Bianca’s Bi-Cycle Story

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Hi everybody, my name’s Bianca and I am home from college for my summer vacation. And, wow! Do I ever have a story to tell.

My parents went to a church conference this week leaving me with the house all to myself. From my bedroom window on the 2nd floor facing the street I’d noticed that there were these two women that walked up the street at about the same time each afternoon. They were always smartly dressed and carried attaché cases. I figured that they worked in some office downtown and took the bus which stopped at the intersection a couple of blocks down from our house. Meaning they probably lived on my street somewhere.

What I noticed most about them, though, was how sexy they looked. One was a tall blonde and the other a buxom redhead. Well, actually the blonde had nice big tits too. They just weren’t as pronounced at those of the redhead because she was slightly taller.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy cock and have screwed a couple of guys in college, but when I masturbate I love to fantasize about women. I’d never tried it with another woman, but after watching some girl-girl porn and reading a few lesbian stories on Literotica that’s all I can think of any more.

So, each afternoon I’d park myself at my bedroom window to watch these two, very sexy looking women walk up the street—and I’d masturbate while fantasizing about doing things with them. Just thinking about them living together and possibly doing things with each other was more than enough to get my motor running—not to mention my pussy.

Then this one day I decided to take it one step further.

With my blonde hair done up in pigtails I slipped a tank top over my head. My tits were only little apricots compared to their grapefruits, but when excited my nipples always got nice and erect and the tank top didn’t hide much. I looked at myself in the mirror and toyed with my nipples to make them standout more; then I slipped on the skimpiest little skirt in my wardrobe. It barely came down to the bottom of my ass and fit tight enough to show off my shapely butt—as if it was painted on. With no bra and no panties, I was all hot and ready to do some serious flashing—dressed as I was so skimpily. Nothing on buy my tank top, skimpy skirt, and a pair of blue sneakers and white socks.

Our house was on a slight rise so that the front lawn slopped down to the sidewalk. I positioned myself so that as I sat on the lawn my pussy would be about eye-level to someone walking on the sidewalk.

I heard the bus approaching down on the main thoroughfare. My heart began to beat a little faster. The bus stopped, and I became more and more excited. My nipples tingled. My pussy began to wetten. And then I saw them walking up the sidewalk. They were both dressed in a short, tight business skirt and white blouses with enough buttons undone to show their ample cleavage. Heels and hose completed their wardrobes. As they got closer to me, it appeared that neither of them was wearing a bra because I could see their huge nipples poking through their blouses—and their breasts bounced and jiggled with each step they took.

As they approached I noticed them looking my way. I shifted my position so that my feet were planted on the lawn about a foot apart, and only inches from my butt—causing my knees to point upward. The two women were close enough now I could see that the both of them were really looking me over—their eyes lighting up at the way my nipples poked out my skimpy tank top, and smiles creasing their lips as their gazes ran up and down my legs noting how high my little skirt was hiked up exposing not only all of my smooth thighs but even a hint of the flesh of my ass cheeks.

Smiling at them I parted my knees a bit more so as they drew even with me they couldn’t help but see my shaved, glistening pussy smiling back at them like a target.

When they draw directly even with me, the redhead said “Ooops, Ingrid, I think I’ve got a run in my stocking. She turned towards me and bent down to run her hands up and down her sexy, curvy leg smoothing out her stocking. And as she bent over, her boobs practically plopped clean out of her partly unbuttoned blouse. I got to see down her cleavage, all that luscious, creamy flesh quivering so slightly from the movements of her arms. Every square inch of her mounds were exposed—right up to her nipples, with her blouse barely clinging to her nipples. And her nipples? They poked out even more than before, seeming to grow right before my eyes as she caught me admiring her tits. Her own eyes then stared right between my legs and up my skimpy skirt as she continued fondling her nylon-enshrouded leg. And I knew she was looking directly at my cunt—my cunt that was growing increasingly wet.

At the same time the tall Blonde placed her hand on her friend’s butt while also starring up between my legs. She too smiled at me and licked her lips.

The Redhead, still smoothing out her stocking, now ran her hands to the tops of her nylons, and pretending to adjust her garter strap, lifted Pendik Escort her skirt just enough to show some white panties. And of course, I zeroed in on the hint of wetness gathering on the portion covered by her cunt. She smiled at me, then the two women continued on their way.

I was like so totally turned on by all this that I was trembling. I jumped on my bicycle and rode after them. I followed close up behind them so I could watch their juicy butts move, flex, and jiggle under their tight skirts as they walked. I couldn’t help but rub my throbbing cunt on my bicycle seat so hard I had trouble keeping my balance.

With my tiny skirt hiked up so high my ass cheeks were mostly expose I passed them hoping that they’d notice the way my own butt cheeks flexed and rippled as I pedaled my bike.

After passing them I took a quick look back and was thrilled to see that they were indeed staring at me. I turned around and rode back the other way towards them so they could see the way my exposed pussy lips were rubbing on my bicycle seat. At the same time I got to admire their huge tits jiggling ever so slightly as they walked.

I repeated this action a couple of times, riding up ahead of them, then turning around and riding back towards them, and each time I passed them I exchanged flirt glances and smiles with them. Then, so horny I couldn’t stand it any more I rode my bicycle up onto the sidewalk and stopped right in front of their path, blocking their way.

“Hi, my name is Bianca. Do you ladies live around here?”

“Hi, I’m Sandy,” the redhead said, “and my friend’s Ingrid.”

They both shook hands with me. “We live just a couple of houses up the road,” Ingrid said, still holding on to my hand—the touch of her sending thrills throughout my body.

“Why don’t you come along with us and we’ll show you our . . . home,” Sandy said with a wink.

“Sure.” I said as I moved back out of their way.

I rode slowly beside them as I accompanied them to their house. Though we just chatted about ordinary things, my cunt grew more and more excited.

I parked my bike on their front porch and enjoyed the way they looked at me as I dismounted flashing them lots of pussy and ass.

The tall blonde bent over slightly as she slid her key into the keyhole giving me an opportunity to admire the way her own skirt hiked up to show me a hint of her bulbous ass cheeks. Opening the door she turned to smile at me.

The blonde stood to the side, and the redhead, standing behind me placed her hand on the small of my back and said, “Please come in.” Then, as she guided me through the door she slid her hand down to my ass making me quiver all over with excitement. They guided me into their kitchen first where they prepared iced soft drinks.

With each of us slacking our thirst with drinks in hand, Sandy the redhead said, “why don’t we retire to the living room and make ourselves comfortable.” She then grabbed my hand to lead me into the living room while the blond walked beside me placing her hand on my ass again as if to help guide me.

They had me sit in the middle of the couch while they sat on either side of me. As they crossed their legs I got to watch how their skirts slid up showing even more of their luscious legs.

I loved the way both of them pressed a long, nylon-enshrouded leg tightly against mine. Then they both began playing with my hair. Sandy the redhead said, “We really love the way you’ve done your hair up in pigtails. It looks so cute and girlish, just like the little girl both of us would love to have. Isn’t that right, Ingrid?”

God, how I was loving this attention.

Ingrid the blonde laid a hand upon my thigh, turned slightly towards me so her tit brushed against my shoulder and said, “We’ve seen you sitting at your upstairs window watching us each day as we pass by. Did you like what you saw?”

I felt my cheeks flush upon hearing that they’d caught me. “I-I-I think I want to be like you two, all grown up and in the business world.”

Redheaded Sandy placed her hand on my other thigh also leaning slightly towards me touching her tit to my other shoulder, and said, “Is that all? Because we’ve noticed that you’ve been masturbating while watching us pass by. The up and down movements of your arm and shoulder were unmistakable.”

I was on fire. “Y-y-y-your boobs, both of you. I wish I had boobs like that.”

“Maybe someday you will,” Ingrid, the blonde said. “But there’s a secret to growing big boobs like we’ve got.”

“Really? What’s that?”

“You’ve got to get someone to fondle and suck on your titties nearly everyday in order to make them grow. Ingrid and I have been sucking each other’s titties since we were your age and that’s why they’re so big now.” She fondled her own breasts and made them jiggle under her tight-fitting dress.

“G-g-g-g-gosh.” I couldn’t help drooling.

Blondie Ingrid moved her hand further up my thigh. “Would you like watch us? See how it’s Pendik Escort Bayan done?”


“That’s sweet of you,” Sandy, the redhead said, replacing her hand back down on my thigh and moving it up higher then the blonde had hers. She gave me a lingering kiss on my cheek. And, oh my God! The feel of her sexy, full, wet lips on the skin of my face made me tremble. The heat of both of their thighs pressing strongly against mine made my poor hungry pussy quiver.”

Blondie kissed the other side of my face as the redhead was doing, both of them turned more sharply towards me so each had a tit practically smothering my shoulder. Then Blondie Ingrid whispered into my ear, her lips lightly grazing my ear lobe—as both women rubbed the insides of my thighs. Both women were now rubbing the insides of my thighs. “But before we can get into putting on a tittie sucking show for you, we’d like you to do a little modeling for us. It’s only fair, since you’ve been watching us and masturbating to us all this time.”

“Yes, sweetie,” the redhead Sandy said practically licking my ear, “we think your little mini skirt is so very cute, we want to get a better look.” She ran her hand all the way up the inside of my thigh and slipped a finger under the hemline—a hemline jacked up so high that her finger lightly grazed my throbbing pussy lips.

“So, why don’t you stand up here right in front of us so we can admire your mini skirt.”

Each of them took one of my hands to help me up, then they slid close together their thighs touching each other. They had me turn around to face them, and move up close standing between Ingrid’s legs. The sexy, smooth feel of her nylon-enshrouded legs pressing tightly against mine was paradise.

“Such a sweet, sexy little skirt,” the blonde said as both women fingered my hemline starting in the front and moving around the sides.

Feeling two pairs of hands lightly grazing my upper thighs and hips was pure delight. And standing above them like I was as they both bent forward to better fondle my skirt, I could easily look down their blouses to admire their bulging tits.

Their hands moved around to my rear, toying with my hemline at first, then slipping up under my skirt to fondle my bare ass. “Ummmm, such a nice, sexy little ass,” Sandy said as both women looked up at me and smiled.

And I thought I was in heaven being the center of attention for two such sexy, beautiful, successful women—and their hands all over my hips and ass. Their faces so close to my crotch that their hot breaths steamed my horny cunt until I was quivering.

“Why don’t you turn back around, honey, so we can get a better look at your cute little ass?” The Blonde said. With their hands on my hips they turned me around to face away from them. The Blonde squeezed her thighs more tightly together to press against the outsides of my legs as both women continued to fondle my butt.

“Such a cute little skirt—and so tight it looks painted on,” Sandy said. “Let’s see if its painted on or not.” They lifted the rear of my skirt up exposing all of my naked butt flesh to their view, and their hot steamy breaths.

“I think she likes what we’re doing with her,” the Ingrid said, giving my butt a little love slap.

“Y-y-y-yeah,” I managed to say, with increasingly dry mouth. As if my enjoyment wasn’t obvious the way my panty-less pussy was dribbling my hot girl goo down my thighs.

As if reading my thoughts they each ran a hand up and down the insides of my thighs as they lightly blew their sexy hot breaths onto my ass cheeks. Each of them taking a turn to lightly touch my slobbering pussy. Then they withdrew their hands and I could hear licking and sucking sounds as they apparently devoured my sex juices from off their fingers. And that really turned me on.

“Ummmm, she sure is a hot one,” Sandy said as both women resumed fondling my ass, my hips, and my inner thighs.

The next think I knew a hand snuck up between my upper thighs to start playing with my throbbing pussy with real intention, while the Blonde rubbed her tits back and forth against my ass, her erect, hard-on nipples digging into my soft flesh. I began to moan.

Both women then stood up fondling me all over, teasing my erect nipples through my tank top, hands playing with my butt and cunt, and all the while pressing their sexy bodies against mine. They made a sandwich out of me. My face was mashed into the button busting bosom of the tall Blonde while the Red Head rubbed her tits against the back of my head.

“Would you like to play with our tits?” The redhead said while fondling my own tits. “To help get us ready for some hot tittie sucking?”

By then I was quivering so much, and so fucking turned on that I couldn’t do anything but moan into the blonde’s bosom.

The Redhead grabbed my hands and raised them up to the blonde’s tits. I didn’t need any more encouragement. The feel of her huge globes filling my hands sent new thrills all through Escort Pendik me. My God! I’m actually feeling up another woman.

As I fondled the blonde’s tits, she fondled mine and the redhead fondled my ass and my cunt. Then they turned me around and made me feel up the redhead.

They both kissed me on the top of the head, then the blonde said, “why don’t you sit down now honey, and Sandy and I will put on a little show for you.”

“You can play with us if you want to while we work on each other.”

My knees were about to buckle anyway as I sat down with the two women facing each other while standing as close to me as they could.

First the two women lightly, and gently touched their tits together. Smiling at each other they rubbed their tits together side-to-side while I played with both of their butts. Then they kissed each other face-to-face, and watching these two sexy women tonguing each other was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Then they fondled each other’s tits and kissed and sucked each other’s tits through their blouses. And I thought that the lipstick marks they left on each other’s blouses was so fucking hot. Meanwhile, with trembling hands, I continued running my hands up and down the backs of their legs and up under their skirts to fondle their butts. I wanted to feel their cunts but was still too shy to try.

Having warmed each other up, they sat down on the couch again on either side of me thrilling me again with the feel of their sexy legs against mine. They both began kissing me all over the side of my face and neck while turning towards me, their huge tits pressing against my shoulders. Sandy grabbed my face between her hands and kissed me on the lips sending new electric thrills through my body. Then her tongue began dancing on my lips. Each flick of her tongue awaking new thrills in my cunt. Then her tongue slipped in between my lips and began wrestling with mine.

My first time being sex-kissed by another woman! And wow!

My own tongue responded to hers doing a sort of dance. And then, before I knew it my tongue had fucked itself into her mouth. And as Sandy and I frenched each other out, Ingrid was fondling my tits, and my thighs and sticking her hand up my skirt to tease my pussy.

Then Ingrid turned my face away from her friend’s and mashed her own mouth against mine. And we face-fucked each other while Sandy fondled me like her friend had been doing earlier.

And I was so hot I was about ready to come—without my clit ever being touched.

Sandy whispered into my ear. “Why don’t you take Ingrid’s blouse off for her.”

“S-s-s-sure.” With trembling hands I began fumbling with the rest of the buttons on her already partially opened blouse while Sandy toyed with my erect nipples. And to see the blonde’s gravity-defying hills fully exposed, with her erect nipples sticking out nearly an inch and all red and swollen with excitement was like totally awe.

Then I did the same with Sandy.

Once both their blouses were all off, Ingrid said, “Now just sit back and we’ll show you how we women suck each other’s tits off to make them grow bigger.”

With that Sandy draped a leg over mine and turned to face Ingrid with her huge boobs almost directly in front of my face.

Ingrid then also turned in and bent down to start licking and sucking on Sandy’s nipples while both women fondled each other’s boobs. With my left hand I fondled Ingrid’s butt while my right helped her fondle Sandy’s tits. There was certainly enough to go around.

I watched fascinated as only inches in front of my eyes Sandy’s already huge nipples grew even longer as Ingrid sucked them off, clamping them between her lips and pulling them outward, working first on one, and then the other.

Then they switched positions and Sandy sucked off Ingrid’s tits.

After they’d both sucked each other’s nipples to unbelievable lengths leaving me totally amazed—and envious—they turned to me and as if by some signal known only to them they clamped their lips around my own aching nipples. With Ingrid on my left tit and Sandy on my right, they sucked my brains out. First they sucked on my right through my tank top leaving those sexy lipstick marks on it, then they pulled the material of the tank top aside to fully expose my little titties.

I could hardly believe it, these two beautiful women sucking off my titties while fondling my crotch and the insides of my thighs.

While they sucked on me and fondled me, my own hands were busy fondling their butts. They licked and sucked, and flicked their tongues against my little erections sending unbelievable waves of sensations throughout my body. Then, when I thought I could take no more pleasure Sandy said, “now that you know how good it feels, it’s time you returned the pleasure.” With that she grabbed me behind my head and forced my face right into Ingrid’s cleavage mashing my face into all that luscious tit flesh. As Sandy pushed me into Ingrid’s chest, I shifted my own position, turning in towards her and draping one of my legs across her lap.

With Ingrid’s mounds caressing each side of my face I began kissing the valley between. My hands, again with a life of their own, fondled her mountains as I began to kiss my way up one side and then the other of her cleavage.

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