Better with Age Ch. 03

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Monday afternoon moved at a brutal crawl by for Dave, who try is as he did, was unable to focus on his work. The image of Amber’s brave steps towards something he never expected from her. If ever his daughter Haley were to find out that he had slept with her best friend, there would be hell to pay. This he knew for certain. Still, thoughts of her body, her movements, and her eagerness drifted continuously in his thoughts, and he was unable to push them away.

Their time together had been intense, but far too brief and constrained by both time and the need to keep nearly silent. Despite how much Dave had enjoyed it, he continued to circle back to these points. It had been wonderful, but the constraints weighed upon him. They floated at the forefront of his thoughts. As Monday passed him by, and soon it was time to leave the office and head to the gym, he focused on why it was this in particular that stuck out to him.

At the gym, he worked on his core, never wanting to be the middle-aged guy in the office with a sore back who could barely stand. After his sets, he laced up his shoes, looser on the ankle than normal, and began running around the track.

As it often did, the run cleared away the thousand distractions that blocked true perspective. All projects from work ceased to come into his mind, and instead, only his breathing mattered in that time. The familiar feeling of the run took over, with his breathing becoming steady, and letting his stride feel even. It dawned on him then, all at once, without having put any more effort into it. Dave remembered when he was married, long before his wife had gotten sick. She loved the slow burn, the gradual tease that built the tension towards her inevitable climax. He in turn loved and was aroused by dominating her in this way. It worked both ways and was always enjoyable. For the past many years after her passing, Dave had not bothered to date, as he was focused only on raising his daughter. Until the surprise encounter of last weekend with Amber, Dave had put such thoughts almost out of his mind completely. What nagged at Dave was how despite being pleasurable, the constraints on them in that place, in his own home, were alien to how he remembered his sex life.

And with that, the issue resolved, and he put the whole thing out of his mind. On one level, he considered what he did wrong. Amber was certainly a consenting, capable adult, but the connection to his daughter was too great to be ignored. He ate alone again that evening, as Haley was out with friends, enjoying her well-deserved time off at the beginning of summer break from university. In his study that evening, he found himself considering his earlier thoughts. Maybe it was time for him to consider dating again, now that his daughter was all grown up and beginning a life of her own.

A quick online search revealed a wide range of options. There were general dating sites, others that were for Christians only, or for Mormons, or same sex. He saw one named Tinder, read about how it functioned, and promptly laughed at the general idea. There were certainly no lack of options, he thought to himself. Before he could choose one, the front door opened, and laughter filled the hallway as his daughter walked inside.

Dave went out to meet her, and saw that she was walking up the stairs to her bedroom, while Amber stood at the door waiting.

“Hey dad,” Haley called, “I needed to grab my jacket, it’s supposed to be cool tonight and we’re going to the pier with some friends.”

Dave watched as Amber gave him a long stare, finally responding, “That’s nice, honey.”

Amber smiled, somewhat shyly, and approached Dave once they were alone. Whispering into his ear, she said, “I had such a good time with you,” she slipped him something small, from her hand to his, before stepping back towards the door and looking away, almost embarrassed. Haley was coming back down the stairs, her jacket in hand.

“Night, dad,” Haley said, and the two were out the door once more.

Dave remained in place, dumbfounded at how a young woman like Amber, inexperienced in the world, could disarm him so readily with hardly a few soft-spoken words. Unclenching his fist, the small piece of paper unfolded. “Text me” was scribbled in messy shorthand, with a phone number afterwards.

He paused in the hall, staring at the bit of creased paper. He walked back to his office, moving slowly with a light step. Back at the computer, Dave stared at the tabs on the screen. Reaching out, he took the mouse and hovered over the most recent tab. One by one, he closed each of the dating sites, and put the computer to sleep. With the slip of paper still in his hand, he walked out of the office and into the living room.

He poured himself a glass of scotch, and stepped out onto the deck. Sitting in the same lounger from only a few days before, when he shared the afternoon with Amber, he sipped at his drink, and though about how it had been years before.

The question came back to Dave: What did he enjoy most, before Natasha had passed away?

Years of fantasies ran through his mind. The preparation. The wait. The execution. Soon his glass was empty, and his mind filled with certainty Bayan Eskort and purpose. He stepped back inside and was back at the computer, having found a website that had everything he needed, and would ship overnight. He began researching the location as well. The weather. Finally, the chauffeur.

In less than an hour, everything was set. Finally, he set down the piece of paper from his hand, having held it ever since she had slipped it to him. Dave took out his phone, and sent Amber the message.

“This Friday, are you free?”

The message went out, and not even thirty seconds later, the reply came in.


Dave appreciated her enthusiasm, and moved to the pertinent questions at hand.

“Do you remember when we were on the couch, and I pinned your arms down? I felt as though you enjoyed that. The feeling of being held down, unable to move.”

The reply was not as immediate this time. A minute passed, and then:

“I did. I really, really liked it”

Dave nodded. This was no surprise. He remembered the feeling. He recalled how some of his past girlfriends, but not all, craved the domination, the feeling of being totally and utterly dominated and restrained. He wrote again.

“This Friday, I know that my daughter is going up North to visit her cousins. I have a meeting with a client I cannot miss on Sunday, so I won’t be going. For Friday, you’ll need to do two things.”

“Two things?” came the reply.

“You’ll need to have a friend cover for you, to say you’ll be staying at a friends house.”

“Got it! What else?”

Dave paused for a moment. He wrote the next text, sent it, and held his breath for a moment. Either she would accept the idea, or reject it, but either way it was done.

“At nine in the evening, you’ll be here. Wear whatever you like, you won’t be using it for long. The final thing I need from you is your trust. The trust to give me complete control over you. On Friday, whatever I ask you to do, you must do without hesitation. Is that acceptable?”

As quick as the first reply, the answer came back to him.


Dave smiled. Turning off the lights to the office, he went to fix himself another drink, going over the plans in his mind, over and over again, remembering how much the organization of the thing was half the fun.


Amber sent her final reply to Dave, doing her best not to draw attention to herself among her friends, to contain her excitement. Friday came after what felt like an eternity. She ate a light meal after her yoga class and took a quick shower, dressing in a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt so as not to attract attention. She told her parents that she was going to spend the night at Catherine’s home, a friend who had enthusiastically agreed to be an alibi.

Instead, twenty minutes later she parked a few blocks from the Dave’s house, paranoid that someone would see her car, as though the whole neighborhood would know that she was there for a reason other than to see her friend.

She skipped up to the door, unable to keep her excitement any longer. Before she could ring the bell, the front door opened. There stood Dave, looking sharp in one of his dark suits.

“Hey,” she managed to say, surprised with how good he looked in that moment.

He stepped back, saying nothing. Smiling, looking over her entire body, from head to toe and back again, he finally said, “Tonight will be, a new experience for you.” He stepped in close, taking her chin in his fingers, and leaned in close, speaking softly, “I believe you will love it, but if at any point you wish to stop, you will say ‘Jade’, is that clear?”

Her mouth slightly open, she nodded, mesmerized by his commanding presence.

A buzz broke their gaze, as Dave looked to his phone.

“Our driver is here. Come, let’s go.”

“Driver?” Amber began, “Where are we-“

Dave widened his own gaze, interrupting before she could finish the question, “No. You do not ask tonight. You simply do.”

She pressed her lips tight, and smiled.

“Off we go,” he said, opening the door for her.

Outside was a black, sleek, four door sedan. Dave placed his hand behind her back and guided her forward, opening the back passenger seat. She sat down and he closed the door, walking over to the other side and taking his seat. Amber saw how the back windows were heavily tinted, so that no one could see inside. As Dave closed the door on his side, the driver took off without a word.

After a series of turns, Amber noticed that the car was heading downtown. She looked over at Dave, who was lost in his own thoughts, enjoying the view as they moved. Amber looked outside as well, amazed by how gorgeous everything looked as the setting of the sun cast a warm, enveloping warmth over the city. They drove among skyscrapers and high-rises. The sun set then, and from one moment to the next, the dying light of the day vanished, and the city lights became ever present in their eyes.

At a street Amber did not recognize, the driver turned, pausing before a large garage door, and waited a moment. Dialing a number from his phone, he said a few words that she could not hear, and the door began to open. The car moved inside, down a ramp inside of an indoor garage. They passed hundreds of parked cars, stopping at the entrance to the elevators.

Saying nothing, Dave exited from his side, closed the door, and went over to open Amber’s. He extended a hand, which she took, stepping out of the car. They walked together, he leading her once again with a hand behind her back. The door did indeed lead to a small hallway, the floors and ceiling nothing more than unassuming concrete. There were three elevator doors.

Dave moved forwards, pushing the call button. One of the doors opened, and Amber stared at the beauty within. It was one of the most elaborately styled elevators she had ever seen. As the pair stepped inside, Dave removed from his jacket a black, plastic keycard. It bore no letters or symbols, and to anyone who looked at it, there would be no way of guessing to where it led. He placed the keycard on a small scanner above the buttons for all of the other floors in the building.

A series of confirmations beeped from the console, and the doors shut. The elevator began to rise. Up, up, up it went, passing all the numbered floors listed on the panel. The elevator slowed, and when the doors opened, Amber gasped.

Instead of a long hallway as she had expected to see, Amber saw that the elevator had taken them directly into one of the most beautiful penthouses she would ever see in her life. The lights throughout were dim, as Dave led her forward, directly into a living room with high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows looking out towards the rest of downtown. There was a balcony outside, and back inside, a large dining table, and exquisite looking sofas with a coffee table, where a bottle of wine sat, with two glasses.

Dave moved towards the bottle, while Amber stood in place and gawked, never having expected this to be where they ended up tonight. In her mind, she was going to jump his bones the moment the door closed at his home. As Dave uncorked the bottle, Amber saw that a little ways away, there was a bedroom, dimly lit, with a large, king-sized bed.

Both glasses were filled now with a dark red wine. Amber had eventually made her way over to Dave, who handed her a glass. They sat on the couch. Dave raised his glass, “To a bold, unforgettable night.”

Amber toasted to that, taking the first sip of a wine that was far sweeter than it looked. With that first drink, she began to lose herself in the reality of it all. They drank and talked about seemingly nothing at all, and soon they were both laughing and Amber felt the familiar closeness she had the week before. Only now there was no limit on their time. There was no risk of someone returning to interrupt them from exploring each other.

When the first glasses were empty, Dave refilled them. Setting the almost-empty bottle back on the table, he turned to Amber.

“In planning this night, I did a good deal of thinking. Before we get started, I want you to answer a question for me. When you thought about tonight, and when you think of last weekend, what is it you desire?”

Amber smiled, her mind a haze from being in this perfect place, and the magic of the evening so far, “You, of course,” she said confidently, slipping a hand onto Dave’s leg.

Dave smiled, placing his hand on hers. “No, that would be ‘Who do you want?’ The question is what do you desire?”

Amber smiled, still, her eyes narrowing at the question.

“I want…” she paused, considering her words, “I like how it feels when I’m with you.”

Dave nodded, “Let me tell you about what I desire. Both now, and when I was younger, as that desire changed.”

Amber nodded now, hooked on Dave’s every word.

“When I was around your age, I was horny all of the time. It was simple. What I desired, at the time, was sex. My friends were the same, and we would go to bars, to parties, everywhere, looking to hook up with like-minded women. So, at first, what I desired most was quite simply, to fuck.”

Amber laughed, almost spilling the wine on the fine white leather couch.

Dave smiled as well, “For those first few years, I was inexperienced, so simply feeling the touch of a woman was enough. I spent time with women who enjoyed what I enjoyed, some who were prudish to my standards, and a few who were like demons in the bedroom. To them, I’m sure I was a total bore.”

Amber nodded along, thinking about her own needs, and how she had fumbled with so many equally clueless boys in the past. Boys who were over-eager, or solely focused on themselves, or needy, or totally helpless.

“When I was a little older, I began to discriminate more than before. Without really thinking about it, I was more in touch with exactly the kind of person I enjoyed spending time with, and what I desired sexually. One day, I met a woman who was unique, at least to me. In the bedroom, she loved to be dominated, to be restrained, to be ravished by me. I discovered in her that I loved a few things: women who knew what they wanted, and how to ask for it, and in turn, I loved the feeling of dominating them.”

Amber smiled, a warm sensation grew inside of her. Dave was speaking of his late wife, who had passed away years ago from cancer.

“For years now, I chose not to date anyone. But last weekend, for one, brief moment, something stuck out in my mind. When I held down your arms, and you made the most perfect sound as I pinned you, unable to move.”

Amber was blushing, a deep red to add to the wine’s effect on her.

“Now,” Dave said, setting his empty glass down and standing, extending a hand to Amber, “Let me show you what I, desire most.”

Taking his hand, Amber felt herself pulled upwards. Dave took her now empty glass and set it down on the table. He once again led her away from the living room, towards a door that Amber had not noticed upon arriving. As Dave turned the handle and opened the door, Amber heard the sound of water.

The room was as dimly lit as the living room, with marble flooring, a large, open shower, and what looked like a warm, inviting jacuzzi tub. It was the tub that she heard, filled at some point before their arrival, with jets whirling the water around.

Dave asked, “Do you remember what I asked you to do for tonight? To follow my instructions to the letter?”

Amber nodded, eager to do as she was told.

“Good,” Dave replied, stepping towards a long, white bench up against the wall that was also made of marble. “Come over here, and undress me.”

Amber stepped forward, her fingers gently going to work. She felt the softness of his tie, and carefully undid its loops and folds, finally able to pull one end, allowing the other to flow through the collar. She folded it nicely, and placed it on the bench.

Dave watched as she continued, removing his suit jacket and laying is carefully on the bench as well, before returning. Her nimble, thin fingers worked the buttons of his dress shirt, until she reached his belt. She carefully undid the thin leather strap, removing it as she had the tie. Pulling up the tucked-in shirt, Amber finished undoing that last of the buttons, and slipped it off his broad, strong shoulders.

Without the belt, the pants easily came down as she undid the button and fly. With care, she bent down to remove each pant leg, leaving the boxers in place for the moment. With the pants now folded neatly next to the shirt, tie, and jacket, she returned to the boxes. They dropped to the floor, revealing his semi-hard member. She paused to look at it, and considered reaching out to touch it, but she was certain that he would correct her, telling her to finish doing as she had been told. She folded his boxers and added them to the pile, before returning to stand in front of Dave.

He said not a word, and instead walked around Amber. Standing behind her, he lifted her shirt from the bottom. She felt his fingers, gently caressing her skin as he worked the t-shirt up, up, and over her head. She wore no bra that evening, having expected to stay at the house. He now took her shirt and folded it, as carefully as she had done to his clothes, and placed it upon the bench. Dave turned back to Amber, and knelt down in front of her. With a little gentle tugging, her shorts fell to the ground, and then he pulled down at the black lace thong she had worn. He remained kneeling, looking at her sex, making Amber breath harder as she stood, exposed and excited.

With the clothes placed to the side, Dave walked towards the spacious, open shower. He twisted a few of the knobs, and Amber watched gleefully as water began spray out from three different spots. All three came from the walls, and intersected in the middle of the shower.

Dave walked over to the bench, reached into the pocket of his jacket, and pulled out a hair tie. Moving again behind Amber, who had not moved from her spot, Dave began preparing her hair to tie back. He checked to ensure not a single strand was missing, and then looped the elastic around until he was satisfied.

Stepping forward, he guided Amber into the shower. The water was warm to the touch, and soon the streams were upon her. As Dave had planned, their upper chests were not being hit by much water, and the hair tie kept Amber’s hair mostly dry.

“I’m going to wash you now, every part of you,” he said, taking a loofa from the side of the shower, and adding a few drops of body wash as the smell of vanilla filling the air. Dave stood again in front of Amber, who simply watched as Dave moved his hands all over her, gently soaping up her skin. He did her arms, her back, and gently, her breasts, using his hands to soap them up. She became aroused at his touch, but remained still because of course, she had not been told to do anything but stand. Dave moved downwards, soaping up her hips, her lower back, and below her belly button. He knelt again, doing the outside of her legs, motioning her to part her feet slightly. He ran his hands up and down her inner thighs, and gently soaped her lips. Amber felt a fire building within her. Never had she been with a man who took his time in this way. Never had sex lasted as long as the evening had so far. By now the young guy would have finished, and she would have either had a small orgasm, rushed and with minimal foreplay, or not had one at all. Here, standing in front of Dave, she felt as though his slightest touch of her sex might send her over the edge, making her knees buckle and shake.

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