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The following story is based on actual events. The writer has experienced these events personally and has drawn from other fortunate men who have also experienced the pleasures that Bhavita has to offer.

Bhavita Chhiba is a stunning gujerati female residing in Umgeni Heights in Kenville, Durban, South Africa. She stands no taller that five feet and has the most angelic face you will ever see on a girl. She is a health science student studying physiotherapy at the University of Durban Westville, which is also where this story takes place.

Like most girls she assumes an innocent attitude and shrugs off the attention she receives from the opposite sex with utmost coolness and disinterest. However nothing could be more further from the truth. Bhavita is a sex kitten that cant get enough of sex and she loves men who are dark because of the erotic contrast the dark skin has with her milk white body.

The first time I met her was in the lecture theatre, she was sitting with her friends and one of the guys was busy toying with her hair and her feet. She seemed to love being the centre of attention much to the disdain of her female friends. Anyway after observing her for a few days I eventually caught up with her in the library in the afternoon. She explained that she took the bus into town and then another bus to her flat in Kenville. The way she battered her eyelids and the supple white skin of her body drove me wild with desire and lust. I made my mind right there that I would ravish this beautiful virgin. Or so casino şirketleri I thought.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally convinced her to travel with me sometime. Her flat was out of my way but I knew it would be worth it. That afternoon she agreed to have lunch with me and we drove to Pridley Park and enjoyed a pizza. Soon after I had my arm around her and started to kiss and fondle her ripe breasts. They were small but responsive with super sensitive nipples that rose to my touch. I was surprised that a virgin would give in so easily but I just thanked my luck stars and continued.

“Please lets go some where more private,” moaned Bhavita. I raced to the New Germany Nature Reserve where couples often went to make out. I was stunned when she climbed out of the vehicle and motioned for me to follow her into the back seat of the Honda.

Slowly I removed her Levis and was greeted with the most sensuous pair of panties I had ever seen. They were pink with a kiss of lace and silk and the gusset was damp with her love juice. I could see the outline of her engorged labia, which was aroused by her lust to be touched.

She lifted herself up so I could remove her panties. The sight that greeted me sent a shock to my already throbbing manhood and I almost came in my pants. Her love mound was dripping her hot nectar onto her thighs and her entire pubic region was glistening with her fucklube. The lips of her cunt were open like the leaves of a rose petal and I could see her love button aroused and erect. casino firmaları It was like a little cock and the sensitivity matched those of her nipples which by now were fully erect and sticking out from her small frame looking like two bullets. Her pussy was pink in colour and got darker as she got aroused. The lips were inviting and by now I could see she was no virgin.

The brief disappointment was replaced by my unbridled lust and I got over it. The scent of her fucklube filled the car and forced its way into my mind. I bent forward and noisily sucked her cunt dry of all the nectar. However such was the magnitude of her arousal that I could not keep up with the amount of lubrication she was producing. Clearly she was a very experienced girl.

My own cock was lubricating pretty impressively itself and I had never produced so much of precum before. I freed my aching manhood and proceeded to roll on a condom when she said, “ Don’t worry I am on the pill, I want you to ride me bareback. I want to feel your cum spray the insides of my body.” I was reeling in shock. Why would she be on the pill? How often did she fuck guys in cars and was she safe? However my brain was clouded by my lust and all I could think of was how much I wanted to penetrate this lovely gujerati girl.

I placed my big body over hers and realised she must have looked like a baby compared to me. Unfortunately she could not manage my weight and the only other position was doggy style or she on top. I was not looking forward to her being on top because güvenilir casino Indian women seldom know how to ride a cock. With her I was pleasantly surprised. She climbed onto my lap and guided my cock into her love canal. She was no virgin and my meat easily slipped into her hole however she was still tight and I enjoyed the sensations of her cunt walls milking my shaft.

She rode my cock for all she was worth and gyrated her hips in way that drove my cock over the edge. In less than ten minutes I was ready to cum. The combined arousal and look of the beauty riding my cock drove me wild and I grabbed her body and impaled her onto my spear as I shot my first wad into her. She moaned that she was cumming and I could feel her puss contract and squeeze the remaining drops of cum out of my balls. Bhavita placed her tiny hands around me and gave me a kiss. She had beads of sweat on her breasts and the heat from her pussy kept my cock hard. I was really aroused by the contrast between her white gujerati body and my dark tamil body. Her neatly trimmed snatch was leaking with my cum and offered some lubrication for the next round.

I lasted longer and this time I pulled out and sprayed my sperm all over her perky tits and gorgeous face. The rest flew into her hair but she would not suck my cock or take my sperm into her mouth.

After dropping her off I realised how lucky I was to have scored with such a hot babe. I was sure very few guys on campus knew the real Bhavita but again I was wrong. My sexual escapades with Ms Chhiba did not end there. I would give her lifts for sexual favours although she admitted she would have fucked me for nothing. She just loved dark skinned guys for some reason; the reason I would soon discover had a lot to do with where she lived.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32