Beside Her…

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beside her…

fulfilling long forgone mutual feelings…

It was already late when I took the last resume on my desk. Our department was hiring senior officials for the new unit that my company had started last month. I was really surprised to see this particular resume. The name on the resume excited me no less. I called my assistant in. “Is the candidate here?” I asked showing her the resume.

“Yes, I shall call her in. She has been waiting for the last half an hour or so,” my assistant left before I could say anything more.

The knock on the door brought me back from my thoughts. I heard myself saying “Yes, come in.” She was dressed in a blue saree and strikingly matching deep shaded blouse. She looked elegant in her attire. Age has not fully caught on with her; she still had the beauty and energy that I was so familiar with, from our childhood. Not that I would easily recognize her in any other situation or without the resume that was in front of me. She had applied for the position of Administrative Manager. I asked her to sit and looked into her resume and the application.

As per the resume, she is now with a BPO company in Cochin. “You are from Kottayam, aren’t you?” I asked her withdrawing my attention from her resume.

“Yes, but how come you know?” her surprise was very evident from the look on her face.

“Let’s say I did some background check on you… I am from Kottayam also,” I answered without giving away much. “Why do you want to shift to Calicut?” I kept up the official tone.

“I recently got divorced and want to move away from Cochin,” her frankness surprised me.

“What about your sister, is she still with you?” she was now getting a bit wary of my questions.

“She is in Dubai, with her husband” after a few seconds of silence she answered. I stood up, walked to her side and touched her left shoulder. “How dare you…” she jumped up and slapped me. But I was smiling when she looked at me to speak. She looked really puzzled by all this. She started to leave.

“Bi…” I walked towards her and took her hand in mine. Hearing the name that only I used to call her, she turned and looked at me quizzically.

“Arun, is that you really?” she was not yet ready to believe me.

“Yes, of course I am. How else can I know the name I used to call you during our childhood days?” I questioned her doubt. She reached into my open arms and we hugged each other. We remained like that for some time; she was gradually adjusting to the shock of meeting each other like this after a very long period of distance.

Her eyes were wet when we separated from each other. “Where have you been these many years? I was going through a rough patch these last few years and needed your company the most,” I had no answers to her sudden query. I couldn’t tell her the reasons straight away. I needed some time to think out things that had made me stay away from her.

“What are you up to, tonight? Are you busy?” I asked her after looking into her moist eyes for few seconds.

“No, I am free,” she told me before asking, “But what about my interview, Arun?”

Closing my computer and getting the keys of my car I told her, “We shall discuss that on the way to my house.” She got out of the cabin and I locked it. The office had been escort bayan şişli closed already and all the staff were gone including my assistant. We walked to the car park. She was silent till we reached the car.

“Arun, how is Sita? Is she home?” she asked me while entering the car.

“Bi, we are separated now, not officially. We were never good for each other. She is in New York now. But we still keep the friendship and for that matter the sex alive whenever we meet,” pausing for a moment I continued, “She is a wild one, never been happy settled down.”

“Now, ours is a relationship of convenience and friendship rather than of bonds,” I looked at her before starting the car. Bi remained in deep thought till we reached home.

We reached my house after an hour of city traffic. I showed her into the house and took her to the room adjacent to mine. “You go and freshen up. Sita’s night gowns will be there in the cupboard. It might fit you right,” I closed the door and left to my room. I took a hot shower, cleaned myself thoroughly while thinking of the days me and Bi (Bindhya) shared. Our childhood friendship was a mixed journey. She was my neighbor and was in my class too. I got attracted to her smart, jovial nature the very first time we met. Then we became good friends and then lovers, not the conventional romantic type. We knew from the very instance of our first kiss that we will never be satisfied with kisses only and we shared a desire for physical intimacy more than anything. Our relationship was built on the physical platform of love and from that only, our love for each other grew.

I put on a dhoti and a t-shirt. Coming out of my room, I could hear the water still running in her bathroom. I went to the kitchen and made some dinner for both of us. I took a bottle of wine and two wine glasses and placed them on the dining table. Bi came wearing a red silk night gown, a tight one; it was sleeveless with a wide open neck that showed off most of her cleavage. It was one of Sita’s favorite night gowns. I too liked to see Sita in that; she used to look sexier in this gown. Bi was no exception; the gown suited her well and showed off her ample assets.

“Bi, when can you join our company,” I asked her as she sat next to me. She looked silently into my eyes for a few seconds.

“Is this a bribe to keep me near you?” her question was to the mark. I had to admire her perceptive mind. But I could see the excitement in her eyes too. I just smiled at her. We finished the light dinner I made and took the wine to the balcony facing the small river that flowed adjacent to the city. We sat on the sofa and started to fill in on our lost years.

Suddenly she went silent for some minutes. Then looking at me intently she reminded me of the question that I didn’t answer. “Now tell me, what happened that kept you away from us?” she was looking for a frank straight forward answer.

“Bi, it’s not so simple for me to answer that question. But I will answer it truthfully,” I started to tell. “It was you that kept me away from you. I had fallen in love with you, just before I left to Canada for my post-graduation,” I was going all emotional. Taking another sip of the wine I adjusted myself so that I was sitting looking straight at her. “When I came back your marriage eskort şişli was already fixed. You seemed happy that time with the proposal, so I thought of withdrawing from telling you what I felt for you,” I placed my hands on her bare knee, “And Sita came into my life as a distraction from you.” When I stopped talking, she leaned onto me keeping her head on my shoulder.

I gently drew my fingers through her hair that was still wet. “I was always looking for you in Ajesh. And he was no match for you,” she declared adjusting her gown, “He was so possessive and jealous of my achievements. He hated my independence.” Her gown was way above her knees and her thighs were visible to my wanton eyes. I reached down and touched her thighs. Slowly riding up my hands I pushed up her gown. She looked into my eyes and then drew herself tight to my body. My hands were now resting on her waist; her dark blue panties partially exposed. Her left hand was inside my t-shirt gently caressing my chest.

“I can’t believe we had been away from each other for almost 15 years. There was never a day where I didn’t stop to remember us,” I confessed. We sat there for some moments in utter silence.

“Let’s go inside,” she broke the silent moments. I stood up, walked towards the balcony’s edge. Bi came behind me, hugged me from behind and kissed me on my back. Turning back I reached inside her gown and traced my hands to her left ass cheek. She pulled herself from me and walked inside. I went inside closing the door to the balcony. She was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair when I reached my room. I took off my t-shirt and reached behind her. Holding by her waist I pulled her towards me.

“It’s been a long time!” I told her remembering the times we were together. I cupped her right breast over the gown. She leaned back into me. Kissing her neck, my left hand reached inside her gown. Her naked pussy greeted my hands. I cupped her mound softly. She moaned into my ears. Her breath was getting uneven. While turning back, she removed my dhoti. I was standing in front of her only in my briefs. She stroked my hard on over the briefs. I pulled her gown up and removed it. Now she stood there fully naked in front of me, reminding me of the escapades we had enjoyed during our teenage. “Bi, you look the same from our last, only those things have gained in size and shape,” my remark made her a bit shy. She looked more sensual when shy.

She took my face in her hands and kissed me softly on my lips. I held her in a tight embrace and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth slowly. I chewed on her lower lips making her body shiver in sexual excitement. My hard dick was pressing on to her midriff the whole time. Her hands reached inside my briefs from behind and squeezed my ass cheeks hard. My hands reached into her ass crack and found her ass hole. Taking some of saliva with my finger I massaged her ass hole. She took her hands from my briefs and reached to the front for my hard member. I slowly kissed down her neck towards her beautifully full breasts. Sucking her left tits into my mouth, I kneaded her right breasts with my left hand. She bended her head back giving me the chance to kiss and lick on her neck. She cooed in an excited manner.

Taking her head in my hands I kissed escort sisli her full on her lips. Our tongues entered each other’s mouth in all the wanton desire. The reflection of her smooth shapely back and ass on the mirror turned me on no less. I reached behind her with both the hands and massaged her ass cheeks. Using the middle finger of my left hand I reached to her ass hole and tried to push it inside very gently. The pressure on her ass hole made her moan into my mouth, our mouths locked still. Removing herself from me she made me fully naked. We hit the bed after a moment or so. Lying beside me she put her left leg on to my thighs. Her knee caressed my semi-hard dick into full mast.

I rose from the bed and knelt in the front of the bed; pulled her towards me. Her pussy was rubbing my stomach and both her legs lay either side of me. Bending down I kissed her moist pussy. Licking her pussy I took her flowing juices into my mouth. Reaching further down with my tongue I licked on her ass hole. Her legs were splayed over my shoulder.

Licking back I sucked her pussy lips that were much pouched then due to all the excitement. She held my head and pressed into her love mound. I licked the entire length of her pussy and sucked in the very upright clit. She bend her back upwards in sexual rapture. I reached up with my left hand and softly cupped her breasts one by one. “Arun, please put him in mine. I can’t take it anymore, I am on the verge,” she pleaded lightly.

I took my dick in my hand and placed it in front of her pussy. I pushed gently into her. Her wet pussy accommodated my dick without much resistance. I lifted her up pressing my hands behind her, my cock still in her twat. I then lay on the bed keeping her above me. She sat on top of me and put her legs on either side of me. She bend down and kissed me on my lips. Then she started to thrust up and down in a slow motion. After a few strokes I pushed up into her from under her. Her downward thrust grew faster and harder. I too reciprocated by pushing harder into her. Sitting on my dick, still thrusting down, she slowly turned her back to me. This act gave me real pleasure. I caressed her ass cheeks and slowly rising up took both her breasts in my hand.

Pushing me down, she leaned backwards on to me. Once more she turned towards me and continued the rhythmic thrust. Her eyes closed, head kept back she screamed on her release. I too came the next moment. It was an intense orgasm and she collapsed on to my chest. I kissed her on her forehead and gently stroked through her hair. We were both drenched in sweat. “You are still that amazing girl I know from my teens,” I whispered into her ears my satisfaction.

“I can’t believe we took these many years to understand that we were meant to be together,” she added with a slight hint of shyness.

“I am only happy that we met today at least,” my mind fixed on the future I asked, “When are you shifting to Calicut?”

“Next month for sure, but we can meet each other every weekend,” she was thoughtful saying this, “But I need you in my arms for at least two days now. I will call my office and apply leave for two more days.”

The very next day we both took leave from our respective jobs. We booked a suite in nearby resort for the next two days and enjoyed ourselves in almost all the way possible.

While driving back from the resort Bi asked me, “Would it be nice if we married?”

“No, we are better like this. Two free birds bound only by sex and love,” I reasoned. She was smiling at me when I looked at her.

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