “honey, I’m going to fuck him one way or the other. $1 isn’t much of a prize. You two are the real prize. The bet is just the cherry on top.”

Ben struggled with his bonds even more, shaking the bed but not doing much else.

“You’re not going to get free unless we untie you, you big idiot,” Trent scoffed. “You’re just making them tighter.”

Ben sighed, Trent was right. For all his struggling, he’d done himself no good.

“What makes you think we’re just going to go along with your plan?” asked Lindsay. “You may want to fuck your brother but I don’t.”

Marisa smirked, “oh really? I see the way you two look at each other. Don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to suck that big worm he’s hiding in those jeans…”

“I don’t!” exclaimed Lindsay.

Ben picked up for his sister, “this is kidnapping! This is illegal! You won’t get away with this and you can’t force us!”

Trent laughed again, “You guys agreed to come up here, remember? No one else is actually coming up, it’s just the four of us for a week and by the end of it, believe me, we’ll have enough on you to keep you silent.”

Ben shook his head, “you won’t get away with this. The second you untie me I’m going to kick your ass and I don’t think either of you have the guts to take this all the way.”

Trent scoffed again, “What? Murder? Get over yourself poor boy; I’m not going to risk my future over YOU.”

Trent stepped forward where an evil look appeared on his face, “how stupid do you two think we are? We’ve planned this out to a tee. It started with the olive branch to make amends, which you fell for hook line and sinker.”

“And it continued by helping you get your mother a job at our father’s company,” Marisa continued with a cruel smile of her own on her face now. “Brother dear, would daddy hesitate to fire Mama Walker if we asked him?”

“No he wouldn’t.”

Marisa turned to Lindsay, “and what were you telling me right after she got the job? That you were behind on the mortgage and needed it or you’d lose your house?” Marisa grinned as a chill ran down Ben and Lindsay’s spines.

Marisa stared a hole through Lindsay and then Ben. “If you don’t fuck your brother, and if you don’t fuck your sister, we will ruin your mother’s life.” She smirked, “I wonder if she’ll hit the bottle again hard if she loses the house.”

Lindsay looked at her brother as tears started to fall down her cheeks, “Ben? Help, please…” she pleaded.

The look his sister gave him broke his heart; Ben fought the urge to cry himself as he looked up at Trent and Marisa as they cackled with delight.

Trent walked over to Ben as he was tied down on the bed, “we’re going to take everything that defines you and use it to break you.”

“Too proud to be shamed over your pathetic existence? Fuck each other or we ruin your mother,” he said. “We’ll even pay you for the experience, how would $50,000 sound to fuck your sister and save your family?”

Trent then walked over to Lindsay as she sobbed silently, his hand sliding over her smooth skin, “you know, I always wanted a piece of your sister…”

Ben struggled in vain against his bonds, “don’t you dare touch her or I’ll-…”

“There’s the Ben Walker rage, right on cue,” Trent smirked. “If you don’t fuck your sister, I will. Would you like that?”

Trent looked at Lindsay, “would you like that?” he chuckled as his hand moved over her soft skin.

Lindsay shuddered and looked up at him, spitting in his face, “over my dead body.”

Trent smiled and wiped the spit away, tasting it with glee. “Don’t be so dramatic, you won’t have to even touch me, just fuck your big brother.”

“What about me?” asked Marisa with a mock pout. “If she won’t fuck her brother like a good sister, can I?”

Trent smiled, “of course sister dear” he said as he moved over to kiss her soft lips.

“Mmmm goodie,” Marisa said as she kissed her brother and then reached down to grab a strap-on, “I like to fuck as much as I get fucked!” she cackled.

The enormity of the situation came Escort Kars crashing down on Ben, his shoulders slumped as his sister sobbed.

“I think we’ve made our point,” Trent said.

“To prove we’re not all bad we’re even going to untie you, I trust you won’t act out or try to do something brave,” he said as he reached down and pulled out his phone to show them pictures of Ben and Lindsay posed together naked in compromising positions from when they were knocked out.

“Do we have an understanding? You try to hurt us, you try to run, you disobey and we will ruin your lives and your mother’s life.”

Ben sighed and nodded, there was nothing else to do. Even if he was planning on doing something, now wasn’t the time, “we have an understanding.”

“Ben?…” Lindsay looked at her brother with fear.

“It’s ok Lindsay, we’ll get through it. I’ll take care of you.”

“Yeah you will,” Marisa mocked.

Trent moved over to Lindsay and then Ben, untying them both. “You two rest up, the fun starts tonight.”

Ben stood up and rubbed his wrists as his sister ran over to him and into his arms. The siblings hugged fiercely as Trent and Marisa turned to leave the room, closing the door behind them.

“What are we going to do?” asked Lindsay.

Ben sighed, “I don’t know Linds, we’ll go along with it for now, there’s nothing else we can do.”

“You mean you’d actually…” she started before trailing off.

Ben hugged his sister tightly and stroke her hair softly, “let’s not think about that for now, let’s just be glad we’re safe and we’re together.”

Ben and Lindsay lay back on the bed, Lindsay curling up beside her brother, not wanting to leave an inch between them.

“I won’t let him hurt you,” he whispered.

Lindsay started to cry again softly as she laid her head on her brother’s chest, “I won’t let them hurt you or embarrass you by fucking your ass with that big strap-on either,” she sniffled.

“I don’t care about that,” Ben said as he wiped away his sister’s tears.

“It’s all or nothing Ben, you heard them. They won’t let you take the only punishment,” Lindsay pulled herself closer to her brother as she started to calm down in her brother’s arms.

“I love you Linds,” Ben said.

“I love you too B,” Lindsay replied.

Ben and Lindsay laid together on the bed, their minds racing and their hearts pounding, both pondering how far they’d both go in the name of love.


Lindsay and Ben spent the entire day in their room even though they could have left it. The twins brought them lunch and dinner but they didn’t feel like socializing.

Lindsay was curled up against her brother when Trent and Marisa entered the room for the start of the evening fun.

“Awwww, how cute. Big brother is holding little sister close,” Marisa mocked. She walked over to Lindsay and whispered in her ear, “you want to fuck him raw, I can tell…” she teased.

Marisa pulled away from Lindsay as Trent cleared his throat, “alright, you’ve had enough time to think about what we want and the consequences. Time to begin. Strip, both of you. Naked.”

Ben and Lindsay looked at each other and then compiled, they had agreed they would do what they were told on the small requests and save the battles for the bigger demands. Fighting everything wouldn’t help their cause.

They both stood up and turned their backs to one another.

“No,” barked Trent, “strip each other.”

Ben and Lindsay turned around to face each other, Lindsay’s heart pounded as she looked up at her brother and felt him start to pull up her t-shirt. She actually stepped closer to him as he undid her bra, allowing her perfectly plump breasts to spill free. Lindsay didn’t want the twins to see her, even if she knew it was inevitable.

“God, look at them, they’re amazing,” Trent said softly.

Ben tried to shield his sister’s breasts from the twins as best he could but as he did, she rubbed them against him and much to his chagrin, his erection was starting to grow.

Ben and Lindsay kept their gaze on one another as his hands moved down her body to unzip her shorts. The room was so quiet her short shorts sounded like an anvil when they hit the floor.

Ben decided to leave his sister’s panties on for now as she started to strip him. Lindsay felt her brother’s growing hard-on and it filled her with a strange sense of pride. She turned her back to Trent and Marisa as she took off his shorts and then his jeans, allowing his tented boxers to come into full view.

Lindsay heard Marisa moan when she saw it. “Did we forget to mention? We crushed up some Viagra into your dinner,” she cackled.

Ben hung his head in shame as his cock grew harder and harder. Lindsay bit her lip and felt terrible for her brother, “its ok” she mouthed.

“Take off your panties,” Trent ordered, “I want to see your bare cunt when you bend over to take off his boxers.

Ben and Lindsay paused for a moment and shared a look, “I’m waiting!” Trent hollered.

“It’s ok,” Lindsay repeated as she stepped out of her panties.

“Mmmm fuck yeah,” Trent grunted. “Now bend over.”

Lindsay lewdly bent over and then fell to her knees as she pulled her brother’s boxers down; she pulled it slowly allowing his hard cock to pop out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32