Ben Watches Little Sister Sleeping

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Ben slammed the front door angrily, stalking all the way to his room for some much-needed gaming therapy. His girlfriend of 3 years had just dumped him so she could date the entire football team free of guilt. Apparently, she’d been fucking at least two of the guys behind his back for the last few months and now wanted more. Well, fuck her, he thought. I don’t need her or her inevitable diseases. At least he’d found out before he’d caught anything from her.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he could hear his sister, Isabelle, in her room blasting her pop music even through the closed door. God, how can she even like that shit? Shutting his own door, he slumped down into his leather chair and woke up his personally-made desktop computer. At 5’11” with dark hair, dark eyes, and a running back build, Ben didn’t quite look the geek, but geek he was through and through. He spent more time in virtual worlds talking trash through his headset with friends halfway across the globe than he did in the real world. Football was something he was forced into by his masochist dad, but gaming was where he belonged.

Logging onto League of Legends, Ben searched for any friends that were currently online. Not surprisingly, no one was on just yet, as they normally met up around 10pm at the earliest. Still, Ben was disappointed. He could really use some trash talk as an outlet for his anger right about now. Slipping his headphones on, he decided to play a game with some randos anyway. Maybe they’d be down for some audio.

Waiting for the countdown to finish, Ben could still hear his sister’s music even through his headphones. He at first tried to ignore it, but the more he tried to, it seemed the louder it became, until he could hear nothing else except that noise. Heaving himself up, Ben tore his headphones off and ripped his door open, ready to give his sister Çapa Escort a piece of his mind. “There are other people living here, you know!” Ben yelled down the hallway. “Shut that shit off!”

He waited a few seconds, but after no discernible change in the volume, he stormed down the hallway and shoved open Isabelle’s door, stomping into her room. “What the hell is-!” His words died in his throat and his feet froze as he saw his sister fast asleep on her bed. And not just asleep, but sprawled out on her stomach on top of her blankets, legs spread with an arm up under her head and the other trapped under her stomach. Unfortunately, her legs were spread just enough that Ben caught a full-on view of his younger sister’s bare ass with a hint of pubic hair peeking out from between her body and the bed. Face aflame, Ben immediately slapped his hands over his eyes. Why isn’t she wearing any panties? She should NOT be wearing that short of a skirt!

Taking in a few gulping breaths, Ben slowly dropped his hands, but kept his eyes closed, trying to feel his way back out the door. Stumbling like a blind man, he wagered he was almost there when his outstretched hand knocked a picture frame to the ground, shattering glass. Ben’s eyes popped open at the crash, looking around wildly to his sister, afraid that he had woken her up.

But she hadn’t even moved. Ben gazed incredulously at his little sister, amazed that she could sleep so soundly with so much noise going on around her. Inadvertently, he found his eyes glued to that patch of curly brown pubic hair. I wonder what it feels like… The thought filled him with shame and disgust for himself, this was his baby sister! But it also filled him with something else… Desire? He felt his cock stirring slightly in his jeans, and hesitantly placed his hand over the bulge.

Jada had left Çapa Escort Bayan him high and dry earlier today. They had been getting hot and heavy when she broke the news to him about her other partners, probably to manipulate him into going along with it. But he wasn’t about that life, and he immediately stopped it, blue balls or not. He had planned on taking care of himself later tonight after his family fell asleep, but it seemed his cock had a different idea.

Staring at his sister, he could admit that she had a nice ass. Pale and shapely, it looked like it was meant to be squeezed, her skin perfectly flawless and smooth. The hair that he could see from her pussy looked silky but still curly and oh so dark brown, almost black. Ben had a thing for raven-haired beauties. As he was admiring her, his hand rubbed almost unintentionally at the front of his jeans. His cock continued to grow, making it almost painful as it pushed at its confines, begging for release. As if in a trance, Ben slowly unzipped his jeans, watching for any sign of wakefulness in his sister. Getting the zipper down, he freed his cock and it sprang to attention, already glistening with precum. There was no turning back now, as he pumped his cock heedlessly in front of his sister’s sleeping body, his feet involuntarily taking him closer to the bed to get a better look.

She had just turned 18 not too long ago, and Ben could see now that she had matured from that slightly chubby child that he had grown up with, into a voluptuous young woman. How had he not noticed it before? His cock could definitely tell she was a woman. With each pump, he imagined that it was his sister’s pussy around his cock instead of his hand. Tickling him with her dark pubic hair, pussy swallowing his practically 8-inch cock so his balls slammed against her perfect ass. He could feel his Escort Çapa hands kneading her ass as he pumped in and out, recklessly bringing himself closer and closer to orgasm. Just before he blew his load, he opened his eyes and looked around wildly for something to cum in. Grabbing the first thing he saw off of her bed, he held it up to his cock as started spewing string after string of cum.

Panting, he leaned on the bed as he struggled to regain his senses. He had never cum that hard before, and never that easily. As his breathing returned to normal, he found that he was practically touching his sister’s ass, his now limp cock only covered by whatever this pink thing was that he had found, cum soaking through the material. With the end of his orgasm, shame crushed down on him. What did I just do? What if she had woken up?

Frantically, Ben looked up to his sister’s face, but still found her sleeping peacefully, unaware of everything that had just transpired. Quickly, he wiped his dick off with the pink material and shoved it back into his pants and zipped them up. Standing there, he didn’t quite know what to do with himself. He was holding a cum-soaked item of his sister’s, who hopefully would not notice it was missing before he could wash it. He gently got up off of the bed, trying not to make it squeak or bounce his sister in any way. Before he left, he took one more glance back at his sister, and couldn’t resist lightly grazing her ass. Just as he thought, her skin was flawless.

Instantly paranoid of waking her up or of one of their parents popping in, he hurriedly ran out of her room on his tiptoes and into his own, where he softly shut and locked the door. Only when he was safe, did he look down at the crumple of pink cum-soaked material in his hands that he had stolen from his sister. Lifting them up, he saw that they were lacy pink panties, and they had been well-worn by the looks of the dried cum crusted along the crotch.

Little did Ben know, that in the confines of her own room, Isabelle smiled mischievously and got out of bed to clean up her own juices leaking down her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32